March 6, 1975

(5) Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination Evidence, Motives, Suspects, Discoveries, + Dedicated Citizen Researchers, provided by Donald Roberdeau (page 5 of 14)


I am no longer confident that the Central Intelligence Agency
co-operated with the committee. My reasons follow:

The committee focused, among other things, on (1) Oswald, (2) in New
Orleans, (3) in the months before he went to Dallas, and, in particular,
(4) his attempt to infiltrate an anti-Castro group, the Directorio
Revolucionario Estudiantil or DRE.

These were crucial issues in the Warren Commission's investigation;
they were crucial issues in the committee's investigation. The Agency
knew it full well in 1964; the Agency knew it full well in 1976-79.
Outrageously, the Agency did not tell the Warren Commission or our
committee that it had financial and other connections with the DRE,
a group that Oswald had direct dealings with!

What contemporaneous reporting is or was in the Agency's DRE files?
We will never know, for the Agency now says that no reporting is in
the existing files. Are we to believe that its files were silent in 1964 or
during our investigation?

I don't believe it for a minute. Money was involved; it had to be
documented. Period. End of story. The files and the Agency agents
connected to the DRE should have been made available to the
commission and the committee. That the information in the files and
the agents who could have supplemented it were not made available
to the commission and the committee amounts to willful obstruction
of justice.

Obviously, too, it did not identify the agent who was its contact with
the DRE at the crucial time that Oswald was in contact with it: George

During the relevant period, the committee's chief contact with the
Agency on a day-to-day basis was Scott Breckinridge. (I put aside our
point of contact with the office of chief counsel, Lyle Miller) We sent
researchers to the Agency to request and read documents. The
relationship between our young researchers, law students who came
with me from Cornell, was anything but "happy." Nevertheless, we
were getting and reviewing documents. Breckinridge, however,
suggested that he create a new point of contact person who might
"facilitate" the process of obtaining and reviewing materials. He
introduced me to Joannides, who, he said, he had arranged to bring
out of retirement to help us. He told me that he had experience in
finding documents; he thought he would be of help to us.

I was not told of Joannides' background with the DRE, a focal point of
the investigation. Had I known who he was, he would have been a
witness who would have been interrogated under oath by the staff or
by the committee. He would never have been acceptable as a point
of contact with us to retrieve documents. In fact, I have now learned,
as I note above, that Joannides was the point of contact between the
Agency and DRE during the period Oswald was in contact with DRE.

That the Agency would put a "material witness" in as a "filter" between
the committee and its quests for documents was a flat out breach of
the understanding the committee had with the Agency that it would
co-operate with the investigation.

The committee's researchers immediately complained to me that
Joannides was, in fact, not facilitating but obstructing our obtaining of
documents. I contacted Breckinridge and Joannides. Their side of the
story wrote off the complaints to the young age and attitude of the

They were certainly right about one question: the committee's
researchers did not trust the Agency. Indeed, that is precisely why
they were in their positions. We wanted to test the Agency's integrity.
I wrote off the complaints. I was wrong; the researchers were right. I
now believe the process lacked integrity precisely because of

For these reasons, I no longer believe that we were able to conduct
an appropriate investigation of the Agency and its relationship to
Oswald. Anything that the Agency told us that incriminated, in some
fashion, the Agency may well be reliable as far as it goes, but the truth
could well be that it materially understates the matter.

What the Agency did not give us none but those involved in the
Agency can know for sure. I do not believe any denial offered by the
Agency on any point. The law has long followed the rule that if a person
lies to you on one point, you may reject all of his testimony.

I now no longer believe anything the Agency told the committee any
further than I can obtain substantial corroboration for it from outside
the Agency for its veracity. We now know that the Agency withheld
from the Warren Commission the C.I.A.-Mafia plots to kill Castro. Had
the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different
path in its investigation. The Agency unilaterally deprived the
commission of a chance to obtain the full truth, which will now never
be known.

Significantly, the Warren Commission's conclusion that the agencies
of the government co-operated with it is, in retrospect, not the truth.

We also now know that the Agency set up a process that could only
have been designed to frustrate the ability of the committee in 1976-79
to obtain any information that might adversely affect the Agency.

Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of
prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people.
Period. End of story.

I am now in that camp.


(G. ROBERT BLAKEY, House Select Committee on Assassinations, Chief Counsel, 2003 Addendum to his 1993 “Frontline” documentary interview)

In July 1981, retired C.I.A. undercover officer
George Joannides (left) received the Distinguished
Intelligence Medal for "exceptional achievement"
from deputy C.I.A. director Bobby Ray Inman.
Among Joannides' achievements were concealing
from JFK investigatiors his role in guiding and
monitoring a Cuban exile group that gathered
intelligence and generated propaganda about
accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey
Oswald before President Kennedy was killed.
(photo credit: C.I.A.)

“Dead Spy's JFK Files Pose a Test for Obama's FOIA Order”

by Jefferson Morley, 2009

“The Man Who Didn’t Talk”

by Jefferson Morley, 2007

“Revelation 19.63”

by Jefferson Morley, 2001

During the HSCA investigation of the President Kennedy assassination,
former C.I.A. Finance Officer JAMES WILCOTT testified that he had
learned that former U.S. Marine
had been paid by the C.I.A.
while OSWALD had been
ordered stationed and served at the Top Secret airbase
in Atsugi, Japan for the C.I.A.-run U-2 jets overflight
surveillance missions covering Communist Russia
and Communist China.


prior to 11-22-63,
gunshots experienced,
Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars known,

(but, the Warren Commission-commissars never wanted
to call, nor hear, nor record their testimony

Dealey Plaza extremely close assassination witness' solidly detailed,
salient attack observations, who stated that I am only the 3rd person

(outside of family, but never interviewed in print, audio, or film)
after 11-22-63 to have been shared this close witness' very detailed observations of attack shots time stampings into murder-cade victims reactions & participants reactions, attack artifacts, etc., and post-attack personal experiences

11-22-63 aerial photo captured from a helicopter by Jerry Cabluck of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram
newspaper. Based on the shadows-angles measurements this photo was snapped at approximately
2:43 PM CST. Persons and vehicles were allowed by law enforcement to enter, drive through, and
exit out of the kill zone and evidence zones within 9 minutes of the 12:30 PM CST shots.

An additional, recent, key contribution includes....


Very Close Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS's
ZAPRUDER Film Documented 2nd Head Snap:
West, Ultrafast,
and Directly Towards
the Grass
y Knoll

by Donald Roberdeau

(The animation provided above that details Rosemary Willis’s extremely fast head snap towards
Mr. Zapruder and the grassy knoll plays at 89% normal speed, and is downloadable here
Thank You + Hat Tip to Gerda Dunckel for this animation .... v v v v Click one of my following 3 sets
of ima
ges to expand that one image into a larger, sharper, follow-up window)

My discovery report here detailing and documenting
close witness Rosemary Willis's Zapruder film
recorded Z-214 to 215 starting, Ultrafast head snap
directly towards the "grassy knoll"

Rosemary's extremely rapid head snap towards the "grassy knoll" was a 90 to 100 degree, westward head snap done in a very fast 0.16 second. Because of the ultrafast rotation of Rosemary's head snap that was a measurable 549 to 610 degrees-per-second speed, Rosemary’s head snap was also, most likely, an impulsive attraction . . . . that she displayed when she extremely rapidly moved her head away from facing the southWEST corner of the book depository**, towards her simultaneously facing Mr. Zapruder, and, the long suspected, "grassy knoll" picket fence that is a scientifically determined shot source location (that was nearly directly behind Mr. Zapruder from Rosemary's line of sight at her head snap instant in time).

Rosemary is very easy to locate in the Zapruder film.
She was filmed on the limousines left side (the other
side of the Presidential limousine, furthest away from
Zapruder), wearing her long red dress and white coat
with a white hood pulled onto her head

** the 6th floor, farthest southWEST corner of the Depository is also the exact same location that Mr. Arnold L. Rowland precisely Warren Commission-testified and then recorded in 1967 describing on camera that at 12:15 to 12 :16 PM CDT he closely watched a rifle armed assassin who weighed 200 pounds, who was a light complected Latin, or, a Caucasian with darker skin than normal, had black/very dark, non-receding hair, with a white or light colored buttoned shirt with a separate tee shirt also visible underneath, and wearing either blue jeans or dark colored slacks.

Above is the animated segment of a brightness and
contrasted photo by Thomas Dillard that clearly
reveals a person
located very near to one
of the 6th floor, far southWEST
open windows of the School Book Depository.

This is the very same open window that witness
Arnold Rowland commission-testified
he observed a
Latin or darker Caucasian second rifle-armed assassin near at 12:15 to 12:16 PM.
(in the prior minute or less, Mr. Rowland also watched another man on the opposite, east end of the same 6th floor)

Tom Dillard has stated he captured that photo 25 to 40 seconds after the last gunshots
volley’s. His photo reveals a man looking out of that Depository
sixth floor southWEST window, downward,
and into the kill zone....

.... during ....

.... the
exact same
critical 75 to 90 seconds

when the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-
mandates that Oswald
(or **anyone** who resembled him, seen in the far east
could not have had the time nor allowed himself to be
photographed standing in view in that far southWEST open window because....

+ + + + after the required time for witness Howard Brennan to move his head approximately 130-degrees horizontally and 29-degrees vertically to look back towards the farthest southeast window (Brennan was a 122' distance away from the window .... NOTE: during the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation in the 1970’s, BRENNAN refused to appear to give any testimony because the HSCA would not grant his request to give him full immunity from prosecution against his incriminating himself),

+ + + + after the farthest southeast window assassin was seen by Howard Brennan in the southeast window to be slowly retracting the weapon back inside the building,

+ + + + then, the farthest southeast window assassin was then seen by Howard Brennan standing still, and pausing further to look westward down Elm Street where the limousine was leaving the killing zone,

+ + + + then, the farthest southeast window assassin must have manually recycled a live bullet into the rifle’s firing chamber (simultaneously ejecting a third empty cartridge) while he was still within the confines of the, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair”

+ + + + then (in the world of common sense) the farthest southeast window assassin then had to turn his body, and squeeze to move eastward to get out of the 27” narrow width aisle of high stacked boxes, and he had to avoid the 2 large vertical floor-to-ceiling water pipes that were located right at and extremely close to his firing spot near the window’s easternmost vertical frame, then, he had to turn his entire body (still holding a rifle) and move northward,

+ + + + then the farthest southeast window assassin had to move around the outer perimeter of the stacked boxes of books near the southeast window, preparing to start to take a route that took him to the sixth floor’s northwest stairwell entrance (still holding a rifle),

+ + + + then the farthest southeast window assassin had to be moving across the approximately 98’ by 98’ inside-width sixth floor (still holding a rifle).... (his route was one of 3 ways: either along the east wall then north wall, or, moving along the south wall then west wall, or, moving diagonally from the southeast corner to the northwest corner while having to weave and dodge through the many groups of stacked boxes of books) . . . . conveniently forgetting, and leaving behind 3 empty bullet casings close to the window,

+ + + + then, he had to slow down his walking/trotting (still holding a rifle),

+ + + + then, stop and linger long enough near the southWEST corner windows, (a southWEST window ---- 84 feet, and a 9 to 28 seconds, one-way, trot-walk distance away from the, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" southeast window. That southWEST window is the exact same window that Tom Dillard estimated that he captured his photo within 25 to 40 seconds after the assassination shots volley’s ended that reveals for us a person who Mr. Dillard photographed standing fairly still near that Depository sixth floor southWEST window, while they were looking downward into the kill zone and the attack aftermath pandemonium),

+ + + + then, after being photographed by Tom Dillard, the man photographed in the southWEST window had to turn around northward away from that window, then move northward and cover another approximately 79 more feet and 7 to 23 seconds (still holding a rifle) and reach a narrow aisle of high stacked boxes near the sixth floor's northwest corner,

+ + + + then, he had to hide the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle-in-evidence, by taking the carefully-coordinated time to reach up, then over the boxes, and then down between a narrow aisle of high stacked boxes near that northwest corner (or, he stooped-down, then, crouched his body down even lower, then, carefully slid the rifle along the floor),

+ + + + then, he carefully placed the rifle so it was sitting on the floor, perfectly balanced and upright, but not touching any nearby box, with its rifle scope not touching the floor, while the rifle sat on the floor on it's wood stock bottom edges surfaces at the wood stock's front end and butt stock back end, exactly as it was sitting when found by the police and photographed,

+ + + + then, carefully release his grip on the rifle so that when carefully released his hand/fingers did not cause the rifle to tip over onto either its right or left side, nor have the rifle scope hit the floor (a rifle scope that was soon documented by the F.B.I. to be out of alignment from the rifle itself),

+ + + + then, raise his hand and arm back upwards and away from the narrow aisle of boxes, (possibly, then, also taking the time to pick up and carefully place a box over the top of the open slot the rifle sat between, during his attempt to cover that open slot with that carefully placed box, and try to prevent the rifle from being seen from above the slot),

+ + + + he then had to turn his entire body northwest towards the sixth floor northwest stairwell,

+ + + + he then had to move and cover the distance towards the entrance of the northwest sixth floor stairwell, avoiding all stacks of boxes,

+ + + + he then had to enter the northwest sixth floor stairwell, and cover the distance to the top of the stairs,

+ + + + then, he had to move down four entire stories of wooden-planked stair steps (without ever being seen and without ever being heard by any witnesses that were also inside the building, at least two of whom were very close to the same wooden-planked stair steps), covering a combined steps distance and between-floors stairwells distance between the sixth floor and the second floor of approximately 84 total feet,

+ + + + then, he reached the second floor northwest stairs landing,

+ + + + then, cross the 23.9’ of the second floor landing between the second floor last step and the lunchroom's outer vestibule door,

+ + + + then grasp and swing open enough for his body to pass around the lunchroom's automatically-closing pneumatic-hinged outer vestibule door

+ + + + then move around the automatically-closing pneumatic-hinged vestibule door doorway....An automatically-closing, pneumatic-hinged, controlled-closing-much-slower outer vestibule door that was witnessed by Roy Sansom Truly as that door was already fully closed.... and therefore the outer vestibule door had additionally required the extra time needed to also then become already fully closed when Mr. Truly saw it, (and this very same outer-vestibule door that within a moment after Mr. Truly saw that it was already fully closed, then the Dallas Police motorcycle man and Presidential escort Marrion Lewis Baker who trailed Mr. Truly could also see that the outer-vestibule door was already fully closed)

+ + + + then, cross the 7.3’ into and through the vestibule’s open floor space outside the second floor cafeteria door,

+ + + + then grasp, swing open enough for his body to pass around, and then start to enter around the second floor cafeteria door

+ + + + then, enter the second floor cafeteria doorway,

+ + + + then, walk through the second floor cafeteria doorway,

+ + + + then, enter the second floor cafeteria,

+ + + + then, walk 18.3’ to a soda pop machine,

+ + + + then, reach into his pocket, (or, possibly reach into his pocket sometime while walking to the second floor or walking to the soda machine)

+ + + + then, grab hold of and cup into his hand the coins located in one or more of his pockets, (or, possibly done sometime while walking to the second floor or walking to the soda machine)

+ + + + then, remove the coins upward out of his pocket(s), (or, possibly done sometime while walking to the second floor or walking to the soda machine, in which case he had to have all the coins needed for a soda pop bottle purchase being held in only one hand, so that his other free hand could open the second floor outer vestibule door, and, the cafeteria room door.... Oswald was reportedly right-handed)

+ + + + then, level his hand upright, then open his hand, then, sort through the coins, then, pick up each coin with his other hand in an amount that was enough correct change of coins needed for a soda pop purchase,

+ + + + then, insert each coin individually into the soda pop machine in an amount that was enough for the soda pop bottle purchase price (which mechanically prepared the machine to unlock his forthcoming choice of soda type),

+ + + + then, manually make his soda pop bottle choice by pushing the machine’s button for a “Coca-Cola" (he chose a “Coca-Cola," even though Oswald’s favorite soda was “Dr. Pepper”),

+ + + + then, make his soda pop choice by reaching down to the bottle-dispensing slot to initially take hold of the bottle,

+ + + + then, remove the grabbed bottle by pulling it horizontally and upward away from the machine,

+ + + + then, move the bottle and upright it’s bottle top, then, place the bottle at an angle while precisely placing just the bottle’s top and its metal cap into the machine’s bottle top metal cap removing device,

+ + + + then, swing downward the bottom of the angled bottle so that the metal cap removing device simultaneously removed the metal cap covering the bottle top,

+ + + + then, remove the bottle away from the machine,

+ + + + then, he then had to turn and walk 18.3-plus-feet back to near the cafeteria door,

+ + + + then, he was seen through that same outer vestibule door window by Dallas Police motorcycleman and Presidential escort Baker, the same moment that Baker had just arrived upwards off the stair steps and was stepping onto the second floor,

+ + + + and accomplish all of his many previous, minimum-required actions -----covering SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF FEET, and, covering all these mandated actions to be executed within the commission-"lone-nut"-recreated 75 to 90 seconds -----in order to already be seen through the outer vestibule door window by Dallas Motorcycleman, Marrion Baker in a demeanor testified to by, both, his supervisor Roy Truly and Baker while Baker was very close by to Oswald, within a few feet, and simultaneously aiming his loaded revolver right at Oswald, that Oswald was perfectly calm, collected, not sweating, and Oswald was not breathing hard nor out of breath.

"He was sitting in the lunchroom and one of my
officers drew a weapon on him."

(my emphasis)

(Dallas Police Chief, JESSE CURRY, 11-23-63....and, repeatedly,
stated again and again and quoted by numerous
media outlets all during the next
10 days)

. . . . CURRY and others were speaking to the media about LEE HARVEY OSWALD being first seen 4 Depository floors, and 100's of escape-route measured feet later, by Dallas police motorcycleman and motorcade presidential escort MARRION L. BAKER within only 75 to 90 seconds of the Dealey Plaza shots)

The “Roy Truly Trap”

Click the frame or here to expand it

ARNOLD ROWLAND testimony to the Warren Commission, here
Along with ROWLAND, there were several additional witnesses
(and possibly captured in one amateur film)
that, just moments before the starting of the attack,
all observed multiple persons, of very
different descriptions, on the Depository sixth floor . . . .

"We don't have any proof that Oswald fired
the rifle, and never did. Nobody's yet
been able to put him in that building with
a gun in his hand."

(Dallas Police Chief JESSE CURRY, Dallas Morning News 11-6-69)

"....the physical evidence and eyewitness
accounts do not clearly indicate what took
place on the sixth floor of Texas School
Book Depository at the time John F. Kennedy
was assassinated."

(Dallas Police Chief JESSE CURRY, New York Times 1-17-70)

The Dealey Plaza Detailed Map for 11-22-63,
including 5 follow-up, scaled, key info graphics
and important considerations.

(freshly updated with additional evidence, key
information, witnesses, + detailed considerations)

I have freely contributed what many researchers have stated is the most accurate
and informative assassination research detailed map of Dealey Plaza with respect to 11-22-63.

The precisely scaled map details the 3 victims exact locations and several
of their important reactions and facing directions, pinpoints witnesses and
photographers locations and their key attack observations, photos and
films, details key evidence and evidence artifacts, suspected assassins
locations and bullets trajectories, and provides important attack and post-
attack related key information, chains of information's, and key
considerations all gathered in one very convenient resource.

Following the Dealey Plaza map are many key and valuable considerations that are visually detailed in charts and scaled info graphics. (and includes the original research calculation scaled drawing detailing the minimum mandatory height above the ground and above the picket fence of the rifle muzzle end of the, supposed, grassy knoll picket fence located “badge man” assassin)

I have updated the exact same Dealey Plaza-only Map
(without the 5 follow-up important graphs and charts),
available for you for free, here

FREE . . . . A long time, dedicated researcher stated to me
many years ago that he had a commercial business print
onto one sheet the Dealey Plaza map without the 5 follow-up
graphs and charts and it cost him $ 97. (The current DP map
with the 5 follow-up graphs and charts is approximately 2’ wide
and 10’ tall. The DP-only map without the 5 follow-up considerations
is approximately 2’ wide and 3’ tall) Another researcher had a
blueprint business print the DP-only map for $50. You can easily
assemble your own DP map for FREE by printing it onto 8.5" by
11" paper sheets.... Then.... Trimming off the blank border edges....
Then.... simply matching up and adjoining the sheets at their
common edges printed points with clear tape. I also have available
for you a DP-only map that is four times larger in size (about 8-feet
by 12-feet) when you email me. Your comments, and your specific,
referenced, critiques are always welcomed. If you want, any/all
of your referenced information will be considered for inclusion to
help for our DP map when you email me. Please feel free to bookmark
the maps in your favorites file, and check back periodically for I will
update them regularly with new and additional key evidence and
important information.

40 witnesses to assassination events provided their salient witnessed observations
to local Dallas radio station “WBAP” in their 2003 very short AUDIO interviews. Thank
You and Hat Tip
to “YouTube” identity,“NEWSTALK820WBAP”

Here is the video and a transcript of President Kennedy's June 10, 1963, WashDC American University Commencement Address speech . . . .

. . . . A widely publicized speech given
during the Cold War, only months after the October
1962 Russian nuclear-weapons-armed multiple missiles in Cuba Crisis
confrontations against the Communist Russians that
took Humanity to the very brink of

. . . . A speech that was given
during the nuclear weapons negotiations with those
same Communist Russians, very shortly before the signing of the 1963 Nuclear
Weapons Test Ban Treaty.

. . . . A speech that, quite possibly,
contributed into the blended-conspirators, multiple-motives
decisions for proceeding with
eliminating the President at the heights
of the Cold War because of his revised, perceived-overly-expansive
liberal goals for too-rapid changes, that also effected huge changes
in many, many billion$ of washDC cash stream$ flow$....

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


“The past is prologue.”


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RONALD REAGAN, "A Time for Choosing" complete speech, 10-27-64 VIDEO

"In the Face of Evil" Straight talk, short VIDEO

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.... Very candidly, and with his evident tormenting anxieties and sadness, stated
12-8-75 by the United States Secret Service Agent, CLINT J. HILL to "60 Minutes,"
while HILL spoke about his total willingness to have intercepted the Dealey Plaza
kill zone bullets targeted at President KENNEDY when HILL ran towards the
limousine just before the President’s head exploded. . . . The portion of the CLINT
HILL 1975 interview segment starts precisely 6 minutes and 12 seconds into the short
VIDEO provided here

Another very rare 2004 VIDEO interview with U.S. Secret Service Agent CLINT J. HILL

HILL also Warren Commission-testified, and, he has steadfastly maintained through 48-plus years that when he first examined President KENNEDY after climbing aboard the limousine, that it was immediately apparent that the rear of the Presidents head had been blasted out (matching dozens of professional medical witnesses who also examined President KENNEDY’s wounds up close) Here Mr. HILL clearly described for us during his commission testimony exactly what he could see when he looked at President KENNEDY’s head very closely....

CLINT HILL: The right rear portion of his head was missing.
It was lying in the rear seat of the car. His brain was
exposed. There was blood and bits of brain all over the
entire rear portion of the car. Mrs. Kennedy was completely
covered with blood. There was so much blood you could not
tell if there had been any other wound or not,
except for
the one large gaping wound in the right rear portion of the

Another very rare VIDEO interview with SAMUEL A. KINNEY, the driver of the Secret Service follow-up Cadillac car that was right behind President KENNEDY....In this video KINNEY can be seen and heard in this rare VIDEO interview describing, matching, and supporting the sizeable majority of the Dealey Plaza kill zone witnesses, when KINNEY reproduces for you the very rapidly bunched, close timing of the last 2 shots that he remembered hearing (or could hear) . . . . a close bunching of shots that was much, much too close together to have been fired from only one manual bolt operated weapon).


KINNEY’s windshield and his left arm were hit with blood and brain matter after the head shot, and he stated to VINCE PALAMARA that there were no missed shots, and that the President virtually had
“no brains left.”

the President from the back seat of the limousine at the Parkland Hospital emergency entrance)

KINNEY also stated to researcher PALAMARA,

"I saw his hair come out .... It was the right rear part of his head,
because that’s the part I saw blow out .... then the skin went back in."

In that same video, CLINT HILL is also then featured in several clips
from his rare interviews. (note when HILL states
that shortly after the first shot that HILL remembered
hearing (or could hear), he looked at President
KENNEDY to see that the President was already
nearly instantaneously reacting to his already
being first bullet impacted . . . . and then President
Kennedy had also already moved noticeably
more to his left with his hands up near (but never touches)
his throat at approximately Z-225 to 230, THEN, (just
as many other very close attack witnesses who also
have repeatedly described) HILL remembered hearing
(or could hear) 2 additional, distinctly
loud shots
that were fired . . . .

.... the, Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists theory mandates, and can only allow, one "lone-nut" shot after Z-225....

. . . . and . . . .

.... the, Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists theory mandates, and can only allow, that the time between their, supposed, “lone-nut” 2nd and 3rd shots was 43% further apart (90 Zapruder frames between Z-223 and 313) than his time between his 1st and 2nd shots (63 Zapruder frames between Z-160 and 223) ....

. . . . meaning . . . .

.... the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists are forced to constantly live in denial, yet, they simultaneously, try to, contend that every one of the many dozens of the actual witnesses and every one of the actual weapons experienced witnesses who stated and/or testified that the last 2 shots they could hear were bunched much closer together than the first 2 shots they could hear were, ALL, collectively, ‘wrong’ and ‘mistaken.’

. . . . Many persons still do not, yet, know that of the four Secret Service Agents standing on the running boards of the Secret Service followup car behind President KENNEDY, Agent CLINT HILL was actually one of the three Secret Service Agents who pro-actively reacted protectively to the shots during the attack (albeit, they all reacted too late, possibly/probably because several of the key Agents --including CLINT HILL-- had chosen-wanted-needed to drink alcohol until 4:30 AM the very same morning that President KENNEDY was killed----violating strict Secret Service duty status regulations).

As testified to, the other two agents that also reacted, each did so when they jumped onto Elm Street to try and protect President KENNEDY....

. . . . But . . . .

The agents were just as quickly ordered to return back to their follow-up car by the Secret Service Shift Leader in Charge of the Dallas Motorcade Security, EMORY P. ROBERTS - - - -

- - - - who immediately screamed at the same reacting Agents to . . . .

" Hold ! "

- - - - during the shots - - - - during the critical seconds, at the very heart of the attack.

CLINT J. HILL also commission-testified that it was ROBERTS boss and long time best friend, FLOYD M. BORING, the Assistant Special Agent In Charge of the White House Secret Service Detail, who had claimed and personally told all of the SS Agents that President KENNEDY had ordered that KENNEDY did not want any SS Agents riding on the limousine's rear bumper in Texas . . . .

. . . . But . . . .

. . . . in fact . . . .

President KENNEDY . . . .

NEVER gave that order,

at anytime, to anyone.

. . . . When the President departed Love Field airport in his murder-cade, it was BORING’s very same best friend, EMORY P. ROBERTS, who was filmed during the departure ordering the stripping down of the security of the President’s personal Secret Service Agents when ROBERTS ordered two agents off the rear of the limousine, and left a third Agent behind at the airport ~ also preventing that third Secret Service Agent from being able to protect President KENNEDY ....

. . . . Additionally, to date, it is also still unknown which murder-cade "official(s)" at Love Field airport, sometime before the murder-cade started, quickly changed the murder-cade vehicles staging order (simply written as a sequential number on a piece of paper that was simply attached to each vehicle windshield), so that ----unlike almost all previous motorcades for President KENNEDY---- the many media photographers and movie cameramen were changed from their almost always previous filming motorcade location in front of the limousine.... to .... the media in the Dallas murder-cade were all staged to ride and film from well behind the President, thus, preventing the media from closely documenting the attack.

In the 1990's, when the U.S. government President KENNEDY Assassination Records Review Board ("ARRB") requested very key Secret Service Records related to the assassination and other motorcades, the ARRB was told by the Secret Service that the Secret Service had, instead, decided on its own, (after the ARRB had already started) to recently destroy very crucial 1963 assassination and motorcades files it had kept possession of for over 30 years.

. . . . Interestingly, also in Dallas, the President's personal physician, United States Navy Rear Admiral GEORGE GREGORY BURKLEY, was moved by some "official(s)" out of his normal position of riding within the President's limousine ----normally riding very close to the President---- but in the Dallas murder-cade doctor BURKLEY was, instead, staged into a very-far-behind-JFK murder-cade tour bus.... Doctor BURKLEY being moved extremely far back in the murder-cade, of course, also completely prevented BURKLEY from providing immediate emergency medical help for President KENNEDY, and, also prevented BURKLEY from his also protectively shielding the president with his own body during the shots.

.... from Chapter 8 of the 1998 Assassination Records Review Board’s Final Report:


Congress passed the JFK Act of 1992. One month later, the Secret Service began its compliance efforts. However, in January 1995, the Secret Service destroyed presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedy’s trips in the fall of 1963. The Review Board learned of the destruction approximately one week after the Secret Service destroyed them, when the Board was drafting its request for additional information. The Board believed that the Secret Service files on the President’s travel in the weeks preceding his murder would be relevant.

As the ARRB’s Doug Horne wrote in a memo dated April 16, 1996: “The ‘final decision’ to approve the Texas trip made ‘late Tuesday night’ indicates that decision came on September 24, 1963 … the Secret Service Protective Survey Reports … which were destroyed in 1995 commence with trip files starting on this same date: September 24, 1963.


In addition, the ARRB’s Joan Zimmerman noted in a May 1, 1997 Memorandum To File:


“Thus far, the US Secret Service collection is in 6 gray archive boxes for documents, 7 large, flat gray boxes with newspapers and clippings, and 1 small box with a tape cassette.” … In Box 5 there are three folders marked “trip file”. All are empty. The chairman of the ARRB, Judge Jack Tunheim, stated: “The Secret Service destroyed records after we were on the job and working. They claimed it was a mistake that it was just by the normal progression of records destruction.



More important are the Florida/Chicago Secret Service Advance reports that the Secret Service intentionally destroyed after being asked for them by the ARRB, and that, according to The Kennedy Detail, Gerald Blaine has copies of and preserved. The largest number of known destroyed JFK documents for the U.S. Secret Service was implemented by James Mastrovito, publicly recorded in the ARRB Collection, Joan Zimmerman Correspondence File, Created 04/01/97 CALL REPORT/PUBLIC. USSS Records.

Mastrovito destroyed a vial containing a portion of JFK's brain, along with 5 or 6 file cabinets of material, according to the two page document.




(VINCE PALAMARA, book review, “MRS. KENNEDY & ME: A Very Good Book with a Few pages of Trouble”)

"The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy."

(1979 United States House Select Committee on the Assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin L. King Final Report)
((a.k.a. the “HSCA”))

"The commission has found no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack Ruby was part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate President Kennedy."

(1964 United States President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy Report,)
((a.k.a. the “Warren Commission”))


Very shortly after the shots, a still-unknown “agent”
was encountered on the
grassy knoll

" The man encountered by Officer Smith must have been bogus....

.... I think he must have been bogus. ....

Certainly the suspicion would point to the man as being involved some way or another in the shooting, since he was in an area immediately adjacent where the shots were, and, the fact that he had a badge that purported him to be Secret Service, would make it seem all the more suspicious. ”

. . . . Dallas Chief of Police, JESSE E. CURRY . . . .

.... describing the, supposed, "Secret Service agent" that Dallas Police Officer Patrolman JOE MARSHALL SMITH quickly encountered very close to the grassy knoll shortly after the shots Patrolman SMITH could hear. During the shots Patrolman SMITH was stationed standing in the street intersection of Houston and Elm streets, slightly east and south of being nearly directly in front of the much, much nearer to him (87' to be exact) Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair." During and after the shots he could hear, Patrolman SMITH, instead, was attracted to, first, run completely past the much closer, supposed, "snipers lair," towards the much further away grassy knoll from where SMITH (as did also dozens of witnesses and weapons gunfire-experienced professional law enforcement witnesses) commission-testified that he sensed that, at least, one audible muzzle blast was triggered from a location about level with himself (NOT from a location closer to himself that was angled steeply 56' above his head).

.... While running completely past the Depository a woman witness screamed to Patrolman SMITH. "They're shooting the president from the bushes!", then SMITH drew his police revolver and started checking bushes between the Depository and its grassy knoll parking lot.

Very revealingly, on 11-22-63 the real Secret Service Agent’s were all also each required to wear on their business style suit coats a very unique Secret Service Agent identification in the form of a very specific suit lapel pin. This real Secret Service pin identified each agent as a real Secret Service Agent to be stationed where they were ordered to be. This pin identifier was also known to all the Dallas police that were going to be involved in all of the related events on 11-22-63....

. . . . The fake, impostor “agent” that Patrolman SMITH soon encountered and confronted on the grassy knoll within seconds after the attack was not wearing any real Secret Service Agent pin identifier

(nor did he have a camera hanging by a strap around his neck as Defense Protective Service Agent, U.S. Army Sergeant JAMES W. POWELL testified to the HSCA that POWELL clearly displayed)

. . . . But this impostor “agent” (before the handgun drawn, confronting Patrolman SMITH could ask him) did very rapidly flash seemingly genuine Secret Service credentials at SMITH that the fake “agent” already had in his possession....

(Patrolman SMITH had seen real Secret Service credentials
prior to President KENNEDY's elimination and SMITH
knew exactly what genuine Secret Service credentials
really looked like)

. . . . Additionally, in Patrolman SMITH's testimony to the Warren Commission he further detailed for us that the impostor “agent” was wearing only a sports shirt and sports pants (but not a business style suit coat nor was he wearing a suit tie that all of the real Secret Service Agent's, including Secret Service Agent THOMAS LEMUEL JOHNS, were also all wearing during all of their presidential protection duties), and, Patrolman SMITH could see that both of the fake “agent's” hands and fingernails were noticeably dirty (all real Secret Service Agents also most likely had clean hands for performing their presidential protection duties).............

. . . . Additionally, Patrolman SMITH stated to the very respected Pulitzer Prize
nominated author and journalist, ANTHONY SUMMERS. . . .

“The man, this character, produces credentials from his pocket which showed him to be Secret Service. I have seen those credentials before, and they satisfied me. So I immediately accepted that and let him go and continued our search around the cars.”

..... and .....

“He looked like an auto mechanic. He had on a sports shirt and sports pants. But he had dirty fingernails, it looked like, and hands that looked like auto mechanic's hands. And, afterwards, it didn't ring true for the Secret Service. At the time we were so pressed for time and we were searching. And he had produced correct identification and we just overlooked the thing. I should have checked the man closer, but at the time, I didn't snap to it.”

.... and ....

. . . . no real Secret Service Agent had a 35mm camera hanging by a strap around his neck as JAMES POWELL testified he clearly was displaying when POWELL heard shots while he was several blocks and several minutes outside of Dealey Plaza - and several blocks and several minutes - BEHIND Patrolman SMITH.............

As Patrolman SMITH has also importantly stated in his official
statement to the Dallas Police Department (also documented in
Warren Commission volume 22, page 600)....

“I heard the shots and thought they were coming
from the bushes of the overpass.”

here is a hard to find VIDEO
of Chief CURRY, specifically, speaking about the shots originating from
the grassy knoll . . . .

. . . . originating further away from Patrolman SMITH than the much, much closer Depository.

Patrolman SMITH also commission-testified that after he heard the shots he could hear, and, after he ran past the Depository, then, a very close assassination woman witness yelled to SMITH ....

"They’re shooting the President from the bushes!"

. . . . Patrolman SMITH then, in fact, soon encountered a seemingly un-armed man in the grassy knoll parking lot area, near bushes and very close to the grassy knoll picket fence, who quickly claimed to SMITH that he was an "agent," then, this "agent" simultaneously and quickly flashed at SMITH (voluntarily, without Patrolman SMITH first asking him) "agent" identification credentials claiming to be from the Secret Service. If this man that SMITH encountered close to the grassy knoll picket fence had been an actual Secret Service Agent, the man would have also been armed with a standard Secret Service-issued hand gun.

Patrolman SMITH also testified that when he arrived at the fence, trees, and bushes of the grassy knoll parking lot, SMITH immediately and distinctly detected the acrid smell of gun powder . . . . exactly as did many additional GROUND and STREET-level witnesses, all of whom, very importantly, were located, at least, 61 to 80+ feet BELOW the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" (plus, also very importantly, the 13-knots, north-eastward wind direction was blowing from the bridge and grassy knoll in front of the limousine, towards the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" located several hundreds of feet BEHIND the limousine) . . . .

.... But ....

. . . . the fake "agent" that Patrolman SMITH quickly encountered behind the grassy knoll near the bushes has never voluntarily stepped forward, nor, has he ever been identified, and, much more revealingly, there was



any United States government "agent" nor "agents,"

of any agency,

documented in any record

as ever being stationed,


within Dealey Plaza,

in any of its surrounding buildings,

nor any part of its grassy knoll

either before or during the assassination....

........ Interestingly, buried deep into close attack witness JEAN HILL’s
Warren Commission-testimony
are her statements of, at least, one missed
shot (6 persons are documented to witnessing a missed shot(s)),
and that a Secret Service "agent" stated to JEAN HILL within
minutes that other Secret Service "agentS" (plural) watching
during the assassination from a Dealey Plaza building, had also
observed a missed shot striking very near her and kicking up debris ....

.... this “agent” who told JEAN HILL that additional Dealey Plaza-stationed “agents”
saw a bullet kick up debris near her has never come forward, nor been
identified, and, according to Secret Service, F.B.I., Dallas Police, and all
other laws enforcement agencies, not even a single “agent," whatsoever,
was officially stationed on the Dealey Plaza grounds nor
buildings during President Kennedy's elimination.

........ Along with Dallas Police Officer Patrolman SMITH, there were several additional witnesses who after the attack also encountered within seconds and minutes an "agent" or other "agentS" inside Dealey Plaza .........

One of several of these several key witnesses to other fake, impostor "agentS" (plural) was long time Dallas Police Sergeant DAVID V. HARKNESS who, within a few minutes, he also suddenly encountered several armed "agents" who were also already grouped together (waiting?!!) at the rear of the Texas School Book Depository. . . . These several "agents" claimed to HARKNESS that they were, SPECIFICALLY, "secret service agents." (and just like the Dallas Patrolman SMITH who soon encountered a "secret service agent" on the gun smoke smelling grassy knoll, those several "secret service agents" voluntarily, over-anxiously claimed to HARKNESS that they were "secret service agents" even though HARKNESS never asked them who they were, and exactly like Dallas Patrolman SMITH who soon encountered a "secret service agent" on the gun smoke smelling grassy knoll, those several "secret service agents" were encountered by Sergeant HARKNESS (already waiting?!!) at the Texas School Book Depository rear....

.... No real Secret Service Agents were stationed within Dealey Plaza beforehand or during the assassination, and ALL real Secret Service Agents had left Dealey Plaza within minutes of JFK's elimination and were located @ Parkland Hospital.

........ Additionally .........


Michael Parks recently came across evidence of even another witness to the knoll agent. He relayed this from Mrs. Charles Blankenship: Her husband, Charles "Charlie" Blankenship was with the DPS [Department of Defense Protective Services; my insertion] office from another county other than Dallas. She recalled him working out of the Fort Worth office but was not sure. He was off duty on 11/22/63 but had come to Dallas to see the president with other officers stationed in Dallas. He was standing on the east side of Houston Street in front of the Records Building. He heard the shooting and, like many other lawmen, ran to where he felt the shots had originated, this being the knoll area. He supposedly encountered two men in suits that stated they were Secret Service agents. They told him he could go no further and he turned and left Dealey Plaza. He was not interviewed by any agency and kept this story to his immediate family until his death.


(“The Secret Service Agent on the Knoll” by Debra Conway, with contributions from Michael Parks and Mark Colgan)

........Another of the several key witnesses that also encountered a, supposed, "agent" or supposed "Secret Service agent" was Mr. MALCOLM SUMMERS , who, within one to two minutes after the shots , and along with other co-witnesses near Mr. SUMMERS at a specific location approximately 50’ northeast of Mr. ZAPRUDER’s filming pedestal, encountered a business suit and business hat wearing "agent" man on the Elm Street side of the grassy knoll.

Mr. SUMMERS also detailed for us that this "agent" was armed with a concealed “machine gun-like” weapon that this "agent" had that was mostly hidden under the "agent’s" large overcoat, hanging widely draped over his arm.

This "agent" also tried to stop and deflect Mr. SUMMERS and several close by co-witnesses away from their running towards and entering the grassy knoll and its parking lot behind the picket fence when this "agent" anxiously, angrily, threateningly shouted an order at them, "Don't you all come up here any further! You could get shot or killed!" (and when Mr. SUMMERS and several others ignored him and continued their advances into the grassy knoll this "agent" then repeatedly cursed at them all)

****Importantly, = Exactly from **where** must that armed man have been located **during** the shots (a shots-location that simply must have been **close by** the grassy knoll Mr. SUMMERS and co-witnesses encounter location), = in order for that armed-man to, then, **travel to** the close by grassy knoll, then, = actually have his anxious, cursing, lives-threatening grassy knoll encounter's with Mr. SUMMERS and additional witnesses a mere one minute **after** the shots?****

. . . . This weapon-hiding "agent" that Mr. SUMMERS and other witnesses encountered has never come forward,

he has never been identified, and,

documented by all official (so-far publicly-released) Secret Service, F.B.I., Dallas Police, and all other laws enforcement agencies documented records, a single "agent," never was ever stationed anywhere within the Dealey Plaza killing zone grounds nor in any of its surrounding buildings before or during President KENNEDY’s elimination ..... (In this documentary > Who Shot President Kennedy?” (start at the 26 minutes, 40 seconds mark) Mr. SUMMERS re-enacts for us and details his movements towards the grassy knoll and this weapon-armed "agent" encounter after the shots. ..... In this short audio he details the same for us)

"Secret Service: On the Knoll and Beyond"

Referenced research study by STEVE THOMAS

"The Secret Service Agent on the Knoll"

Referenced research study by DEBRA CONWAY, MICHAEL PARKS, and MARK COLGAN

Just Prior to the Assassination, Two Men Seen On the Sixth Floor
of the Texas School Book Depository
(short VIDEO)

VINCE PALAMARA research study, "Secret Service Agents Who Believed in Conspiracy"

TONY SZAMBOTI research study debunking Luis Alvarez's blood-caused “jet effect" theory of why President Kennedy's head and entire upper torso was rapidly moved “back--and--to--his--left” after his head first exploded

MICHAEL GRIFFITH research study, "Extra Bullets and Missed Shots in Dealey Plaza"

From the after-action report filed by Dallas Deputy Sheriff, W. W. “Bo” MABRA, here . . . .


Date: Nov 27th, 1963

I, and officer Orville Smith were standing on the curb in
front of Criminal Courts Bldg., appx. 40 ft. East of
Houston St., when the car bearing Pres. Kennedy passed.
Appx 1 min. after the car turned right onto Houston St.
we heard 3 shots. Officer Smith said to me, "That sounded
like a deer rifle." We saw people running toward the
parkway and ran in that direction. Officers and people
were running to the parkway on north side of Elm. I went
to the rail yards and parking area west of the book store
and helped search this area.

I talked to
a city officer who said "I was stationed in
yards and had this entire area in view. Nobody came
this way."


(my emphasis)

This still-unknown uniformed "policeman" told MABRA that for the
prior hour he was behind the grassy knoll picket fence. . . .

. . . . But . . . .

. . . . when you actually read the commission-documented Dallas police personnel
assignments for the President's murder-cade, as outlined by Captain
Purdue Lawrence to Chief Curry that can be found in Warren Commission
, volume 20, page 493 (also referenced
as “20H493”), here, there was....


a single, actually-Dallas-employed, uniformed "policeman"

officially assigned on 11-22-63

to be stationed anywhere within the railroad yard,

nor assigned to be stationed anywhere within the parking
lot adjacent to the grassy knoll, located at its closest
point only 55' to 60' from Elm Street.

. . . . Importantly, along with several attack witnesses,
and, possibly documented in photos and films
during and within seconds of the attack, the long time
"Associated Press" photographer, IKE ALTGENS
also stated and detailed to researcher and author DAVID
LIFTON (in the best selling book, “Best Evidence”)
that very shortly before the President arrived inside the
Dealey Plaza kill zone, ALTGENS observed several
persons suddenly arrive up into the grassy knoll, close
to the picket fence, and that one of these persons that ALTGENS
distinctly observed was dressed in a uniform as a Dallas Policeman....

. . . . but . . . .

NO, real, Dallas Policeman was, ever, documented to have been officially ordered before to be pre-stationed on the grassy knoll or along its fence, and NO real Dallas policeman has ever said he was located at the picket fence or on the GK.…

Scientists peers reviewed research study . . . .

"Chemical and Forensic Analysis of JFK Assassination
Bullet Lots:
Is a Second Shooter Possible?"


(downloadable here)


The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK)
traumatized the nation. In this paper we show that evidence used
to rule out a second assassin is fundamentally flawed. This paper
discusses new compositional analyses of bullets reportedly to
have been derived from the same batch as those used in the
assassination. The new analyses show that the bullet fragments
involved in the assassination are not nearly as rare as previously
reported. In particular, the new test results are compared to key
bullet composition testimony presented before the House Select
Committee on Assassinations (HCSA). Matches of bullets within
the same box of bullets are shown to be much more likely than
indicated in the House Select Committee on Assassinations’
testimony. Additionally, we show that one of the ten test bullets
is considered a match to one or more assassination fragments.
This finding means that the bullet fragments from the
assassination that match could have come from three or more
separate bullets. Finally, this paper presents a case for
reanalyzing the assassination bullet fragments and conducting
the necessary supporting scientific studies. These analyses will
shed light on whether the five bullet fragments constitute three
or more separate bullets. If the assassination fragments are
derived from three or more separate bullets, then a second
assassin is likely, as the additional bullet would not be
attributable to the main suspect, Mr. Oswald.



Dr. DONALD THOMAS peers reviewed research studies with respect to the assassination gunshots that were recorded in Dealey Plaza on the Dallas police radio communication channel one and the shot fired from the grassy knoll . . . .

"Echo Correlation Analysis & Acoustic Gunshots Recorded Evidence” (2001)

"Hear No Evil" (2001)

"Emendations" (2002)

"Crosstalk" (2002)

"Impulsive Behavior" (2003)

Dr. Donald Thomas VIDEO presentation on the acoustics evidence, (2004)

Dr. Donald Thomas response …to a… “Science & Justice“ study (2005)

Dr. Donald Thomas interview transcript & audio (2006)

Dr. Donald Thomas VIDEO presentation on the acoustics evidence, part 1 . . . . part 2 . . . . part 3 . . . . (2006)

"Overview and History of the Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Case" (2007)

Dr. Donald Thomas briefly discusses the gunshots impulses, VIDEO (2008)

Dr. Donald Thomas book, “Hear No Evil: Social Constructivism and the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination” (2010)

Dr. Donald Thomas VIDEO presentation on the acoustics evidence that rebuts the analysis paid-for by political author Larry Sabato, (2014)

"In 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations was presented with acoustical evidence that multiple assassins had been involved in the murder-elimination of President John F. Kennedy.

During the hearing, staff members played a tape recording for the Committee with the explanation that they were about to hear a rifle shot fired from the grassy knoll. After listening to this tape the ranking member of the Committee, Representative Samuel Devine of Ohio, rose in the chamber to declare that he had a great deal of experience with firearms and familiarity with rifle fire. He knew a gunshot when he heard one, he said, and the sound alleged to be from the grassy knoll could be many things, but it was clearly not a rifle shot.

The staff then explained to Mr. Devine that the tape recording was of a test shot fired from the grassy knoll that summer; not the Dallas Police tape from 1963.

The incident suggests two things. First, that one cannot determine that a recorded sound is or is not gunfire merely by listening with the naked ear. Secondly, it suggests that Congressman Devine may not have been completely open-minded to the concept under investigation by his Committee."

(Dr. DONALD THOMAS opening presentation remarks to the 2001 annual Lancer, November in
Dallas Conference
about his acoustical studies of the Dallas police recorded dictabelt tape)

Zapruder Film with Dictabelt Recording of Gunshots edited-in, part 1 VIDEO

Zapruder Film with Dictabelt Recording of Gunshots edited-in, part 2 VIDEO

. . . . the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists deliberately, and in-correctly,
try to claim
that the Dallas Police radio recorded dictabelt of the gunshots impulses
were the only indications of another, second, assassin, but, as the Warren Commission "lone-
nut"-apologists are also aware of, there are many additional documented
indications of the second assassin.

CAROL HEWETT outstanding research study, "Silencers, Sniper Rifles & the C.I.A."



Very Close Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS's
ZAPRUDER Film Documented 2nd Head Snap:
West, Ultrafast,
and Directly Towards
the Grass
y Knoll

by Donald Roberdeau

Please read the public announcement of my discovery of the SECOND head snap clearly exhibited by ROSEMARY WILLIS that is documented in the ZAPRUDER film . . . .

. . . . an attracted, ultrafast, 90 to 100 degrees, westward head snap response that ROSEMARY exhibited within only 0.16 second when she impulsively snapped her head away from her facing the far southWEST corner of the Book Depository (the exact same Depository location where witness ARNOLD ROWLAND observed the sixth floor second, rifle armed assassin), towards ROSEMARY rapidly directly facing the long-suspected grassy knoll picket fence . . . .

Whatever it was that caused the ten-year-old girl's first reaction approximately Z-frame 190, it is not the most important Zapruder film documented reaction with respect to very close Dealey Plaza assassination witness, Rosemary Willis.

The most important documented reaction, by far, with respect to Rosemary Willis is what caused and attracted the young girl’s second Zapruder film documented reaction; a much, much faster, impulsive reaction, that Rosemary displayed in an extremely rapid westward head snap that concluded with her head facing directly towards the grassy knoll picket fence corner location.

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = where shortly after Z-217, after she had very rapidly snapped her head to face the grassy knoll, Rosemary stated to U.S. government assassination investigators that she watched a person who had been standing behind a “wall," suddenly and quickly vanish out of her view.

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where many attack witnesses maintained that they heard, at least, one shot fired from.

**** NOTE ****

a shot was fired from this north
grassy knoll picket fence location,
it does not mean that grassy knoll fired
bullet hit anyone or the bullet hit the limousine . . . .

.... and that is also ....

the exact same determination
that the HSCA scientifically proved to
more than a 95 % certainty.

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where attack witnesses maintained that they also observed gun smoke lingering close to....

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where attack witnesses smelled gun smoke close to....

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where, even though they were standing much, much closer to the depository, many witnesses, many gunfire experienced witnesses, and many law enforcement professionals experienced in gunfire, also first chose to run towards the grassy knoll....

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = at where several photographic evidences captured that a person is located at one second, but, who quickly fled and disappeared from that same specific grassy knoll location mere seconds after the attack ended....

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll and parking lot location = where prior to the assassination and immediately afterward, multiple still-unknown “agents” were encountered by several witnesses, even though all documented assignment location records for all U.S. government and Dallas local law enforcement persons thoroughly document that not even one real “agent” nor police officer was ever pre-JFK-elimination stationed inside Dealey Plaza, nor stationed in nor atop any of its surrounding buildings....

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where the second Kennedy assassination government investigation scientifically determined to a 95 % probability that a shot was fired from....

+ + + + This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where a U. S. Secret Service Agent documented Mr. Zapruder on 11-22-63 as stating that a shot originated from behind Mr. Zapruder....

Rosemary’s second reaction head snap directly towards the grassy knoll picket
fence location time stamped starting at Z-214 is a
primary consideration
that carries infinitely more potent weight than her measurably much slower,
yet, also sudden, first reaction that she started about Z-190,

shortly before JFK started to display his first very
quick head snap and reactions to
his, first,
being impacted with a bullet.

ROSEMARY is also documented stating to the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigators that when she did snap her head to directly face the exact same grassy knoll location after her hearing audible muzzle blasts, and/or, "silenced" mechanically-suppressed-fired bullet bow shock waves during the attack on President KENNEDY, that she was, also, attracted by movements to watch a person quickly move and disappear out of her sight behind a grassy knoll “wall.”

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The MARY MOORMAN Polaroid # 5 photo (cropped segments from it are included in the above Visual Report that shows the President and also includes part of the grassy knoll). This photo was captured from the closeby MARY MOORMAN only 0.14 second after the President's head first exploded, and also reveals another person, possibly an assassin, located in the exact same grassy knoll picket fence location from where the HSCA scientifically determined to more than a 95 % certainty that an assassin’s shot was fired from, and . . . . the same location from where several witnesses were audibly attracted to look at . . . . . . the same location from where gun smoke was seen briefly lingering near . . . . . . . . the same location from where Dallas Policeman JOE MARSHALL SMITH smelled gun powder . . . . . . . . . . and, the same location from where at least one film may have recorded the gun smoke . . . . . . . . . . . . yet, photos and films captured mere seconds later, do not show the grassy knoll assassin, observed by Mr. VIRGIL EDWARD “Ed” HOFFMAN, still standing there, in that exact same location. ( a rare VIDEO interview with ED HOFFMAN is available here, and only requires a minute to load and it is also available here )

Additionally, MARY MOORMAN, as with several more close witnesses, stated that she also heard, at least, one additional distinctly separate shot (albeit audible or suppressed) AFTER the President's head had already previously exploded.

. . . . the, current, Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists theory mandates
that the last shot exploded the President's head . . . .

all the
Dealey Plaza
assassination sequence
films, ROSEMARY's ultrafast head
snap westward directly towards the grassy knoll is
the fastest head snap reaction documented of all standing attack witnesses.

This discovery research study also contains the Internet link to my "QuickTime"
avi-formatted, very clear, short VIDEO clip that is magnified in on ROSEMARY that
displays her ultrafast, impulsive head snap westward, directly towards the grassy knoll. This
clear VIDEO clip provided in my report plays 2.44 times slower than the actual ultrafast speed
of her head snap .... a head snap that is measurable at an initial head rotational starting speed
of approximately TWO “Exorcist” movie-like, complete, rotations around her neck, per-second

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