March 6, 1975

(10) Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination Evidence, Motives, Suspects, Discoveries, + Dedicated Citizen Researchers, provided by Donald Roberdeau (page 10 of 14)

Mr. HUGH WILLIAM BETZNER, JR. stated in detail in his very earliest, first statement (that he voluntarily provided to the Dallas police),

specifically time stamping for us that he, first, captured his photo with his camera (that was simultaneous with ZAPRUDER frame Z-186). . . .

wwwv . . . . and then, after . . . .

.... an instant of time during which Mr. BETZNER had already reached for, already grabbed, then already started to take hold of his camera's manual film advance mechanism, then, he already had also manually started to advance the film inside his camera....

wvvwwwwwwwwwv . . . . that it was . . . .

. . . . then, wwright w then . . . .

that the1 first 1 audible muzzle blast or mechanically suppressed-fired
"silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave Mr. BETZNER remembered hearing (or, that he could hear) was fired, distinctly,
after 1 his1 Z-186 1 photo (while gunfire battles experienced JFK was still smiling and waving, and, importantly, that shot was fired while the President was1 still hidden underneath the large tree, out of the targeting view of anyone in the commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair”)

Mr. BETZNER’s very detailed, and, very specific time stamping of an audible shot blast or "silenced" bullet shock N-wave that was fired
after his Z-186 photo also exactly matches with, by far, the significantly largest jiggles and blurs episode imparted by ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER’s hands onto his camera and into his film during the volleys of shots......…

click the frame to enlarge into a sharper followup window

.....… Mr. BETZNER captured his Z-186-simultaneous photo while JFK was still hidden under the large oak tree, but, when JFK was not seen in the targeting-view to *anyone* in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair,” and, Mr. BETZNER captured his Z-186-simultaneous photo when Mr. ZAPRUDER is documented that he also transferred to his movie camera and therefore also transferred to his film the largest pre-Z-313 jiggles and blurs impulsive hand responses that were possibly and most likely in Mr. ZAPRUDER’s suddenly startled reaction to his hearing a loud, audible muzzle blast or a mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave (as clearly seen in this documentary, Warren Commission-apologist-bias CBS News also confirmed that in every recreated shots tests it performed in 1967 that caused the startled movie filmer to record blurs and jiggles into their test film)

" the shot caused me to squeeze the camera
shutter, and I got a picture of the President
as he was hit with the first shot. "

Slide photo # 5 captured simultaneously with ZAPRUDER film frame Z-202 by
PHILLIP LaFRANCE WILLIS, a very close, very key assassination
witness who was also a WWII veteran

NOTE In the WILLIS # 5 photo that there was visible a still-unknown
person’s dark outline aligned on a line-of-sight to the grassy knoll, near
the cement “retaining wall,” who was located specifically between that
same “retaining wall” and the picket fence. (and, at this instant, this
still-unknown person had a clear line-of-sight at JFK)
The House Select
Committee on Assassinations
scientifically determined in its 1979
report that this person was a Caucasian. Researcher’s call this person
the “black dog man” due to his/her outlined posture at that
instant resembling a sitting dog)

With his military experienced precision, Mr. WILLIS clearly detailed for us within
his 11-22-63 volunteered, earliest, very first affidavit statements about the
“shots” that he remembered hearing (or that he could hear) ....

" Willis says he knows from his war experience
the sound a rifle shot makes when it finds its mark
and he says he is sure all three shots fired found
their mark. "

. . . . and . . . .

" Willis advised that at just about the time that
the limousine carrying President Kennedy was
opposite the Stemmons freeway road sign he
heard a loud report and knew immediately it
was a rifle shot and knew also the shot ‘had hit.’ ”

(Warren Commission-commissars document, WCD-1245 . . . . PHILLIP LaFRANCE WILLIS very close witness and WWII battles and gunshots experienced veteran, in his written statement to the Warren Commission, specifically detailing President KENNEDY being impacted by the first of 3 audible muzzle blasts or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves that WILLIS remembered hearing (or could hear), and that 1st bullet impact occurred, from Mr. WILLIS’s exact location during the attack, when President KENNEDY was within WILLIS’s line-of-sight that was precisely aligned with the “Stemmons” freeway sign north vertical edge at ZAPRUDER frame equivalent Z-190 to 191, until, Mr. WILLIS’s line-of-sight to the “Stemmons” freeway sign south vertical edge at ZAPRUDER frame equivalent Z-196 to 197 . . . . and very importantly, this was also while the President was still hidden by the large tree, and therefore, still hidden from the view and targeting by **anyone** in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair.” Mr. WILLIS's testimony also solidly confirms HUGH BETZNER’s nearly 1-second earlier photo time stamping, with Mr. WILLIS also describing that the 1st of the 3 audible muzzle blasts or mechanically suppressed-fired, "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves that Mr. WILLIS remembered hearing (or could hear) startled WILLIS, so much, that it also caused him a micro-second later to involuntarily press the shutter button on his “Argus” 35mm camera .... then .... he captured his #5 photo simultaneously with ZAPRUDER film frame Z-202

.... The Warren Commission-apologists are, again, left out in stark contrast to Mr. WILLIS’s time stamps of the timing sequence of the shots that they could hear, and, the Warren Commission-apologists are, again, left out in stark contrast to the many other additional, close witnesses and weapons experienced witnesses time stamps detailing the specific location that they also referenced President KENNEDY was located at when he exhibited specific reactions and movements to the first loud audible muzzle blast or the first "silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave that these many close witnesses remembered hearing (or could hear).

.... At the again-revised Warren Commission-apologists theory of its time stamping of a first shot around Z-150,
(a micro-second before JFK’s ultrafast head snap that started at Z-155 to 156) the 12 miles-per-hour
moving President KENNEDY was located exactly 50’ and 2.84 seconds before his location
seen in the WILLIS # 5 photo
(indicating that at Z-150 the President was
located in a location much more to the WILLIS # 5’s photo right)

.... Very Importantly, at Z-150,
when President KENNEDY had been
located that 50’ and 2.84 seconds before
the WILLIS # 5 photo, the President was also
located at nearly exactly his very closest to Mr. WILLIS,
then only 19’ away, who at the same Z-150 instant,
can clearly see that Mr. WILLIS had his arms and his camera still
lowered downward ---- totally away from his face,
and, WILLIS was still
getting ready
to raise his lowered hands back upwards and towards his face to....

. . . . then . . . .

.... snap his Z-202 photo that he impulsively snapped in response to a loud audible muzzle blast and/or "silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave stimulus that then startled him into capturing it.

“We were looking back up the street to see if
the motorcade was coming and the first two
shots were fired, and of course the first shot,
boom, the President threw his arms up like
that, spun around sort of, and then it look[ed]
like he was looking in the crowd, you know,
like he was looking for something, just kind
of a wild expression.”

.... “It seemed we were in the direct path of

.... “I thought the shot had come from the
garden directly behind me, that was on an
elevation from where I was.”

.... “I do not recall looking toward the Texas
School Book Depository. I looked back in the
vicinity of the garden.”

(BILL NEWMAN, the very closest standing assassination witness to when President KENNEDY’s head initially exploded at Z-313, quoted in 1966 in the book “Six Seconds in Dallas.” (neither Mr. NEWMAN nor his wife were called to provide their testimony and shots time stampings to the Warren Commission) . . . . Mr. NEWMAN specifically detailing President KENNEDY was impacted by the 1st audible muzzle blast or the 1st mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave that NEWMAN remembered hearing (or could hear), and the President also instantaneously reacting to his being 1st blast/shock wave bullet impacted, accompanied with NEWMAN's very detailed description and time stamping that President KENNEDY “spun around” with a “wild expression” is a perfect description (also supported by several, additional, very close witnesses) of the President’s Z-203 to 206 documented, very quick 87 degrees head snap, “spun around” reaction to his being bullet impacted, accompanied with JFK’s bullet impacted shocked realization time needed for his Z-206 closed mouth to then move his mouth to displaying it already widely open (possibly/probably also as he gasped for his hyper-adrenalized try for his next breath) within only 1-second by Z-225 in his sudden, “wild expression” look, accompanied with another “spun around” head spin turn, head-shaking side-to-side towards the Elm Street north sidewalk witnesses that President KENNEDY took to physically, already, exhibit, at the latest, by Z-225....

Mr. NEWMAN also described the shot(s) as originating from directly behind me

. . . . Importantly, at the attack start the Depository was in front of Mr. NEWMAN's facing direction, and because we can see his posture and facing direction in several thoroughly documented photos and films, Mr. NEWMAN had consistently rotated his body and head to keep facing at the President as the President approached Mr. NEWMAN’s location. With this stated action, and the fact that several photos and films are all in complete agreement that Mr. NEWMAN also rotated his body and head to always keep facing at the President, we can also understand that all the way up until Zapruder frame 331, the geographical location behind NEWMAN before Z-331 was always the long suspected, grassy knoll and its HSCA scientifically determined picket fence gunshot location, also confirmed in the scaled Dealey Plaza map, here.

" Hudson was looking directly at President Kennedy
and saw his head slump to one side simultaneously
with the loud report made by the first shot. "

(Warren Commission Document 5 . . . . EMMETT JOSEPH HUDSON, another very close witness, in his very first statement when, like many of his fellow co-witnesses, he also detailed President KENNEDY immediately, instantaneously, reacting to JFK being impacted by the 1st of the 3 audible muzzle blasts and/or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves that HUDSON remembered hearing, or, that Mr. HUDSON could hear....)

" I looked over, and the second shot hit him in the face. "

. . . . and . . . .

" then the second shot came, well then I looked back just in time to see the president struck in the face by the second shot. "

(JAMES M. CHANEY, Dallas Police motorcycle man and Presidential Limousine Escort, who was riding only 12' from President KENNEDY during the attack, in his very first, and earliest, 11-22-63 police station hallway interviews - one of which was with ABC TV reporter, BILL LORD - describing that it was the 2nd of 3 shots CHANEY remembered hearing (or could hear) that hit President KENNEDY in the head (several key and close witnesses who also remembered hearing or could hear at least 3 audible muzzle blasts and/or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves also described hearing another distinctly separate “shot” after President KENNEDY’s head exploded). CHANEY also said that when he heard the 1st shot that CHANEY remembered hearing (or could hear), it sounded like a motorcycle backfiring, and attracted CHANEY to look to his left and he immediately did see that President KENNEDY at that instant was obviously reacting to that 1st shot bullet that impacted, and President KENNEDY, in CHANEY’s words, "looked back over his left shoulder" . . . . an exact description of President KENNEDY's first bullet impact reaction documented approximately Z-203 to 235 . . . . Importantly, in the vital IKE ALTGENS #6 photo…(link opens to reveal an extremely large clear ALTGENS # 6) captured concurrent with ZAPRUDER frame 255, CHANEY has already heard the 1st audible muzzle blast or "silenced" shock N-wave that CHANEY remembered hearing, and CHANEY is clearly documented as facing President KENNEDY, exactly as CHANEY described he did . . . . Not surprisingly - and just as it was "overlooked" like many other key close witnesses and considerations - even though Officer CHANEY was absolutely THE closest witness to JFK located outside of the limousine-----as CHANEY was riding and looking at President KENNEDY from a very close 10' to 12' during the attack shots-----the Warren Commission chose to never call CHANEY [and ---- just as it did with several additional very key and/or very close witnesses---- it never wanted to call him!, imho] so he could provide us his sworn testimony))

"Yes. I heard one. Then there was a little bit of time, and then there were two real fast bullets together. When the first one hit, well the President turned from waving to the people, and he grabbed his throat, and he kind of slumped forward, and then, I couldn't tell where the second shot went."

(LINDA WILLIS, another very close attack witness, in her testimony to the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars, also describing President KENNEDY immediately, instantaneously reacting to being impacted by the first shot volley that WILLIS remembered hearing (or could hear))

“As we made the turn here at the intersection of Elm and Houston I heard, first, a loud report that sounded to me like a giant firecracker, then, in quick succession, two more.”

(JAMES ROBERT UNDERWOOD, Dallas CBS KRLD-TV radio assistant news director
and cameraman, who rode in murder-cade camera car # 3, during his very first
11-22-63 news report that was nationally broadcast 17 minutes after
the attack
at 12:47 PM CDT)

“The first two were pretty evenly spaced, and the last was a little bit closer.”

(Dallas Police Motorcycle Officer & Presidential escort man MARRION LEWIS BAKER, “No More Silence" 1998)

“just as he got just about in front of me, he turned to wave
at the crowd on this side of the street.... at this point I
heard what sounded like one shot.”

(Mr. JOHN ARTHUR CHISM ~ who is hidden by the “Stemmons” freeway sign in the ZAPRUDER film ~ another kill zone very close, witness in his first affidavit to the Dallas police on 11-22-63, also describing President KENNEDY had already first started his last hand wave (a hand wave that started at Z-170 to 171 while the President was hidden by a large oak tree out of the view and targeting view of **anyone** in the “Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair”“).... THEN.... the first shot CHISM remembered hearing (or could hear) occurred of the 3 shots CHISM heard. . . . Many additional close witnesses who spoke of the timing of the 1st shot they remembered hearing (or could hear) also time stamped it as happening AFTER the President had already started that same Z-170 to 171 wave, and AFTER, the President was already hidden out of the view and out of the targeting by **anyone** in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair”)

“ By Zapruder frame 207, when President Kennedy is seen going behind a sign that obstructed Zapruder’s view, he appears to be reacting to a severe external stimulus. This reaction is first indicated in the vicinity of frame 200 of the Zapruder film. The President’s right hand freezes in the midst of a waving motion, followed by a rapid leftward movement of his head. There is, therefore, photographic evidence of a shot striking the President by this time. ”

(HSCA Report and HSCA volume 6, page 17 .... Also, see my
Visual Report entitled
"The First Bullet Impact Into President
While JFK was Still Hidden Under the 'magic-
limbed-ricochet-tree' "
also available for you, here.

the, current, Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists theory supposes
that the "lone-nut" first, and closest, shot occurred at approximately frames Z-150 to Z-160

.... but ....

the Warren Commission's current "theory" is that bullet was fired at 2165 feet-per-second into the branches and thick foliages of a large, very close by oak tree . . . .

(even though the Warren Commission, itself determined in recreations that the President
was not hidden by the large oak tree branches and leaves until Z-166, and the
Warren Commission determined that all the "lone-nut" had to do was wait about 2 seconds
until President KENNEDY cleared the tree branches after Z-210 into open targetability,
and, even though President KENNEDY had already exhibited in the
ZAPRUDER film an extremely fast rightward head snap reaction starting at Z-155
and ending at Z-158,
closely followed by JOHN CONNALLY, who had also already exhibited
a rapid rightward head snap starting at Z-162, closely followed by Mrs. KENNEDY‘s
rightward head turn starting at Z-169)

When the Warren Commission’s "lone-nut", supposedly, fired his first bullet into the very close, large oak tree (that is still growing there), the Warren Commission bullet traveled approximately 87’ downward,

. . . . then . . . . the Warren Commission bullet, supposedly, hit a branch of that oak tree,

. . . . then . . . . the branch, supposedly, deflected the "lone-nut" bullet into an altered trajectory that was now 28 to 30 degrees more upward than its original 1476 miles-per-hour downward trajectory,

. . . . and simultaneously, supposedly, deflected the Warren Commission bullet 19 to 21 degrees more rightward than its original trajectory (the branch-deflected angles causing the bullet to miss everyone in the limousine and miss the entire limousine),

. . . . and, the Warren Commission bullet’s copper-hardened outer casing surrounding its softer lead core was, supposedly, also simultaneously stripped-off by a tree branch (no evidence of a sheared-off bullet outer copper-hardened casing was ever found in the tree, nor on Elm Street, nor anywhere within Dealey Plaza),

. . . . then . . . . the deflected-now-slowed lead-only Warren Commission bullet core traveled another almost 600 feet as it was arcing substantially more upward than its original downward trajectory, then, slowing some and arcing downward (losing height and speed due to gravity),

. . . . then. . . . it struck the Main Street south cement curb with still enough speed and force to cause a scared impact (a.k.a. the “Tague curb impact”)....That Warren Commission bullet scared curb impact contained no copper traces from a hardened outer bullet shell, but the scar did contain metal traces of lead and antimony that are found inside of bullets (the copperless curb scar implies one of two things; either that Warren Commission bullet’s copper-hardened outer shell completely stripped-off during an impact with something between its firing and it impacting the Main Street curb, or, a second assassin’s fired bullet impacted the curb, and that second assassin's bullet never had a copper-hardened outer shell when it was fired),

. . . . then . . . . a lead-core-only bullet fragment, or, a chipped-off curb fragment flew approximately 17’ then hit witness JAMES THOMAS TAGUE with enough force to cause a facial wound scratch that drew his blood.

That same large oak tree very close to the Depository "lone-nut"
"snipers lair" was thoroughly searched....

.... but . . . .

bullet metal traces were ever found anywhere on or in any part of the large tree,

bullet deflection scar was ever found anywhere on any part of the large tree,

bullet metal traces were ever found anywhere on any part of Elm Street. (Despite
multiple witnesses repeatedly detailing that they each did see the same bright
spark, or, different, additional multiple bright sparks and/or asphalt
debris suddenly appear atop Elm Street during the attack shots)

Mr. TAGUE, himself, commission-testified that he was wounded with the 2nd or 3rd shot that he remembered hearing (or could hear), and when the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-lawyer pressed him further, Mr. TAGUE testified that it was the 2nd shot that wounded him, NOT the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut," currently-revised, theorized first shot, supposedly, fired into the branches and leaf foliages of the closeby, large “magic-limb-ricochet-tree,” that blocked targeting JFK, = that *anyone* in the "lone-nut" "snipers lair" most likely/surely would have known about simply looking around ahead of time.

the Tague curb impact damage as documented the weekend of 11-22-63, (left
and center of these 3 black and white photos) then, as seen after the commission
(deliberately?!) chose to wait until over 8 months later
photo), .... only after the evidence of the Tague curb impact damage
was made much more public and the commission was forced to
finally remove this bullet-impacted or bullet fragment-impacted curb
section evidence even though the Warren Commission were nearing the very end
of its “investigation," and,
the Warren Commission had already
started writing its final report-canard.

(Thank You and Hat Tip to Anthony Marsh for the montage)

Close-up details of the Tague curb impact damage
as documented the weekend of 11-22-63

the Tague curb impact damage as seen while sitting in
the United States National Archives

At Zapruder frame 313 witness and soon to be slightly wounded victim, James Tague (commission-testimony), was standing 271' to the front and left of the limousine’s facing direction (and Mr. Tague’s standing location was also slightly to the right of President Kennedy's head facing direction at Z-313 when the President's head, initially, exploded).

Mr. Tague commission-testified that during the assassination shots he was struck by something nearly simultaneous with the second shot he remembered hearing. He testified that something had slightly cut him and drew some drops of blood on the right side of his face. (in his commission-testimony Mr. Tague initially stated he was wounded with the second or third shot, and when the Warren Commission lawyer pressed him, Mr. Tague stated he was wounded with the second shot)

Importantly, at Z-313 the Tague curb impact damage was located 17.9’ LOWER THAN the highest point of the limousine’s pushed-upwards, undamaged sun visors that were directly between President Kennedy’s head wound, and the bullet/bullet-fragment caused curb impact damage.

Of the shots source he could hear, Mr. Tague commission-testified the shots were fired from his left, from “up by the, whatever you call the monument, or whatever it was----” but when Mr. Tague testified to this, then, the Warren Commission lawyer quickly cut-off Tague’s testimony, and rapidly substituted another followup question that was totally un-related . . . .

. . . . The "monument" that Mr. Tague testified to that was a shot(s) source is the “North Pergola” cement structure (a.k.a. the “Bryan’s Pergola”) that sits on the north grassy knoll, adjacent to the grassy knoll picket fence....This pergola is located a distance of over 100’ west of the Texas School Book Depository, and over 200’ away from the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair.”

Minutes after the attack Mr. Tague reported to Dallas Deputy Sheriff Walthers that he had been stung by something on the right side of his face during the shots. Walthers confirmed that Mr. Tague had 3 or 4 drops of blood on his right facial cheek. (Tague also had an already healing scratch on his left facial cheek that is seen in a photo captured in Dealey Plaza minutes later. Mr. Tague stated to me that his left facial cheek scratch had been caused during the week before the assassination) Then Tague and Walthers closely examined the immediate surrounding area to near where Mr. Tague had stood during the attack. They soon discovered what Mr. Tague has described as "a fresh mark - a very fresh mark" located on the upper rounded part of the curbstone of the south curb of Main Street that had been caused by the impact of a whole bullet, or, caused by a bullet fragment shed from a previously whole bullet that had hit something and broke apart before hitting the curb.

Then, when Tague and Walthers looked back northeastward, toward the Houston-Elm Streets intersection, Deputy Sheriff Walthers stated to Mr. Tague that one shot that had hit the curb may have come from the buildings bordering the Houston and Elm intersection. Walthers then alerted the Dallas police via radio.

Mr. Tague voluntarily provided authorities with his affidavit the afternoon of 11-22-63 detailing his experiences and his salient, critically important observations and experiences during the attack.

Thereafter, during the following many months of the “investigation”, Mr. Tague never once heard again from any investigation” “officials", nor did he read nor hear anything in the news about his being caused to be actually wounded by a bullet or bullet fragment during the attack.

----When the commission was already in the process of finalizing their Warren Commission "lone-nut"-report-canard, just as the nearing-closer U.S. Presidential election season was heating-up for Lyndon Johnson ---- and even though after he was wounded Mr. Tague had provided an immediate 11-22-63 statement to authorities, it was, only, AFTER Tague, himself, re-approached the investigation” “officials, and only AFTER newspaper articles were written 7 months after the assassination, and only AFTER a United States Federal Attorney in Dallas, Martha J. Stroud, had also notified and reminded the Warren Commission investigators in the Summer of 1964 about the bullet impact mark on the curb, was the street curb bullet or bullet fragment caused scar, finally, decided by the Warren Commission that it needed to be removed by Hoover's F.B.I. for its inspection, spectrographic examinations for forensic trace evidence, etc. (after the F.B.I.'s examinations the removed “Tague curb” section has always been stored by the U.S. National Archives)

The wounding of Mr. Tague actually forced the Warren Commission to admit to his wounding being assassination shot-related.

Mr. Tague's wounding, further, forced the commission to completely change its shots scenario and invent its most controversial theory -- the so-called, “magic bullet,” “single-bullet” theory -- theorizing that Kennedy and Connally were struck with the same nearly-pristine, minorly-damaged, found with no skin, no muscle, no bone, nor any blood debris, anywhere, on the bullet.

The F.B.I. documented in its report that embedded into the “Tague curb” impact scar there was also trace elements of lead and antimony, but there was absolutely zero copper alloy residue.

This clearly indicates that, in the instant the curb was struck, that bullet, or, a fragment of what was left of that bullet, had no copper outer-casing on it-----yet, the Warren Commission, supposed, "lone-nut" 6.5mm bullets each were manufactured to military specifications, and each bullet lead core was completely enclosed on its front nose and sides by a copper casing.

Very Interestingly, 4,000,000 bullets manufactured by the “Western Case Cartridge Company” for 6.5mm, copper jacketed, non-frangible bullets were purchased by, and, delivered to, the U.S. Marine Corps between 3-29-54 and 9-2-54, even though, "officially," none of the United States entire military services ever utilized any weapon that fired 6.5mm bullets. (some researchers promote that these purchases by the Marine Corps were actually fronted for the bullets final destination ~ to the C.I.A. and/or its para-military groups it sponsored and armed with weapons))

Sometime after being spectrographically examined by the F.B.I. in 1964, the F.B.I. slides containing the critical trace physical and forensic elements of the bullet strike that created the curbstone scar chip completely vanished out of the, known, Warren Commission "lone-nut" evidence.

The F.B.I. later admitted (only after author, researcher, and former U.S. Senate investigator Harold Weisberg had, first, filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, and the F.B.I. was forced to admit) that the F.B.I., itself, had internally decided (which begs the simple and revealing questions, Who decided, and, at what point in time?) to completely destroy all of these same, very key, forensic Kennedy assassination evidence spectrographic slides of the curb bullet-impact scar, and, the F.B.I. "must have done it to ‘save’ space" within the F.B.I. storage archives ----the largest and most expansive storage archives in the entire world.

A 1983 documented study of the “Tague curb impact” scar by an engineering firm hired by the Reader's Digest concluded that the curb scar had been deliberately patched over ------covered-up------ with a foreign-substance material.

(Covered-up by whom, acting on what persons orders from what organization?)

A photograph of the curb taken by a F.B.I. agent just before the curb stone was cut out of the street in August 1964 shows the "Tague curb impact" scar had been patched-over/covered-up before it was cut from the street.

Here is a short VIDEO of James Tague's interview in 1988's, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy."

Mr. Tague, in his 2003 book, "Truth Withheld", provides pictures of the scar taken right after the assassination, before it was cut from the street by the Warren Commission in August 1964, compared to as the curbstone sat in the National Archives in 1997.

In 1997 Mr. Tague visited the U.S. National Archives and he personally examined the curbstone scar chip. He was also accompanied by the U.S. National Archivist.

They both immediately agreed that the scar chip was covered-up with a foreign-material patch over the original scar chip.

(No documented record, nor documented authorization has been found, yet, of precisely who or what government agency, or what exact date the scar chip held within the U.S. government's evidence chain was covered-up)

** NOTE: Several other crucial physical evidences and files in the case have also "disappeared" or were "routinely destroyed"....a portion of which include:

**** The brain of President Kennedy that probably also contained the forensically traceable bullet(s) trajectory(ies) and/or additional, forensically testable bullet fragments not found during the Bethesda military autopsy

**** Several of President Kennedy's 11-22-63 autopsy X-Rays and photos

**** Bullet fragments recovered from the Presidential limousine

**** Bullet fragments recovered from within Governor Connally’s body

**** The hat that Connally held close to his smashed rib bone, his blown out chest, and his smashed wrist bone

**** The gold cuff link on Connally’s shirt right cuff that his wife stated she was told had been shot off

**** Bullet fragments recovered from President Kennedy

**** Several key witnesses statements have vanished or were altered (according to the witnesses who gave the statements)

**** Lee Oswald's U.S. Marine Corps military records

**** etc

MICHAEL GRIFFITH outstanding research study:

"The Wounding of James Tague; Evidence
of a Second Gunman"

“ After a very short distance I heard a loud report which sounded like a firecracker. It appeared to come from the right and rear and seemed to me to be at ground level. I stood up and looked to my right and rear in an attempt to identify it. Nothing caught my attention except people shouting and cheering. A disturbance in 679X caused me to look forward toward the President's car. Perhaps 2 or 3 seconds elapsed from the time I looked to the rear and then looked at the President. He was slumped forward and to his left, and was straightening up to an almost erect sitting position as I turned and looked. At the moment he was almost sitting erect I heard two reports which I thought were shots and that appeared to me completely different in sound than the first report and were in such rapid succession that there seemed to be practically no time element between them. It looked to me as if the President was struck in the right upper rear of his head. The first shot of the second two seemed as if it missed because the hair on the right side of his head flew forward and there didn't seem to be any impact against his head. The last shot seemed to hit his head and cause a noise at the point of impact which made him fall forward and to his left again. Possibly four or five seconds elapsed from the time of the first report and the last. ”

(GEORGE W. HICKEY, JR., Secret Service Agent and another very close, weapons-experienced
witness riding in the Secret Service follow-up car right behind the President, in his 11-30-63 report....

**** HICKEY stated that he was looking to his left, and while he was looking left he, then, heard
the first audible muzzle gun blast or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" shock N-wave that
he remembered hearing (or could hear). He said he then turned to his right, partially stood
up looking while towards JFK, then, he looked directly to the rear. In the BETZNER # 3 photo
captured concurrently with ZAPRUDER frame # 186 HICKEY is seen facing to the left. In the
ZAPRUDER film we can see HICKEY makes a rapid head turn forward, towards President
KENNEDY, from Z-196 to 199. In the WILLIS # 5 photo captured concurrently with ZAPRUDER
frame # 202 HICKEY is seen facing forward. HICKEY detailed that after hearing a
blast/shock wave, then rapidly looking rightward towards President KENNEDY that he then
turned more rightward and was looking behind himself for an instant, and then he turned
frontward again, just in time to hear 2 more very closely bunched shots . . . . But in the
very clear ALTGENS # 6 photo captured simultaneously with ZAPRUDER frame # 255,
we can clearly see that HICKEY is still turned to his right, still fully facing behind himself,
so, HICKEY has not, yet, turned frontward to again look at the President, and, right in
line with the many dozens of Dealey Plaza witnesses, he still has not heard the
last 2 very closely bunched blasts and/or "silenced" shock N-waves that were fired....

" in such rapid succession, that there seemed to
be practically no time element between them. "

“ My reaction at this time was that the shot came
from somewhere towards the front, but I did not
see anyone on the overpass, and looked along
the right-hand side of the road. ”

. . . . and . . . .

“ My immediate thought was that the President could not possibly be alive after being hit like he was. I still was not certain from which direction the second shot came, but my reaction at this time was that the shot came from somewhere towards the front, right-hand side of the road.”

(PAUL E. LANDIS, Secret Service Agent and another very close,
weapons-experienced witness standing on the Secret Service
follow-up car running board right behind the President, in his
11-27-63 and his 11-30-63 documented Secret Service
reports.…with the Depository located behind him, towards
Mr. LANDIS’ front and his right during the shots were the
railroad overpass and the hill of the grassy knoll

“ Well, I heard something [that] sounded like it was a firecracker and a slight pause and then two more a little bit closer together. ”

(Assassination close witness WILLIAM HOYT SHELLEY, during
his Warren Commission testimony (volume 6, page 329)

. . . . and, when Mr. SHELLEY was also asked by the Warren Commission
what was the direction the shots were fired from, he testified it. . . .

“ sounded like it came from the west. ”

. . . . even though while watching the murder-cade pass him, Mr.
SHELLEY was standing at the front entrance to the Depository,
with the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut” "snipers lair”
less than 55’ nearly directly vertical above him, while it was the grassy knoll
that was located a distinctly separate and horizontally rightward much further west of him.


prior to 11-22-63,
gunshots experienced,
Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars known,

(but, the Warren Commission-commissars never wanted
to call, nor hear, nor record their testimony

Dealey Plaza extremely close assassination witness' solidly detailed,
salient attack observations, who stated that I am only the 3rd person

(outside of family, but never interviewed in print, audio, or film)
after 11-22-63 to have been shared this close witness' very detailed observations of attack shots time stampings into murder-cade victims reactions & participants reactions, attack artifacts, etc., and post-attack personal experiences

" In 1978, in testimony before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, an Army scientist [LARRY STURDIVAN, my insertion] at the Edgewood Laboratory of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds revealed the results of a test he had performed for the Warren Commission back in 1964. In an attempt to simulate the fatal wound, ten skulls had been shot with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. All ten skulls, instead of moving back toward the rifle, moved in the direction of the bullet.’ "

(All ten skulls were filled with a gelatinous material specifically chosen to replicate brain density . . . . HSCA testimony of LARRY STURDIVAN, HSCA volume 1, page 404, JFK Exhibit F-305, National Archives) quoted on page 36 of “Cover-Up” by STEWART GALANOR . . . . The results of these skulls shooting tests for the Warren Commission were suppressed, and were not revealed until 15 years later during the HSCA investigation.)

“ Well, to be frank with you I thought it come from
down there, you know, where that underpass is.
There is a series, quite a few number, of them
railroad tracks running together and from where I
was standing it sounded like it was coming from
down the railroad tracks there. ”

(BUELL WESLEY FRAZIER during his 1964 commission-testimony about where he thought the audible muzzle blasts or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves that he remembered hearing (or could hear) had originated from . . . . FRAZIER was standing in the Depository front doorway, nearly directly beneath the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair," located only 51' nearly directly above his head)

When Mr. FRAZIER was asked on 2-13-69 during the trial of the C.I.A.
Domestic Contact Agent and international/national businessman CLAY
SHAW approximately how much time lapsed from the first noise he
heard until he heard the second noise?, Mr. FRAZIER testified,

“ It was just a few seconds. ”

When he was then asked how much time elapsed from the time he heard the second noise
until he heard the third noise?, Mr. FRAZIER testified,

“ When I heard the second noise, the third was
followed nearly just right back-to-back. It was
fired in rapid succession. ”

When President KENNEDY entered the plaza of Dealey on 11-22-63, long time Dallas
Police Sergeant DAVID V. HARKNESS was located at the northwest corner of Main
and Houston. On 11-4-77 Sergeant HARKNESS stated to the HSCA investigators
that after the president had passed him he. . . .

".... started to cut diagonally across the grassy area [of the North Infield grass, my insertion] when I heard the shots. The president's car slowed, almost stopped. A second and third shot came close together."

"The President’s automobile had passed and was a short way down Elm Street towards the underpass when I heard something like a gun shot and then a second and third shot close together."

.... and ....

"To the best of my knowledge there were three shots and they came from the direction of the railroad tracks near the parking lot at the west end of the Depository Building."

(my emphasis)

.... and ....


Did you hear shots?

Mr. ARCE: Three.

Mr. BALL: How many?

Mr. ARCE: Three.

Mr. BALL: Where did you make out the direction of the sound?

Mr. ARCE: Yeah, I thought they came from the railroad tracks to the west of the Texas School Book Depository.


.... and ....


Mr. BALL: Now, it sounded to you that the shots came from what direction?

Mr. ARCE: From the tracks on the west deal.

Mr. BALL: ow many shots did you hear?

Mr. ARCE: Three.

Mr. BALL: Did you look back at the building?

Mr. ARCE: No, I didn’t think they came from there. I just looked directly to the railroad tracks and all the people started running up there and I just ran along with them.


Very close assassination witness DANIEL GARCIA ARCE statements about the shots bunched timing and from where he thought the audible muzzle blasts or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves that he remembered hearing (or could hear) had originated from....The above quoted statements that Mr. ARCE made are respectively from his 11-22-63 statements to the F.B.I..... 3-18-64 statements to F.B.I..… Warren Commission testimony volume 6 page 365.... Warren Commission testimony volume 6 page 366

As with several of the close and key witnesses facing Elm Street, Mr. ARCE was also standing in a very unique location for detecting the gun shots: he was located nearly exactly half-way between the grassy knoll (a grassy knoll that was located at ARCE's direct right), and the commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair” (located at his nearly direct left)....

" There was a flash of light or an - there was something which occurred, which caught my eye in this immediate area on the embankment. Now what this was, I could not state at that time and at this time, I could not identify it other than there was some unusual occurrence - a flash of light, or smoke, or something, which caused me to feel like something out of the ordinary had occurred there. "

. . . . and . . . .

“ There were three shots, and these were spaced with one shot, then a pause, and then two shots in very close order, such as, perhaps....

(he demonstrates the timing of the second and third, distinctly closer bunched together
shots, when he raps his hand on the table 3 times)

.... almost on top of each other, while there was some pause between the first and second shots. ”

( LEE EDWARD BOWERS, JR., to researcher MARK LANE in the 1966 “Rush to Judgment” documentary VIDEO here. Mr. BOWERS was the "Union Terminal Railroad Company" Railroad Yard Tower Manager who watched the murder-cade while up in his railroad yard control tower in the parking lot/railroad tracks yard approximately 195’ north of (“behind”) the picket fence corner on the grassy knoll. . . . In his first quote above, Mr. BOWERS is speaking about the east end of the picket fence corner area of the grassy knoll, the same location where the HSCA scientifically determined to more than a 95 % probability that a shot was fired from. . . . During his commission-testimony, Mr. BOWERS also described observing 3 cars that probed around the grassy knoll parking lot in the minutes leading up to the shots ~ including his specifically watching one of the drivers who Mr. BOWERS thought had a communication radio or walkie talkie held up, close to his mouth . . . . Shortly after the 41-year-old gave his video recorded observations to MARK LANE in 1966, Mr. BOWERS was killed in a one-car crash when his car, apparently, drove off a country road in Texas....)

" I looked over toward the arcade and trees and saw a puff of smoke come from the trees and I heard three more shots after the first shot but that was the only puff of smoke I saw . . . . But the puff of smoke definitely came from behind the arcade through the trees. "

(SAMUEL M. HOLLAND, a “Union Terminal Railroad Company" Supervisor, and the close attack witness standing on the Dealey Plaza triple overpass railroad bridge, in his 11-22-63 Dallas police affidavit, who commission-testified that he heard 4 distinctly separated audible muzzle blasts and/or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves and HOLLAND was attracted to watch gun smoke briefly lingering at the picket fence up on the grassy knoll. HOLLAND's “Rush to Judgment” interview detailing the assassination is available for you here, with the transcript here . . . . ****Many additional witnesses standing close to HOLLAND on the same triple overpass railroad bridge, also, described hearing at least one gun shot that originated from the grassy knoll picket fence, and/or they also did see the briefly lingering gun smoke at the picket fence up on grassy knoll)

. . . . and . . . .

"We red marked, red penciled that statement from beginning to end because there were a lot of errors in it."

(SAMUEL M. HOLLAND, a “Union Terminal Railroad Company" Supervisor, and the close attack witness standing on the Dealey Plaza triple overpass railroad bridge. Mr. HOLLAND commission-testified that he heard 4 distinctly separated audible muzzle blasts and/or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves and Mr. HOLLAND was attracted to watch gun smoke briefly lingering at the picket fence up on the grassy knoll, detailing to MARK LANE how he and his attorney had corrected Mr. HOLLAND’s Warren Commission-produced testimony transcript because in many key places the Warren Commission-produced transcript did not match what Mr. HOLLAND had actually testified to. (exactly as with several additional Warren Commission witnesses testimonies were changed according to those witnesses) .... Additionally, Mr. HOLLAND's corrected commission-testimony transcript was never publicly printed by the Warren Commission, and, in fact, has been "lost" (exactly as with several additional Warren Commission witnesses testimonies and official statements voluntarily given to other investigators have been "lost," for now)

HOLLAND's “Rush to Judgment” interview detailing the assassination is available for you here, with the transcript here

" The grassy knoll is in the same northwest
quadrant as I heard the shots. ”

(ROBERT H. WEST testimony on 2-13-69 during the trial of the C.I.A. Domestic Contact Agent and international/national businessman CLAY SHAW)

Mr. WEST was an attack witness who was located close to the southeast corner of the Main and Houston intersection.

Prior to the JFK-elimination Mr. WEST had worked as the Dallas County Surveyor for decades, working in the "Old Red Court House" building at the southeast corner at the Main and Houston intersection, with his decades of opportunities and experience to directly observe and be very familiar with the Dealey Plaza grounds and audible characteristics.

Mr. WEST testified that he heard 4 distinctly separate loud noises, and he thought the first 2 loud noises were motorcycle backfires, and that he was sure the last 2 loud noises were each fired by a rifle.

Of the rifle fired audible muzzle blasts and/or mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-waves, he specifically localized them as coming from the grassy knoll, and, that was the same location that he first went to (exactly as also dozens of his co-witnesses go towards the grassy knoll) upon hearing the 2 backfires and 2 rifle blasts and/or "silenced" shock N-waves.

When Mr. WEST was questioned under oath about the 6 buildings located at the outside perimeter half of Dealey Plaza, and if “the effect of a valley which is very susceptible to echoes and in which it is very difficult to determine the direction from which sound is coming?," Mr. WEST (whose Dallas County Surveyor work office was also in the Red Courthouse within the Dealey Plaza he was completely familiar with, and where he had worked since 1944) testified....

“ Number one, I don't remember ever having heard an echo, or
what I knew was an echo. As to which way sound is coming
from, I don't know that I ever had any trouble. ”

. . . . In 1964 the Warren Commission (deliberately ?) chose to never call Mr. WEST to testify, even though the commission's investigating F.B.I. had managed Mr. WEST when the F.B.I employed him several times to produce many surveyed maps of Dealey Plaza. (one of those Dealey Plaza maps, commission-exhibit 883, for some reason(s), remains hidden in its still-sealed container to this very day)

"He [witness ARNOLD ROWLAND, my insertion] said that they were standing there waiting for the President to come by, and they were talking about security. And he said that right after that, that he looked up at this building over there, which is the Book Depository, and that there were a couple of windows open towards the west side, and that he saw a man standing in there with what appeared to be a rifle with a telescopic sight."

.......... (U.S. Secret Service Agent in charge of JFK's Dallas murder-cade, FORREST V. SORRELS, in his Warren Commission testimony describing witness ARNOLD ROWLAND speaking with SORRELS on 11-22-63 within approximately thirty minutes after the assassination, and that ROWLAND, specifically, stated to SORRELS that at 12:15 PM ROWLAND did see a rifle armed assassin ((who would be VERY differently described in his physical appearance and what he was wearing)) who was standing behind a Depository south face 6th floor open window located at its far WEST side)

"I remarked to Mr. Campbell who was standing near by that I thought the shots had come from our building, but I heard someone else say, 'No, I think it was further down the street.' "

(Depository employee JERALDEAN "Carolyn" REID, another Dealey Plaza attack witness, who stood directly in front of the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair," in her earliest 11-23-63 Dallas Police Department affidavit (commission-exhibit #2003, Warren Commission report-canard, volume 24, page 223)

" The shots came from the hill.
It was just east of the underpass.
We were on the south side. "

(JEAN LOLLIS HILL, another of the many, very close Dealey Plaza attack witnesses,
in her “WBAP-TV” nationally televised interview with THOMAS WHALEN.
Her interview was pre-recorded only a few minutes before it was shown publicly
at 1:21 PM CDT, less than an hour after the assassination)

"One [Dealey Plaza witness] stated
that he had seen the President when
the first shot was fired, and that
he definitely was hit."

. . . . and . . . .

"And I asked him about where the shots
came from, and he stated that he
didn't know, that he was looking at
[JFK] when the first shot was
fired, and that he slumped. And when
the second shot was fired, he went
completely out of sight."

(Dallas Police motorcycleman and Presidential limousine escort, CLYDE A. HAYGOOD, Warren Commission report-canard, volume 6, page 298)

"Go to the hospital! - Parkland Hospital. Have them stand-by! Get a man on top of that triple underpass and see what happened up there!"

. . . . Anxiously ordered on his police radio by Dallas Police Chief JESSE EDWARD CURRY after the attack....

. . . . . and then, right after Dallas Sheriff BILL DECKER's police radio message, CURRY also orders over the police radio.....

"Have my office move all available men out of my office into the railroad yard to try to determine what happened in there and hold everything secure until Homicide and other investigators should get there."

(JESSE EDWARD CURRY, the Dallas Police Chief who rode in the murder-cade
lead car that was 175' to 200' in front of the President within the kill zone ~ ~ right
next to the picket fence on the grassy knoll at the start of the attack ~ ~ in Chief
CURRY's very first post-attack orders that he broadcast on the police radio as to where
he heard a shot(s) fired from

“I distinctly remember hearing 2 shots. As I heard the first retort, I looked back over my shoulder and saw what appeared to be a spray of water come out of the rear seat of the President’s car."

(JAMES ERIC “Bill” DECKER, the Dallas County Sheriff who rode in the murder-cade
lead car that was 175’ to 200’ in front of the President within the kill zone ~ ~ right
next to the picket fence on the grassy knoll at the start of the attack ~ ~ DECKER‘s
above first statement is documented in the Warren Commission file entitled the
“Decker Exhibit 5323”)

* * * * NOTE * * * *

The only
“spray of water” that exited the limousine was the expanding
blood cloud
when President KENNEDY’s head first exploded ....

. . . . Then . . . .

.... after seeing the President’s
bloody head explosion cloud of “water”-blood, Sheriff DECKER then also heard another separate muzzle blast or "silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave, distinctly AFTER JFK’s head had ALREADY exploded

(as did several other key, close, and weapons experienced witnesses who
also stated they heard a shot after JFK's head had already exploded; which
if true, totally invalidates the Warren Commission's theory of the
sequence of shots) ....

. . . . Then . . . .

.... DECKER was also very soon documented being heard on the Dallas police-recorded radio in his very first post-attack orders when he chose to first, immediately, also order his Dallas deputy sheriff's to support the Dallas policemen and move into the railroad yard and parking lot areas that were located right next to the picket fence on the grassy knoll that DECKER and CURRY were right next to during the attack shots (even though the Depository was many hundreds of feet directly behind DECKER and CURRY's car)

“I saw a part of his skull with hair on it lying in the seat.”

“I observed a wound about six inches down from the neckline on the back just to the right of the spinal column.”

“I observed another wound on the right rear portion of the skull.”

(my emphasis)

(CLINT J. HILL, the Secret Service Agent who ran to the Presidential limousine, describing the details of what he observed when he looked closely at President KENNEDY’s wounds (HILL's 11-30-63 Secret Service report, and, Warren Commission report-canard, volume 18, pages 740-745))


GUNN: If we could now look at the sixth view, which is described as the 'wound of entrance in right posterior occipital region.' Photograph No. 42. Mr. Sibert, does that photograph correspond to your recollection of the back of President Kennedy's head?

SIBERT: Well, I don't have a recollection of it being that intact, as compared with these other pictures. I don't remember seeing anything that was like this photo. . . That's why his head is raised here. It's been elevated; hasn't it? But still, that--that wound was back here. The hair looks like it's been straightened out and cleaned up more than what it was when we left the autopsy. [The picture was taken before the Presidential autopsy began]

GUNN: Do you remember earlier in the deposition when I asked you if--when you observed the body immediately after the photography--photographs had been taken, if the hair had been cleaned or combed in any way? And as I recall, you said, no; that it still seemed pretty messy.

SIBERT: During the rest of the autopsy, it did.

GUNN: So, does that photograph correspond to what you recall from the autopsy of President Kennedy?

SIBERT: From what I can recall, I didn't really see anything that was this 'neat'--I guess, is the best word to use--as compared with what I observed that night.

GUNN: I'm going to show you again the drawing that you made, No. 188--where you have drawn a wound, which just a moment ago you said was even larger than here.

SIBERT: That's true, I'd like to redraw that. That's not large enough.

GUNN: But do you see anything that corresponds in Photograph No. 42 to what you observed during the night of the autopsy?

SIBERT: No. I don't recall anything like this at all during the autopsy. There was much--Well, the wound was more pronounced. And it looks like it could have been reconstructed or something, as compared with what my recollection was and those other photographs.

GUNN: Steve (Tilley), if we could look at No. 43, which is a very similar view. Again, this is a somewhat different exposure but a view of the same thing.

SIBERT: I'd make the same statements relative to this photograph as I did for the other.

GUNN: . . . So, in conclusion, would it be fair to say that the photographs that we have been looking at from the sixth view do not correspond with what you observed on the night of the autopsy?

SIBERT: Right. These four. Again, I say, I was in error there. That was a much larger wound than that.

GUNN: Now you're referring to your exhibit No. 188.

SIBERT: Right.

GUNN: And you think that the wound should have been much larger than the one that you drew.



. . . . F.B.I. agent JAMES W. SIBERT's 1997 testimony to the Assassination Records Review Board . . . . SIBERT was one of two F.B.I. Special Agents that were ordered to attend, observe, and report on the 11-22-63 Bethesda Hospital military autopsy of President KENNEDY.

wrote this F.B.I. report that, significantly, included the very important detail that during the autopsy SIBERT heard the autopsy doctors stating that before President KENNEDY's body had reached Bethesda Hospital prior to the autopsy, surgery had been performed on President KENNEDY's head . . . . .

"Shortly thereafter the first shot went off and it sounded to me as if it were a firecracker. I noticed then that the President moved quite far to his left, after the shot, from the extreme right hand side where he had been sitting. There was a second shot and Governor Connally disappeared from sight and then there was a third shot which took off the top of the President's head and had the sickening sound of a grapefruit splattering against the side of a wall. The total time between the first and third shots was about 5 or 6 seconds. My first impression was that the shots came from the right and overhead, but I also had a fleeting impression that the noise appeared to come from the front in the area of the triple overpass."

(DAVID F. POWERS, the long time, very close KENNEDY friend, confidant, and Presidential Aide, who rode only 25' behind President KENNEDY in the center of the Secret Service follow-up Cadillac, quoted from POWERS’ 5-18-64 affidavit to the Warren Commission . . . . an affidavit requested *only* 6-months *after* the assassination even though POWERS was right behind JFK . . . . Mr. POWERS described, as so many witnesses also described and supported, that President KENNEDY instantaneously quickly reacted to being impacted with the first shot of the 3 that POWERS remembered hearing (or that he *could* hear))

. . . . DAVID POWERS video interview # 1

. . . . DAVID POWERS video interview # 2 in which POWERS details and describes (as did a large percentage of the additional close witnesses) that the 1st shot POWERS remembered hearing (or could hear) impacted President KENNEDY and the President instantaneously reacted to the 1st shot = 1st impact . . . . the 2nd shot POWERS heard, CONNALLY disappeared from POWERS view . . . . and then....the 3rd shot he heard struck President KENNEDY's head . . . .

Warren Commission "lone-
nut-apologists current “theory
them to try to contend that of their 3 shots, the 1st
shot was fired at 2165 feet per second (equals 1476 miles per
hour) into a tree branch, and even though the same type “Western
Case Cartridge Company”
made bullets fired at the same velocity can
penetrate through 46”+ of soft wood, this Warren Commission "lone-nut-
apologists theory
first shot bullet was, instead, deflected by a branch or twig
at of that tree’s foliage just as JFK passed under that edge of the tree, and then,
the bullet missed hitting anyone in the limousine, only, 126' away, and, the bullet
also completely missed the very large limousine (even though a shot was fired
several frames before Z-155, then, JFK reacts in a very, very fast head snap
at Z-155, which was well BEFORE he ever even passed under the tree
foliage edge at the Warren Commission-measured Z-166

.... Their theory is the Warren Commission’s
2nd shot was the minorly-damaged,
nearly-pristine, found with no skin,
no brain, no bone, nor any blood
debris on it,
“magic bullet”
that lost a little bit
over 1 % of its
pristine, un-
fired weight,
hit JFK and
then, the third Warren
Commission-apologists, supposed,
shot struck President KENNEDY’s head, doing much more explosive
damage to the president's head and skull, even though his skull bone was much thinner than the harder, multiple rib and wrist bones in Connally that a nearly pristine “magic bullet” had, all, pulverized into many large and very small pieces.

…. 11-22-63 amateur movie film taken during the Dallas murder-cade by Presidential Aide and close friend, DAVE POWERS, from about only 20’ to 25’ away from the President. POWERS was riding in the Secret Service follow-up car right behind the Presidential limousine. POWERS film ended at 12:17 PM when POWERS said his camera ran out of film while they were still on Main Street, about 12 minutes before reaching Dealey Plaza (his film was known about for decades, but witheld from the public for 33 years)

(videotaped replay of an interview recorded years earlier, when U.S. Speaker of the House and JFK friend, TIP O’NEILL was alive)

O'NEILL: . . . . That night we went to Jimmy's for supper. Kenny O'Donnell and his wife, Dave Powers, and his wife, my Millie, Leo Deal, and his wife and Joe Maloney and his wife, and in the conversation we started to talk about what happened down there in Dallas, and Kenny said, “I was in the sixth car with Dave," and he said, “I'll always remember --” he says, “-- there was a bullet came over the fence. A bullet came over the fence," and Dave says, “I'm absolutely agreeing with it.”

I said, “You didn't say that in the Warren Report. You didn't say that in the Warren Report.” I said, “You denied it -- that you said there was only one bullet. He said, “So the F.B.I. came to us, they asked us to tell that story. They didn't want to disrupt the family.” I said. . . .

KING: Now wait a minute; if that's true. . . .

O'NEILL: No, let me tell you the rest of the story…

So Dave said, “Absolutely, a bullet came over the fence. The F.B.I. said to us, ‘No, you heard echoes, there was only one bullet and don't upset the family.’” So he said, “I went and testified.”

I said, “I wouldn't have testified that way in 1 million years! I would have told them what I thought I saw or what I thought I heard.”

Anyway, it gets back -- I'm writing the book again -- and I call Dave on the telephone. I said, “Dave, I'm going to put in my book on the chapter of Kennedy our conversation with Kenny and you, how do you feel about it?”

He said, “Tip, I say the same thing today I said that night that's in polar opposition to what I said to the F.B.I.; no question I heard a bullet shot from the fence…”

KING: Then why don't. . . .

O'NEILL: So from that time on, I always believed that there was a conspiracy. . . .


O'NEILL: . . . . that there was somebody else, and, as a matter of fact, Congressman Stokes did a pretty good job.

KING: You appointed that committee, right? Stokes headed it. Stokes now has said, “Let's release all the materials…”

O'NEILL: Oh, I'm for that; I'm for that.

KING: Why don't you go see the movie?

O'NEILL: I just -- you know, every time I see on television the President getting hit, I get sick. I had a love and an affection for the man. . . .

KING: So you can't go, emotionally?

O'NEILL: I just -- really, I can't go emotionally.

KING: You believe there was a plot?

O'NEILL: Oh, there's no question that he didn't do it by himself, in my opinion.


KING: Recently, evidence has emerged to support O'Neill's conspiracy theory: a U.S. government scientist studied audio tapes from the President Kennedy assassination and concluded there was very likely a shot fired from the grassy knoll.

. . . . This last statement by KING after showing the videotape of O’NEILL speaking about a grassy knoll shooter was in reference to the 2001 research by Dr. DONALD THOMAS with respect to the 11-22-63 Dallas police radio channel recorded dictabelt tape. The first of many assassination dictabelt tape research reports and his book provided during the next 9 years.

(videotaped replay of Former United States Speaker of the House, TIP O'NEILL, on CNN's “Larry King Show”, 4-8-01)

As witness testimony specialists, and also Warren Commission-apologist Gerald
Posner makes a specific point of saying in his Warren Commission-apologists “lone-nut”
canard, "Case Closed"
(1993), when in doubt about conflicting witness statements
from the same witness, you should weight heavier the earliest statement of the
witness.... The earliest definitive location from where Mr. Zapruder stated that,
at least, one audible muzzle blast or mechanically suppressed-fired “silenced” bullet
bow shock N-wave that he remembered hearing (or could hear) was fired from comes
in the 11-22-63 dated, 9:55 PM time stamped and signed Secret Service memorandum
(documented as Warren Commission Document, CD-87) provided us by United
States Secret Service Agent (Protective Research Section), Maxwell D. Phillips,
and this memorandum states....


To: Chief Rowley 9:55 PM
From: Max D. Phillips
Subject: 8mm movie showing President
Kennedy being shot

Enclosed is an 8mm movie film taken by Mr. A. Zapruder 501 Elm St., Dallas Texas (R.I 8-6071)

Mr Zapruder was photographing the President at the instant he was shot.

According to Mr Zapruder the position of the assassin was behind Mr Zapruder.

Note: Disregard personal scenes shown on Mr. Zapruder's film. Mr. Zapruder is in custody of the "master" film. TWO prints were given to SAIC Sorrels, this date.

The third is forwarded.


M. D. Phillips
Special Agent-PRS


(My emphasis)

In Mr. Zapruder’s Warren Commission-testimony (volume 7, page 571), he further described his sense of
the origin of at least one audible muzzle blast or mechanically suppress fired “silenced” bullet
bow shock N-wave that he remembered hearing (or could hear) as coming from behind himself....


Mr. ZAPRUDER: I thought I heard two, it could be three, because to my estimation I thought he was hit on the second--I really don't know. The whole thing that has been transpiring--it was very upsetting and as you see I got a little better all the time and this came up again and it to me looked like the second shot, but I don't know. I never even heard a third shot.

Mr. LIEBELER: You didn't hear any shot after you saw him hit?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: I heard the second--after the first shot--I saw him leaning over and after the second shot--it's possible after what I saw, you know, then I started yelling, "They killed him, they killed him," and I just felt that somebody had ganged up on him and I was still shooting the pictures until he got under the underpass--I don't even know how I did it. And then, I didn't even remember how I got down from that abutment there, but there I was, I guess, and I was walking toward--back toward my office and screaming, "They killed him, they killed him," and the people that I met on the way didn't even know what happened and they kept yelling, "What happened, what happened, what happened?" It seemed that they had heard a shot but they didn't know exactly what had happened as the car sped away, and I kept on just yelling, "They killed him, they killed him, they killed him," and finally got to my office and my secretary--I told her to call the police or the Secret Service--I don't know what she was doing, and that's about all. I was very much upset. Naturally, I couldn't imagine such a thing being done. I just went to my desk and stopped there until the police came and then we were required to get a place to develop the films. I knew I had something, I figured it might be of some help--I didn't know what.

As to what happened--I remember the police were running behind me. There were police running right behind me. Of course, they didn't realize yet, I guess, where the shot came from--that it came from that height.

Mr. LIEBELER: As you were standing on this abutment facing Elm Street, you say the police ran over behind the concrete structure behind you and down the railroad track behind that, is that right?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: After the shots?


Mr. ZAPRUDER: Yes--after the shots--yes, some of them were motorcycle cops--I guess they left their motorcycles running and they were running right behind me, of course, in the line of the shooting. I guess they thought it came from right behind me.

Mr. LIEBELER: Did you have any impression as to the direction from which these shots came?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: No, I also thought it came from back of me. Of course, you can't tell when something is in line it could come from anywhere, but being I was here and he was hit on this line and he was hit right in the head--I saw it right around here, so it looked like it came from here and it could come from there.

Mr. LIEBELER: All right, as you stood here on the abutment and looked down into Elm Street, you saw the President hit on the right side of the head and you thought perhaps the shots had come from behind you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: Well, yes.

Mr. LIEBELER: From the direction behind you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: Yes, actually--I couldn't say what I thought at the moment, where they came from--after the impact of the tragedy was really what I saw and I started and I said--yelling, "They've killed him"--I assumed that they came from there, because as the police started running back of me, it looked like it came from the back of me.


(my emphasis)

“If I had any sense,” Zapruder says, “I would have dropped to the ground because
my first impression was that the shot had come from behind me.”

(my emphasis)

(ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER to “Life Magazine," 12-23-66 . . . . from the start of his film,
all the way until Z-328, the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers
was always to the front and front-left of Mr. ZAPRUDER’s facing direction, while,
simultaneously, the grassy knoll picket fence corner was always behind him)

When I completed my [warren commission] testimony, Arlen Specter followed me out in the hall and he said,

“I want to tell you something that I don't want you to say anything about.”

He said,
“We have people who will testify that they saw the President shot from the front.”

He said,
“You can always get people to testify about something.”

(Dr. RONALD COY JONES, Parkland Hospital Doctor who was part
of the team to try and save President KENNEDY, during his
Assassinations Records Review Board deposition)

" Based on the statements of these witnesses, if the smoke
they reported was in fact the result of gunfire, it would have
originated in the area of the top of the grassy knoll. There
is no way of determining what type of ammunition was used
in that gunfire, so that is can be stated conclusively whether
the smoke seen by the witnesses is consistent with smoke
produced by the type of ammunition used in any gunfire
from the knoll. Nevertheless, a firearms expert engaged by
the committee explained that irrespective of the exact type
of ammunition used, it would be possible for witnesses to
have seen smoke if a gun had been fired from that area.
According to the expert, both "smokeless" and smoke-
producing ammunition may leave a trace of smoke that
would be visible to the eye in sunlight. That is because
even with smokeless ammunition, when the weapon was fired,
nitrocellulose bases in the powder which are impregnated
with nitroglycerin may give off smoke, albeit less smoke
than black or smoke-producing ammunition. In addition,
residue remaining in the weapon from previous firings, as
well as cleaning solution which might have been used on the
weapon, could cause even more smoke to be discharged in
subsequent firings of the weapon."

(SURELL BRADY, House Select Committee on Assassinations, Staff Counsel Report)

"I wasn't keeping track of the number of pops that
took place, but I could vouch for number one,
and I can vouch for the last shot, but I
cannot tell you how many shot
were in between."


(JAMES ALTGENS, another very close attack witness,
Warren Commission report-canard, volume 7, pages 517-518)

ALTGENS further stated in the book Pictures of the Pain" that pieces of President KENNEDY’s head landed near his feet.

. . . . ALTGENS also stated and detailed to DAVID LIFTON (in the best selling book, “Best Evidence”) that shortly before the President arrived inside the Dealey Plaza kill zone, ALTGENS observed several persons arrive up into the grassy knoll, close to the picket fence, and that one of these persons that ALTGENS distinctly observed was dressed in a uniform as a Dallas Policeman....

. . . . but . . . .

NO Dallas Policeman was, ever, officially ordered before, nor pre-stationed before, nor admitted to afterwards as, ever, being stationed anywhere near or on the grassy knoll or its picket fence....



First Lady of the United States JACQUELINE BOUVIER-KENNEDY (Presidential limousine passenger)

Texas Governor JOHN CONNALLY (Presidential limousine passenger)

First Lady of Texas NELLIE CONNALLY (Presidential limousine passenger)

Secret Service Agent ROY KELLERMAN (Presidential limousine passenger)

Secret Service Agent WILLIAM GREER (Presidential limousine driver)

Supposed assassin accomplice spotter, NESTOR ANTONIO "Tony" IZQUIERDO

Car # 1 driver, witnessed driving inside grassy knoll parking lot minutes before assassination

Car # 2 driver, witnessed driving inside grassy knoll parking lot minutes before assassination

Car # 3 driver, witnessed driving inside grassy knoll parking lot minutes before assassination



DAVID POWERS (in Secret Service Presidential follow-up car)

KEN O’DONNELL (in Secret Service Presidential follow-up car)

































WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD (Marilyn Willis' father)

Mrs. STUBBLEFIELD (Marilyn Willis' mother)

























Secret Service Agent CLINT HILL (in Secret Service Presidential follow-up car)

Secret Service Agent GEORGE HICKEY, JR. (in Secret Service Presidential follow-up car)

Secret Service Agent SAM KINNEY (in Secret Service Presidential follow-up car)

Secret Service Agent GLEN BENNETT (in Secret Service Presidential follow-up car)

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort ROBERT HARGIS

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort WILLIAM MARTIN

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort JAMES CHANEY

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort DOUGLASS JACKSON

Secret Service Agent LEM JOHNS (in Secret Service Vice-presidential follow-up car)

Secret Service Agent WARREN TAYLOR (in Secret Service Vice-presidential follow-up car)


Dallas Policeman JOE FOSTER

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort MARRION BAKER

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort MICHAEL NALLY

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort JAMES COURSON, JR.

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort STAVIS ELLIS

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort CLYDE HAYGOOD

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort HOLLIS McLAIN

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort J. W. WILLIAMS

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort GEORGE LUMPKIN

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort J. B. MARSHALL

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort GLENN McBRIDE

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort LEN McGUIRE

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort SAMUEL BELLAH

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycle Escort EDWARD BREWER

Dallas Policeman and Motorcycleman DAVID BURROS

Dallas Policeman DAVID HARKNESS

Dallas Policeman WILLIAM BARNETT

Dallas Deputy Sheriff SEYMOUR WEITZMAN

Dallas Deputy Sheriff BUDDY WALTHERS

Dallas Deputy Sheriff ROGER CRAIG

Dallas Deputy Sheriff LUKE MOONEY

Dallas Deputy Sheriff HIRAM INGRAM

Dallas Deputy Sheriff HAROLD ELKINS

Dallas Deputy Sheriff EUGENE BOONE

Dallas Deputy Sheriff RICHARD BROWN


Dallas Deputy Sheriff C. M. JONES

Dallas Deputy Sheriff SAMUEL WEBSTER

Dallas Deputy Sheriff JAMES RAMSEY

Dallas Deputy Sheriff RALPH WALTERS
























Defense Investigative Service Intelligence Agent JAMES POWELL

Defense Protective Service Special Agent CHARLES BLANKENSHIP


































































































United States Vice President LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON



Please take a moment to vote in my President KENNEDY Assassination Suspects Poll that details the major suspects (several of which were in operations contacts with each other), and their motive(s) by each suspected group and/or person.

**** multiple picks are enabled, but you can vote only once.

results here

Still, just as true, today,
as it was, then . . . .

… despite
what some of the few, fringe,
far-hyper-hate-filled-politico’s, media-philes,
celeb-u-tards, and edu-tard-elitists attempt to spin out as their words-salad,
with our nation and the world at war against fanatically murderous terrorists …

We dare not forget today . . . .

that we are the heirs of that first revolution.

Let the word go forth from this time and place,
to friend and foe alike,
that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans,
born in this century,
tempered by war,
disciplined by a hard and bitter peace,
proud of our ancient heritage,
and unwilling to witness, or permit, the slow undoing of
those human rights to which
this nation has always been committed,
and to which we are committed today
at home
and around the world.
Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that
we shall pay any price,
bear any burden,
meet any hardship,
support any friend,
oppose any foe
to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
This much we pledge--and more.”

President JOHN F. KENNEDY, inaugural address 1-20-61
VIDEO, AUDIO, or TRANSCRIPT of complete address available here

Department of Homeland Security Terrorism Alert Status For the United States

“Life, Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of ALL who threaten them.”

"Why England Slept" . . . . Search inside President KENNEDY's first published book, published in 1940 when he was still in college. This book is an appraisal of the tragic events and failed appeasements of the thirties that led directly to World War II. It is an account of England's failed appeasements and its un-preparedness for the war thrust upon England by the insane, government-controls-everything, far-left fascist ADOLF HITLER. ....JOHN KENNEDY‘s book is a study of democracy when it is confronted by the murderous, fanatical menaces of far-leftist fascism and government-totalitarianism, exactly the same as many threats that free countries of our world face today from far-leftist radical Muslim Islamo-terrorrists.

The American Thinker

" Beyond 'JFK' " documentary VIDEO (1h 34m)

"An error does not become a mistake, until you refuse to correct it."

(President JOHN F. KENNEDY, during a 1961 press conference after the Bay of Pigs)

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of thought."

(President JOHN F. KENNEDY)

"You don‘t have to believe in the ‘government’ to be a good American . . . . You just have to believe in your country."

(JAMES ADOMIAN, “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” 2008)


On November 24, 1963, Johnson said, "the battle against communism... must be joined... with strength and determination."

(“Vietnam: A History” 1983, p. 339. Before a small group, including Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., the new president also said, "We should stop playing cops and robbers [a reference to Diem's failed leadership] and get back to... winning the war... tell the generals in Saigon that Lyndon Johnson intends to stand by our word...[to] win the contest against the externally directed and supported Communist conspiracy.")

Just one day after President Kennedy is buried, Kennedy's goal via his National Security Action Memorandum # 263 (NSAM 263 on Oct. 11, 1963) of United States disengagement from Vietnam by the end of 1965 was reversed, when Johnson issued his very first via NSAM 273 (Nov. 26, 1963) that, instead, escalated and led to a greatly expanded war.

" Just let me get elected, and then
you can have your war. ”

stated by LBJ.... quoted by
STANLEY KARNOW in "Vietnam: A History"
(page 342)
. LBJ made the comment to the
U.S. military Joint Chiefs of Staff at a White House reception
on Christmas Eve 1963, barely one month after the killing of President KENNEDY

When MADELEINE BROWN, just one of LBJ’s, supposed, mistresses and mother to his illegitimate son, questioned LBJ soon after the assassination telling him she had heard talk that LBJ was involved in the assassination, she claimed that he quickly and furiously exploded ---- telling her . . . .

" It was Texas oil and those f**king renegade intelligence bastards in Washington! "

. . . . that had murdered President KENNEDY.

(“Texas in the Morning," page 189)

“The JFK Case: The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend” several very outstanding research articles by BILL SIMPICH

In the News

" Names / Who Knew? "


GENE WHEATON provides his knowledge of President Kennedy's assassination-elimination (VIDEO)

“ On Nov. 15, 1963, the staff of legendary CIA
counterintelligence master James Angleton
learned that Oswald ensconced in Dallas.
President Kennedy had seven days to live. ”

(JEFFERSON MORLEY, “CIA Spyhunters Knew Lee Harvey Oswald
Was in Dallas Days Before JFK’s Assassination”

Here is How to See the President Kennedy Assassination Related Files Previously Withheld Away from The People for Decades that Have Been Very Recently Publicly Released



By 1963 Kennedy had become increasingly concerned that Johnson was unfit to assume the only vice-presidential duty that mattered: assuming the presidency. He had made him chairman of the Presidential Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity only to have its members gripe that he showed little leadership. “That man can’t run this committee,” he complained to Bobby. “Can you think of anything more deplorable than him trying to run the United States?” His uneasiness about a Johnson presidency may have also prompted him to ask Charlie Bartlett in September 1963, “How do you think Lyndon would be if I got killed?”

Evelyn Lincoln noticed Johnson’s name appearing less and less often on the lists of invitees to crucial policy meetings in 1963, and her record of the private conferences between him and Kennedy showed them meeting alone for over ten hours in 1961 but only for seventy-five minutes in 1963. By the fall of 1963 their relationship had reached a nadir. An evolving scandal involving the notorious Capitol Hill fixer Bobby Baker threatened to tarnish Johnson, and in the fall of 1963 Johnson had vehemently opposed Kennedy’s decision to sell surplus wheat to the Soviet Union, telling Kennedy aide Ken O’Donnell that it was the worst political mistake Kennedy had made since becoming president, and then adding “Tell him I said that.”

Johnson was noticeably absent when Kennedy convened the first formal meeting of his reelection team on Tuesday November 12. Sorensen thought he had been excluded because he was “not part of the inner circle and did not have the warmest relations with—or full confidence of—everyone in that room.” The next day Kennedy stopped at Lincoln’s desk to chat as she was reading the memorandums from the meeting. She remarked that staging a convention as electrifying as the one in 1960 had been might be difficult because everyone knew what was going to happen. “Oh, I don’t know,” he replied. “There might be a change in the ticket.”


(THURSTON CLARKE, “‘It Will Not Be Lyndon’: Why JFK Wanted to Drop LBJ for Reelection”)

Recently Released JFK Files Fill In Two Holes in the Assassination Story,


" The new files shed light on the CIA’s
use of Lee Oswald for intelligence purposes
before November 22, 1963. They also
illuminate the illegal actions of government
officials to conceal the CIA’s manipulation
of Oswald and its plot to kill Fidel Castro
in late 1963. "

President Trump, the C.I.A., and Those Still Secret, Withheld JFK Assassination Records, 3-13-17

Declassified C.I.A. Report Concluded Its Director Led Cover-up
of Kennedy Assassination Investigation

11-22-63 Dealey Plaza Movie Filmer’s Granddaughter Sues U.S. Government for His Lost JFK Assassination Film

Lost film's last location was held by the U.S. government.
The film reveals the grassy knoll before, during, and after
when President Kennedy was shot in the head.



On November 21, 2015, in Washington DC, a federal lawsuit was filed by Gayle Nix Jackson
against the US Government for the return of a historical film of the John F. Kennedy
Assassination filmed by her grandfather, Dallas native, Orville Nix, on November 22, 1963. The
original Orville Nix film that was last in the possession of the House Select Committee on
Assassinations headed by G. Robert Blakey in 1976 through 1978. According to Mr. Blakey, the
National Archives Regulation Administration should have the film and an index of its chain of
custody. However, in 2015 the NARA denies it received any “original” Nix film from the HSCA
nor does it have a chain of custody of the film. The NARA continues to deny it has it or that it
had anything to do with its disappearance says Ms. Jackson. The NARA believes it is with the
UPI who owned the film for sometime but had given the original film to the HSCA in 1978 for
its investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. “The cat and mouse game regarding
the whereabouts of the Orville Nix film must come to an end” says attorney Athan Tsimpedes of
Washington, DC. The US Government must return the original film or pay for it. The Warren
Commission stated that the Nix film is almost as important as the famous Zapruder film which
the Government paid 16 Million Dollars for seizing it but has yet to return or pay for the Nix
film says Tsimpedes.

If I can be of further assistance or provide any further information on this matter, I can be
reached on my mobile number at 202-345-4318.


(signed) Athan T. Tsimpedes


C.I.A. Director Was Part of the JFK
Assassination Cover-Up


11-22-63 C.I.A. Director John McCone is long suspected of withholding
information from the Warren Commission. Now even the C.I.A. admits
that he did.
(here is the previously-classified 2013 "Studies in
report that the article references

Why the last of the JFK files could embarrass the C.I.A.,
by BRYAN BENDER, 5-25-15

Oswald visited Mexico City in the weeks before the assassination
seeking visas to travel to Cuba and the Soviet Union, which he
was denied. Previous government disclosures have revealed that
while initially the C.I.A. denied any knowledge of Oswald’s
activities, at the time it was monitoring him closely and created
several cover stories to hide what it knew.

Meanwhile, as PBS reported in 2013, “intelligence documents
released in 1999 establish that, after Oswald failed to get the
visas, C.I.A. intercepts showed that someone impersonated Oswald
in phone calls made to the Soviet Embassy and the Cuban
consulate and linked Oswald to a known KGB assassin — Valery
Kostikov — whom the C.I.A. and F.B.I. had been following for over
a year."

What the Warren Commission Didn’t Know:
A member of the panel that investigated
JFK’s death now worries he was a victim of
a massive cover-up

by PHILIP SHENON, 2-2-15

"Half a century after the Warren Commission concluded there was no conspiracy in John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the commission’s chief conspiracy hunter believes the investigation was the victim of a 'massive cover-up' to hide evidence that might have shown that Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact part of a conspiracy. In new, exclusive material published today in the paperback edition of a bestselling history of the investigation, retired law professor David Slawson tells how he came to the conclusion, on the basis of long-secret documents and witness statements, that the commission might have gotten it wrong."

. . . . and . . . .

“ ' I now know that Oswald was almost certainlyi not ia lone wolf, ' Slawson says. ”

"The Warren Commission Skeleton" by JOHN HUNT, 12-12-14.... "Whatever else can be said about this most interesting series of photographs, someone at some point after the assassination was allowing for the possibility that the path through JFK’s neck was anatomically upward. This, of course, means conspiracy.” ....

"The Dirty Secret of the Secret Service: President Kennedy Should Have Lived" .... "You see, Blaine, Hill, and their brethren have adopted the blame-the-victim mantra for quite some time, even before their books were even passing thoughts in their long-retired brains. As Mr. Palamara deftly details in his book, this was an institutional cover-up of agency malfeasance and gross negligence (or perhaps worse) that actually has its genesis through the direct actions of one specific agent: Floyd Boring, second in command of the White House Detail and the planner of the Texas trip (from the agency’s perspective, at least). There is no doubt that Mr. Boring told Clint Hill (later LBJ’s #1 agent) and others not to ride on the rear of the presidential limousine right before the start of JFK’s ill-fated Texas tour…and there is also no doubt that the substance of these remarks was, at best, an exaggerated relay of presidential kindness (what Boring conveyed to the ARRB in 1996), or, at worst, a total fabrication with sinister connotations (what Palamara greatly alludes to in his book from many documented sources and former agent statements. Ironically, included in that mountain of evidence are the statements of Mr. Boring himself, who categorically denied that there was ANY truth to the allegation that JFK ever ordered the agents off his limousine!). If that wasn’t enough, President Kennedy was also blamed for the depletion of the motorcycle formation in Dallas (quantity and quality of outriders) that the HSCA deemed was 'uniquely insecure'”. ....

"Was RFK a JFK Conspiracy Theorist? What did the attorney general know, and when did he know it?" What else did Bobby Kennedy know? Last year, the son and namesake of the late Attorney General Robert Kennedy revealed publicly that his father had considered the Warren Commission’s final report, which largely ruled out the possibility of a conspiracy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, to be a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship.” Robert Jr. said his father suspected that the president had been killed in a conspiracy involving Cuba, the Mafia or even rogue agents of the C.I.A. Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., a close friend of the Kennedy family, would disclose years later that he was told by Robert Kennedy in December 1963, a month after the president’s murder, that the former attorney general worried that the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was “part of a larger plot, whether organized by Castro or by gangsters.” Schlesinger said that in 1966, two years after the Warren Commission report, Kennedy was still so suspicious about a conspiracy that he wondered aloud “how long he could continue to avoid comment on the report—it is evident that he believes it is was poor job.”

Newly disclosed documents from the commission, made public on the 50th anniversary of its final report, suggest that the panel missed a chance to get Robert Kennedy to acknowledge publicly what he would later confess to his closest family and friends: that he believed the commission had overlooked evidence that might have pointed to a conspiracy.

"C.I.A. admits undercover officer lived in New Orleans" (9-25-14) "In a court motion filed last week, the C.I.A. acknowledged for the first time that deceased C.I.A. officer George Joannides lived in New Orleans while handling contacts with an anti-Castro student organization whose members had a series of encounters with accused presidential assassin Lee Oswald in August 1963."

"Fifty one years later, federal judge upholds the C.I.A.’s right to keep JFK secrets"

"The Big Problem with Calling People 'Conspiracy Theorists'" What happens when the lame-stream media writers choose to simply 'fall in line'?

"Did the Secret Service Lay-down on JFK?" David and Goliath: How One Amateur Historian Awakened the Sleeping Giants of President Kennedy’s Secret Service detail. 12-13-63

audio available for you here concerning the presidential limousine’s Secret Service follow-up car driver, SAMUEL KINNEY, admitting that during the volley’s of Dealey Plaza shots he remembered hearing (or, *could* hear) a shot that was fired from the frontal direction of the grassy knoll and he was then also attracted to first look towards the grassy knoll to see its gun smoke. (as did also a large percentage of close witnesses and weapons-experienced close witnesses remember/could hear at least one shot fired from a location that was separate from the Depository) .... Then, a short time later while Mr. KINNEY was at Parkland Hospital and he was actually cleaning-up the limousine (even though the limousine was a crime scene), he found in the limousine the minorly-deformed, nearly-pristine “magic”-bullet, then, he planted that bullet inside the hospital on a stretcher ....Additional article is available for you here

Author, journalist, JFK assassination researcher, + My Friend JEFFERSON MORLEY, writing about the public program put-on in 2013 by Dallas in Dealey Plaza on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s elimination, “JFK at 50: a ceremony not sad enough,”........

.... “All of which raised the question, why have this ceremony here?

Why now?

We do not honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King on the
balcony of a Memphis motel on April 4?

We do not celebrate Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theater on April 15?

We celebrate their birthdays, not their place of violent death, and
we celebrate them everywhere.

It was hard to avoid the conclusion that the purpose of the ceremony
was to prevent others from using the place and the occasion to express
disbelief about the official theory of what happened here.

The ceremony’s blandness was born in the contradiction between the
reality of JFK’s death in this spot and the denial of that reality 50 years

The event was neither inspiring nor cathartic, and that was the saddest
thing about a day that was not sad enough.”

(my emphasis)

“A Word In Favor of J.F.K. Conspiracy Theories”, by JOHN CASSIDY in the New Yorker magazine, 11-20-13

“Oswald, the C.I.A., and Mexico City”, by JOHN NEWMAN for PBS: Frontline, 11-19-13

“intelligence documents released in 1999 establish that, after Oswald failed to get the visas, C.I.A. intercepts showed that someone impersonated Oswald in phone calls made to the Soviet Embassy and the Cuban consulate and linked Oswald to a known KGB assassin — Valery Kostikov — whom the C.I.A. and F.B.I. had been following for over a year.”

National Public Radio ("NPR")

Inconsistencies Haunt Official Record
Of Kennedy's Death, 11-10-13

“What We Still Don’t Know About JFK’s Assassination”, 10-26-13

Anti-Castro Cuban freedom fighter and sharpshooter
Herminio Diaz Named as the Second Assassin in Dealey
Plaza; C.I.A. has Files on Source of Claim
including a VIDEO interview with the very respected,
Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative
journalist and my friend, ANTHONY SUMMERS

Professor of Politics Larry Sabato: "We Cannot Rule Out A Conspiracy To Kill John F. Kennedy", 10-23-13

“Court Upholds ‘Public benefit’ of Disclosure About C.I.A. Officer in JFK Story”, 6-19-13

“Faith overwhelms facts: AP’s un-journalism on JFK’s assassination” by JEFFERSON MORLEY, 5-13-13

“C.I.A. Director told RFK Two People Shooting at JFK” by WILLIAM KELLY, 1-17-13

RFK’s Children Speak in Dallas About JFK Assassination; RFK privately questioned Warren Commission report, calling it “a shoddy piece of craftsmanship,” and “He publicly supported the Warren Commission report but privately he was dismissive of it.” 1-11-13

The Real JFK and Others Recorded on His Tapes During the Cuban Missiles Crisis, 1-1-13

“What Can We Do About JFK's Murder?,” by JEFFERSON MORLEY, 11-21-12.... and please read Mr. MORLEY and REX BRADFORD’s outstanding, very detailed website, JFK Facts: Making Sense of JFK’s Assassination After 50 Years

Bill O’Reilly’s Outdated “Killing Kennedy and the End of Camelot,” book review by JAMES DiEUGENIO, 10-13-12

U.S. National Archives: No new JFK assassination documents to be released - Bowing to the C.I.A., the National Archives says it won't release 1,100 secret assassination documents in 2013 as it previously stated, 6-14-12

Morley vs. C.I.A. Due Back in Court Over Records on C.I.A. Officer George Joannides, 4-11-12

Miami Herald 3-17-12 article, “Fresh Meat for JFK Assassination Hounds”

“The Kennedy assassination: Did Castro know in advance?,” 3-17-12

C.I.A. Claims Release of its Internally Written Report-History of the Bay of Pigs Debacle Would “Confuse the Public,” 2-5-12

“The Holy Grail of the JFK Story: Seven Steps to Unlocking the Historical Truth About the Assassination in Dallas” by JEFFERSON MORLEY, 11-22-11

book review: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Review of ‘The Kennedy Detail’, a Compelling but Dangerous Mix of Fact, Faction, and Fiction” by VINCE PALAMARA, 6-13-11

Our next built U.S. defense aircraft carrier to be named again
for President Kennedy,
United States Navy Times, 5-29-11

UPDATE: U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CVN-79 Nuclear Carrier
(All 100,000 Tons) is 75% Structurally Complete,

“The Kennedy Assassination: 47 Years Later, What Do We Really Know?” by JEFFERSON MORLEY, 11-22-10

The C.I.A. and the Assassination of John Kennedy by JACOB HORNBERGER, 8-4-10

C.I.A. Wins Summary Judgment on Case Involving its Former Operative, George E. Joannides 4-2-10
- judge’s decision can be read here

C.I.A. Still Withholding 1100 JFK Assassination Records, by WILLIAM KELLY, 3-21-10

Many US Government Files about JFK and King Assassinations Still Secret, by LAMAR WALDRON, updated 12-10-09

Robert F. Kennedy Was Working Behind the Scene with LIFE magazine to Publicly Expose the Corruptions by Lyndon Johnson, Before the 1964 Election Campaign Started to Get Johnson Removed from the 1964 Presidential Ticket

“The Dallas-Cuba Connection - 2009 Update," by GUS RUSSO, 8-6-09

Appoint a Special Prosecutor in the JFK-Joannides Matter by JACOB HORNBERGER, 8-6-09

Obama’s Order to be Tested with Regards to Dead C.I.A. Projects Officer’s JFK Assassination Files, by JEFFERSON MORLEY 5-27-09

Audio of the radio debate about the assassination on 4-29-09 between Warren Commission "lone-nut"-critic, TOM ROSSLEY, and Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologist, JOHN McADAMS

Many US Government Files about JFK and King Assassinations Still Secret 3-17-09

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