March 6, 1975

(8) Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination Evidence, Motives, Suspects, Discoveries, + Dedicated Citizen Researchers, provided by Donald Roberdeau (page 8 of 14)

Admiral George Burkley, President Kennedy's personal physician, almost gave away the cover-up.

Doctor Aguilar notes that during an oral history for the Kennedy Presidential Library, Admiral Burkley was asked if he agreed with the Warren Commission in regard to the number of bullets that entered the President's body. Burkley answered, “I would not care to be quoted on that .”

Ten years later, Burkley's attorney, William Illig, contacted HSCA Counsel Richard Sprague about providing information to the Committee. “Although he, Burkley, had signed the death certificate of President Kennedy in Dallas, he had never been interviewed and he has information in the Kennedy assassination indicating that others besides Oswald might have participated.”

(LARRY HANCOCK, "Someone Would Have Talked" 2003 .... Admiral BURKLEY was in the Dallas murder-cade (although, before the murder-cade, he was removed and relocated away from his normal location riding inside the presidential limousine, close to JFK), and he was present at both Parkland Hospital and the Bethesda autopsy. He signed JFK's death certificate, he verified the autopsy papers, and he, apparently, took control of the President's brain ---- which then went missing.... Why did the Warren Commission choose to never interview him?)

* * Very interestingly, BURKLEY was in Parkland Hospital trauma room #1 with President KENNEDY and more than most likely examined him and therefore BURKLEY simply HAD to know about JFK's neck front wound and possibly also knew about the back wound BEFORE the first emergency doctor arrived, YET, Admiral BURKLEY never notified any of the emergency doctors about JFK's neck front wound nor the back wound

.... Very Interestingly, BURKLEY was also in the Bethesda Hospital autopsy room during the president's several hours-long forensic autopsy and funeral preparations of the body, and even though BURKLEY simply HAD to know about JFK's neck front wound and possibly/probably the back wound, during the autopsy, Admiral BURKLEY NEVER notified any of the autopsy doctors about either of JFK's neck front wound nor the back wound

........ Very interestingly, after the autopsy BURKLEY was also a link in the chain-of-possession of the steel bucket that contained what was left of President KENNEDY's blasted-apart brain that had been removed during the autopsy

............ a blasted-apart brain that was/has/is vanished from the evidence


" The C.I.A. had something to do with this plot. "

(LYNDON JOHNSON, 1967 statement he made about the assassination of
President KENNEDY to his long time friend, advisor, and his informal
White House Chief of Staff, WILLIAM MARVIN WATSON, quoted in
the 12-14-77 “Washington Post” interview with Mr. WATSON)

From "The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: How the CIA Set Up Oswald" by MARK LANE, Hustler magazine, October 1978)


Recently, a former Marine who had served with Oswald in Santa Ana, California,
after Oswald had returned from Atsugi, began to talk about his discussions with
him. His name is David Bucknell....

Bucknell told me that one day he and Oswald went to a tavern near the base to
drink a few beers. Two women approached them. Later that day Oswald told
Bucknell the incident with the women reminded him of a experience he had had
at Atsugi. Oswald had been alone in a bar when an attractive Japanese woman
approached him, he told Bucknell. She asked him some questions about his work on
the base. That work was, of course, with the super-secret U-2 program. Oswald,
predictably, reported that conversation to his superior officer, who then arranged
for a meeting on the base between Oswald and a man dressed in civilian clothes.

The man, a “security” or “security-intelligence” operator, explained to Oswald
that he could do his country a great service. Oswald was told that the woman was a
KGB contact and that he would be given false information to pass on to her. Oswald
agreed, and while still a teenager in the Marine Corps he became an intelligence
operative. His liaison with the woman continued; he was given money to spend at
the Queen Bee, and apparently encouraged by American intelligence to enter into a
sexual relationship with the woman

. . . .

Regarding Oswald’s tour of duty in Japan, Bucknell can only report what Oswald
recounted to him. However, he was involved directly with Oswald in an intelligence
effort when they both were at MACS-9. In 1959 Oswald, Bucknell and others were
ordered to report to the Criminal Investigation (CID) at the base. There a
civilian began an effort aimed at recruiting those present for an intelligence
operation against “Communists” in Cuba. Oswald was selected to make several
additional trips to CID. Later he told Bucknell that the civilian who served as
his contact or control at Atsugi had taken over the same job at Santa Ana. Still
later, Oswald confided to Bucknell that he, Oswald was to be discharged from the
Marine Corps very soon and that he would surface in the Soviet Union. Oswald told
Bucknell that he was being sent there on assignment by American intelligence and
that he would return to the United States in 1961 as a hero.


Well, we protected Helms from one hell of a lot of things. . . .

HALDEMAN: That's what Ehrlichman says.

NIXON: Of course this Hunt, that will uncover a lot of things. You open that scab, there's a hell of a lot of things . . . . This involves the Cubans, Hunt and a lot of hanky-panky. .... Just say [unintelligible] very bad to have this fellow Hunt, ah, he knows too damn much. .... If it gets out that this is all involved, the Cuba thing, it would be a fiasco. It would make the C.I.A. look bad, its going to make Hunt look bad, its likely to blow the whole Bay of Pigs thing, which we think would be very unfortunate - both for the C.I.A. and the country.

[my emphasis]

(President RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON to Presidential White House Chief of Staff
HARRY ROBINS HALDEMAN, 7-23-72 . . . . several persons close to NIXON have
stated that NIXON was actually speaking about the JFK assassination, and NIXON
word-coded the assassination as, “the whole Bay of Pigs thing,” in his attempt
to have his aides to blackmail the C.I.A. into then having C.I.A. officers convince
(also blackmail) the F.B.I. to back-off properly investigating the Watergate
affair.... Others have also suggested that “the whole Bay of Pigs thing” was
NIXON’s code for the attempted C.I.A. assassinations of CASTRO, and that NIXON
was aware that it was a secret held by the C.I.A. and its officers, and that NIXON
was also attempting to blackmail the C.I.A. to get its director, RICHARD HELMS,
and its officers to cooperate in the Watergate cover-up)

“Oswald was just the patsy."

(FRANK COSTELLO, U. S. Mafia Capo di tutti capi Godfather in 1972, shortly before his death)

“Creating a Patsy”

(updated from the original, “The Real Target” by PETER WHITMEY)

The C.I.A.'s Files on Oswald: Tales of C.I.A. File-routing Slips


What C.I.A. Officer Jane Roman Said


Interview Transcript with C.I.A. Officer Jane Roman


“Intelligence operatives, in the CIA as well as the FBI,
had begun to see themselves as the appointed guardians
of the Republic, infinitely more devoted than transient
elected officials,
morally authorized to do on their own
whatever the nation’s security demanded,”

Assistant for Latin American Affairs, a speech writer, and JFK and
RFKnclose friend and confidant in his 1978 book, "Robert Kennedy
and His Times"
, page 454

C.I.A. Projects Officer DAVID SANCHEZ MORALES (biography)

(a.k.a. “El Indio" (the Indian), “Mikoyan," “Didi," “El Gordo" (the big one), “Hector Aguero," “Pancho," “Indio Mikoyan”)

"Morales was building a big, new house out near Willcox," Walton says. "Actually,
it was in a little town called Elfrida, which is about half-way between Willcox and
the Mexican border. It's a remote area, I've only driven that road once in my life.
It's an agricultural area, they grow the famous jalapenos peppers there. I never
got to see the house, but he had just finished it and was describing it to me when
he mentioned that he put in it the best security system in the United States. And I
remember asking him, thinking he was worried about burglars or being robbed,
What do you need so much security for? You're still thirty miles from the Mexican
border.' And he said, 'I'm not worried about those people, I'm worried about
my own.'

That struck Walton as curious. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"I know too much," Morales said, then quickly dropped it.

Remembering that now, Walton views his first meeting with Morales in
Washington as being far more significant than he realized. After dinner, the whole
party went back to the Dupont Plaza Hotel. It was late and Carbajal's parents and
his wife returned to their rooms and Ruben and Morales returned to the Waltons'
room with them. "Didi ended up staying all night," Walton recalls. "My wife went to
sleep somewhere around two in the morning and Rocky and I and Didi drank and
talked from when we got back from dinner - maybe that was about eleven o'clock
at night - until about six in the morning.”

The drinking got heavy. "We had consumed quite a bit of alcohol," remembers
Walton. "At one point, between the three of us we had gone through a fifth of Scotch
and we had to re-order. It was a real contest." He pauses and smiles. "Ah, my
younger days, my misspent youth!" And as the night and the drinking go on,
defenses come down and candid truths emerge. "You know," says Walton, "you get
in a kind of position where you say, 'All right, I told you everything about me, what
are you all about?' "

Morales began with his war stories. Walton remembers him talking about the killing
in Vietnam and Laos, about being involved in the capture of Che Guevara in Bolivia,
of hits in Paraguay and Uruguay and Venezuela. ("He said his wife was [in the country]
with him and they had real trouble getting him out of town. They almost bought the
farm on that one.")

The drinking and the talking continued. At one point, Morales began probing Walton
for a bit of his own background. Walton had gone to Amherst College in
Massachusetts and, as part of his developing interest in political science and politics,
he had done some volunteer work for Jack Kennedy's Senatorial campaign. Later, at
Harvard Law, Walton was head of a student group which invited then Senator Kennedy
to speak at Cambridge.

Walton never got to explain the details of that association. At the first mention of
Kennedy's name, he recalls, Morales literally almost hit the ceiling.

"He flew off the bed on that one," says Walton. "I remember he was lying down and he
jumped up screaming, 'That no good son-of-a-b***h, motherf****r!' He started
yelling about what a wimp Kennedy was and talking about how he had worked on the
Bay of Pigs and how he had to watch all the men he had recruited and trained get wiped
out because of Kennedy."

Walton says Morales's tirade about Kennedy, fueled by righteous anger and high-proof
booze, went on for minutes while he stomped around the room. Suddenly he stopped,
sat back down on the bed and remained silent for a moment. Then, as if saying it only
to himself, he added:

"Well, we took care of that son-of-a-b***h, didn't we?"

I looked at Ruben Carbajal, who had remained silent while Walton was telling me this.
Carbajal looked at me and nodded his head. Yes, he was there, it was true. But, in all the
long hours we had spent together and all the candid revelations he had provided, it was a
remembrance he couldn't bring himself to tell me about his friend Didi.”

(GAETON FONZI, “The Last Investigation” about the Spring 1973 statements made by
long time C.I.A. Projects Officer, DAVID SANCHEZ MORALES ~ ~ who had been the C.I.A.’s
Miami JM/WAVE station Chief of Operations and was in charge of the many C.I.A.
assassination teams projects trying to assassinate Communist Cuba dictator FIDEL CASTRO.
It was MORALES (and other C.I.A. officers and special agents) who had also worked closely
with high-ranking Mafia leaders in the several, joint C.I.A.-Mafia projects (and during the
Vietnam War he was also placed in charge of the C.I.A.’s project OPERATION PHOENIX that
initiated, targeted, and assassinated Communist leaders . . . . In 1978 the HSCA had wanted
to call the 52-year old MORALES as a witness and had placed him on its witnesses list, but
the HSCA was unable to question him about anything when he had a heart attack and
passed-on 5-8-78)

C.I.A. Projects Officer WILLIAM KING HARVEY (biography)

(a.k.a. “the American James Bond”)

WILLIAM KING HARVEY, was one of the C.I.A. Projects Officer’s in charge
of the many attempted CASTRO assassination conspiracy projects
organized by the C.I.A. and the Mafia . . . . HARVEY constantly
made no bones about virulently hating the Kennedy’s

- who HARVEY (and many outspoken other powerful persons)
believed were Socialist-Communist traitors . . . . VIDEO here

During the Assassinations Records Review Board, in a 1994 letter from Bradley E. Ayers sent to the head of the board, John R. Tunheim, Ayers claimed that nine people based at the C.I.A.’s Miami JM/WAVE station, "have intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the assassination" of John F. Kennedy.

Ayers named nine men working within the operations control of the C.I.A.'s Miami JM/WAVE station:
David Sanchez Morales, Theodore Shackley, Grayston Lynch, Felix Rodriguez, Thomas Clines, Gordon Campbell, Rip Robertson, Edward Roderick and Tony Sforza as the men who had this information.

Chicago-based Mafia Capo di tutti capi “Godfather" and C.I.A. Domestic Contact SALVATORE GIANCANA publicly testifying (biography)

(a.k.a. “Sam Giancana,” “Salvadore Giancana,” “Sam Flood,” “Sam the Cigar,” “Mo,” “Momo,” “Mooney,” “Sammy,” “Sam”)

“Now only two people are alive who know who killed Kennedy."

(Stated in 1975 by Florida-based Mafia Godfather, SANTOS TRAFFICANTE, during
F.B.I. surveillance tapes made shortly after the 6-19-75 murder-elimination
of the Mafia Chicago-based Godfather, SAM GIANCANA . . . . GIANCANA
had been actively speaking with federal authorities and was scheduled
to appear, again, before a U.S. Senate committee investigating his
known involvements within the C.I.A. and Mafia joint assassination
plots targeting CASTRO and/or President KENNEDY. . . . After
GIANCANA had spoken to authorities about his C.I.A.
involvements, GIANCANA was in his home cooking
sausages when he was shot in the back of his
head with an automatic .22 caliber silenced
hand gun, then, rolled over and shot
inside his mouth, then, shot 5 more
times directly into his throat.....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mafia senior crime boss and C.I.A. Domestic Contact JOHNNY ROSELLI (biography)

(a.k.a. “Handsome Johnny," “Filippo Sacco," Philippe Socco," “Philippo Socco”)

During 1975 and 1976 the high-ranking Mafioso JOHNNY ROSELLI was testifying (and further talking
to the media)
about his being recruited by HOWARD HUGHES’ right-hand man, ROBERT
, for ROSELLI’s helping in the C.I.A. plots to assassinate CASTRO.
Within days after ROSELLI told the “Washington Post” that
the mafia had killed JFK, ROSELLI then met with
TRAFFICANTE on 7-26-76 to try to smooth
things over about his “loose lips”....

.... Two days later ROSELLI

........ On 8-9-76 what remained of
ROSELLI was found floating near Miami
in Dumbfoundling Bay -- he had been brutally
strangled, stabbed, and shot, then, someone(s)
had cut-off his legs and crammed all of his pieces into
a 55-gallon oil drum....
An oil drum that (deliberately) did
not have holes punctured through it, thus allowing the build-up
inside the drum of decomposing gases .... and sending yet another
strong, very clear Mafia message to listeners and participants, everywhere.

Within mere weeks of ROSELLI's murder the United States House of Representatives
voted a huge majority to officially reopen the Kennedy elimination. This led to
the formation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations that
concluded what is, still, the most recent conclusion
by the government that JFK was probably
murdered in a conspiracy.

How the C.I.A. Enlisted the Mafia via
Robert Maheu to Put a Hit on Castro


“There's other things involved that are detrimental to other things."

(REGIS BLAHUT, ex-C.I.A. Office of Security Officer, and, liaison to the H.S.C.A., after he was fired from
the C.I.A. in 1978 for being caught 6-23-78 when he removed the autopsy photos of President
KENNEDY from an HSCA safe, even though he was never given authorization to
access the autopsy photos....Here is the 44-page CIA document
concerning the BLAHUT incident. All caps is the verbatim
document. Donated by ANNA MARIE KUHNS-WALKO)

"The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy."

(1979 United States House Select Committee on the Assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin L. King Final Report)
((a.k.a. the “HSCA”))

“Only in 2006 were uncensored F.B.I. files discovered in the National Archives in which Louisiana godfather Carlos Marcello admitted in 1985 that he had JFK assassinated. Prior to this, only a few heavily-censored pages about Marcello's confession had been known, and those were impossible to evaluate, since up to 90% of the pages had been blacked-out. It's now clear that Marcello's confession was made to an F.B.I. informant--Jack Ronald Van Laningham--who had been found reliable by a federal judge. In addition, Marcello's confession was made in front of another named witness, an associate from New Orleans that Marcello trusted. Marcello's confession was obtained as part of a previously-unknown F.B.I. sting operation targeting Marcello, code-named CAMTEX, that also generated "hundreds of hours" of secretly-recorded audio tape of Marcello talking in his federal prison cell about his crimes. None of those tapes or transcripts have ever been released. While Marcello's clearest JFK confession was made in the prison yard, remarks in his cell to the same two men also included Marcello's admissions that he had met with Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby prior to JFK's murder, and that he had set Ruby up in business in Dallas. Those remarks, or others mentioning people linked to the assassinations of JFK or Dr. King, could be on the F.B.I.'s tapes and transcripts, which should be released.

Marcello's confession almost became public prior to the 25th anniversary of JFK's assassination in November, 1988. But the several F.B.I. memos make it clear that steps were taken in Washington by the F.B.I. and Justice Department to placate the F.B.I.'s informant so that Marcello's confession wasn't revealed at that time. The files about those decisions--and why Marcello's uncensored JFK confession was withheld from Congress and kept secret for so long--should be released as well."

(LAMAR WALDRON, “Many US Government Files about JFK and King Assassinations Still Secret” (updated 12-10-09))

On March 4, 1986, [witness name censored-out of document] was interviewed and provided the following information. . . .On December 15, 1985, he was in the company of CARLOS MARCELLO and [witness name censored-out of document] conversation. CARLOS MARCELLO discussed his intense dislike of former President John Kennedy as he often did. Unlike other such tirades against Kennedy, however, on this occasion CARLOS MARCELLO said, referring to the President Kennedy, “Yeah, I had the son-of-a-b***h killed. I'm glad I did it. I’m sorry I couldn't have done it myself.”

(Mafia Godfather CARLOS MARCELLO, quoted in a 3-6-86 F.B.I. document, # FBI DL 183A-1F035-Sub L 3.6.86
. . . . the name of the "witness name censored-out of document" is JACK RONALD VANLANINGHAM)

southern U. S. Mafia Capo di tutti capi “Godfather," and C.I.A. Domestic Contact SANTOS TRAFFICANTE (biography)

(a.k.a. “Santo Trafficante," “The Quiet Don,” “The Quiet Godfather," “Louie”)

"The Committee finding, in 1979, was that 'extensive investigation led it to conclude that the most likely family bosses of organized crime to have participated in [planning the President’s assassination] were Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficante.' While both had had 'the motive, means, and opportunity to plan and execute a conspiracy,' however, the Committee could not pin anything on either mafioso."


“On February 27, 1989 CARLOS MARCELLO, who was in a federal prison hospital, in a semi-coherent state, said that he was ‘going to get Kennedy when he came to Dallas.’ JAMES ROBERT CATES advised the F.B.I. that approximately 2:30 a.m. on February 28, 1989, CARLOS MARCELLO was mumbling incoherently and then he got their attention by saying 'mother f**ker.’ CATES stated that he worked in Unit A most of the time and MARCELLO had not previously used any profanity. CATES then paid attention and heard MARCELLO say, 'That Kennedy, that smiling motherf**ker, we'll fix him in Dallas.' About three or four minutes later MARCELLO said, 'I want to see Provenzano in New York.'"

(quoted in F.B.I. document numbered F.B.I. Dallas 175-109 3.3.89)

CARLOS MARCELLO was interviewed about these statements on September 6, 1989: "As expected, MARCELLO denied making these statements, as well as denying any involvement in the assassination of President KENNEDY. MARCELLO denied knowing OSWALD or OSWALD'S uncle, DUTCH (sic) MURRET. MARCELLO also denied knowing EDWARD BECKER, or making a statement to BECKER in 1962 about having President KENNEDY killed."

(quoted in F.B.I. document in the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration numbered NARA F.B.I. 124-10253-10112)


1963-C.I.A. Chief Officer of the Covert Action Staff of the Directorate of Covert Plans (biography)

Writer C. David Heymann in his book, “The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club” (2003)
told of former C.I.A. Projects Officer, Cord Meyer's response when, near the end
of his life, Meyer was asked to comment on his ex-wife, Mary Pinchot-Meyer,
and her still-unsolved October 12, 1964 shooting-murder case in WashDC.
(they had divorced in 1958 and Mary was one of President Kennedy’s many,
known, mistresses)
.... After Mary was murdered, her diary was supposedly
stolen from her home by C.I.A. Projects Officer James Jesus Angleton, who was
“the agency” “company” Chief of Counter-Intelligence, a manager in the C.I.A.’s
MKULTRA mind control experiments putting LSD into unwitting “volunteers,” and,
Angleton was the C.I.A.’s liaison to the Warren Commission).…


Meyer held court at the beginning of February 2001 - six weeks before his death -
in the barren dining room of a Washington nursing home. Propped up in a chair,
his glass eye bulging, he struggled to hold his head aloft. Although he was no
longer able to read, the nurses supplied him with a daily copy of The Washington
Post, which he carried with him wherever he went. “My father died of a heart
attack the same year Mary was killed,” he whispered. “It was a bad time.”
And what could he say about Mary Meyer? Who had committed such a heinous crime?

“ The same sons-of-b***hes,” he hissed, “ that killed John F. Kennedy. ”



1963-C.I.A. Deputy Director for all Covert Plans, Operations, & Clandestine Services,
and who, within a few years, became the Director of the entire C.I.A. (biography)

“The Gentlemanly Planner of Assassinations: The Nasty
Career of CIA Director Richard Helms”

by Jefferson Morley


1963-C.I.A. Chief Officer of Covert Action for Domestic Operations,
and later convicted “Watergate” co-conspirator

(According to TAD SZULC, HUNT was assigned to temporary duty
as the acting C.I.A. Station Chief in Mexico City for the period of
August and September 1963, at the same time of LEE HARVEY
OSWALD’s alleged visit there. In HUNT’s 1978 testimony, however,
he denied having been in Mexico at all between 1961 and 1970)


Transcript of a portion of C.I.A. Projects Officer
E. HOWARD HUNT’s 2004 confession . . . .

Click the HUNT document to expand it into a follow-up window

2004 Video Tape of C.I.A. Officer E. Howard Hunt's Confessions about the Involvements
of Kennedy's-hating, C.I.A.-Rogue-Agents, Vice President Johnson, & Others Inside
President Kennedy's Elimination & Cover-up:

Part 1

Part 2

The Last Confessions of C.I.A. Projects Officer, E. Howard Hunt


The Wheels of Justice track Patiently and Sure.

try to blame - fail - rant - cuss - attack - punish - silence +
excuse bad behavior with past examples of bad or worse behavior's =
the never-satisfied, irresponsible, immature, self-centered, way-over-emotional, hypocritical, failed, progressive, leftist, fascist-leftist, far-fringe-looooney micro-tactics aimed at President Kennedy to try to assassinate his policies and character, and that, a few, still-transparently-insecure immature persons lamely choose to, try to, attempt to do to The People who simply only have a different opinion or disagree with him/her

Lyndon Johnson and his Secret Tapes VIDEO

In July of 1973, six Months after the death of Lyndon Baines Johnson, "The Atlantic" magazine published an article by a journalist and former Johnson speech writer named Leo Janos. "The Last Days of the President," about LBJ in retirement, was elegiac in tone and fact, save for one dissonant paragraph—in which Johnson volunteered his opinion that President John F. Kennedy's assassination had been the result of a conspiracy organized from Cuba.

"I never believed that Oswald acted alone, although I can accept that he pulled the trigger,"

he explained to Janos. Johnson thought such a conspiracy had formed in retaliation for U.S. plots to assassinate Fidel Castro; he had found after taking office that the government

"had been operating a damned ‘Murder Incorporated’ in the Caribbean."

LBJ never believed the "single-bullet” "theory (see 4m 10s into this VIDEO )


Precisely detailed for you in my next 2 Dealey Plaza scaled maps
of 11-22-63 are 10 of the theoretically mentioned assassins
locations and bullet trajectories targeted at President
Kennedy’s head right before Zapruder frame # 313.

Click each scaled map to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

**** In the above and next scaled Dealey Plaza maps, at least
one bullet trajectory was fired immediately prior to Z-313 that
hit and passed-through President Kennedy's head

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

Precise bullet trajectories targeted at President KENNEDY at Z-313, triggered from suspected Dealey Plaza assassin locations*.

Also includes the precise head facing directions at Z-312 of the KENNEDY's and CONNALLY's, the reportedly found evidence artifacts of blood spatter patterns, skull fragments, brain matter gore, bullets caused limousine damages, bullet fragments, and skull fragments locations found outside of the limousine atop the Dealey Plaza grounds, atop Elm Street, onto Dallas police motorcycle escort men, inside its passengers' compartment onto passengers, on the outside and inside of the front main windshield' glass and into the chromed front windshield's frame inside, atop the front engine hood, and found atop the rear trunk hood surfaces.

* suspected assassin-shooter location #8, the “Elm Street north curb sewer” (also labeled the “ESS” for “Elm sewer shooter” on the above maps), imho, is an impossible assassin location for a Z-313 head-impacting shot because of several key reasons, including the fact that after President KENNEDY reacted to his non-lethal bullet hit he had rapidly shifted his head and upper torso more leftward towards the center of his bench seat (with his Z-313 highest head point = 4.5' above Elm Street). He had also leaned his head and torso forward into a more downward posture, causing the limousine’s vertical, angled-inward, chromed handhold “parade bar” right side support stanchion to completely block the targeting of any part of JFK’s head from the sewer opening 4.6' lower location until Z-310 to 311. Therefore, shooting JFK within only 1 to 2 ZAPRUDER frames (within only 0.05-second to 0.10-second) to have caused the president's head explosion at Z-312/313 was ....

. . . . not humanly possible....

.... from that curb sewer location for the total minimum time mandated and required for any assassin to have to (most likely) move the weapon a small or large amount to accurately re-aim and "lead" the moving target . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time to acquire JFK’s head right side temple as a target (when the President's head was turned 49.4 degrees AWAY from the theoretically-impossible Elm north curb sewer assassin) . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time to squeeze-pull a weapon's trigger . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time to activate a weapon’s trigger . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time required muzzle blast . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time required for the bullet flight time to traject across 71.9' and also 4.6' upward from that curb sewer, then, fractionally barely miss the chromed handhold bar vertical right support stanchion that had been completely blocking JFK before that out of any target tracking.


In an earlier personal interview in Dallas (September 25, 2010),
in response to a question about officer Smith's story
Mack agreed that it was chilling, noting that it is, "a good example
of what I learned in journalism school. When the logical thing
doesn't happen, that's where the story is. Well, what's the logical
thing in this case? The Warren Commission should have said to
the Secret Service, we want to know who that guy [the one
claiming to be an agent] is. They did nothing of the sort ... They
[the Commission] questioned the head of the Secret Service and
he said 'There s nothing there.' That was the end of it."


(LARRY SABATO, "The Kennedy Half Century" (2013), quoting GARY
MACK, head curator for "The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.")

**** Dallas patrolman JOE MARSHALL SMITH has testified and
he stated with respect to his hearing the shots that he first testified
he sensed as being fired from a location at the same level as his ears,
but fired from west of the Depository (even though patrolman
SMITH was located a closer 27 yards to the Depository and the Warren
Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"
was 56'
above his ears
), then, Smith chose to run past the Depository, then,
a woman screamed to him, "They're shooting the president from the
then, he soon smelled gun smoke near the grassy knoll, and
then patrolman Smith encountered a fake Secret Service identification-
flashing "agent" ----even though
NO real agents were ever ordered
to be pre-stationed, anywhere, in Dealey Plaza.

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

3 significant professionally researched studies charts detailing Mr. ZAPRUDER's hand-camera jiggles that blurred his film during the shots and may have been directly caused by his suddenly startled, impulsive reactions to a weapon(s) loud audible muzzle blasts and/or weapon(s) mechanically-suppressed-fired, loud bullet bow shock waves during the assassination.

I have added to the original 3-graphs chart for us to now include the key details
for the corresponding timeframes of when President KENNEDY was hidden
under a large oak tree out of the view and target acquisition of **anyone**
in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers
The chart now also includes corresponding time stamped victims
reactions, and many of the close, key witnesses detailed time stamped
observations of the victims reactions to the gun shots volleys fired during
the attack.

Here is the actual video

from the 1967 CBS news, 4-night
Warren Commission-swayed theories about the assassination
that documents the CBS shots tests while persons filmed a car. During
these recreations, the persons jiggled their movie cameras, which blurred
their film,
each and every time that a gun shot was fired, even when they knew it
was coming.
These shots tests causing jiggles and blurs in their film starts exactly 4 minutes and
45 seconds into the documentary. (personally, I think that the absence of blurs and jiggles imparted into the film is also strongly indicative of the absence of the witnesses hearing an audible muzzle blast and the absence of the witnesses hearing a supersonic speed bullet bow shock wave)

"Why CBS Covered Up the JFK Assassination (Part 1)"
"Why CBS Covered Up the JFK Assassination (Part 2)"

" OSWALD precisely scaled to the assembled Mannlicher-Carcano rifle currently in evidence; scaled to the disassembled Carcano rifle; scaled to the paper bag in evidence, and other important key considerations "

by Donald Roberdeau

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

" The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy:
While JFK was
Still Hidden Under
the 'Magic-limbed-ricochet-tree' "

by Donald Roberdeau

Here are the clear ZAPRUDER film frames that detail President KENNEDY's extremely rapid head snap at a 531 degrees head rotational speed, in only 0.16 second described by the sizeable majority of very, very close witnesses as his instantaneous response to the first remembered audible muzzle rifle blast they heard (or, could hear). The President's very rapid head snap, very rapid hand flip, and rapidly jerking, falling arm were all closely witnessed by the sizeable majority as being simultaneous with this first remembered audible blast they heard (or, could hear) that, importantly, occurred while President KENNEDY was hidden under the large tree branches and thick foliages, and out of the view and targeting-view of **anyone**, supposedly, targeting him out of the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair." Along with being hidden from targeting view, JFK’s ultrafast head snap also occurred at the same nearly exactly simultaneously instant as when Mr. ZAPRUDER’s hands shook noticeably more, causing the largest pre-head shot visible episode of blurs scientifically determined to be in his film during the shots.

Here is the precisely scaled diagram of the Presidential limousine that details
for us the windshield and the bullet fragment-caused windshield glass impacted
defect precise location that was only in the inside glass surface....

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window
(Thank You and Hat Tip to Jerry Organ for the limousine’s scaled, basic diagram)

= A windshield bullet fragment-caused glass defect that was
a through-and-through hole, but, instead, a bullet fragment
had only impacted only onto the inside surface of the
windshield’s glass

This diagram details precisely where that glass defect
was documented to be located at 12:30 PM on 11-22-63
(just seconds after the volleys of shots ended) when
James Altgens captured his 7th photo, and, the same, exact
location for the defect is also documented in photos
captured minutes later at Parkland Hospital’s emergency
entrance bay, and, as clearly seen in F.B.I. photos
captured about 12 hours later in the White House garage.

This diagram also details where President Kennedy and
Governor Connally’s heads were each precisely located at
the Z-206 instant of the attack during the volley’s of shots,
when President Kennedy is documented in the Zapruder
film to have ALREADY rapidly snapped his head an ultrafast 87
degrees within only 0.16 of a second that was, more than likely,
in his very first immediate reaction to just having been impacted
by a bullet.

The diagram above proves, very simply, and, very precisely, exactly why President Kennedy could not have been struck in the front of his throat by a bullet fired from his left front, that a few persons theorize passed-through a (never-existing) windshield hole.…

= If a hot bullet had been fired from President Kennedy’s front-left,
then, passed through the windshield (without the windshield deflecting
its path,
AND, without the hot bullet size being deformed into a larger size **),
that bullet, simply, would have
had to enter into Governor Connally first!....

= Entering Connally in either his head’s front left-half, his neck, or hitting
him in his much larger front upper-chest, front left shoulder, or left side!
(None of which were ever impacted)

** Along with CONNALLY located directly in-between the windshield glass defect and JFK, bullets tests have documented and revealed that a hot bullet (and all bullets are extremely hot metal) passing through the multiple-layers laminated glass of the windshield would have also, surely, deformed any hot bullet in its size and shape while the hot bullet impacted with, then, passed through multiple-layers of reinforced glass while impacting through each of those reinforced layers. These impacts-caused deformations onto a hot bullet directly causing size and shape distortions of the bullet most likely would not match doctor PERRY’s very clear description of JFK’s neck front, very small, round wound with very clean edges and a mere 3 to 5 millimeters in width as doctor PERRY described to President KENNEDY's autopsy doctor HUMES within 1 day of the assassination. (and later examinations revealed no laminated glass fragments nor any bullet metal fragments were present in the neck front wound, nor JFK’s shirt, nor the slightly-nicked-by-something oval damage clearly visible on his neck tie knot’s left side outer layer, nor on his neck, nor on his face, nor was there any glass fragments ever found on the front of JFK’s suit coat, nor found on anyone else in the limousine)

click the frame to expand it into an extremely larger, sharper, follow-up window

The Altgens # 7 photo above was snapped by the very closeby witness Ike Altgens within seconds after the volleys of assassination shots ended. This photo again confirms the exact same location of the front window defect....a window defect that is only indented on the inside surface of the windshield.

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

For an added exact location comparison of the windshield inside surface defect (along with nearby blood drops spatter and brain matter scatter on the windshield's inside surface), the windshield inside surface defect was also documented and confirmed in the exact same Altgens # 7 photo windshield location as its location when the windshield inside surface defect was photographed about 12 hours after the assassination in the White House garage, seen here, in photo CE-350

Here is the clear, very close-up photo of Warren Commission exhibit CE-350 documented on 11-22-63 hours after Dallas. This photo was captured from the front of the limousine and details clearly for us the glass surface dented, small bullet fragment impact defect that was impacted on the inside windshield surface, only, that did not result in any bullet hole

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

“Eternal Return: A Hole Through the Windshield?”
by Barb Junkkarinen, Jerry Logan, Josiah Thompson

"The WILMA BOND Photos Do Not time stamp GORDON ARNOLD's Presence Anywhere On the Grassy Knoll"
by Donald Roberdeau

"GORDON ARNOLD’s Additional Claims about the Grassy Knoll-Wall"

by Donald Roberdeau

Scaled Map: Not GORDON ARNOLD Near Retaining Wall Corner at Z-312
by Donald Roberdeau

Cropped WILMA BOND photo slides #5 and #7 documented and exactly overlaid onto each other in an alternating animation detailing for us that after the shots ended a person -- or two persons -- were still located very, very close to (or on) the sitting bench nearest the North Pergola's western retaining wall up on the grassy knoll. . . . As this animation clearly reveals for us that person(s) was rising-up from a lower body orientation within 10 to 20 seconds of each other, and within 25 to 50 seconds after the volley's of attack shots ended. . . . It also clearly determines that there was no other person within the same 25 to 50 seconds near that same rising person documented during those same aftermath seconds. (MRS. BOND estimated that she captured her first #4, shots aftermath photo 20 short seconds after the attack shots ended, then, she snapped her 5 additional Dealey Plaza aftermath photos every 5 to 10 seconds)

Scaled Map: Lines of Sight of Persons Seen and Supposedly Seen Near the Grassy Knoll, Retaining Wall, Retaining Wall Bench, and the Grassy Knoll Picket Fence from Z-202, to within 1 Minute After Shots, But No Other Person was Near that Rising Person. (also includes the original research calculation for the minimum mandatory height of the, supposed, grassy knoll picket fence located “badgeman” rifle barrel muzzle end, that is also available for you here)

by Donald Roberdeau

Huge Newspapers Archives for President KENNEDY Assassination Articles

. . . .. Please take a moment to vote in my poll that details the major suspects and their motive(s) by each suspected group and/or person

(multiple picks are enabled, but you can vote only once)

Here are the multiple suspects, several of which were in direct contact with each other and, possibly, shared their blended motives....

anti-Castro, Cuban exiles Freedom Fighters and their supporters
. . . . as revenge for their perceptions (egged-on and further lied-to afterward by the C.I.A.) of the lack of JFK giving the Cuban exiles freedom fighters JFK's full military support during the exiles C.I.A.-supported 1961 Cuba liberation attempt at the "Bay of Pigs" that quickly failed
. . . . and/or . . . . to lay the blame for JFK's assassination onto Castro to ensure the support of The People and washDC support + funding$ for the C.I.A.'s planned 2nd Cuba liberation out of Communism


Communist Cuba dictator, Fidel Castro

. . . . as revenge for several C.I.A. failed attempts to try to kill the Communist Castro
. . . . and/or . . . . revenge for Castro’s being embarrassed by the outcome of the 1962 Communist Russian nuclear-weapons-armed multiple missiles in Cuba Crisis
. . . . and/or . . . . the JFK-initiated embargo of trade and goods to Communist Cuba


C.I.A., anti-JFK rogue-agents/officers

. . . . as revenge for their perceived JFK lack of full military support during the 1961 C.I.A. supported + washDC funded Cuba liberation attempt at the "Bay of Pigs" that quickly failed
. . . . and/or . . . . JFK was scaling down the Vietnam War &/or the Cold War
. . . . and/or . . . . JFK wanted to smash the C.I.A. into 1000 pieces
. . . . and/or . . . . Rogue C.I.A. agents/officers plotted to lay the blame for JFK's elimination onto Castro to enable the C.I.A.'s planned 2nd attempted Cuba liberation out of Communism to proceed with the support of The People and the support + funding$ from washDC


South Vietnam President, Ngo Dinh Diem

. . . . as revenge (followed through by his surviving family after Diem‘s assassination in early November 1963) because Diem had covertly discovered that the United States via the C.I.A. was helping anti-Diem leaders plan a Coup d'√Čtat against Diem
. . . . and/or . . . . Diem wanted to keep receiving million$ in profits from illegal drugs shipped to Mafia processors and sellers from “his” Vietnam and the ever-widening "golden triangle" of Asia
. . . . and/or . . . . Diem learned that JFK was scaling down the Vietnam War and Diem wanted to keep skimming million$ from the U.S. given military aid


F.B.I. Director, John Edgar Hoover

. . . . because JFK would have retired Hoover (which Hoover did not want to do) in 1964 at the then-law-mandatory retirement age of 70 for all non-elected washDC-government workers
. . . . and/or . . . . Hoover knew of JFK's adulterous affairs (including, at least, one affair with a Mafia Godfather’s mistress) and Hoover despised JFK for his affairs-Mafia connection but did not want to publicly embarrass the office of the United States President
. . . . and/or . . . . JFK and RFK knew about Hoover’s long time, decades, too-close ties and entanglements directly with Mafia leaders


Vice-President, Lyndon Baines Johnson

. . . . because of LBJ being criminally investigated and facing possible prison times for his crimes in, at least, 4 criminal investigations (all of which "vanished" soon after JFK’s murder-elimination)
. . . . and/or . . . . JFK had privately spoken several times to friends that he was going to drop LBJ from the 1964 re-election ticket
. . . . and/or . . . . LBJ's involvement's with and for Mafia persons
. . . . and/or . . . . LBJ had been accepting million$ in illegal bribe$ from supporters and special interests groups/corporations for decades
. . . . and/or . . . . LBJ wanted to act in league with other washDC agencies and corporations to take Billion$ in washDC funding increases and corporate profit$ after he reversed JFK’s scaling-down of Vietnam and the Cold War, and LBJ greatly expanded the Vietnam War and extended the Cold War
. . . . and/or . . . . LBJ was obsessively power-hungry
. . . . and/or . . . . LBJ was obsessed (documented and consistently, from childhood, through his teens and thereafter) in him becoming a U.S. President


the Mafia (U.S. &/or French)

. . . . because Mafia prosecutions had dramatically increased 1100% when JFK became president and RFK was the U.S. Attorney General ~ despite the Mafia's help to JFK (via JFK's father) to win the 1960 presidential election
. . . . and/or . . . . to protect/expand Billion$ in Mafia illegal crimes profit$ in the U.S.
. . . . and/or . . . . to stop JFK/RFK exposure of LBJ and Hoover links with and by Mafia leaders
. . . . and/or . . . . to lay the blame for the assassination onto Castro so after the planned 2nd U.S. liberation of Cuba out of Communism the Mafia would reacquire its Billion$ of gambling, drug profits, prostitution, etc. the Mafia had drained out of Cuba before Castro ended/confi$cated when he kicked the Mafia out of Cuba upon declaring that he was a Communist


Lee Harvey Oswald

. . . . seemingly a rabid, fascist-leftist, Marxist-Communist and he capitalized on when the world’s most powerful military Commander-In-Chief + one of the leading Capitalist drove within his and his rifle’s shooting capabilities
. . . . and/or . . . . deep-down he really hated &/or was envious of JFK (despite witnesses stating he had made JFK-favorable comments)
. . . . and/or . . . . he uber-liberally-hated America and our rights, freedoms, + ways of life
. . . . and/or . . . . Oswald was depressed about his failing marriage and family separation
. . . . and/or . . . . he uber-liberally hated our Capitalism based system
. . . . and/or . . . . he acted with &/or was prompted-by/ordered-by additional person(s) to kill JFK
. . . . and/or . . . . after reading about attempts to kill Communist dictator Castro he wanted to protect Castro which would help Castro to further Communism
. . . . and/or . . . . he resented a society that had relegated him to a menial position in life
. . . . and/or . . . . he wanted to draw attention to himself, make a mark on "history," and be known as an "important" man
. . . . and/or . . . . he was trying to kill only Connally but hit JFK
. . . . and/or . . . . he was a violently insane "lone-nut"


Right wing

. . . . because the "military industrial complex" watched JFK starting to scale down the Vietnam War and the Cold War that the "military industrial complex" was earning Billion$ because of
. . . . and/or . . . . JFK had closed many dozens of military bases
. . . . and/or . . . . wealthy oil tycoons and bankers were angry at their having to pay Billion$ more because JFK was going to eliminate the decades, long time afforded 27% oil depletion federal tax credit
. . . . and/or . . . . far right racial supremacists watched JFK giving minorities more civil rights
. . . . and/or . . . . to lay the blame for the assassination onto Castro for the planned 2nd Cuba liberation attempt


Communist Soviet Union

. . . . because of JFK’s views against the Communist fascist-left, government-controls-almost-everyone-and-almost-all-businesses, freedoms-restricting/eliminating, enslaving, government total-domination, control-freaks actions
. . . . and/or . . . . revenge for their embarrassments during the October 1962 Crisis of the Russian nuclear-weapons-armed multiple missiles that Russia installed in Cuba
. . . . and/or . . . . to try and demoralize the American people



(you can type into the provided blank space your thoughts for who you think the suspect(s) were, and/or, your additional thoughts)

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