March 6, 1975

(6) Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination Evidence, Motives, Suspects, Discoveries, + Dedicated Citizen Researchers, provided by Donald Roberdeau (page 6 of 14)

Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln, President Kennedy's long time secretary and confidant, wrote
in her 1968 book, "Kennedy and Johnson," about her thoughts and shared
conversations with respect to her long time friend John F. Kennedy.

Mrs. Lincoln detailed for us with respect to a November 19, 1963 conversation
that her and President Kennedy shared, right before his trip into Texas....


As Mr. Kennedy sat in the rocker in my
office, his head resting on its back, he
placed his left leg across his right knee. He
rocked slightly as he talked. In a slow,
pensive voice he said to me, "You know if I
am re-elected in sixty-four, I am going to
spend more and more time toward making
government service an honorable career. I
would like to tailor the executive and
legislative branches of government so that
they can keep up with the tremendous
strides and progress being made in other
fields." "I am going to advocate changing
some of the outmoded rules and regulations
in the Congress, such as the seniority rule.
To do this I will need as a running mate in
sixty-four, a man who believes as I do."

I was fascinated by this conversation and
wrote it down verbatim in my diary. Now I
asked, "Who is your choice as a running-mate?"
He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating
he replied, "At this time I am thinking about
Governor Terry Sanford of North Carolina.
. But
it will
. not .be Lyndon."




By 1963 Kennedy had become increasingly concerned that Johnson was unfit to assume the only vice-presidential duty that mattered: assuming the presidency. He had made him chairman of the Presidential Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity only to have its members gripe that he showed little leadership. “That man can’t run this committee,” he complained to Bobby. “Can you think of anything more deplorable than him trying to run the United States?” His uneasiness about a Johnson presidency may have also prompted him to ask Charlie Bartlett in September 1963, “How do you think Lyndon would be if I got killed?”

Evelyn Lincoln noticed Johnson’s name appearing less and less often on the lists of invitees to crucial policy meetings in 1963, and her record of the private conferences between him and Kennedy showed them meeting alone for over ten hours in 1961 but only for seventy-five minutes in 1963. By the fall of 1963 their relationship had reached a nadir. An evolving scandal involving the notorious Capitol Hill fixer Bobby Baker threatened to tarnish Johnson, and in the fall of 1963 Johnson had vehemently opposed Kennedy’s decision to sell surplus wheat to the Soviet Union, telling Kennedy aide Ken O’Donnell that it was the worst political mistake Kennedy had made since becoming president, and then adding “Tell him I said that.”

Johnson was noticeably absent when Kennedy convened the first formal meeting of his reelection team on Tuesday November 12. Sorensen thought he had been excluded because he was “not part of the inner circle and did not have the warmest relations with—or full confidence of—everyone in that room.” The next day Kennedy stopped at Lincoln’s desk to chat as she was reading the memorandums from the meeting. She remarked that staging a convention as electrifying as the one in 1960 had been might be difficult because everyone knew what was going to happen. “Oh, I don’t know,” he replied. “There might be a change in the ticket.”


(THURSTON CLARKE, “‘It Will Not Be Lyndon’: Why JFK Wanted to Drop LBJ for Reelection”)

"Well, that's Lyndon, and he's in a lot of trouble."

. . . . Stated by President KENNEDY to Mrs. KENNEDY in the early morning
of 11-22-63, in their "Hotel Texas" Presidential suite.

Earlier LBJ, himself, had gone to the President, and during their last private meeting
---- in what has been described as a very heated and very loud argument that
was not heard totally clearly, but enough of it was heard by several witnesses waiting
in the hallway outside JFK’s presidential suite during its many rises and peaks in volumes
---- LBJ had argued to switch-out
JOHN CONNALLY from riding close to JFK in the limousine
in the Dallas murder-cade (CONNALLY was LBJ’s long time,
close Texas friend
who was also his decades-long political-crony
who had managed all of LBJ's campaigns) .... In this meeting LBJ
had heatedly argued with JFK to switch CONNALLY’s murder-cade seat
next to JFK in the limousine away from JFK, and position LBJ’s long time political enemy,
the Texas Senator, RALPH YARBOROUGH ---- near JFK

---- but ----

---- President KENNEDY refused to switch CONNALLY for YARBOROUGH, and then
LBJ was observed by the many witnesses storming furiously out of KENNEDY’s suite,
and his very quickly pump-walking away down the hallway. . . .


Link: DID YOU KNOW ? . . . . .

many persons still do not, yet, know. . . . .

. . . . . that on the very same day
that President Kennedy was
eliminated in Texas,

the . . . .

“I looked it up: One out of every four
Presidents has died in office.

I’m a gamblin’ man, darlin', and this is
the only chance I got."

(LBJ’s thinking while talking to “Time-Life magazine” owner CLARE BOOTHE LUCE about 20th century
U.S. presidents, and, his odds of becoming the president through a president’s death.
Quoted by Irwin and Debi Unger "LBJ: A Life," page 244)

.... the World War II, un-earned military Silver Star award wearer
(that he even arrogantly, very dishonorably
wore the balance of his politico-life)

.... the Texas-born native,

.... the long time, maniacally-obsessed since childhood and repeatedly all thereafter,
his exclaiming that he absolutely would become the U.S. President,

.... the heart-stroke experiencer,

.... the conservative “Democrat,”

.... the election-rigging-fraud
mastermind of his college election,

.... the election-rigging-fraud
mastermind of his United States Senate 1948 primary election (his long time campaign manager -- JOHN CONNALLY -- was specifically accused of voting fraud when, at the last moment, there was “discovered” in the infamous voter’s precinct “box 13” some 201 votes for LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON in Jim Wells County ((only 1 vote was for his opponent inside “box 13”)).... The 202 votes were, very curiously, cast in alphabetical order and were “discovered” just at the close of polling. Some of these 202 voters swore that they had not voted that day. Even JOHNSON’s biographer, ROBERT CARO, wrote in his 1989 book that JOHNSON had, in fact, criminally stolen the election in Jim Wells County and other counties in South Texas, as well as rigging 10,000 ballots in Bexar County alone. An election judge, LUIS SALAS, stated in 1977, that he had certified 201 fraudulent ballots for JOHNSON. Those “box 13” votes swung the election at the last moment to give JOHNSON an only 87 votes primary victory that propelled him onward to his U.S. Senate victory in November, furthering his political career.),

.... the former U.S. Senate Majority Leader (a.k.a. the “master of the senate”),

.... the politically obsessive, win-at-all-costs, control-obsessive,
enemies-character-slandering opportunist,

.... the long time supporter and acceptor of his campaign funds from the military industrial complex and its conglomerates expansions, after which he became known as the “Senator from the Pentagon”

.... the
adulterer, who supposedly fathered, at least, one child with one of his mistresses,

.... the extremely jealous-of, and, JFK and RFK-loathing, who also hated being Vice President,

.... also a 1960 Democratic primaries President-nominee seeker that challenged, but lost to, JFK,

.... the long time unscrupulous politician, and, specifically, in 1960 the blackmailer, who (with JOHN CONNALLY’s direct help) threatened JFK about exposing JFK’s then-hidden health problems (and possibly with long time friend HOOVER’s private-blackmail-files help, also blackmailed JFK about exposing his many adulterous affairs) so LBJ would be made JFK’s Vice Presidential candidate, and then LBJ would “be only a heartbeat away” from his maniacally-obsessive, long-stated goal of becoming the President....

.... the long time
blackmailer, corrupted bribes-demanding, and corrupted bribes-accepting,

.... the bribes-spreading, with his net worth of many fortune$ by
1963 (with almost all of his million$ in 1960-dollars placed/hidden under
his wife’s name)
. . . . a 2010 article that researched the 2010-dollar$
value of all United States Presidents
determined that this government
employee civil-servant Congressman-Senator-Vice President-President
had amassed a previously-hidden-mostly-in-his-wife’s-name net-worth
of $98,000,000.....

.... the long time washDC literally next-door neighbor & very long time politico-ally of F.B.I. Director, J. EDGAR HOOVER,

.... the long time connected-to, entwined-with, biased-to, and semi-controlled and blackmailed by the
Mafia (as probably was also his long time politico washDC ally, F.B.I. Director, J. EDGAR HOOVER)

.... the rumored to be one of the few cronies allowed to see & use HOOVER’s private-blackmail-files,

.... the supposed ruthless mastermind and co-conspirator in multiple-murders,

.... the soon to completely reverse JFK’s orders and, instead, he greatly expanded the Vietnam War into a much costlier war (from which his corporate sponsors profited Trillion$ in 2012-dollar$).… and he greatly expanded the war into a much larger and much longer war during which millions of persons and their families were killed, maimed, went missing, imprisoned, and/or were physically and emotionally scarred....

. . . . and also, very importantly, about whom President KENNEDY also stated to several close friends that he would
replace as vice president before the 1964 election,

. . . . the . . . .

main assassination benefactor from JFK's elimination,

(along with additional persons, additional corporations, and additional groups and washDC agencies that also benefitted)

and by 11-22-63, the

United States ‘heart-beat away’ Vice President . . . . .

Lyndon Baines Johnson

. . . . a.k.a. . . . .


‘Lyndon Johnson’

‘Rufus Cornpone’

the ‘master of the senate’

the ‘Senator from the Pentagon’

the ‘straw that stirs the drink’

‘Landslide Lyndon’

‘Lieing Lyndon’



. . . . had already been in the sharp focus

and co-focus of

four on-going, active, and intense

United States federal criminal investigations

.... All of these LBJ-focused criminal investigations, *simply*,
after Kennedy was shot dead and eliminated while inside Texas ------ elevating Johnson
to his long self-yearned-for presidency

Now, provided here for you is the complete

---- and, despite, pressured to be manufacturing-ceased ----

very hard to find . . . .

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy"

“The Guilty Men"
documentary series episode # 9
(of 9 episodes to date with each approximately 45 minutes)

. . . . that mere hours and short days after it first premiered,

LBJ's family & cronies

extremely anxiously and immediately

the manufacturing & distribution of

to try
(but they failed) to stop its availability
for Our People
. . . .

"I know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Johnson murdered Kennedy. He acted through Clark. He saw that it was done, and, he did it out of a Corruption of power that is unequaled in our history."

. . . . and . . . .

"I know as attorney for Lyndon Johnson that he murdered John Kennedy ---- Murdered John Kennedy to become President and avoid prison, and, there is no doubt in my mind."

(BARR McCLELLAN, former LBJ law firm attorney, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy; The Guilty Men," episode 9, 2003)

free excerpts from McCLELLAN's 2003 book, "Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K." available here

The first 9 episodes of "The Men Who Killed Kennedy":

(the originally shown British episodes, and these links all contain many, many
minutes of witnesses interviews and other key information and evidence not
seen in the first 5 episodes when they were shown in the U.S.)

episode 1.... "The Coup d'√Čtat", 1988

2.... "The Forces Of Darkness", 1988

3.... "The Cover-Up", 1991

4.... "The Patsy", 1991

5.... "The Witnesses", 1991

6.... "The Truth Shall Set You Free", 1995

7.... "The Smoking Guns", 2003

8.... "The Love Affair", 2003

9.... "The Guilty Men", 2003

"In January of 1964 the Warren Commission learned that Don B. Reynolds, insurance agent and close associate of Bobby Baker, had been heard to say that the F.B.I. knew that Johnson was behind the assassination. When interviewed by the F.B.I., he denied this. But he did recount an incident during the swearing in of Kennedy in which Bobby Baker said words to the effect that the s.o.b. would never live out his term and that he would die a violent death."

(my emphasis)

(“A Primer of Assassination Theories” by EDWARD J. EPSTEIN, “Esquire magazine” December 1966)

The Impeachment of LBJ: staffers meeting
with Donald B. Reynolds 11-22-63


It is documented that
the second telephone call that the
new President Johnson made from Air
Force One on November 22, 1963 was to Don
Reynolds to
anxiously inquire about whether the court
testimony that same day of his very close friend and long time
aide, Bobby Baker, had
explicitly tied Johnson into Baker's crimes.

Robert F. Kennedy Was Working Behind the Scene with LIFE magazine to Publicly Expose the Corruptions by Lyndon Johnson, Before the 1964 Election Campaign Started to Get Johnson Removed from the 1964 Presidential Ticket

“Beginning in later summer 1963 the magazine [LIFE], based upon information fed from Bobby Kennedy and the Justice Department, had been developing a major news break piece concerning Johnson and Bobby Baker. On publication Johnson would have been finished and off the 1964 ticket (reason the material was fed to us) and would probably have been facing prison time. At the time LIFE magazine was arguably the most important general news source in the US. The top management of Time Inc. was closely allied with the USA's various intelligence agencies and we were used after by the Kennedy Justice Department as a conduit to the public....The LBJ/Baker piece was in the final editing stages and was scheduled to break in the issue of the magazine due out the week of November 24th (the magazine would have made it to the newsstands on November 26th or 27th). It had been prepared in relative secrecy by a small special editorial team. On Kennedy's death research files and all numbered copies of the nearly print-ready draft were gathered up by my boss (he had been the top editor on the team) and shredded. The issue that was to expose LBJ instead featured the Zapruder film.”

(LIFE magazine editor JAMES WAGENVOORD, to JOHN SIMKIN, 11-3-09)

“Johnson was in Pearson's crosshairs in the Baker story. That very Sunday,
November 24th, Pearson's column was due to target the vice president over
his financial ties to the lobbyist. In his diary, Pearson wrote that it would be
"quite a devastating story" involving Johnson, Baker, and possible corruption
in a $7 billion fighter-jet contract handed to General Dynamics, a Texas

(PHILIP SHENON, 2013 book “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret
History of the Kennedy Assassination,”
.... $7 billion in 1963 dollars
would be over $54 billion in 2015 dollar$ because of inflation)

" Just let me get elected, and then
you can have your war. "

stated by LBJ.... quoted by
STANLEY KARNOW in "Vietnam: A History"
(page 342)
. LBJ made the comment to the
U.S. military Joint Chiefs of Staff in late December 1963, barely
one month after the killing of President KENNEDY

Convicted Murderer and Corrupt LBJ Henchman MALCOLM “Mac” EVERETTE WALLACE’s Fingerprint Found 11-22-63 inside the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"

Here is the official affidavit by Mr. NATHANIEL DARBY, the long time certified professional expert in latent fingerprint identification, detailing his positive identification of the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair” fingerprint as belonging to convicted murderer MALCOLM WALLACE

. . . . . . . . the "Mac" WALLACE fingerprint is also discussed by Mr. DARBY in this short VIDEO. Mr. DARBY is the long time professional expert in latent fingerprint identification who matched the Texas School Book Depository sixth floor Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair” 11-22-63-unidentified fingerprint to WALLACE‘s previous police fingerprint card after WALLACE’s 1951 arrest (and later conviction) for pre-meditated murder........ WALLACE was convicted of premeditated murder then, incredibly, astonishingly, WALLACE was never imprisoned ---- merely receiving a sentence of only 5 years of probation ---- while LBJ was staying in the town during the trial judged by an LBJ friend........ On 10-22-51 WALLACE had murdered JOHN KINSER, who had, supposedly, asked JOSEFA JOHNSON (the parties-obsessed, promiscuous, bi-sexual sister of LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON and KINSER’s then-lover) if she could arrange for LBJ to "loan" KINSER money because JOSEFA had shared to KINSER about some of LBJ’s many corrupt activities. LBJ interpreted KINSER's request for a "loan" as a blackmail and political career endangering threat.

Additional detailed information with respect to the 11-22-63 finding of the MALCOLM WALLACE fingerprint inside the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"

Outstanding, very detailed 2-part report by LARRY HANCOCK concerning MALCOLM WALLACE and others. . . . Part 1 .... Part 2

“Dead Men Talking: An Update” by JAMES DiEUGENIO with respect to the 11-22-63 finding of the WALLACE fingerprint inside the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"

Researchers have also suggested that the WALLACE fingerprint might have been planted
in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair” in order to
blackmail WALLACE's friend, LBJ (and by extension, any and all of LBJ’s cronies like LBJ's
friend, HOOVER) to ensure their compliant cooperation's during the assassination cover-up's.

LBJ wanted JACQUELINE KENNEDY to ride with him in Dallas VIDEO

Parkland Hospital Doctor CHARLES CRENSHAW discussing LBJ statements when LBJ anxiously phoned the hospital shortly after OSWALD was shot by Mafia-linked associate JACK RUBY and brought to the hospital VIDEO

Parkland Hospital Doctor CHARLES CRENSHAW discussing LBJ phoning the hospital VIDEO 2

Parkland Hospital Doctor CHARLES CRENSHAW discussing LBJ phoning the hospital VIDEO 3

. . . . The multiple Pulitzer Prize winning author, ROBERT A. CARO, (who was LBJ's multiple-books biographer),
transparently revealed for everyone about JOHNSON in “Means of Ascent (The Years of Lyndon Johnson)”.....

“Another was the utter inability to comprehend the questions of morality
or ethics raised by his actions, an utter inability to tell that there was
even a possibly that he had violated accepted standards of conduct
and might be punished for that violation.”

“John Connally, who during long days of conversation with this author was willing to answer almost any
question put to him, no matter how delicate the topic, wouldn't answer when asked what Johnson
said about Robert Kennedy. When the author pressed him, he finally said flatly: ‘I am
not going to tell you what he said about him.’
During the months after the convention,
when Johnson was closeted alone back in
Texas with an old ally he would sometimes
be asked about Robert Kennedy. He would
reply with a gesture. Raising his big hand,
he would draw the side of it across his neck,
in a slow, slitting movement. Sometimes
that gesture would be his only reply:
sometimes, as during a meeting with Ed
Clark in Austin, he would say, as his hand
moved across his neck, ‘I'll cut his throat
if it's the last thing I do.’

(ROBERT A. CARO, biographer of LBJ, "The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson")

“From a moral standpoint, Johnson had no use for religion
except for the political benefits that it bestowed
upon him.
He had no use for the sanctity of marriage
except for the voting benefits it offered to him as a
'married man.'
And, his desire for alcohol, just like
with sex, was excessive. In short, moral rules relating
to his
personal conduct had no effect on stopping
him from
getting what he wanted.

(CRAIG ZIRBEL, summarizing some of LBJ's immoral characteristics that, along with
the 4, on-going, criminal investigations that LBJ was the focus or co-focus
by 11-22-63
, contributed into LBJ's desperate motives
for wanting President KENNEDY assassinated. . . .

"The Texas Connection")

here is a VIDEO that includes CRAIG ZIRBEL further detailing (some of)
LBJ's motives for instigating the assassination planning, or, his being
informed of it beforehand, then, simply accepting it and allowing it to
be executed because he knew it would make him president

"In retrospect, the reason for the assassination is hardly a mystery. It is now abundantly clear … why the C.I.A.’s covert operations element wanted John Kennedy out of the Oval Office and Lyndon Johnson in it. The new President elevated by rifle fire to control of our foreign policy had been one of the most enthusiastic American cold warriors.... Johnson had originally risen to power on the crest of the fulminating anti-communist crusade which marked American politics after World War II. Shortly after the end of that war, he claimed that atomic power had become ‘ours to use, either to Christianize the world or pulverize it’ — a Christian benediction if ever there was one. Johnson’s demonstrated enthusiasm for American military intervention abroad … earned him the sobriquet ‘the Senator from the Pentagon’....

(JAMES GARRISON, "On the Trail of the Assassins" 1988)

“I am not going to lose Vietnam. I am not going to be the
President who saw Southeast Asia go the way China went.”

(LBJ, quoted by TOM WICKER, "J.F.K. and L.B.J." This is what LBJ told
U.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam, HENRY CABOT LODGE in the
Executive Office Building, only 2 days after President
Kennedy’s murder-elimination)

LBJ, Texas Oil Barons, and the Billion$ of Dollar$ that in early 1963 President KENNEDY Sought to Recover in his starting to eliminate the oil barons 27.5 % Oil Depletion Tax Credit Allowance (after President KENNEDY was eliminated in Texas, his goals of eliminating oil depletion tax credits were quickly buried and dropped by the native-Texan/new President JOHNSON)

Texan #1: We'd have made improvements around here, oil or no oil.

Texan #2: But that 27.5 % tax exemption on oil helped, didn't it?

Texan #3: Bale, I'll tell you what old Pinky thinks.

Texan #2: What?

Texan #3: That oil tax exemption is the best thing to hit Texas since we whooped Geronimo!

Texan #2: One of the finest laws ever passed in Washington!

Texan #3: And all joking aside, Bick . . . . we're not adverse to accepting a share of the credit for it.

(friendly poolside chat among fellow Texas oil-barons… “Giant” 1956)

“Buchanan asserted that the assassination had been the work of Texas oil interests who felt that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, once elevated to the presidency, would protect their favourable percentage depletion tax treatment more vigorously than the Kennedy administration.”

(one of the very first books about the assassination, “Who Killed Kennedy?,” written in 1964 by THOMAS BUCHANON)

History of the Texas-based, mega-corporation, "Brown and Root,"
(now known as "KBR, Inc.")

. . . . a corporate mega-campaign-fund$ contributor$ to JOHNSON when he was starting-out and after he was a politician, and, one of THE many, very largest benefactor$ from U.S. government given-out contract$ during the escalation's of the Vietnam War (worth many Billion$ of dollar$ to "Brown and Root")

VIDEO of MADELEINE BROWN interview . . . . She was, supposedly, just one of LBJ's mistresses, and mother to LBJ's illegitimate son, STEPHEN . . . . quoting LBJ on 11-21-63 . . . .

“After tomorrow
those God-d***ed Kennedy's
won't embarrass me, again!
That's no threat---That's a promise!!”

another VIDEO

When MADELEINE BROWN, just one of LBJ’s, supposed, mistresses and mother to his illegitimate son, questioned LBJ soon after the assassination telling him she had heard talk that LBJ was involved in the assassination, she claimed that he quickly and furiously exploded ---- telling her . . . .

" It was Texas oil and those f**king renegade intelligence bastards in Washington! "

. . . . that had murdered President KENNEDY.

(“Texas in the Morning," page 189)

" I'll tell you something about Kennedy's murder that will rock you. .... Kennedy was trying to get Castro, but Castro got to him first. "

(LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON in an interview with HOWARD K. SMITH, detailed in an
article “How CIA Plot to Kill Castro Backfired,” 8-2-76, by HARRY ALTSCHULER)

L. FLETCHER PROUTY, USAF (Ret) research study, "LBJ, JFK & the Great American Coup D'Etat"

RFK to LBJ: "Why did you have my brother killed?!!" VIDEO

Blackmailing President KENNEDY: part 1.... part 2

LBJ to Hoover: "The only way we can stop 'em . . . . "

Hoover, LBJ, and the Warren Commission's role

MICK GREGORY research study, "What the Mainstream Media Hid about LBJ"

A thoughts stirring VIDEO, complete with written details for your considerations
(in “RealPlayer” format, so, the VIDEO takes about a minute
to load after the “RealPlayer” opening page appears)

Mafia crime syndicate accountant MEYER LANSKY

“It seems very likely that the F.B.I. was bugging and monitoring Baker’s business partners not only because of their connection to Baker and potentially to Johnson, since Hoover always liked to keep his options open, but also because Baker’s business partners were linked to two of the biggest names in the syndicate world—Lansky and Dalitz.

Baker may or may not have known the implications. Hoover certainly would have, and certainly the associates of the gambling figures would have been aware of the potential impact of any associations with Baker or LBJ. However, what Black certainly did know and what he very likely told John Roselli was that Black, Baker, and a senior executive from North American Aviation had visited with the Vice-President in his office in the Executive Office Building. Not a long visit, only 15 minutes or so, but long enough to leave an entry in the official visitors log; long enough to produce concrete evidence that Johnson and the Vice President’s office were part of Baker’s influence peddling. This visit was recorded in the Vice President’s daily log for August 21, 1963, while Baker’s firm was consolidating its control over the lucrative vending machine business for North American and is provided in Appendix A.

There is no doubt that Johnson’s association with Baker and his business partners could have exposed LBJ to blackmail. The only questions are whether or not this was communicated to Johnson himself, and whether the approach may have been directly from Roselli. However, as with the Oswald damage control, actions and timing can provide further insight. Johnson’s reaction to the Baker scandal becomes visible in the Vice-President’s official diary for the months of October and November of 1963. These diaries were maintained by Johnson’s secretaries and are immensely detailed, recording virtually all of the Vice-President’s activities, often including the time he went to bed and his recreational activities. They are available through the Johnson Library.

The legal proceedings and Congressional investigations of Baker began in September of 1963, and by October the pressure was such that Baker was forced to resign his position with the Democratic National Committee.”

(LARRY HANCOCK, “Someone Would Have Talked” 2003)

"The LBJ Robot," by my Friend MACK WHITE

LBJ admitted years later that the KENNEDY administration via the C.I.A. and the Mafia....

"We were running a damn 'Murder Incorporated' in the Caribbean" (C.I.A. trained teams
to kill Communist Dictator CASTRO) and LBJ was not sure what . . . .

. . . . "might have motivated Oswald, or . . . . ahhhh........ 'others',

that . . . . ahhhh . . . . . . . . could have been involved."

(LBJ to “CBS News” anchor, WALTER CRONKITE, 1969 SHORT VIDEO here ) LBJ and F.B.I. Director HOOVER phone conversation, 11-23-63 (transcript & audio)...…

"How did it happeni they ihit Connally?". . . .

" they " =???!~ ?!?! !!!? LBJ tape-recorded question (or, was it one of several ‘Freudian slips’?)
that LBJ made despite the multitude and welter of "lone-nut assassin" theoretical
statements constantly o-pined and words-salad spewed by "officials" and their co-opted
lame-stream media-philes during all of the previous 7 days after the assassination
, during
LBJ's phone conversation with his . . . .

.... decades-long time friend,

.... long time political ally and crony,

.... long time WashDC right-next-door neighbor,

.... also long time KENNEDY’s-hating,

.... long time illegally collecting his secret
F.B.I. files, then sharing the files with his
political allies.... These files were used by
him and his allies in blackmailing veiled threats
and real actions against enemies to politically
and criminally expose those enemies into
doing what he-they wanted done,

.... long time KENNEDY’s blackmailing,

.... long time Mafia corrupted and gratuities
accepting and services and expansions
allowed to the Mafia for 39 years by his,
mostly, "looking the other way," and failing to
even acknowledge the existence of a semi-
organized criminal Mafia

.... long time Mafia-blackmailed with suspected
photos-films for decades about his long-
rumored closet-homosexuality and his

.... Warren Commission investigation and
information-controlling, intimidations, and

.... who during the Warren Commission
investigation, he collected derogatory materials
about Commission members and their staff,
(his criminal modus-operandi of using his
F.B.I.-underling's to gather files of information that he
constantly used against blackmailing people from 1924,
that only stopped with his death in 1972). . . .


. . . . And . . . .

It was Hoover, who, in fact, at the very earliest stages of the assassination investigation, that Johnson
chose to quickly soon give Hoover, exactly, what Hoover megalomaniacally-craved the most . . . . when Johnson
waived the then-mandatory retirement age of 70 for any and all non-elected government worker's
that Hoover was fast approaching within a year (and Hoover already knew that the Kennedy’s
were going to, simply, let his mandatory-retirement be enforced)
, and Johnson officially
gave-made Hoover the "F.B.I. Director-for-life" . . . .

.... washDC politico-speak-translation =

Johnson rewarded Hoover ~ and rewarded him within days
before Hoover’s lies-filled Warren Commission testimony ~ at the very beginnings of
their politically micro-manipulated-F.B.I. investigation

JOHNSON: Were they aiming at the president?

HOOVER: They were aiming directly at the president.
There’s no question about that. This telescopic lens
brings close to you like they were sitting
right beside you.

" they " =???!~ ?!?! !!!? LBJ tape-recorded question (or, was it one of several ‘Freudian slips’?)
that LBJ made despite the multitude and welter of "lone-nut assassin" theoretical
statements constantly o-pined and words-salad spewed by "officials" and their co-opted
lame-stream media-philes during all of the previous 7 days after the assassination
, during
an LBJ 11-29-63 phone conversation with HOOVER.

"Hoover lied his eyes out to the Commission –
on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the
bullets, the gun
---- You name it."

(THOMAS HALE BOGGS, U.S. Congressman and Warren Commission commissioner,
in 1971, while HOOVER was still alive, and, shortly before BOGGS’ still-never-found
small, private plane, presumably, crashed somewhere into Alaska, and he was never
heard from, again)

"If I told you everything I know, it would be very dangerous to
this country. Our whole political system could be disrupted."

(J. EDGAR HOOVER, F.B.I. Director, in response to BILLY BYARS, JR.’s question, "Do you think Oswald did it?")

In the 1970s the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations re-opened the investigation into President Kennedy’s murder. In its final report (that, to this day, still stands as the government’s official conclusion) it determined that Kennedy was probably killed in a conspiracy, and, that J. Edgar Hoover’s F.B.I. (despite the F.B.I.’s millions of man-hours spent on the assassination), “failed to investigate adequately the possibility of a conspiracy to assassinate the President.”

Hoover, the Mob and the Kennedys - Part 1 VIDEO

Hoover, the Mob and the Kennedys - Part 2 VIDEO


At the Seat of Government, as J. Edgar Hoover liked to call his headquarters in
Washington, the Director had already decided that Lee Harvey Oswald was the
assassin. According to his notes, at 4:01 P.M.
**, he called Attorney General
Robert Kennedy and "told him I thought we had the man who killed the
president down in Dallas at the present time."

Although he had been in power for four decades, Hoover was worried about his
job. He had heard, from reliable sources, that Kennedy was thinking of sacking
him. Hoover hated the Kennedys. He deplored their glamour and their
philanderings (which he knew about because the FBI bugged their phones), and
was infuriated by their lack of deference to him. That afternoon, when Hoover
reported the death of the president to the attorney general, "he was not quite as
excited as if he were reporting the fact that he found a communist on the faculty
of Howard University," Bobby Kennedy later recalled.

Hoover felt better about Lyndon Johnson, who was almost as devious as he was.
But Hoover needed to prove himself. "He wanted to get credit for solving the
thing, and he wanted to get it fast," said Courtney Evans, one of Hoover's
assistant directors. Hoover cared far more about appearances than he did about
actually solving crime. For years, he satisfied his paranoia about communism by
harassing hapless leftists, yet he virtually ignored the existence of the Mafia.
Hoover wanted to stack up impressive statistics to prove that the F.B.I. always
got its man. In a sense, though, it almost didn't matter which man.


(“The Real Cover-Up” Newsweek Magazine, 11-22-93)

** at 4:01 PM EST, when HOOVER privately phoned
RFK declaring that the guilty assassin had been caught,
that was simultaneously 3:01 PM CST in Dallas - which
was barely only an hour after OSWALD had been
arrested -- when virtually nothing ---- at all ----
was known about OSWALD....

"The Ghosts of November" an outstanding updated research study by ANTHONY SUMMERS, the Pulitzer Prize finalist investigative journalist and My Friend. (Strongly recommend his outstanding JFK assassination book "Not In Your Lifetime: The Definitive Book of the JFK Assassination," and his Hoover biography book "Secret and Confidential; The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover" detailing the corrupted F.B.I. Director (regime-dictator) who was the Warren Commission near-total information-controlling filter, his machinations, obfuscations, obstructions, and lies by HOOVER, and his near-single-minded, “‘lone-nut’ did-it” underlings) ....A very special Thank You, again, to Dr. CYRIL WECHT, ANTHONY SUMMERS, JEFFERSON MORLEY, Dr. DONALD THOMAS, and STUART WEXLER for sharing your sensible, solid, detailed, valuable and very clear insights during our very interesting and informative private extended dinner after a day of Dr. WECHT’s 2003 President Kennedy Assassination Symposium: Solving the Great American Murder Mystery !

. . . . Here is a very interesting NPR Radio interview with TONY on 11-20-13
in which he details his research that HERMINO DIAZ was one of the assassins

Dr. CYRIL WECHT during his very passionate opening
keynote remarks for his 2003 President Kennedy Assassination
Symposium: Solving the Great American Murder Mystery

"Particularly in the 1960's, the F.B.I. did operate a program
that did tremendous destruction to many people, to the country,
and certainly to the F.B.I."

. . . . in acknowledgements and admissions that the F.B.I. had engaged in . . . .

"egregious illegal action---maybe criminal action."

(F.B.I. Director LOUIS FREEH, at a U.S. budget hearing, 2000)

“J. Edgar Hoover clearly abused his role as director of the F.B.I.

Symbolism matters in the United States, and it is wrong to
honor a man who frequently manipulated the law to achieve
his personal goals. There is no reason we should honor a man
who threw everything out the window, including the lives of
innocent men, in order to get what he wanted. Anybody who
participated should be held accountable, including Mr. Hoover."

(8-2-02 remarks given by U.S. Congressman Dan Burton (R-Ind.), chairman of the House Government
Reform Committee, when he introduced the U.S. House Resolution 5213 legislation to
permanently remove Hoover's name from the F.B.I. building in washDC)

How the C.I.A. Enlisted the Mafia via
Robert Maheu to Put a Hit on Castro

The C.I.A. & the Mafia VIDEO

The Mafia, C.I.A., Castro assassination teams, and the second Cuba liberation, part 1 (VIDEO)

The Mafia, C.I.A., Castro assassination teams, and the second Cuba liberation, part 2 (VIDEO)

The Mafia, C.I.A., Castro assassination teams, and the second Cuba liberation, part 3 (VIDEO)

The Mafia, C.I.A., Castro assassination teams, and the second Cuba liberation, part 4 (VIDEO)

The Mafia, C.I.A., Castro assassination teams, and the second Cuba liberation, part 5 (VIDEO)

The Mafia, C.I.A., Castro assassination teams, and the second Cuba liberation, part 6 (VIDEO)

(photo by GEORGE TAMES, “The Loneliest Job”)

Long before (and after) 11-22-63 the C.I.A. with the Mafia had been working together because of their intersecting, common motives.

This conspiring together of the U.S. government with the Mafia had been ongoing and steady from as early as, at least, World War II (possibly and probably longer), when President FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT’s government had worked together with the Mafia (in ROOSEVELT’s OPERATION UNDERWORLD “deal” with the Mafia’s main accountant MEYER LANSKY) ---- while HOOVER was the F.B.I. Director ---- to implement and continue to use the Mafia and their union workers to protect the U.S. governments vital military warehouses, docks, and vital wartime allies-needed military equipment and supplies against the wartime acts and terrorisms of Nazi spies and other enemy terrorists.

Among many additional, intersecting motives leading into 11-22-63 is that after CASTRO had confiscated the Mafia's million$ of dollar$ and then also kicked-out the Mafia away from Cuba, causing the Mafia to lose future million$ (billion$ in today's inflated dollar$) out of its profit$ from gambling$, drug$, prostitution$, etcetera'$, that had been flowing ----and, allowed to abundantly, mostly continue those illegal flow$---- all during the many, many HOOVER-F.B.I.-dictatorship decades).

Subsequently, President KENNEDY and U.S. Attorney General ROBERT F. KENNEDY had also dramatically increased prosecutions more than 1100% against the Mafia from 1961 to 1963 in the short time since the previous administration. (the same Mafia that the KENNEDY's father, JOSEPH SR., earlier had closely collaborated with for decades profiting Million$ from importing illegal booze's, collaborated with and profiting million$ in penetrating the film industries in Hollywood, and reportedly KENNEDY SR.'s collaborations with the Mafia that helped swing the Illinois unionized voters, and the entire state, winning the presidency for JFK during the 1960 presidential election)

Additionally, several extremely upset-at and JFK-hating, rogue-acting, longtime C.I.A. officers viewed and repeatedly stated publicly (as did C.I.A. Officer and Army General CHARLES PIERRE CABELL ----whom President KENNEDY had fired, but CHARLES CABELL refused to leave his Pentagon duties, and, who was, in fact, on 11-22-63 also the brother of Dallas Mayor EARLE CABELL) ---- that President KENNEDY was a “traitor” to America and the anti-CASTRO, C.I.A.-trained Cuban freedom fighters allies during the Bay of Pigs failed Communist Cuba liberation attempt. President KENNEDY did not trust the C.I.A., as evidenced by his stating to his closest friends after the Bay of Pigs that the C.I.A. had deliberately misled and flat-out lied to him, and he vowed that he would smash the C.I.A. into 1000 pieces and scatter the pieces to the winds. In 1962 ROBERT KENNEDY had already ordered the C.I.A. and Mafia to stop working together to stop developing their CASTRO-assassination teams, but, the C.I.A. decided ----internally, on its own, never informing either of the KENNEDY's---- to completely ignore RFK's orders, and all the while against the KENNEDY's C.I.A.-Mafia collusion cease orders the C.I.A. continued colluding with the Mafia to develop, train, and refine its CASTRO-assassination teams and plans until after President KENNEDY's elimination.

Among many possible additional common, intersecting, and combined strong motives that funneled into 11-22-63 . . . .

. . . . Ca$h . . . . After murderous Communist dictator FIDEL CASTRO (a.k.a. FIDEL ALEJANDRO CASTRO RUZ) liberally flip-flopped and declared to the world that he was really a Communist, he then kicked-out U.S. businesses and the Mafia out of Cuba, while he confiscated Million$ in the Mafia's dollars. That Communist CASTRO-confiscated Million$ of 1963 dollar$ ---- Billion$ in 2018 dollar$ ---- was suddenly and immediately stolen from the Mafia's gambling, drugs, prostitution, etc, that had been flowing for decades out of Cuba.

. . . . Ca$h . . . . Additionally, the Mafia was losing additional Million$ (Billion$ in 2018 dollar$) while, since 1961, President KENNEDY and RFK had dramatically increased 11-fold (1100%) total man-hours of prosecutions against the Mafia within the United States.

. . . . Additionally . . . . Many very upset, longtime, powerful, rogue C.I.A. Projects Officers viewed and publicly stated that President KENNEDY was a coward and/or a Socialist-Communist sympathizer and/or a “traitor” to the anti-CASTRO, C.I.A.-trained Cuban exile allies during the 1961 failure of the Bay of Pigs liberation of Cubans attempt. After the Communist Cuba liberation attempt President KENNEDY then fired C.I.A. Director ALAN WELSH DULLES (the future Warren Commission-commissar), C.I.A. Deputy Director of Plans, RICHARD MERVIN BISSELL, JR., and C.I.A. Deputy Director General CHARLES PIARRE CABELL (the brother of 11-22-63 Dallas Mayor EARLE CABELL). General CABELL, however, refused to leave his duties----even publicly railing that President KENNEDY was a “traitor” to the American people. Rogue C.I.A. Projects Officers and C.I.A. contracted agents and partners were working side-by-side with the Mafia and with the C.I.A.-organized, trained, and supplied assassination teams to try and kill FIDEL CASTRO. (all backed by CASTRO-plots-knowledgeable U.S. corporations that were kicked out by CASTRO and lost business profits from Cuba) Since the Bay of Pigs----when the C.I.A.’s highest levels Officers had lied to President KENNEDY beforehand----he did not trust the C.I.A., as evidenced by his stating to confidant’s that he would smash the C.I.A. into 1,000 pieces, then scatter the pieces to the winds, then his taking steps during his last months to do exactly that. In 1962 and 1963 the C.I.A. budget was cut. In 1962 ROBERT KENNEDY had ordered the C.I.A. and Mafia to stop working together, but, the C.I.A. decided, instead----internally, on its own----to completely ignore these JFK/RFK orders----and the C.I.A. continued working with the Mafia until well after President KENNEDY's elimination.

. . . . Ca$h . . . . Additionally, it is fully acknowledged that after the French left Vietnam in the mid-1950s (creating a vacuum that the Communists were continuously filling), the early U.S. paramilitary clandestine actions in Vietnam were being directed by the C.I.A.----it was the C.I.A.’s war----and the C.I.A. actions were backed-up by the then (and still) largest industry, dollar$-wise, in the United States----the "military industrial complex" that President EISENHOWER directly and very publicly warned us all about during his 1-17-61 farewell address for the nation ( part 1 and part 2)----a "military industrial complex" that had been steadily gearing up for many years in fighting, and, continuing to fight the Communists and while fighting them, to rake in many hundreds of Billion$ in profits (in 2013 dollar$) from its U.S. government contracts . . . . During 1963 President KENNEDY and his advisors were eliminating or cutting back on over 50 military bases, and formulating, coordinating, and starting the plans to withdraw most of our U.S. troops from Vietnam by the end of 1965 (KENNEDY had weighed-into that process to do so with his order of National Security Action Memorandum, NSAM # 263, on Oct 11, 1963, that ordered the first 1,000 troops to leave Vietnam by the end of 1963) . . . . NSAM # 263 was quickly reversed by JOHNSON----a.k.a. “the Senator from the Pentagon----by JOHNSON’s very first NSAM, NSAM # 273----that escalated and expanded the war----and, that escalated and expanded billion$ in profit$ to the war profiteer$----only one day after JOHNSON buried President KENNEDY.

. . . . Follow the huge, deep money Ca$h trails of the Military Industrial Complex to learn what benefiting persons, groups, corporations, etc are illuminated . . . .

. .. ... .... and several already established, connected, powerful winds blended
into a
whispered .......... “JFK”

“Sometimes people sort of glaze over about the notion that the Mafia and U.S. intelligence and the anti-Castro activists were involved together in the assassination of President Kennedy. In fact, there’s no contradiction there. Those three groups were all in bed together at the time and had been for several years in the fight to topple Fidel Castro.”

(ANTHONY SUMMERS, interviewed by BILL CURTIS for "Investigative Reports," September
1991 .…In fact, since, at least, WWII when President ROOSEVELT approved
OPERATION UNDERWORLD, the Mafia and U.S. intelligence agencies
had been closely conspiring together for their common motives)

“I will say emphatically that there is no Mafia
in this country and no national crime syndicate.
Why don’t those who talk about the mafia name
its leader or leaders? There has been no Mafia
in this country for at least forty years. Now
about a national crime syndicate: I say there
is no such thing, and I say it not simply as a
personal judgment but on the basis of talks with
other enforcement officials.”

(F.B.I. Director JOHN EDGAR HOOVER, “The Washington Post” 7-26-61,
after he had been dictorially running the F.B.I. for 37 years)

"After that bullet hit John Kennedy's head, the effort
against organized crime just dropped-off, almost immediately, and what
happened ---- in that sense ---- is what the mobsters wanted."

(ANTHONY SUMMERS, "Las Vegas: The Money and the Power" 2003 documentary . . . . In fact, under “team” LBJ-HOOVER, the U.S. Department of Justice total expended man-hours ---- including HOOVER's very own F.B.I. ---- that was spent on Mafia prosecutions decreased 1100 % during the next 3 years after JFK was eliminated and RFK was no longer the U.S. Attorney General.... reverting back to their pre-President KENNEDY levels, to when HOOVER had barely acknowledged and barely prosecuted the Mafia during the prior 37 years that he dictorially ran the F.B.I. .... excerpts from the 2001 book “The Money and the Power: The Making of Las Vegas and its Hold on America, 1947-2000” that the documentary was produced from)

“If the CIA did find out what we were doing [JFK initiated secret talks via other persons toward normalizing relations with Cuba, while, at the same time, the C.I.A. was still trying to kill CASTRO], this would have trickled down to the lower echelon of activists, and Cuban exiles, and the more gung-ho CIA people who had been involved since the Bay of Pigs. .... I can understand why they would have reacted so violently. This was the end of their dreams of returning to Cuba, and they might have been impelled to take violent action. Such as assassinating the President.”

(WILLIAM ATWOOD, former Ambassador to the United Nations, quoted by ANTHONY SUMMERS in his excellent 1998 updated book, “Not In Your Lifetime”)

“Undoubtedly if word leaked of President Kennedy's efforts [JFK initiated secret talks via other persons toward normalizing relations with Cuba, while, at the same time, the C.I.A. was still trying to kill CASTRO], that might have been exactly the kind of thing to trigger some explosion of fanatical violence. It seems to me a possibility not to be excluded.”

(ARTHUR SCHLESINGER, former Special Advisor to President KENNEDY, quoted by ANTHONY SUMMERS in his excellent 1998 updated book, “Not In Your Lifetime”)

“Lasting Questions about the Murder of President Kennedy”


C.I.A. Projects Officer David Atlee Phillips


David Phillips, the C.I.A. dis-information specialist in charge of Cuban operations in Mexico during the Oswald visit, left behind an unpublished manuscript for a novel when he died in 1988. It features a character apparently modeled on himself, a C.I.A. Projects Officer who served in Mexico City. “I was one of the two case officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald," the fictional character writes in a letter. “We gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba…I don’t know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the C.I.A. did not anticipate the president’s assassination, but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt.”

Before Phillips died, he had several conversations with Kevin Walsh, a former Assassinations Committee staffer, now working as a private detective in Washington D.C. “My private opinion," he told Walsh in all apparent seriousness, “is that J.F.K. was done in by conspiracy, likely including rogue American intelligence people.”


(ANTHONY SUMMERS in his excellent 2001 updated research article, “The Ghosts of November”, that he has allowed me to provide for everyone, writing about former C.I.A. Projects Officer DAVID ATLEE PHILLIPS, and PHILLIPS admissions that he thinks that fellow C.I.A. Agents had helped murder President KENNEDY .... PHILLIPS was also involved in running the C.I.A.'s secret anti-Fair Play for Cuba Committee operations - the F.P.C.C. was the very same group that OSWALD had become an active member of)

More Mexico Mysteries,” by REX BRADFORD


I. Introduction - Mexico City: The Rosetta Stone

II. The Third Tape

III. Telephone Taps and Human Informants

IV. The Enigma of Pedro Gutierrez Valencia

V. Publishing the Mystery Man Photograph

VI. Conclusion

" I'm not satisfied when I see men like Jimmy Hoffa, in charge of the
largest union in the United States, still free. "

(Senator JOHN F. KENNEDY, Presidential candidate, during the first 1960 Presidential
election debate broadcast nationally on TV & radio, 9-26-60, Chicago, IL)

During the HSCA investigation of the President Kennedy assassination, former C.I.A. Finance Officer JAMES WILCOTT testified that he had learned that former U.S. Marine LEE HARVEY OSWALD had been paid by the C.I.A. while OSWALD had been ordered stationed and served at the Top Secret airbase in Atsugi, Japan for the C.I.A.’s over flight U-2 jets surveillance missions covering Communist Russia and Communist China.

EDWARD DORSCH, JR. writes, “In his book, DEEP POLITICS AND THE DEATH OF JFK, Peter Dale Scott makes an observation (I have not been able to independently verify it) that it is possible that Lee Harvey Oswald purchased the Mannlicher-Carcano while working as an operative, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) (hence the Treasury Department, also parent organization of the Secret Service) as part of the Dodd Committee. That Congressional committee was investigating the ease of purchasing firearms through the mail. The rifle purchase did take place during the committee's investigation, and by purchasing it as Hidell, it could have been used as valid evidence of the need for stricter regulations. Of course, after Kennedy's assassination was tied to that gun, mail firearm sales were eliminated entirely. If Scott is correct, it is possible that Oswald never took possession of the rifle, and members of the Secret Service or F.B.I. could have. It might also help account for why so much of the normally meaningless documentation for the obscure purchase survived.”

"If Jimmy Hoffa, Santos Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello concluded that President Kennedy had to go, they most certainly had the guns, the guts, and the power to get the job done."

(JOHN DAVIS, “The Kennedy Contract”)

“Over the next eight years, through his devotion to covert action, his disdain for the details of analysis, and his dangerous practice of deceiving the president of the United States, Allen Dulles did untold damage to the agency he had helped to create.”

(TIM WEINER, "Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" 2007)

At his death Allen Dulles left the unpublished drafts of an article that
scholar Lucien S. Vandenbroucke has titled “The ‘Confessions’ of Allen
In these handwritten, coffee-stained notes, Dulles explained how
CIA advisers who knew better drew John Kennedy into a plan whose
prerequisites for success contradicted the president’s own rules for engagement
that precluded any combat action by U.S. military forces. Although Dulles
and his associates knew this condition conflicted with the plan they were
foisting on Kennedy, they discreetly kept silent in the belief, Dulles wrote,
that “the realities of the situation” would force the president to carry through
to the end they wished:

“[We] did not want to raise these issues—in an [undecipherable word]
discussion—which might only harden the decision against the type of action
we required. We felt that when the chips were down—when the crisis arose
in reality, any action required for success would be authorized rather than
permit the enterprise to fail.” But again, as Kennedy said, “They had me figured
all wrong.”

Four decades after the Bay of Pigs, we have learned that the C.I.A. scenario
to trap Kennedy was more concrete than Dulles admitted in his handwritten
notes. A conference on the Bay of Pigs was held in Cuba March 23-25, 2001,
which included “ex-CIA operatives, retired military commanders, scholars,
and journalists.” News analyst Daniel Schorr reported on National Public
Radio that “from the many hours of talk and the heaps of declassified secret
documents” he had gained one new perception of the Bay of Pigs:
“It was that the C.I.A. overlords of the invasion, director Allen Dulles and
deputy Richard Bissell, had their own plan of how to bring the United States
into the conflict. It appears that they never really expected an uprising against
Castro when the liberators landed as described in their memos to the White
House. What they did expect was that the invaders would establish and
secure a beachhead, announce the creation of a counterrevolutionary government
and appeal for aid from the United States and the Organization of
American States. The assumption was that President Kennedy, who had
emphatically banned direct American involvement, would be forced by public
opinion to come to the aid of the returning patriots. American forces,
probably Marines, would come in to expand the beachhead.

“In effect, President Kennedy was the target of a C.I.A. covert operation
that collapsed when the invasion collapsed.”

Even if President Kennedy had said no at the eleventh hour to the whole
Bay of Pigs idea (as he was contemplating doing), the C.I.A., as it turned out,
had a plan to supersede his decision. When the four anti-Castro brigade leaders
told their story to writer Haynes Johnson, they revealed how the Agency
was prepared to circumvent a presidential veto. The Cubans’ chief C.I.A. military
adviser, whom they knew only as “Frank," told them what to do if he
secretly informed them that the entire project had been blocked by the administration:
“If this happens you come here and make some kind of show, as if
you were putting us, the advisers, in prison, and you go ahead with the program
as we have talked about it, and we will give you the whole plan, even
if we are your prisoners.”

The brigade leaders said “Frank” was quite specific in his instructions to
them for “capturing” their C.I.A. advisers if the administration should attempt
to stop the plan: “they were to place an armed Brigade soldier at each American’s
door, cut communications with the outside, and continue the training
until he told them when, and how, to leave for Trampoline base [their assembly
point in Nicaragua].” When Robert Kennedy learned of this contingency
plan to override the president, he called it “virtually treason.”

John Kennedy reacted to the C.I.A.’s plotting with a vehemence that went
unreported until after his death and has been little noted since then. In a
1966 New York Times feature article on the C.I.A., this statement by JFK
appeared without further comment: “President Kennedy, as the enormity of
the Bay of Pigs disaster came home to him, said to one of the highest officials
of his Administration that he wanted ‘to splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand
pieces and scatter it to the winds.’”

(JAMES W. DOUGLASS, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters”
excerpts here
His 6-6-08 public presentation here
JAMES DOUGLASS, OLIVER STONE, and LISA PEASE 11-8-10 public presentations part 1
.... part 2 ....
.... part 3
.... part 4
.... part 5

The failed Communist Cuba liberation at the Bay of Pigs by C.I.A.-trained Cuban exiles on April 15th to 19th, 1961.

An April 29, 2000 Washington Post article, "Soviets Knew Date of Cuba Attack", reported that the C.I.A. already possessed gathered intelligence from operatives and linked chains of information before the attempted Cuba liberation that clearly indicated that the Communist Soviet Union knew (and, therefore, Cuban forces also knew) that the U.S. backed Cuba liberation attempt was going to take place, but, the C.I.A. managers decided within “the company” ---again, on its own--- to never reveal to President Kennedy that the Russians and Cubans already knew well ahead of time about the coming liberation attempt.

Henry Marshall’s death later determined to have actually been a premeditated murder, after Marshall's 6-3-61 “suicide” while he was deeply investigating Billie Sol Estes and his friend, Lyndon Johnson

“On 1st June, 1962, the Dallas Morning News reported that President John F. Kennedy had ‘taken a personal interest in the mysterious death of Henry Marshall.’ As a result, the story said, Robert Kennedy ‘has ordered the FBI to step up its investigation of the case.’

Mr. Marshall's investigation and subsequent murder are also detailed in "The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Guilty Men" documentary, episode 9

The Berlin Crisis of 1961 (4 June – 9 November 1961) was the last major politico-military European incident of the Cold War about the occupational status of the German capital city, Berlin, and of post–World War II Germany. After meeting President Kennedy at their Vienna summit meeting in April 1961, Khrushchev perceives Kennedy is weak, and soon provokes the Berlin Crisis with an ultimatum demanding the withdrawal of Western armed forces from West Berlin — culminating with the city's de facto partition with the East German erection of the Berlin Wall as the United States and NATO forces watch for months. A stand-off of U.S. and Soviet tanks on October 27 into the 28th was ended when Khrushchev and Kennedy agreed (according to one source, via a channel established just a month before) to reduce tensions by withdrawing the tanks. Afterwards, Kennedy offered to go easy over Berlin in the future in return for the Soviets removing their tanks first. Kennedy was then quoted as saying of the Berlin Wall: "It's not a very nice solution, but a wall is a hell of a lot better than a war.”

(Berlin Crisis of 1961, wikipedia)

“JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died And Why It Matters”
by James W. Douglas, page 47


In that March 29, 1977, interview, the last he would ever give, George de
Mohrenschildt told author Edward Jay Epstein he had “on occasion done
favors” since the early 1950s for government officials connected with the
CIA. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. The CIA contacts then helped
de Mohrenschildt arrange profitable business connections overseas.

De Mohrenschildt said that in late 1961 he had met in Dallas with the 
CIA’s J. Waltom Moore, who began to tell him about “an ex-American
Marine who had worked in an electronics factory in Minsk for the past year
and in whom there was ‘interest.’” The Baron had grown up in Minsk, as 
Moore seemed to know before being told. The ex-Marine, Moore said, would
be returning to the Dallas area. De Mohrenschildt felt he was being primed.

In the summer of 1962, de Mohrenschildt said, he was handed Lee Harvey
Oswald’s address in Fort Worth by “one of Moore’s associates,” who suggested
that de Mohrenschildt meet Oswald. De Mohreschildt then phoned Moore to
confirm such a mission and set up another mutually beneficial relationship.
He told Moore he would appreciate help from the U.S. embassy in Haiti in 
arranging approval by Haitian dictator “Papa Doc” Duvalier for an oil exploration
deal. Moore then gave de Mohrenschildt the go-ahead to befriend the Oswalds,
which de Mohrenschildt promptly did--with the firm understanding that he was
carrying out the CIA’s wishes. “I would never have contacted Oswald in a million 
years if Moore had not sanctioned it,” de Mohrfenschildt said in his final interview. 
“Too much was at stake.”

On October 7, 1962, nine days before the Cuban Missle Crisis began, de
Mohrenschildt urged his new friend Lee Harvey Oswald to move to Dallas, where
more of the Russian immigrants lived. Oswald took him so seriously that the next
day he quit his job at a Fort Worth welding company and made the move.
De Mohrenschildt then became Oswald’s mentor in Dallas. The Baron’s wife and
daughter said it was he who organized Oswald’s securing a new job, four days after
his move, with a Dallas graphics arts company, Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.


Presidential historian Richard Reeves, in “President Kennedy," 1993, reports that
on May 6, 1962, JFK’s friend, Red Fay, asked him about the political-thriller book
“Seven Days in May," in which military leaders try to take matters into their own
hands in opposition to the president's plan to end the cold war with a bold nuclear
disarmament plan, and the military leaders stage a coup’ :

“Could it happen here?”

“It’s possible," Kennedy said.

“But the conditions would have to be just right. If the country had a young president, and he had a Bay of Pigs, there would be a certain uneasiness. Maybe the military would do a little criticizing behind his back. Then if there was another Bay of Pigs, the reaction of the country would be, ‘Is he too young and inexperienced?’ The military would almost feel that it was their patriotic obligation to stand ready to preserve the integrity of the nation and only God knows just what segment of Democracy they would be defending …

“Then, if there were a third Bay of Pigs it could happen," said the President.

His friend looked shocked and Kennedy added: “It won’t happen on my watch.”

(“Seven Days in May," by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey, was a best seller
in 1962, only a year after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and six months before the Cuban Nuclear
Missiles Crisis. Accompanied by Kennedy’s recommendation (as Kennedy had also done for
“The Manchurian Candidate”) the book was soon made into a film that was released
less than 3-months after Kennedy was assassinated. (Complete film here) Author Knebel
said he got the idea for the book after interviewing then Air Force Chief of Staff and 4-stars
General, Curtis LeMay. The story is also said to have been influenced by the ultra far right
anti-Communist political activities of retired U.S. Army Major General Edwin A. Walker
(who is mentioned by name in the film) .... the same retired General Walker that on
4-10-63 Lee Harvey Oswald, supposedly, tried shooting in the head from less than 100’
but completely missed when he shot the window frame, instead of the
sitting Walker....

"We have not been told the truth about Oswald."

(RICHARD RUSSELL, United States Senator and former Warren Commission commissioner,
stated to United States Senate investigator and JFK assassination researcher and author,
HAROLD WEISBERG, “Whitewash IV,” 1972)





(a sign hanging inside his office,
prominently displaying the “career path,”
murderous credo core belief of the then-most powerful southern
U. S. Mafia Capo di tutti capi “Godfather" ---- the 5’ 2” CALOGERO MINACORE, a.k.a.
"Carlos Marcello,” “Big Daddy,” “The Little Man,” “The Little Big Man,” and the “Midget of the Mafia”)

In Marcello’s case the intent of the Kennedy administration was made known even before Inauguration Day, January 20, 1961. On December 28, 1960, the New Orleans States-Item reported that Attorney General-designate Kennedy was planning specific actions against Marcello. An F.B.I. report from that period noted: “On January 12, 1961, a [source] advised that Carlos Marcello is extremely apprehensive and upset and has been since the New Orleans States-Item newspaper on December 28, 1960 published a news story reporting that… Robert F. Kennedy stated he would expedite the deportation proceedings pending against Marcello after Kennedy takes office in January 1961.” While the House Select Committee on Assassinations carefully examined numerous areas of information pertaining to the proficiency of the F.B.I. in investigating organized crime during the 1950’s and early 1960’s, and found various areas in which Bureau performance was significantly deficient, questionable and even suspiciously so, the city of New Orleans was a special case. The F.B.I.’s outright denial of the existence of organized crime in New Orleans was unique to that city. The facts reveal that the Bureau’s conclusions on Marcello in New Orleans were attributable to a disturbing attitude on the part of the senior agent who supervised the organized crime investigations in that city, Regis Kennedy. He had been in charge of the Bureau’s work on Marcello and the New Orleans Mafia for years; unfortunately, he had also directed much of the F.B.I. investigation in that city of President Kennedy’s assassination.

(R. E. “Gus” PAYNE, “Falsely Accused: Jim Garrison's Investigation of JFK's Assassination and the United States of America Versus R.E. Payne” 2006)

" You know what they say in Sicily; If you
just cut the tail off the dog, the dog
will keep biting you,
so, you
must cut off the dog's head. "

(CARLOS MARCELLO, Mafia Godfather, to an acquaintance in August 1962, explaining
why President KENNEDY, not Attorney General ROBERT KENNEDY, would be killed. . . .
Personal-motives-wise and other multiple-motives-wise, along with the facts that the Mafia
had been losing Billion$ of dollar$ between CASTRO kicking out the Mafia from Cuba and
the KENNEDY’s had increased Mafia prosecutions 1100 %, in 1961 Attorney General
ROBERT KENNEDY had ordered U.S. Immigration Agents to literally kidnap MARCELLO
and hustle him aboard a 78-seat jet as its lone passenger, then deposited him in Guatemala
City ~~ because MARCELLO had been using a fake Guatemalan birth certificate to avoid
deportation back to Italy. MARCELLO was later flown to El Salvador, where soldiers
dumped him off in the ultra-hot, mountainous, dangerous jungles. MARCELLO claimed he
fainted three times, was covered in mosquito bites, had a broken ankle, and broke several
ribs before struggling and barely surviving to find his way, eventually, to a small airport.
Possibly with the help of JFK assassination suspect and pilot, DAVID FERRIE, and/or the
Dominican air force, he then had slipped secretly back into “his” territories in the U.S. ~~
territories that included Dallas ~~ Godfather MARCELLO furiously vowed that he would
extract his complete measure of revenge against the KENNEDY’s)


As part of its investigation, the committee examined a published account of what was alleged to have been a threat made by Carlos Marcello in late 1962 against the life of President Kennedy and his brother, Robert, the Attorney General. The information was first set forth publicly in a book on organized crime published in 1969, "The Grim Reapers," by Ed Reid. Reid, a former editor of the Las Vegas Sun, was a writer on organized crime and the co-author, with Ovid Demaris, of "The Green Felt Jungle," published in 1963.

In a lengthy chapter on the New Orleans Mafia and Carlos Marcello, Reid wrote of an alleged private meeting between Marcello and two or more men sometime in September 1962. [MY INSERTION: the meeting took place 9-11-62] His account was based on interviews he had conducted with a man who alleged he had attended the meeting.

According to Reid's informant, the Marcello meeting was held in a farmhouse at Churchill Farms, the 3,000-acre swampland plantation owned by Marcello outside of New Orleans. Reid wrote that Marcello and three other men had gone to the farmhouse in a car driven by Marcello himself. Marcello and the other men gathered inside the farmhouse, had drinks and engaged in casual conversation that included the general subjects of business and sex. After further drinks "brought more familiarity and relaxation, the dialog turned to serious matters, including the pressure law enforcement agencies were bringing to bear on the Mafia brotherhood" as a result of the Kennedy administration. Reid's book contained the following account of the discussion:

It was then that Carlos' voice lost its softness, and his words were bitten off and spit out when mention was made of U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was still on the trail of Marcello.

"Livarsi na petra di la scarpa!" Carlos shrilled the cry of revenge: "Take the stone out of my shoe!"

"Don't worry about that little Bobby, son-of-a-b***h," he shouted. "He's going to be taken care of!"

Ever since Robert Kennedy had arranged for his deportation to Guatemala, Carlos had wanted revenge. But as the subsequent conversation, which was reported to two top Government investigators by one of the participants and later to this author, showed, he knew that to rid himself of Robert Kennedy he would first have to remove the President. Any killer of the Attorney General would be hunted down by his brother; the death of the President would seed the fate of his Attorney General.

No one at the meeting had any doubt about Marcello's intentions when he abruptly arose from the table. Marcello did not joke about such things. In any case, the matter had gone beyond mere "business"; it had become an affair of honor, a Sicilian vendetta. Moreover, the conversation at Churchill Farms also made clear that Marcello had begun to move. He had, for example, already thought of using a "nut" to do the job.

Roughly 1 year later President Kennedy was shot in Dallas -- 2 months after Attorney General Robert Kennedy had announced to the McClellan committee that he was going to expand his war on organized crime. And it is perhaps significant that privately Robert Kennedy had singled out James Hoffa, Sam Giancana, and Carlos Marcello as being among his chief targets.

In an interview with the committee, Reid said that his informant stated that Marcello seemed to be "very serious" as he spoke of planning to assassinate President Kennedy.


(from the 1979 House Select Committee of Assassinations Report, Volume 9, Part 3)

“Carlos Marcello:
Big Daddy In The Big Easy”

by Thomas L. Jones

.... a very comprehensive biography of MARCELLO, his family, and his Mafia “family”;
including his, and others, detailed threats against the KENNEDY’s.

southern U. S. Mafia Capo di tutti capi “Godfather," SANTOS TRAFFICANTE

(a.k.a. “Santo Trafficante," “The Quiet Don," "The Quiet Godfather," “Louie," “Louie Santos”)

In September 1962 in Miami, JOSE ALEMAN JR., the Cuban exile leader and financier, met with SANTOS TRAFFICANTE, the Florida-based Mafia Godfather. TRAFFICANTE and ALEMAN were both connected to the anti-CASTRO network of assassination teams being manipulated by the C.I.A. trying to kill CASTRO. ALEMAN, son of a former Cuban cabinet minister and very active in the exile movement, was close to many of the C.I.A.’s principal Cuban conspirators in the assassination teams plots to kill CASTRO, and his cousin had helped TRAFFICANTE get out of Cuba after CASTRO took over the government. That day, ALEMAN was trying to persuade TRAFFICANTE to help him secure a $1.5 million loan from HOFFA’s Teamsters for a large condominium project. During the conversation, the subject of KENNEDY’s prosecution of HOFFA and the Teamsters came up, and TRAFFICANTE told ALEMAN....

"Mark my word, this man Kennedy is in trouble, and he
will get what is coming to him.”

ALEMAN says that he then argued that KENNEDY would get re-elected, and TRAFFICANTE replied.…

"No, Jose, you don’t understand: Kennedy's not
going to make it to the election. He is going to be hit."

ALEMAN understood that from the context of the conversation, TRAFFICANTE meant that the "hit" would come from HOFFA. It turned out that ALEMAN was also a long time F.B.I. informant and, after meeting with TRAFFICANTE, he went to the F.B.I.’s Miami office and told his control agent what TRAFFICANTE said but they were only interested in TRAFFICANTE’s business proposals. Years later, Louisiana Teamsters official EDWARD PARTIN confirmed that such talk was circulating among the Teamsters. PARTIN said that in the summer of 1962, HOFFA himself spoke of killing ROBERT KENNEDY, and perhaps even the president, to get the federal government off the Teamsters’ back.

“October 1962

First rumors of a Castro sponsored JFK hit begin to circulate

CIA informant in Guatemala reports a detailed conversation by Castro agents which included discussion about JFK being eliminated within the coming year. In addition a letter intercepted in Miami and destined for an anti-communist out of country radio station appears to substantiate the Castro plot. An extensive FBI investigation into this was unable to trace the letters to any Castro personnel or agents. Suspicion was expressed that it was actually a propaganda exercise against the Castro regime by Cuban exiles. Perhaps part of David Phillips (Bishop) psychological warfare program.”

(LARRY HANCOCK, “Someone Would Have Talked” 2003)

The 1962 Cuban Missiles Crisis of Russian nuclear weapons armed missiles in Cuba nearly brings the United States and the Russia into nuclear conflict. Khrushchev conceived the idea of placing missiles in Cuba as a deterrent to another possible U.S. invasion attempt of Cuba, and justified the move in response to U.S. missiles deployed in Turkey. Soviet R-12 medium range ballistic missiles are sent for deployment on Cuban soil; however, American Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance discovered the construction of the missile installations on October 14, 1962. As a result, the U.S. publicly announced its discovery on October 22, 1962, when President Kennedy implemented a quarantine around Cuba that would actively intercept and search any vessels heading for the island. In a personal letter to Khrushchev dated October 27, 1962, Castro urged him to launch a nuclear first strike against the United States if Cuba were invaded, but Khrushchev rejected any first strike response. Soviet field commanders in Cuba were, however, authorized to use tactical nuclear weapons if attacked by the United States. Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles in exchange for a U.S. commitment not to invade Cuba and an understanding that the US would secretly remove American “Jupiter” medium range ballistic missiles targeting Communist Soviet Union from Turkey and Italy, a measure that the U.S. implemented a few months later. The missile swap was never publicized because the Kennedy Administration demanded secrecy in order to preserve NATO relations and protect Democratic Party candidates in the upcoming U.S. elections. The confrontation ended on October 28, 1962 when President Kennedy and United Nations Secretary-General U Thant reached an agreement with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to dismantle the offensive weapons and return them to the Communist Soviet Union, subject to United Nations verification, in exchange for an agreement by the United States to never invade Cuba.

(Cuban Missile Crisis, wikipedia)

“The Manchurian Candidate” film premiers 10-24-62. Based on the 1959 best-seller book
by RICHARD CONDON, this political thriller revolves around a former U.S. prisoner of war
during the Korean War who is physically conditioned and mentally brainwashed by Communists
into becoming a pre-programmed tool for political assassination.

(before the film production was ever started, when President KENNEDY was
asked by his friend, JOHN FRANKENHEIMER (the films' eventual director),
if the book should be made into a film, JFK agreed that it should be)


The decision by Kennedy to withdraw from Vietnam was confirmed by John McCone, the director of the CIA:

“When Kennedy took office you will recall that he won the election because he claimed that the Eisenhower administration had been weak on communism and weak in the treatment of Castro and so forth. So the first thing Kennedy did was to send a couple of men to Vietnam to survey the situation. They came back with the recommendation that the military assistance group be increased from 800 to 25,000. That was the start of our involvement. Kennedy, I believe, realized he'd made a mistake because 25,000 US military in a country such as South Vietnam means that the responsibility for the war flows to (the US military) and out of the hands of the South Vietnamese. So Kennedy, in the weeks prior to his death, realized that we had gone overboard and actually was in the process of withdrawing when he was killed and Johnson took over.”


(JOHN SIMKIN, “The Vietnam War and the Assassination of JFK," quoting former-C.I.A. Director
JOHN McCONE in his interview by HARRY KREISLER on 4-21-88)

"There is a price on the President's head ---- Somebody will kill
Kennedy when he comes down South."

(BERNARD TREGLE, a New Orleans bar-restaurant
owner closely associated with Mafia Godfather
MARCELLO, heard in March 1963 by one of his
employees, EUGENE DE LAPARRA, stated to
NORMAN LaBLANC and another man)

“I speak from personal knowledge and experience of having been told of the impending assassination of the President seven months before it happened by a Jose A. Rivera, a Civil Service employee of the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness of the National Institutes of Health. He was also a former US Army Colonel and member of the US Army Reserves. This information was given to US Secret Service Agent John W. Rice, in the presence of F.B.I. Special Liaison Agent Orrin Bartlett in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, November 24, 1963. Mr. Bartlett was a liaison between the F.B.I., the Secret Service , and the White House. Mr. Bartlett called his Headquarters in Washington and the Baltimore Office of the F.B.I., asking that Mr. Rivera be brought in for Interrogation.”

segment of 2009 letter written from ADELLE E. U. EDISEN, PhD, to President-elect OBAMA… Doctor JOSE ALBERT RIVERA (based out of Bethesda Hospital - where President KENNEDY’s “autopsy” was performed), who was also a Biological Warfare Unit (such as the C.I.A. weapons theorized for assassination teams use to try to kill CASTRO) U.S. Army Colonel had expressed foreknowledge of President Kennedy’s assassination to EDISEN in April 1963. In 1963 RIVERA also taught biochemistry at Tulane University, near New Orleans, and was a “National Institutes of Health” administrator. . . .

*Somehow* RIVERA already knew of OSWALD's Magazine Street phone number in New Orleans, two weeks before OSWALD, himself, even knew he was moving back to New Orleans . . . .

the “International Brotherhood of Teamsters” union president,
convicted felon, and Mafia criminal “projects” conspirator,

In July 1963 FRANK RAGANO, a long time Mafia lawyer acting in this instance as a JIMMY
HOFFA emissary, met in New Orleans with Mafia Godfathers MARCELLO and
TRAFFICANTE. RAGANO said he carried a message from HOFFA to ask the Godfathers
for a "little favor … You won't believe this, but he wants you to kill John Kennedy.
He wants you to get rid of the President right away."
RAGANO said the faces of
the two Godfathers "were icy. Their reticence was a signal that this was an
uncomfortable subject, one they were unwilling to discuss."

(long time Mafia lawyer, FRANK RAGANO, in his book, “Mob Lawyer” . . . . While
MARCELLO, according to ROBERT BLAKEY, was the principal driver of the plot to kill
President KENNEDY, another Mafia co-conspirator was TRAFFICANTE)

The Treaty banning Nuclear Weapon Tests In The Atmosphere, In Outer Space And Under Water, often abbreviated as the Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT), Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT), or Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (NTBT) (although the latter also refers to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) is a treaty prohibiting all test detonations of nuclear weapons except underground. It was developed both to slow the arms race (nuclear testing was, back then, necessary for continued nuclear weapon advancements), and to stop the excessive release of nuclear fallout into the planet's atmosphere.

It was signed by the governments of Communist Soviet Union (represented by Andrei Gromyko), the United Kingdom (represented by Sir Alec Douglas-Home) and the United States (represented by Dean Rusk), named the "Original Parties," at Moscow on August 5, 1963 and opened for signature by other countries. It was ratified by the U.S. Senate on September 24, 1963 by a vote of 80 to 19, and signed by President Kennedy on October 7, 1963. The treaty went into effect on October 10, 1963.

(Partial Test Ban Treaty, wikipedia)

On 10-11-63 President KENNEDY ordered National Security Action Memorandum # 263 (NSAM 263), that ordered our first 1,000 United States troops to leave Vietnam by 1965.

"Before talking to the informant about JFK's assassination, Marcello first mentioned his contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby, in a casual way, while talking about this criminal operations in New Orleans. There was only one other inmate whom Marcello felt comfortable talking to about his activities there. The informant ‘had another friend at Texarkana [prison] that had worked for Marcello's brother, as a bartender. The 'little man' would let him come to our room and they would talk about New Orleans for hours. One night, Marcello was talking about the Kennedys. He told me and my friend about a meeting with Oswald. He had been introduced to Oswald by a man named Ferris [Ferrie] who was Marcello's pilot. He said that the [meeting] had taken place in his brother's restaurant. He said that he thought that Oswald [was] crazy. They had several meetings before he left town.’”

(LAMAR WALDRON and THOM HARTMANN, “Legacy of Secrecy” page 50, about the
June 1988 letter from the informant to CARL PODSIADLY, F.B.I., San Francisco, CA
office, detailing MARCELLO‘s admissions to being involved with instigating President
Kennedy's assassination, and setting-up OSWALD as the lone-nut "patsy")

“One of the more troubling cases of C.I.A. disobedience to presidential authority was
its behavior in relation to Cuba. In September 1963, long after President Kennedy
had ordered a halt to the covert campaign against Castro, senior C.I.A. staffers,
including the deputy director, Richard Helms, and Desmond Fitzgerald, the head of
the Agency's Cuba unit, approved plans to kill Castro, without seeking presidential
authorization. They also continued other covert operations against Cuba in violation
of the President's instructions. Needless to say, these C.I.A. officers did not inform
the President of their activities; nor did they inform Congress or the Attorney
General, Robert Kennedy. They didn't even tell then-CIA director John McCone,
probably because he was appointed by President Kennedy following the Bay of Pigs
disaster. In short, as Anthony Summers has observed, ‘in September and October
1963--a crucial moment politically--CIA officers were acting in a way that gravely
endangered White House policy’ "

(MICHAEL T. GRIFFITH, “Suspects in the JFK Assassination”)

“United States leaders should think that
if they are aiding terrorist plans
to eliminate Cuban leaders, they
themselves will not be safe.”

(Cuba Communist dictator FIDEL CASTRO, to Associated Press reporter
DANIEL HARKER, on 9-7-63, before President KENNEDY's elimination....
the Warren Commission investigation never received a scintilla
of any information that the C.I.A. was conspiring with the Mafia
to kill CASTRO, despite the fact that ALLEN DULLES, the C.I.A.
former Director - who had been fired by JFK - was also an
investigation Warren Commission commissioner, and DULLES knew
full-well about the many assassination plots to train teams to
eliminate CASTRO.

“In brief, Mr. Nagell maintains that he sought to warn both the F.B.I., in the form of a registered letter to Director Hoover on September 17, 1963, and the C.I.A., specifically Desmond Fitzgerald's office of the special affairs staff of the C.I.A., of an assassination plot involving Oswald and two Cuban exile associates who used the code names of Angel and Leopoldo.

At the time, Mr. Nagell was working as a double-agent and had connections to the Soviet KGB and/or GRU intelligence services, as well as Cuban intelligence, possibly Japanese intelligence, and the C.I.A..

The intent of the conspirators, according to Mr. Nagell, was to pin the blame on Castro's Cuba and spark an invasion of the island, and he has stated that Oswald was falsely convinced that he was working on Castro's behalf.”

. . . . and . . . .

[Richard Case Nagell was] “a former military intelligence officer and C.I.A. contract agent who was involved with Oswald when both were stationed in Japan in 1957 and '58 and later during the 1962 and '63 period in Dallas, New Orleans, Mexico City, and perhaps elsewhere.”

. . . . and . . . .

“Even though the Warren Commission knew about him, as well as the House Committee on Assassinations, for reasons best known to those members, he was never called.”

(1995 testimony of DICK RUSSELL to the Assassinations Records Review Board about C.I.A. contract agent, RICHARD CASE NAGELL. RUSSELL is the author of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” that focuses on NAGELL and NAGELL‘s claims that he was ordered to divert OSWALD from performing the assassination, and, if OSWALD could not be diverted, NAGELL was suppose to kill him)

“Sylvia Odio's visitors were three men, including two who were described by both Anne and Sylvia as ‘looking more Mexican than anything else,’ and one American who spoke poor Spanish (apparently understanding even less).

One or two days later, Sylvia received a call during which one of the men made the casual comment that the American with them was named ‘Leon Oswald.’ ‘He was an ex-Marine, an expert marksman and he would be a tremendous asset to anyone, except you never know how to take him. He could do anything, like getting underground in Cuba, like killing Castro. He says we Cubans don't have any guts, we should have shot President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. He says we should do something like that.’ ”

(LARRY HANCOCK, “Someone Would Have Talked” details about SYLVIA ODIO and her sister,
ANNIE, being visited the night of 9-25-63 by three men: LEE HARVEY OSWALD, who the Warren
contended was pro-CASTRO, along with his two violently militant cohorts that were
anti-CASTRO. The leader of these cohorts, “Leopoldo," was definitely a Cuban. Another man,
"Angelo," was possibly a Mexican, and the third man, an American ex-Marine introduced to her
as “Leon Oswald” who she and her sister have steadfastly identified as LEE HARVEY OSWALD.
SYLVIA ODIO voluntarily told the Warren Commission about her visitors, but the Commission
decided she had been mistaken in her identification of OSWALD, in part because OSWALD was,
by the Commission's reckoning, sitting in a bus going to Mexico City at the same time ODIO
said she was visited by him)

SYLVIA ODIO videotaped statements with respect to what she commission-testified to about her meeting LEE HARVEY OSWALD and his two, violently militant, anti-CASTRO cohorts, at the exact same time when the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists theorize he was sitting in a bus going to Mexico City.


It was 1993, the 30th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination,
when FRONTLINE first aired its documentary, "Who Was Lee
Harvey Oswald?" In that program FRONTLINE concluded,
"What now seems certain is that the CIA is still covering up
its contact with Lee Harvey Oswald."

Now, ten years later, much material has been made available
to the American public which sheds light on what the CIA had
been hiding for forty years. This new information is the result
of the U.S. Congress passing the 1993 "JFK Records Act,"
which mandated the full release of all government files
relating to the assassination of President Kennedy and
created a civilian Assassination Records Review Board to
oversee this process. By the time the Board's work was
completed in the late 1990s, six million pages of documents
had been made available to the public in the National

Arguably, the most startling information so far brought to light
by the release of these intelligence records is the CIA cover-up
relating to Oswald's visit to Mexico City.

Oswald was in Mexico City in late September and early October
of 1963. During his one-week stay, he tried to obtain visas from
the Cuban consulate and Soviet embassy. But intelligence
documents released in 1999 establish that, after Oswald failed
to get the visas, CIA intercepts showed that someone
impersonated Oswald in phone calls made to the Soviet
embassy and the Cuban consulate and linked Oswald to a
known KGB assassin - Valery Kostikov - whom the CIA and FBI
had been following for over a year.


Dr. JOHN NEWMAN, former United States National Security Agency Assistant Director, U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City” 2003 . . . .VALERY VLADIMIROVICH KOSTIKOV was not, just, any low-level Russian assassin - he was at the time, in fact, the C.I.A. equivalent to the Director of the Communist Russian K.G.B. "Line V" -- the K.G.B.’s "Division 13" that was involved in the K.G.B.’s assassinations, terrorism, sabotage and kidnappings throughout the world’s entire free Western Hemisphere countries

“If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the C.I.A.

The Agency represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone."

(ARTHUR KROCK, the New York Times multiple Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
and good friend of President KENNEDY, in his 10-3-63 editorial article entitled,
“The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam,” available here.... JFK very
often turned to KROCK to publish statements that were too politically explosive
for JFK to speak as President)

“ A chronological consolidation of the telephone calls made by Ruby
from the five separate business and home telephones he used
uncovered a significant increase in the number of calls made in
October and November 1963. The average number leapt from around
25 to 35 in the months of May through September to approximately
75 in October and approximately 96 during the first 3 1/2 weeks
of November. In an effort to determine possible reasons for this
significant increase in calls during the months immediately
preceding the assassination, the committee closely evaluated
Ruby's activities during that period. It looked at whom Ruby was
calling and who was calling him, why he was in contact with
those people, whether he had had previous contact with them, and
what the significance of such contacts was. ”

(Report by the House Select Committee on Assassinations about
Mafia-linked associate JACK RUBY’s dramatic increase in phone
calls, many of which were to his Mafia-linked associates, in the
months leading up to the assassination)


On October 9, 1963, one week before Lee Harvey Oswald began his job at a site overlooking
the president's future parade route, an FBI official in Washington, D.C., disconnected Oswald
from a federal alarm system that was about to identify him as a threat to national security. The
FBI man's name was Marvin Gheesling. He was a supervisor in the Soviet espionage section
at FBI headquarters.

His timing was remarkable. As author John Newman remarked in an analysis of this
phenomenon, Gheesling "turned-off the alarm switch on Oswald literally an instant
before it would have gone off."


(JAMES DOUGLASS, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died, and Why It
2008.... (surprisingly?!!?) agent GHEESLING also became one of the
supervising investigators for the Warren Commission during its investigation)

“At a meeting with James J. Rowley, the head of the Secret Service, Bolden criticized the "general laxity and the heavy drinking among the agents who were assigned to protect the President". As a result of these complaints, Bolden was sent back to the Chicago office and assigned to routine anti-counterfeiting duties.

Bolden claimed that in October, 1963, the Chicago Secret Service office received a teletype from the Federal Bureau of Investigation warning that an attempt would be made to kill President John F. Kennedy by a four-man Cuban hit squad when he visited the city on 2nd November. Armed with high-powered rifles, the men from "a dissident Cuban group". According to investigative journalist Edwin Black, the Secret Service arrested two suspects, however, they were eventually released.

Abraham Bolden later discovered that this information was being kept from the Warren Commission. When he complained about this he was warned "to keep his mouth shut". Bolden decided to travel to Washington where he telephoned Warren Commission Counsel J. Lee Rankin. Bolden was arrested and taken back to Chicago where he was charged with discussing a bribe with two known counterfeiters. He was eventually found guilty of accepting a bribe and spent six years in prison. When he tried to draw attention to his case, he was placed in solitary confinement.

Sam DeStefano, one of the men who accused Bolden of this crime, was murdered in 1973. DeStefano was close to Sam Giancana, Charles Nicoletti and Richard Cain. It is believed that Cain murdered DeStefano. Soon afterwards, Cain himself was murdered.

Lamar Waldron claims in his book, Ultimate Sacrifice, that according to a Central Intelligence Agency memo, mobsters in Chicago were involved in framing Bolden on the bribery charges.

In 2008 Abraham Bolden published his book, The Echo from Dealey Plaza, an account of his time as a member of the White House Secret Service."

(biography of ABRAHAM W. BOLDEN, SR., U.S. Secret Service Agent, whom President KENNEDY had personally hired as the first black Secret Service Agent to serve on the White House detail)

Chicago TV report on the Chicago Assassination Attempt VIDEO

New, Thwarted JFK Assassination Plot in Chicago Revealed by Secret Service Agent, 11-22-07

"The Chicago Plot" (JFK assassination attempt) by EDWARD BLACK

Mr. AUBREY "Al" LEE RIKE (born 1937, passed-on 2010) was a Dallas ambulance driver who was summoned to Dealey Plaza 11-22-63 to transport a man (later claimed to have been JERRY BOYD BELKNAP: born 1940, passed-on 1985) who had publicly exhibited seizures near the Houston and Elm streets intersection southwest corner, across the intersection, oppositely away from the Texas School Book Depository and Dal-Tex buildings. That man's seizures drew the immediate attention's of the nearby policemen and persons within Dealey Plaza and started a few short minutes before the President was scheduled to enter the plaza kill zone....

In 1992 Mr. RIKE spoke at the "Assassination Symposium about Kennedy" (A.S.K.) and detailed that he knew of, at least, 8 phony telephone calls that had each requested an ambulance go to Dealey Plaza in the 3 weeks leading up to the assassination.....

Mr. RIKE suggested that the phony telephone calls were made with the deliberate purposes to determine exactly how much time it took an ambulance to reach Dealey Plaza after being called......

Mr. RIKE further strongly suggested that another purpose of the phony calls was to try to time the assassination shots to occur simultaneously as when the loud siren of his ambulance was still within hearing distance of Dealey Plaza, so to try and confuse witnesses and/or drown out assassination shots noises and assassins locations. (Mr. RIKE's ambulance started to pull away from the location of the man's epileptic seizure at 12:22 to 12:23 PM ------ the Dallas newspapers had publicly printed for everyone that President KENNEDY would enter the plaza at 12:25 PM)

AUBREY “Al” RIKE is the author
of “At the Door of Memory.” He
also helped prepare President KENNEDY’s
body then helped place it into a bronze casket
in Trauma Room # 1 at Parkland Hospital.... Soon Mr.
RIKE was also personally caught right in the middle of
the 11-22-63 cursing, shoving, then quickly-escalating into
physical fights that lasted 10 to 15 minutes for the control of
the President’s body that took place at Parkland hospital between the
weapons-drawn and aiming Secret Service Agents and Parkland officials when
the Dallas County Coroner, Dr. EARL ROSE, and other officials were demanding their legal
rights to perform President KENNEDY’s autopsy protocol in Dallas County where the murder had
occurred. At the pointing of their guns, the Secret Service then quickly whisked JFK's body out of the forensic
control of the very experienced Dallas County Coroner, and then quickly took JFK back into Air Force One.

“JFK and the C.I.A. were in a virtual state of war from the moment of the Bay of Pigs disaster until the day he died. JFK did not trust the C.I.A. and he reportedly intended to dismantle it after the 1964 election. In Vietnam, the C.I.A. refused to carry out instructions from the ranking American official in the country. It also ignored JFK's orders to stop working with the Mafia. When Kennedy heard the news that South Vietnam's dictator Ngo Diem had been murdered by a C.I.A.-backed coup, against his express wishes, he was outraged. Kennedy was no fan of Diem's, but he did not want to see him murdered. General Maxwell Taylor wrote that upon learning of Diem's death JFK ‘leaped to his feet and rushed from the room with a look of shock and dismay on his face.’ Senator George Smathers reported that Kennedy blamed the C.I.A. for Diem's murder. According to Smathers, Kennedy said he had to ‘do something about’ the C.I.A. and that the Agency should be stripped of its exorbitant power. On another occasion, Kennedy reportedly said he would scatter the C.I.A. ‘into a thousand pieces.’ "

. . . . and . . . .

“It's worth noting that Kennedy was assassinated just three weeks after South Vietnam's dictator, Ngo Dinh Diem, along with his brother, Ngo Nhu, were murdered in a coup that Kennedy backed. Naturally, family and backers of Diem and Nhu would have had a powerful motive to kill Kennedy.

Furthermore, Diem and Nhu learned that Kennedy was backing the coup well before the coup actually occurred, but they didn't know the exact date of the coup (there were several postponements of the coup). It would have been only natural for Diem and Nhu to have set plans in motion to kill Kennedy. Nhu was Diem's chief advisor and the head of the nation's secret police. Nhu and Diem were involved in the lucrative heroin traffic with the French Mafia, the same French Mafia to which Michel Mertz belonged. Not only would Diem and Nhu have wanted Kennedy dead in order to put a stop to the coming coup against them, but they might very well have viewed Kennedy as a powerful potential threat to their multimillion-dollar heroin business with the French Mafia, given the Kennedys' ongoing war against the Mafia in America and the Kennedy Administration's pressure on the French government to get tough with the French Mafia. The French Mafia, the American Mafia, and the Diem government were effectively business partners in a lucrative heroin network. We now know that Nhu's counter-intelligence operatives placed electronic bugs in the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, so Diem and Nhu knew well in advance that Kennedy was backing a coup against them. Bradley O'Leary and Edward Lee comment on this fact:

But one thing we know was never disclosed in Saigon's U.S. Embassy was the actual date of the coup. The insurgent generals never told us exactly when the coup would occur. We also know that several go-dates for the coup were called off--which Nhu and Diem must have known thanks to their bugs....

The only problem with that is that the coup took place a little sooner than Diem counted on. We contend that Diem and Nhu (along with their colleagues in the Marseille and U.S. mafias) already had a plan underway to assassinate John F. Kennedy. But Diem and Nhu were assassinated themselves before their plan could be enacted.

Interestingly, it has come to light that three previously classified F.B.I. file surveys named Nhu's wife, known as Madame Nhu, and the government of South Vietnam as suspects in the JFK assassination. Madame Nhu was touring the U.S. when she heard the news of her husband's murder. She publicly said,

‘Such a cruel injustice against a faithful ally cannot go unnoticed, and those who indulge in it will have to pay for it. . . . If my family has been treacherously killed with either the official or unofficial blessing of the American Government, I can predict to you all that the story of Vietnam is only the beginning.’

Three weeks after Madame Nhu made this statement, JFK was killed in Dallas.

There is some evidence that Lyndon Johnson himself suspected that supporters of Diem and Nhu were involved in Kennedy's death.

What is especially interesting is that the Russian KGB investigated the assassination and concluded Kennedy ‘was shot by a professional assassin hired by French and South Vietnamese agents.’ This information comes from Colonel Semyonavitch Pavlotsky, who was the highest ranking officer in the KGB's investigative unit. Pavlotsky continues,

‘Our unit knew that the Americans helped overthrow and murder South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem. . . . Diem's brother Ngo Dinh Nhu was also killed, and this cut off the supply of opium that Nhu had been helping the Corsican mafia smuggle to Marseille. The Corsicans then turned the opium into heroin and shipped it to the United States where American gangsters sold the drugs. Our group found that the Corsicans hired French hitman Michael Mertz, sometimes known as Jean Rene Soutre, to carry out the assassination with the cooperation of the American Mafia bosses.’ ”

(MICHAEL T. GRIFFITH, “Suspects in the JFK Assassination”)

“Private First Class Eugene Dinkin was a cryptographic code operator stationed in Metz, France. On November 4, 1963 he went AWOL from his unit, and entered Switzerland using forged travel orders and a false Army identification card. On November 6, he appeared in the Press Room of the United Nations in Geneva and told reporters he was being persecuted. He also told reporters that "they" were plotting against President Kennedy and that "something" would happen in Dallas. After Kennedy was murdered, a friend of Dinkin's named Dennis De Witt told military authorities that Dinkin had predicted Kennedy's assassination for November 28, and later changed the date to November 22.

Dinkin was arrested on November 13 and placed in a psychiatric hospital, and later transferred to Walter Reed, where he underwent various psychological tests before eventually being released. His allegation reached the White House on November 29, and went to the Warren Commission in April of 1964."

. . . . and . . . .

“One method of determining the truth would have been to interview his military associates to see what he told them about where his ideas came from, including those named by [Dinkin] [in] his F.B.I. interviews: PFC Dennis De Witt, PFC Larry Pulles, Sgt. Walter Reynolds, and R. Thomas. The F.B.I., after taking these names, does not appear to have followed up on them. The Warren Commission took no interest in the matter, and indeed omitted any mention of Dinkin from its purportedly encyclopedic 26 volumes of evidence."

[my emphasis]

(“Allegations of PFC Eugene Dinkin” by the Mary Ferrell Foundation)

(the following quotes JOSEPH ADAMS MILTEER, a union organizer, "White Citizens' Council" right wing member, and "National States Rights Party" right wing member, in MILTEER’s 11-9-63 tape-recorded comments to Miami Police Department informant, WILLIAM SOMERSETT . . . . Transcript provided from the September 1976 issue of “Miami Magazine," article written by DAN CHRISTIENSEN, entitled "JFK, King: The Dade County Links")


SOMERSETT: . . . . I think Kennedy is coming here on the 18th . . . . to make some kind of speech . . . . I imagine it will be on TV.

MILTEER: You can bet your bottom dollar he is going to have a lot to say about the Cubans. There are so many of them here.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, well, he will have a thousand bodyguards. Don't worry about that.

MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has the more easier it is to get him.

SOMERSETT: Well, how in the hell do you figure would be the best way to get him?

MILTEER: From an office building with a high-powered rifle. How many people does he have going around who look just like him? Do you now about that?

SOMERSETT: No, I never heard he had anybody.

MILTEER: He has about fifteen. Whenever he goes anyplace, he knows he is a marked man.

SOMERSETT: You think he knows he is a marked man?

MILTEER: Sure he does.

SOMERSETT: They are really going to try to kill him?

MILTEER: Oh yeah, it is in the working. Brown himself, [Jack] Brown is just as likely to get him as anybody in the world. He hasn't said so, but he tried to get Martin Luther King.

. . . . After a few more minutes of conversation, SOMERSETT again speaks about assassination . . . .

SOMERSETT: Hitting this Kennedy is going to be a hard proposition, I tell you. I believe you may have figured out a way to get him, the office building and all that. I don't know how the Secret Service agents cover all them office buildings everywhere he is going. Do you know whether they do that or not?

MILTEER: Well, if they have any suspicion they do that, of course. But without suspicion, chances are that they wouldn't. You take there in Washington. This is the wrong time of the year, but in pleasant weather, he comes out of the veranda and somebody could be in a hotel room across the way and pick him off just like that.

SOMERSETT: Is that right?

MILTEER: Sure, disassemble a gun. You don't have to take a gun up there, you can take it up in pieces. All those guns come knocked down. You can take them apart.

. . . . Before the end of the tape, the conversation returns to focus on JFK . . . .

MILTEER: Well, we are going to have to get nasty . . . .

SOMERSETT: Yeah, get nasty.

MILTEER: We have got to be ready, we have got to be sitting on go, too.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, that is right.

MILTEER: There ain't any count-down to it, we have just go to be sitting on go. Countdown, they can move in on you, and on go they can't. Countdown is all right for a slow prepared operation. But in an emergency operation, you have got to be sitting on go.

SOMERSETT: Boy if that Kennedy gets shot, we have got to know where we are at. Because you know that will be a real shake . . . .

MILTEER: They wouldn't leave any stone unturned there. No way. They will pick somebody within hours afterwards, if anything like that would happen, just to throw the public off.

SOMERSETT: Oh, somebody is going to have to go to jail, if he gets killed.


**** an F.B.I. record states that after the assassination, “a jubilant” MILTEER bragged to SOMERSETT, “You thought I was kidding, when I said he would be killed from a window with a high powered rifle.”

“ Furthermore, it should be noted that a Secret Service report
(CE 762) documents that the Secret Service received
information from an FBI source that reinforced Milteer's taped
prediction and that supported Somersett's account. The report
dealt with information that the Secret Service received from
the FBI just seven days before the assassination. According
to the report, an unnamed contact in the Ku Klux Klan said
that during his travels around the country his sources had told
him ‘that a militant group of the National States Rights Party
plans to assassinate the President and other high-level
officials’ (see also Dick Russell, The Man Who Knew Too
New York: Carroll & Graf/Richard Gallen, 1992,
pp. 550-551). ”

(MICHAEL GRIFFITH, “Physical Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination”)

“On November 11, 1963, in Miami, Jorge Soto Martinez was apparently trying to
impress Mrs. Lillian Spingler, an employee at the Parrot Jungle gift shop.
Martinez bragged that both he and his friend Lee (who was living in either Mexico
or Texas) were sharpshooters. Lee also spoke Russian, and he and Martinez both
hated Kennedy; he could ‘shoot Kennedy between the eyes.’ Mrs. Spingler
had described this conversation to other employees before the assassination and
it was reported to the F.B.I. in late December.

Former Dade County Circuit Judge Alfonso Sepe investigated the Spingler story
again in 1977 and found it highly credible. He also located one of her former
co-workers, Mrs. Aliese Trigg, who recalled hearing of the conversation before
the murder of the President.

However, when the F.B.I. had interviewed her (Special Agent James O' Connor)
she was given a firm suggestion: ‘Just drop it....They told me not to talk about it....

(LARRY HANCOCK, “Someone Would Have Talked” 2003)

Details concerning WILLIAM S. WALTER’s claims that while he was working in his F.B.I. office in New Orleans from midnight to 8:00 AM on November 17, 1963, he did see that his F.B.I. office did receive an airtel-telex teletype official FBI message warning about an imminent assassination attempt against President KENNEDY when he would be in Dallas.... The original airtel-telex teletype official FBI message warning about the imminent assassination attempt has, so far, never been found. (quoted from “Oswald Talked” by RAY and MARY LaFONTAINE)


Well, what are we to make of the incidents reported by the former FBI
clerk William Walter? His claims about an incoming teletype at the
New Orleans office of the FBI in the early hours of Sunday, November
17, 1963 (he gave seventy pages of sworn testimony on March 23, 1978
for the HSCA's subcommittee on the assassination of the president)

were predictably discredited by the Bureau and the HSCA itself. The
latter (which concluded in its Report that a probable conspiracy did occur
but only if the probable conspiracy involved the mob)
found it hard to
believe, and perhaps understandably so, that such a teletyped message
could have been sent to "ALL SACS" without some special agent-in-
charge or other FBI employee "coming forward in support of Walter's
The FBI (in a memo of October 6, 1975 from Director Clarence
M. Kelley to the office of then U.S. Attorney General Edward H. Levi)

focused on the procedural sins of the reconstructed teletype. For
example, the terminology, "ONE PAGE," should be on the same line as
and follow "FROM: DIRECTOR." It should read "1P" instead of "ONE

Similarly, the teletype operator initials HLF were wrong, Kelley wrote,
because the name of the operator on duty in the originating
Washington office at the time of the alleged transmission was Harry F.
Louderback initialed HFL instead of HLF. But, claimed the FBI director,
the most significant variance is that the alleged teletype says that a
"military revolutionary group" may attempt to assassinate President
Kennedy. The instructions issued to the field in the alleged teletype
are to contact several different types of informants, CI's, PCI's, etc.,
but security informants, SI's, and potential security informants, PSI's,
are not included. To all these objections, Walter could only wearily
repeat to his HSCA interrogators that his version of the teletype was
never represented by him as anything but a roughly typed copy from
handwritten notes based on the vanished message; that "what is
important about that teletype is whether it was sent or it was not and
not whether or not the Bureau can pick it apart as to typographical
errors and age of paper and terminology used."

Another party apparently more concerned with the suppression of
Walter's claims than whether they were true or not was the U.S.Attorney
in New Orleans during the era of the Jim Garrison court case. The main
interest of this federal attorney and his aides, Walter testified, was in
providing him an out from having to appear in Garrison's trial: "Their
concern seemed to me to be not whether or not what I was saying was
fact, but whether or not I was going to cooperate with Garrison in his
Clay Shaw trial, and they offered me legal counsel and were going to
advise me on my rights of executive privilege"
(Walter HSCA testimony,
As Walter also noted, “The point is, if I wanted to make a
teletype look like a teletype, I had the knowledge and the ability to do
just that. I made teletypes myself that were approved by supervisors
and sent to other field offices. If I wanted to use the correct terminology
because I thought that at a later date I was going to use this particular
document to make myself look good or for publicity, I certainly would
have done a better job than I did with it.”

As for the important question of why no FBI employee corroborated his
claims, Walter had no answer, but perhaps some belated realizations
among them, that "the primary goal, I should say, at that time [from the
assassination to his FBI resignation in September 1966] was to try to
protect the Bureau's image, don't allow the Secret Service or the CIA,
or whoever else... to throw blame at the Bureau."

For all that, Walter remembered "a lot of conversations about that
teletype with the people I came in contact with, and we discussed it
openly and freely among ourselves as to how it was going to be
The conversations delved not only into the "phantom
teletype" (as his Bureau inquisitors dubbed it)
but into "informant
and "Oswald's relationships with agents in the New Orleans
Today William Walter has a better insight on the lack of
corroboration from other FBI employees. When his story of a warning
teletype began to leak out some five years after the assassination,
Bureau personnel were pressed to sign affidavits that they would not
disclose "confidential information" (i.e., not that the teletype did not
and reminded of stiff penalties for noncompliance. Among
Walter's former co workers who signed such a statement was a once
good friend, Tom McCurley, one of the 304 persons with whom Walter
recalls discussing the warning teletype in the days immediately
following the assassination. (The FBI attempted to show that Walter
never talked about the teletype until 1967)
Alas, when Walter testified
about these conversations to the HSCA in 1978 by which time both of
the friends were bankers McCurley allegedly could only complain to
Walter that the testimony put him on the spot. He had children at home
now, he told the former colleague, and "the FBI was all over my house."

Seventeen years later, in April 1995, McCurley was still maintaining his
distance from his old pal, Mary discovered. He barely appeared to
remember Walter, much less the teletype. The brief conversation was
in this vein:

M. L.: Did you know him (Walter) well?

McCURLEY: Well, I knew him while we both worked at the
FBI at that time, you know.

M. L.: Did you believe this was false testimony that he made?

McCURLEY: (Pause) I couldn't say yes or no.

M. L.: Did he ever discuss it with you at the time? [of the

McCURLEY: I cannot recall that.

M. L.: Do you have any idea why he might make it up?

McCURLEY: I really don't, you know.

M. L.: Did you ever know him to fabricate stories?

McCURLEY: No, not really.

M. L.: Did the FBI ever talk to you about it, after it came out
that he had seen the teletype?

McCURLEY: (Long pause) I can't recall. I really don't
remember. It seems like I might have. I might have signed
a statement.

M. L.: Was he best man at your wedding?


M. L.: Thank you.

There was, however, one ex-FBI employee who did support Walter's
story, though he never got a chance to tell the House Select
Committee. He was one-time Bureau deputy director William C.
Sullivan, whose duties included overseeing all informant files for the
Hoover organization.

In October 1977, as Sullivan was preparing for his testimony to
the HSCA, the former No.3 man in the FBI hierarchy placed a
surprising call to a man who had previously served the same
Bureau as a lowly file clerk. Bill Walter still prizes the chair he
sat in when he picked up the phone. Sullivan wanted to discuss
the Kennedy assassination, and the men found that they agreed
on two major points. First, they both knew that Oswald was an
informant for the FBI. Second, they believed, nonetheless, that
he was probably a lone nut assassin. That Sullivan would call
Walter at just this period, and to talk about Oswald as an FBI
informant, was not, from another view, all that surprising. He
had told a previous government committee (and essentially
said the same thing to author Curt Gentry)
, "I think there may be
something on that (Oswald as FBI informant). I don't recall
having seen anything like that but I think there is something on
that point."
Clearly, Sullivan had reason to touch base with the
one man who had actually seen Oswald's informant file and was
willing to talk about it.

As noted, however, Sullivan never told his story to the HSCA.
Two weeks after his call to Walter, and one week before his
scheduled interview, William Sullivan was shot to death in a
hunting accident near his secluded cabin.
A young neighbor,
the son of a state trooper, explained that he mistook Sullivan
for a deer. Once again Walter was left high and dry. Even so,
Walter stuck to his guns. "I had the Bureau tell me in Memphis,
he told House Select Committee counsels Robert
W. Genzman, Michael Goldsmith, and Gary Cornwall, “that Mr
Hoover sent them down, two agents down, to set me straight
and they wanted me to admit that was going through an
emotional trauma, change of jobs, and I had all these

In fact, as Walter reported in April 1995, the FBI took a less
circuitous course. One of two agents told him simply, "Mr.
Hoover sent us here to shut you up,"
Walter claims. Later,
the president of Patterson State Bank, where Walter served
as senior vice president, received a letter from a "Mr. Hooverson"
complaining that the bank should not employ Walter, since he
had been known to disclose confidential information, i.e., the
warning teletype of November 17, 1963.

Years later, in 1993, Walter discovered that the author of the
letter was the next-door neighbor of Special Agent Milton Kaack,
Walter's former co-worker at the New Orleans FBI. My answer
to all that is, “I have had every opportunity to back out. I could
have said, "Okay, Mr.Hoover and Mr. Bureau, what I did is
confuse the teletype of the 17th with the teletype of the 22nd. In
good conscience, I am not going to do that, because one day it
is going to come out that the teletype did exist and it is there and
I just don't want to in any way try to make that job any harder
than it is going to be already. One day it is going to come out.”



“ On Nov. 15, 1963, the staff of legendary CIA
counterintelligence master James Angleton
learned that Oswald ensconced in Dallas.
President Kennedy had seven days to live. ”

(JEFFERSON MORLEY, “CIA Spyhunters Knew Lee Harvey Oswald Was in Dallas Days Before JFK’s Assassination” 10-26-17)

“ On November 19, 1963 Jack Ruby told his tax attorney
that he had suddenly managed to come up with the
money to address his considerable back tax problems.
On November 22, Ruby would be seen with $7,000 in
cash at his bank and was arrested with $3,000 in cash
in his possession. As of November 19th the supposedly
cash strapped Ruby had begun talking to a realtor
about a new location for his club, had inquired with
someone in the travel business about a Caribbean
cruise and told a friend that he planned on moving into
a new apartment on Turtle Creek, at almost double his
then current apartment rental rate. ”

(LARRY HANCOCK, “Someone Would Have Talked” 2003)

Grace, William – “Shortly before the assassination an executive of the Grace Lines was found unconscious in the street. Taken to a hospital, he mumbled that the president was to be shot. He had an appointment with Army Intelligence agents before he was found.” (Paris Flamonde, “The Kennedy Conspiracy”).

Also : “An executive of the Grace Lines suffered a concussion after coming into contact with an Army Intelligence agent. While in a delirium he said, “The President is in danger!....”

[Also Note: Lee Harvey Oswald wrote to his mother/brother that he had “made reservations on a Grace liner.”]

(WILLIAM KELLY, “Foreknowledge and the JFK Assassination” 2009)

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

(former CIA Director, WILLIAM COLBY, quoted in “Derailing Democracy: The America
the Media Don't Want You to See”

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.”

(CIA operative, discussing the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA
propaganda and cover stories, quoted in “Katherine the Great” by DEBORAH DAVIS)

“The [Central Intelligence] Agency's relationship with the [New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.”

(“The CIA and the Media” by CARL BERNSTEIN)

“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.”

(former CIA intelligence officer, WILLIAM BADER, briefing members of  the United States
Senate Intelligence Committee, quoted in “The CIA and the Media” by CARL BERNSTEIN)

“We'll know our disinformation program is complete, when everything the American public believes is false.”

(the CIA Director, WILLIAM CASEY, in his very first staff meeting in 1981)

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