March 6, 1975

(4) Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination Evidence, Motives, Suspects, Discoveries, + Dedicated Citizen Researchers, provided by Donald Roberdeau (page 4 of 14)

Precisely detailed for you in my next 2 Dealey Plaza scaled maps
of 11-22-63 are 10 of the theoretically mentioned assassins
locations and bullet trajectories targeted at President
Kennedy’s head right before Zapruder frame # 313.

Click each scaled map to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

**** In the above and next scaled Dealey Plaza maps, at least
one bullet trajectory was fired immediately prior to Z-313 that
hit and passed-through President Kennedy's head

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

Precise bullet trajectories targeted at President KENNEDY at Z-313,
triggered from suspected Dealey Plaza assassin locations

The scaled diagrams include the precise head facing directions at Z-312 of the KENNEDY's and CONNALLY's, the reportedly found evidence artifacts of President KENNEDY's blood spatter patterns, his blasted-off skull fragments and brain matter gore. Also included are evidence locations found inside the limousine passengers' compartment onto passengers, on the outside and inside of the front main windshield' glass, into the front windshield's chromed frame inside, into the front-facing side of the rear view mirror frame, atop the front engine hood, atop the rear trunk surfaces, and bullet fragments, all, reportedly found forward of JFK inside the limousine. Further included are JFK skull fragments, blood and brain gore, and bullet-caused damage locations found into the Dealey Plaza grounds outside of the limousine, both, in front of and behind JFK atop Elm Street, on the Secret Service followup car outer surfaces and within its passenger compartment (including blood spatter onto, at least, one Secret Service Agent and a JFK skull piece later admitted found inside the followup car), and onto Dallas police motorcycle limousine escort men that were located several feet to each side and several feet behind President KENNEDY.

* suspected assassin-shooter location #8, the “Elm Street north curb sewer” (also labeled the “ESS” for “Elm sewer shooter” on the above maps), imho, is an impossible assassin location for a Z-313 head-impacting shot because of several key reasons, including the fact that after President KENNEDY reacted to his non-lethal bullet hit he had rapidly shifted his head and upper torso more leftward towards the center of his bench seat (with his Z-313 highest head point = 4.5' above Elm Street). He had also leaned his head and torso forward into a more downward posture, causing the limousine’s vertical, angled-inward, chromed handhold “parade bar” right side support stanchion to completely block the targeting of any part of JFK’s head from the sewer opening 4.6' lower location until Z-310 to 311. Therefore, shooting JFK within only 1 to 2 ZAPRUDER frames (within only 0.05-second to 0.10-second) to have caused the president's head explosion at Z-312/313 was ....

. . . . not humanly possible.

.... Not humanly possible from that curb sewer location for the total minimum time mandated and required for any assassin to have to (most likely) move the weapon a small or large amount to accurately re-aim and "lead" the moving target . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time to acquire JFK’s head right side temple as a target (when the President's head was turned 49.4 degrees AWAY from the theoretically-impossible Elm north curb sewer assassin) . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time to squeeze-pull a weapon's trigger . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time to activate a weapon’s trigger . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time required muzzle blast . . . .

.... then ....

. . . . time required for the bullet flight time to traject across 71.9' and also 4.6' upward from that curb sewer, then, fractionally barely miss the chromed handhold bar right vertical support stanchion that had been completely blocking JFK before that from all target tracking from that much lower Elm Street street level sewer opening.

**** WARNING ****

the links that follow are to some of the extremely graphic medical autopsy protocol photos
and X-rays in color and black and white of President KENNEDY. They were captured
by the U.S. government at the military's National U.S. Navy Medical Center
located near WashDC in Bethesda, Maryland after JFK’s elimination

. . . . Several of our tax-payer's paid-for autopsy evidence photos are now known
to have been deliberately destroyed,
and, others are still missing
from the government’s,
existing, evidence.

**** Medical ****

More Medical ****

More Medical ****

More Medical ****

More Medical ****

More Medical ****

More Medical ****

"Some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire was from an automatic weapon fired to the right rear of the president's car, probably from a grassy knoll to which police rushed."

The words "grassy knoll" to describe the Dealey Plaza area to President KENNEDY's front right during the shots were first used on 11-22-63 by the United Press International reporter and murder-cade rider ALBERT MERRIMAN SMITH at 12:55 PM CST Dallas time in his second dispatch that he sent out to the world from Dallas. These words were then repeated on national television by WALTER CRONKITE in his second CBS News bulletin.

“ Three Patients at Parkland ”

the January 1964 "Texas State Journal of Medicine"
by some of the key Parkland Hospital doctors. The article
details the 15 to 20 minutes of their attempts to save President KENNEDY,
the successful surgeries for CONNALLY, and, details the failed attempts to save
LEE HARVEY OSWALD after the Mafia-well-connected JACK RUBY obtained access to
OSWALD, then, RUBY shot and killed him..... silencing OSWALD, forever.

(this article was also saved as Warren commission document, WCD-374)

President KENNEDY Medical Autopsy notes and the autopsy report generated from the notes.... The originals ---- immediately classified TOP SECRET documents ---- were admitted by President KENNEDY’s military autopsy doctor, JAMES JOSEPH HUMES (that HUMES only publicly admitted many years later) to him taking the autopsy notes away from Bethesda Hospital then into his home, and, sometime later that weekend, in HUMES very own words, while inside his home....

. . . . then . . . .

. . . . HUMES also acted (on his own?), and ....

" destroyed by burning "

.... in his home fireplace his original personal autopsy notes written during the President KENNEDY's legal autopsy . . . .

. . . . then . . . .

HUMES further acted and burned his original first draft of JFK's autopsy report . . . .

. . . . then . . . .

HUMES also admitted he completely re-wrote JFK’s autopsy report....

...... And ......

. . . . Also vanished within hours after JFK's autopsy were autopsy doctor PIERRE ANTOINE FINCK's autopsy notes

For anyone interested in the theories that President KENNEDY’s body was intercepted after Parkland Hospital, and sometime, somewhere, his wounds were criminally, physically altered to mislead investigators that the only shots that hit anyone were fired from the Depository “lone-nut” behind him, here is the 14-part “The Kennedy Casket Conspiracy” by Jacob G. Hornberger (2010 and 2011), that is chock full of key medical evidence and key medical witnesses detailed observations and official reports

United States Assassinations Records Review Board Report with respect to:

TWO, Different

“ JFK ” Brains

Documented to Have Been Examined During the Supplementary Brain Exams,


President Kennedy Was Already Buried

. . . . by DOUGLAS P. HORNE, the Chief Analyst for Military Records
for the President Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board . . . .

“Contained within our deposition transcripts and interview
reports is unequivocal evidence that there was a U.S.
government cover-up of the medical evidence in the
Kennedy assassination.”


Admiral George Burkley, President Kennedy's personal physician, almost gave away the cover-up.

Doctor Aguilar notes that during an oral history for the Kennedy Presidential Library, Admiral Burkley was asked if he agreed with the Warren Commission in regard to the number of bullets that entered the President's body. Burkley answered, “I would not care to be quoted on that .”

Ten years later, Burkley's attorney, William Illig, contacted HSCA Counsel Richard Sprague about providing information to the Committee. “Although he, Burkley, had signed the death certificate of President Kennedy in Dallas, he had never been interviewed and he has information in the Kennedy assassination indicating that others besides Oswald might have participated.”

(LARRY HANCOCK, "Someone Would Have Talked" 2003 .... Admiral BURKLEY was in the Dallas murder-cade (although, before the murder-cade, he was removed and relocated away from his normal location riding inside the presidential limousine, close to JFK), and he was present at both Parkland Hospital and the Bethesda autopsy. He signed JFK's death certificate, he verified the autopsy papers, and he, apparently, took control of the President's brain ---- which then went missing.... Why did the Warren Commission choose to never interview him?)

* * Very interestingly, BURKLEY was in Parkland Hospital trauma room #1 with President KENNEDY and more than most likely examined him and therefore BURKLEY simply HAD to know about JFK's neck front wound and possibly also knew about the back wound BEFORE the first emergency doctor arrived, YET, Admiral BURKLEY never notified any of the emergency doctors about JFK's neck front wound nor the back wound

.... Very Interestingly, BURKLEY was also in the Bethesda Hospital autopsy room during the president's several hours-long forensic autopsy and funeral preparations of the body, and even though BURKLEY simply HAD to know about JFK's neck front wound and possibly/probably the back wound, during the autopsy, Admiral BURKLEY NEVER notified any of the autopsy doctors about either of JFK's neck front wound nor the back wound

........ Very interestingly, after the autopsy BURKLEY was also a link in the chain-of-possession of the steel bucket that contained what was left of President KENNEDY's blasted-apart brain that had been removed during the autopsy

............ a blasted-apart brain that was/has/is vanished from the evidence


Here is a photo montage

of some, but not all,

of the many close medical professionals and 4 of the Dealey Plaza close witnesses who were extremely close witnesses who observed the large hole
the size of an "orange or grapefruit" located at the rear of President KENNEDY's head . . . . Each witness is indicating precisely where each observed the location of that head hole.

Medical diagrams drawn and testified to for the Assassinations Records Review Board in the mid-1990’s by
some, but not all,

of the many medical professionals
who were extremely close witnesses
to the
"orange or grapefruit" sized hole

at the rear of President KENNEDY's head

Dr. GARY AGUILAR & KATHY CUNNINGHAM-EVANS research study, How Five Investigations into JFK's Medical / Autopsy Evidence Got It Wrong - Introduction

.... The First Investigation - The Warren Commission

.... The Warren Commission Examines Kennedy's Medical/Autopsy Evidence

.... The Justice Department Investigates JFK's Autopsy

.... The Clark Panel

.... The Rockefeller Commission

.... The 'Last' Investigation - The House Select Committee on Assassinations

.... Discussion

.... Conclusion

.... Appendix - Tables and Figures

“The x-rays of the skull reveal massive multiple fractures of the skull
on both the right and left sides. There is extensive fragmentation of
the bone, and several pieces of the skull are missing. This type of
damage is not produced by ammunition like that allegedly used by
Oswald. Copper-jacketed bullet commonly penetrate straight through
objects, leaving only small tracks and causing little in the way of bone
fractures. Wounds ballistics tests performed for the commission
confirmed this. . . . .The skull x-rays also depicted extensive bullet
fragmentation within the skull. This type of fragmentation is not typical
of full-jacketed military ammunition. That ammunition was specifically
designed to remain intact when passing through a body. Lead, or
hollow-point, ammunition is the type that causes fragmentation.”

.... and ....

“World War II films of men being shot in the head by Mannlicher-Carcano
rifles reveal absolutely no massive explosion of brain tissue and also
show quite graphically that the men invariably fell in the same direction as
the trajectory of the bullets that struck them. Autopsy photographs and
x-rays of some of the victims of Mannlicher-Carcano-inflicted head
wounds also showed no bullet fragmentation, no serious disruption of brain
tissue, and very small exit wounds.”

(Dr. MICHAEL KURTZ,“Crime of the Century: The Kennedy
Assassination From a Historian’s Perspective”

Dr. GARY AGUILAR research study, "John F. Kennedy’s Fatal Wounds"

MICHAEL GRIFFITH outstanding research study, "The Suspicious 6.5 mm Fragment"

. . . . Key considerations of the nearly round, very conveniently-sized, 6.5-millimeter bullet fragment now present on X-rays of President KENNEDY at the back of his head that was “found” several years after the autopsy (but not noticed or found 11-22-63 during the actual autopsy)....

.... To try to explain this conveniently-sized 6.5mm fragment the "lone-nut" supporter theorizes that as the 2165 feet-per-second streaking, non-frangible whole, solid, full-metal jacket bullet was still entering the shell of the rear-skull, then there was, supposedly, sheared-off a 6.5-millimeter-sized, nearly round bullet fragment out away from the bullet body, then, that nearly round, 2165 feet-per-second streaking sheared-off bullet fragment embedded itself only on the outside of the President’s skull, approximately 80-millimeters (3-plus inches) above the Warren Commission’s substantially lower, autopsy-determined, rear-skull bullet entrance point....

.... Additionally, this 6.5 millimeter bullet fragment was located 100 millimeters anatomically below the HSCA bullet entry point of a 2165 feet-per-second, supposedly, full-metal jacket, non-frangible bullet .... a head-striking bullet that broke apart into, at least, 6 pieces (unlike its cousin bullet -- the minorly deformed, nearly-pristine “single-bullet-theory” “magic-bullet”)....

.... Additionally, the HSCA bullet entry point was revised by the HSCA to be 4 inches (100-plus millimeters) higher than the Warren Commission entrance point....

.... Additionally, after the full metal jacket, supposedly, sheared-off the 6.5-millimeter round piece, what then remained of that bullet continued forward through the soft brain tissue, then, broke apart into, at least, 6 sizable pieces seen on the X-ray's along with a multitude of dust-like very small particles ~ unlike its “cousin” 6.5-millimeter bullet ~ the minorly deformed, nearly-pristine, “magic bullet” that did not break into any major, separate pieces, even though the “magic bullet,” supposedly, struck two bones that are much thicker and much denser than the shell of the skull)....

.... Additionally, the Bethesda military autopsy doctors testified that when they scrutinized the President's skull X-rays on the night of 11-22-63 they never detected anywhere on nor in the President’s head that nearly round, blatantly obvious, conveniently-sized 6.5-millimeter bullet fragment, even though there were seen several much, much smaller bullet pieces that they did see on the X-rays, and then they removed those much smaller bullet pieces.

MICHAEL GRIFFITH outstanding research study, "More on the Suspicious 6.5 mm Fragment: Evidence of Fraud in the JFK Autopsy Materials"

MICHAEL GRIFFITH outstanding research study, "Physical Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination"

One of the most important recent books with respect to the case,
"In the Eye of History: Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence"
(President KENNEDY assassination medical evidence reference)


One of the most important recent published books that VINCE PALAMARA has now made freely available online with respect to the case is his, “The JFK Assassination Medical Reference; The Principal Witnesses on November 22, 1963” (President KENNEDY assassination medical evidence reference) . . . . Also freely available now is his published book, “Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service & The Failure To Protect The President” . . . . PALAMARA‘s YouTube videos featuring his details of interviews with dozens and dozens of the key Secret Service Agents are always available for you here

One of the most important recent books with respect to the case,
"Someone Would Have Talked"
by LARRY HANCOCK… Free excerpts here

One of the most important recent free online e-book's with respect to the case,
"A New Perspective on the John F. Kennedy Assassination,"

(includes President KENNEDY assassination medical evidence references) . . . . and his VIDEO reports, “The Mysterious Death of Number 35” introduction
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

One of the most important recent books with respect to the case,
“JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters" by JAMES DOUGLASS
....JAMES DOUGLASS 6-6-08 public presentation here (57m 31s)
....JAMES DOUGLASS, OLIVER STONE, and LISA PEASE 11-8-10 public presentations part 1
. . . . part 2
. . . . part 3
. . . . part 4
. . . . part 5


an honorary college degree that was suggested by the powerful Texas Governor JOHN CONNALLY to the Texas Christian University board of trustee's. . . .

.... then....

. . . . approved by its board of trustee's . . . .

.... then....

. . . . offered to and accepted by President KENNEDY. . . .

.... then....

. . . . a Texas-trip scheduled event and scheduled-for block of time for JFK to receive that honorary degree. . . .

.... then....

. . . . the very sudden, “change-of-heart” retraction by the Texas Christian University board of trustee's to not give JFK that honorary degree.

.... then....

. . . . The Texas Christian University board of trustee's degree-retraction then forced the creation of a vacant time hole in JFK's 11-22-63 time schedule. . . .


------ that time hole was quickly filled with the Dallas assassination murder-cade.

While it has never been proven that the very powerful Texas native son, LYNDON JOHNSON, and/or his long time friend, long time political crony, and his long time political campaigns manager, the powerful Texas Governor JOHN CONNALLY, actually initiated that “change of heart” retraction by the college of quickly, completely reversing itself into deciding not to give a Protestant based honorary degree to a Catholic President of the United States, it is known, that JOHNSON and CONNALLY, both, did possess very close friends and had cultivated long time political allies who were at the highest decision making levels of Texas Christian University . . . .

.... from the House Select Committee on Assassinations
Report, volume 11, pages 512 to 514....


Originally, President Kennedy was scheduled to receive an
honorary degree from Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth
on the morning of Nov. 22. After the honorary degree
ceremony the president was scheduled to fly to Dallas for a
midday luncheon. Amazingly, however, on Nov. 1 the Board
of Trustees of TCU held a meeting and decided not to award
President Kennedy an honorary degree. The decision to
refuse to grant the degree to President Kennedy appears to
have resulted from petty, political bickering.
If the trustees
had voted to issue the honorary degree and the ceremony at
TCU had not been cancelled, there probably would have been
some delay in the president's arrival at Dallas, the Dallas
motorcade would have taken place later than it did, and the
assassination might have been frustrated or rendered more


. . . . Coincidentally(?), there were also an ever-increasing and ratcheting-up of similar, seemingly “petty, political bickerings” being publicly demonstrated and media-reported-emphasized between certain Texas politicians in their federal and state fiefdoms within Texas all during the months leading up to Dallas.... and.... astonishingly.... there were public-fights that were still being publicly demonstrated by certain politicians that were widely media-reported, even during President Kennedy’s very last hours inside Texas.

One of the reasons (besides the usual political party and campaign fund$-raising) that the President decided to make his Texas trip (some say it was THE nexus of the main reason that JFK accepted these lures that methodically-provoked and drew him to go into Texas) was to try to quickly mend these seeming, politically-divisive bickering and fights being publicly displayed by certain politicians because President Kennedy knew that his 1964 re-election season was approaching, and, because in 1960 he and LBJ had only just barely carried Texas -- despite the President having LBJ, a Texas native son, as his Vice President on the 1960 election ticket (and because JFK had privately expressed that LBJ would not be his 1964 Vice President) . . . .

+ +
Multiple, Un-assigned, Still-Unknown "Agents" Encountered by multiple witnesses Shortly Before, and, Shortly After the assassination, Within and Near the Dealey Plaza Kill Zone . . . .

+ + +
Military strategic and tactical operation team style, multiple-weapons, near-simultaneously perfectly timed together, audibly-near-intersecting, audibly-covering-over each other, very loud gun shots of Team “canyon shooting” and “canyon breezes shooting” . . . . Practice, practice, practice, practice . . . . then . . . . practice even more to guarantee successfully achieving the goals . . . . ........ Multiple intersecting skull bone cracks radiating across each other . . . .

+ + + +
2 Very Rapidly, Bunched Together Much Too Closely for only 1 Shooter Audible Muzzle Blasts and/or "Silenced" Mechanically Suppressed-fired Bullet Bow Shock N-waves that Dozens of Witnesses and Weapons Experienced Witnesses Remembered Hearing (or, could hear), and, the Warren Commission Report Admitted that there was a "substantial majority" of the many plaza witnesses that could hear shots that were bunched much too close together to have not been actually fired by, at least, 2 assassin's . . . .


+ + + + +
MILOP . . . . the well-planned, strategic, intelligently tactical, thoroughly-practiced, then controlled MILitary OPeration mindset (a.k.a. "MILOP") for the Plans-within-plans, Backups-to-the-backups, Train, train, train, train to perfection, then....train, train, train, train even more to guarantee operational success . . . .

+ + + + + +
beforehand, a witnessed Transported Weapon . . . . beforehand, Several witnessed Weapons . . . . a multiply witnessed Firing Weapon . . . . afterwards, multiply witnessed Gun Smoke from a Weapon . . . . afterwards, a witnessed Coat-hidden Weapon . . . .

+ + + + + + +
Multiple Assassins Accomplices and "agents" encountered within seconds of the attack . . . . . . . . Deflectionists against Kill Zone Policemen Responders, other Searchers, and Witnesses . . . .

+ + + + + + + +
Multiple Missed Shots and Non-victim Kill Zone Multiple Bullet Strikes were seen, heard, felt, and/or found within the Dealey Plaza Kill Zone . . . .

+ + + + + + + + +
2 Rifle-Armed Men Witnessed and Possibly Photographed and Filmed at different times up in the Texas School Book Depository Sixth Floor (one rifle-armed assassin witnessed in a Depository south face, sixth floor, far WEST open window, and, another very differently described, differently clothed, also rifle-armed man soon witnessed in the commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair” far east open window) . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + +
an 11-22-63 un-identified Warren Commission, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" Fingerprint Linked Directly to a Lyndon Baines Johnson crony, who was also a convicted murderer, and whom, incredibly, Johnson had also helped to get his Texas murder conviction sentence reduced to probation . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + +
Multiple Accomplices-----Kill Zone Assassin(s) and Assassin(s)-spotter(s) Escape(s)-Enabler-Helper(s) . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + +
2 men witnessed close together on the depository sixth floor, with one of them ~ an un-armed man wearing a brown overcoat ~ witnessed close to the far east window armed man . . . . The brown overcoated man may/probably was the same man witnessed fleeing from out of the back of the Texas School Book Depository within minutes of the shots . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
1 Mafia-felon with dozens of convictions taken into custody inside Dealey Plaza -- who, only 2 months prior to the assassination had changed to a “new” name -- was reported to the Dallas Police as acting very suspiciously . . . . He was arrested within minutes after being reported acting very suspiciously while he was inside the nearly exact same duplicating-Depository-bullet-trajectory(ies) very close Dal-Tex Building that is located across the street to the very close Texas School Book Depository, and, also directly behind President Kennedy. (this same convicted Mafia felon was released within only a couple hours of the assassination by **someone(s)** within the Dallas Police, who had also arrested him years before) . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Police Motorcycleman Escort in the Murder-cade Radio Recorded Audio Tape of All gun shots Impulses.… This audio tape scientifically determined to more than a 95 % certainty that a there was a grassy knoll shot fired . . . . . . . . the Warren Commission-"lone-nut"-apologists in-correctly, yet deliberately and with their ever-transparent anxieties, try to mis-lead The People that the Dallas Police radio recorded dictabelt tape of the gun shots impulses was the only evidence of another assassin, but, as the commission-"lone-nut"-apologists full well know, the Dallas Police recorded dictabelt was not the only evidence of another assassin . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
a “Magic-bullet” (that was found minorly-deformed, nearly-pristine, found with no skin, no muscle, no bone, no attached clothing fibers, no clothing thread striations etched anywhere into it, and no blood debris anywhere on it)  that was documented to be, still, at the White House, an hour after it was already documented to have already been permanently logged-into the F.B.I. lab . . . .

cropped and magnified Zapruder film Z-153 to 207 segment that is
stabilized because it is also one of several segments when Mr.
Zapruder suddenly shook his movie camera during the shots

Cropped in to detail moments that are after a Warren Commission, supposed, “lone-nut”
“snipers lair”
shot (and this same segment includes the instant when the HSCA concluded that
JFK was first impacted by a bullet
) . . . . yet, military veteran JFK is still happily smiling while he also happily
starts his last wave
at Z-171 that many of the close witnesses who also were focused on him testified, stated, and time stamped as the first shot they remembered hearing (or they could hear) was fired
after the President had already started waving, and, while the large oak tree still hid him out of the targeting-view of any person in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair”

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
President KENNEDY Seen and His Motions Time stamped by Close, Very Close, and Weapons-experienced Witnesses to His Immediately Reacting to the First Fired Bullet Noise that Impacted Him 1 to 2 Seconds After His Last Hand Wave had Already Started at Zapruder Frame 170 to 171, and, While He was Already Hidden Under the Large Oak Tree Branches and Thick Foliages from Any View for Targeting and Bullet(s) Trajectory(ies) by **anyone** in the Warren Commission, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" . . . . . . . . How to Closely duplicate from an additional gun source the Depository sixth floor far east 'patsy' window as a gun source: Framing the "lone-nut" “patsy” window with very closely matched gunfire bullet trajectories for the known-in-advance that will be performed, planned-for, inevitable military autopsy, and, just as importantly, framing for the ear witnesses, weapons-experienced ear witnesses (and for the wounded victims) a general “patsy” location that was also located very nearly exactly behind JFK, also rightward, and, also located above the President....

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
With the Initial Bullet Impact into and through President KENNEDY’s Head.…

. . . . First . . . . . . . .

. . . . his head was accelerated forward 1” to 2” and was ripped open, and
nearly simultaneously exploded blood, skull fragments, and brain matter
gore that ejected forward, backward, upward, downward, rightward, & leftward

. . . . Then . . . .

. . . . After . . . . a micro-second of a pause…

. . . .
. . . .
his head, his shoulders, his arms, his hands, and, in fact, the President's
entire upper torso of his 178-pound body, were all rapidly accelerated at a constant speed
upward and reversed,
wback-and-to-his-leftw (and importantly, also overcoming the forward speed
of the limousine, and overcoming the magnified even more-forward speed of inertia caused when the driver quickly stepped on the brake just before the already leaning forward and seatbelt-less President’s head exploded). Then, his head was rotated even further leftward, until his upper torso was slammed into then bounced off the seat backrest vertical cushion.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Police Motorcycleman Escort in the Murder-cade only 12’ to 15’ behind and to the left of President Kennedy stated on 11-22-63 (repeatedly provided in the news on November 23 and 24, 1963), “then I saw the President’s head explode, then I felt something hit me, that could have been concrete. I thought at first I might have been hit.” (he stated he was hit with something so hard that he thought he had been shot, and that is in complete contrast to riding through a quickly dissipating, airborn blood cloud head ejecta of miniature and microscopic-sized vaporized blood droplets) The same motorcycle escort reported that shots seemed to originate from,right next to me (when the President’s head exploded, President Kennedy and the motorcycle escortman were right next tothe Grassy Knoll and its picket fence on their right, and a relatively flat, completely open infield on their left, and then, in fact, this same cycle escort, as did others, also chose to run up the Grassy Knoll, directly towards the picket fence and bridge overpass) . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Even though the wind was documented to be blowing north-northeast from the limousine, towards its rear (which meant the wind was blowing from the limousine, towards the Warren Commission, supposed “lone-nut” “snipers lair”), a Grassy Knoll Shot and Gun Smoke was stated and testified to be Heard and Smelled at ground and street level 61' to 80' below and up to several 100’s of feet away from the commission’s, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" by many witnesses and many weapons-experienced witnesses.....

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Photographed image present behind the grassy knoll picket fence at one-ninth of a second after President Kennedy’s head first exploded, but the same Grassy Knoll picket fence photographed image had completely vanished from the same exact location within seconds in follow-up photos and films (****there may have also been a 2nd image present behind the grassy knoll picket fence at one-ninth of a second after President Kennedy’s head first exploded, but the same grassy knoll picket fence photographed 2nd image in follow-up photos and films is, also, completely vanished from that location within seconds****) . . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
and the mountain of many, many other commission-"lone-nut"-apologists "coincidences," ** Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists-documented-contradictions, commission-"lone-nut"-deliberate-omissions and evasions, Warren Commission "lone-nut"-deliberate-mis-directions and distortions, and of the commission-"lone-nut"-commissars deliberate, outright lies . . . .

** “coincidentally” is a transparently-desperate, anxiously-used, weak, attempted-spin catchword by the
Warren Commission-apologists that they choose to lamely words-salad-spew,
along with their anxiously-desperate



Born on a farm, John Connally earned both an undergraduate and law degree from the University of Texas prior to serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He got his political start as a legislative assistant to then-Representative Lyndon B. Johnson and later managed a number of LBJ’s campaigns, including his successful bid for the U.S. Senate in 1948.

Connally could “leave more dead bodies in the field with less remorse than any politician I ever knew,” LBJ reportedly once said of his protege.

Throughout most of the Eisenhower administration, Connally served as legal counsel to a wealthy oil magnate. He then worked for the Kennedy-Johnson ticket during the 1960 presidential campaign and became secretary of the Navy after their election. Less than a year later, he resigned in order to run for governor of Texas, which he won with 54 percent of the vote.


(my emphasis)

("The Other Victims of the JFK Assassination")

Oh, no, no, no !

My God,
ithey'rei going to kill us all !

. . . . Texas Governor JOHN BOWDEN CONNALLY SR.,
in his very first excited utterance that he anxiously
screamed right after he felt he
was impacted with a bullet.

CONNALLY screamed despite, with, and through
the extreme pain of his 2" rounded, sucking-air,
frontal chest bullet blown-out exit wound.

Mrs. KENNEDY stated he, "screamed like a stuck pig."

Legally, the excited utterance is a statement made about a startling
or shocking event made during or nearly simultaneously
among the stress, anxiousness, and excitement during
the event.

The excited utterance is legally admissible in a court trial.

JOSEPH BACKES outstanding research presentation . . . .

"Why JFK Went to Texas"

.... Texas Governor JOHN CONNALLY (D) lies ........

Approximately 80% into this outstanding research study, be sure to read the closely related details exhibited by one of the main, key Texas trip organizers and managers ----Governor CONNALLY primarily---- who publicly seemed to be in-fighting amongst themselves . . . . and Governor CONNALLY's lies during a meeting with the Texas Trip Advanceman JERRY BRUNO while at CONNALLY's Forty Acres Country Club, and how CONNALLY got very angry and then lied about the content of his White House conversation during the middle of that meeting, and how a Texas Christian University honorary college degree had been initially offered to President KENNEDY for the Texas trip, but, then, the degree offer was soon withdrawn. This was one of several of the critical, synchronistic machinations that forced an opening up of a large block of un-scheduled time in President KENNEDY's 11-22-63 Texas schedule----an un-scheduled block of time that was soon rapidly filled with the Dallas murder-cade.

Author James Reston, in his book, "The Lone Star," corroborates CONNALLY's machinations . . . . " In their private dinning room, only a few bites into the appetizer, Connally made it manifestly clear that he and only he was going to run this show. He presented Bruno with the President's itinerary as a fait accompli.

'It's going to be my way or no way,'
Connally announced.

'This is it, or he can stay home.' "

. . . . yet, despite what has been stated and witnessed about CONNALLY’s actions out of the publics eye . . . .

. . . . CONNALLY later soon reversed, and presented himself to the publics eye as different, trying to absolve himself from any involvements, when he publicly claimed to The People, and later 1964-testified to the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars and also 1978-testified to the HSCA that he played no part, whatsoever, in steering President KENNEDY to come into Texas to help mend the, supposed, rift that in the months beforehand was on-goingly being instigated and publicly displayed - and displayed even during President KENNEDY’s trip into Texas - between the LBJ-CONNALLY factions (conservative Democrats), and RALPH YARBOROUGH (a liberal Democrat) as the 1964 election campaign season was about to start . . . .


"Is Deception the Best Way
to Serve One's Country?"


Connally was both gracious and charming and told us many stories about Texas politics. As the evening wore on and the multiple bourbon and branch waters took their effect, he started talking about November 22, 1963, in Dallas.

"You know I was one of the ones who advised Kennedy to stay away from Texas," Connally said.

"Lyndon was being a real a**hole about the whole thing and insisted."

Connally's mood darkened as he talked about Dallas. When the bullet hit him, he said he felt like he had been kicked in the ribs and couldn't breathe. He spoke kindly of Jackie Kennedy and said he admired both her bravery and composure. I had to ask. Did he think Lee Harvey Oswald fired the gun that killed Kennedy?

"Absolutely not," Connally said.

"I do not, for one second, believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission."

So why not speak out?

"Because I love this country and we needed closure at the time. I will never speak out publicly about what I believe."


JOHN CONNALLY first public description of attack, TV-aired, 11-27-63 VIDEO

JOHN CONNALLY Warren Commission-commissars testimony, 1964 TRANSCRIPT

NELLIE CONNALLY Warren Commission-commissars testimony, 1964 TRANSCRIPT

JOHN CONNALLY, TV-aired, 6-22-64 VIDEO

JOHN CONNALLY describing the attack to media-philes, 9-28-64 VIDEO

the CONNALLY's testimonies to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, 1978 TRANSCRIPTS

JOHN CONNALLY in "The Men Who Killed Kennedy," 1988 VIDEO

JOHN CONNALLY and additional witnesses to C-SPAN, 1991 VIDEO

the CONNALLY's to CNN, 1992 VIDEO

After JOHN CONNALLY passed-on in 1993, attempts were made to get permission to remove the assassination's still-testable, several, bullet lead-composite fragments that his doctors had left inside his body. (NELLIE has suggested, on occasion, that these several lead-composite bullet fragments that were left inside his body had, over the decades, slowly leached lead into his system, and, ultimately, contributed in also killing him - making him the delayed, second victim killed from 11-22-63)

After CONNALLY passed-on, his loved ones would not allow his bullet fragments to be removed for scientific neutron activation analysis testings. Neutron activation analysis (a.k.a. “N.A.A.” and “NAA”) of comparisons between bullets and bullet fragments testings to try and determine whether they chemically match, or, whether they do not match, has, since then, been publicly stated by the F.B.I. starting in 2003 (and publicly stated again and reaffirmed in 2007), to not be accurate because it is a false and misleading ‘science’ when it was used by criminal investigators or in any court cases . . . .

. . . . The very first case that NAA was ever utilized in? . . . .

= The assassination
-elimination of President KENNEDY.

. . . . These lead bullet fragments inside CONNALLY’s body were, supposedly, cast out of from, only, a bullet that had lost a very small miniscule 1.5 % of its weight (and, it is a fact that when propelled down the weapon barrel, while still in direct contact with the rifling twists inside of the barrel, weight is also removed from every bullet).

The “magic bullet” was a "Western Case Cartridge Company"-produced, 1954-manufactured, 2165 feet-per-second muzzle velocity when test fired, theorized 14-clothing layers penetrating, theorized possibly JFK vertebrae slightly nicking (or bullet bow shock wave slightly nicking), theorized 9 or 10 body wounds-causing bullet that, supposedly, also included its smashing into 2-major, large, very thick bones (one of which was the hitting, pulverizing, and destroying of over 4’’ of CONNALLY’s right fifth rib cage bone into many pieces, then, going on to hitting and completely fracturing his thick right wrist bone into 7 or 8 pieces). Yet, this minorly-deformed, nearly-pristine, Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars bullet labeled "Commission Exhibit 399" - a.k.a. the "magic bullet" - is mandated for the validity of the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "single-bullet” theory.

. . . . After smashing CONNALLY’s thick right wrist bone into 7 or 8 pieces, then the “magic bullet," supposedly, entered CONNALLY’s left inner thigh with, supposedly, still enough speed to cast yet another lead fragment out of its open base into CONNALLY . . . .

.... Then, the “magic bullet”, supposedly, reversed its path, supposedly, sometime at Parkland Hospital and, supposedly, backed out of it’s thigh wound (without it ever being seen or admitted-to by anyone being forced backwards and out of its wound ~ although in one of his autobiographies CONNALLY, himself, describes hearing what he stated was the “magic bullet” as it hit the hospital floor with a metallic ‘click’, when it fell off his stretcher) . . . .

. . . . Then, the minorly-deformed, nearly-pristine, found with no skin,
no muscle, no bone, no attached clothing fibers, no clothing
thread striations etched anywhere into it, and no blood
debris on it “magic bullet” was found loosely sitting
on a stretcher gurney. . . .

.... A stretcher that was testified to, and a stretcher identified by
the man who found it, DARRELL C. TOMLINSON
, as NOT
even bein
g CONNALLY’s stretcher
. . . . Here is a video of
TOMLINSON re-enacting and detailing his finding of the
“magic bullet” . . . .

“The president probably never heard the shot or knew what hit him.
It was a piece of metal a little thinner than an ordinary pencil. It
struck him in the back, penetrating two or three inches. He was
struck as he turned to his right to wave. His hands snapped up
reflexively to his throat. Wordlessly, he slumped over toward his
wife, who was sitting on his left in the back seat.

In the jump seat ahead, Governor John Connally turned and a
second bullet caught him in the back, passed through, struck his
right wrist and lodged in his thigh. The third and last shot hit the
back of the President's head about ear-level, as he was bowed

(“The Torch is Passed,” page 13, published by the Associated Press in early 1964, supporting
what is still, to this day, the F.B.I.’s determination of 3-shots, 3-hits, no missed bullet, and no
“single-‘magic’-bullet theory”)

United States National Archives and Records Administration color photos of the bullet
currently in evidence; commission-labeled “commission exhibit 399,” a.k.a. “CE-399,” a.k.a. the minorly-deformed, nearly-pristine, found with no skin, no muscle, no bone, nor any blood debris on it “magic bullet” of the Warren Commission-apologists "lone-nut" “single-bullet” theory

Click any frame of CE-399 to expand the frame into a much larger, sharper, follow-up window

**** When it was weighed after the assassination, the small divot scooped
out of the non-frangible bullet outer jacket from near CE-399’s
nose, and, the small hole drilled into the lead at its
open base, were removed for test purposes

(seen here 24 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 24 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 24 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 24 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 24 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 24 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 52 % larger than actual size)

“A declassified 6/20/64 F.B.I. AIRTEL memorandum from the F.B.I. office in Dallas (‘SAC, Dallas’ – i.e., Special Agent in Charge, Gordon Shanklin) to J. Edgar Hoover contains the statement, ‘For information WFO (FBI Washington Field Office), neither DARRELL C. TOMLINSON [sic], who found bullet at Parkland Hospital, Dallas, nor O. P. WRIGHT, Personnel Officer, Parkland Hospital, who obtained bullet from TOMLINSON and gave to Special Service, at Dallas 11/22/63, can identify bullet … .’

. . . . and . . . .


In a memo to the Warren Commission [C. E. #2011] concerning its investigation of the chain of possession of C.E. #399, the F.B.I. reported that two Parkland Hospital eyewitnesses, Darrell Tomlinson and O. P. Wright, said C.E. #399 resembled the bullet they discovered on the day JFK died. But the F.B.I. agent who is supposed to have interviewed both men and the Bureau’s own suppressed records contradict the F.B.I.’s public memo. Agent Odum denied his role, and the F.B.I.’s earliest, suppressed files say only that
neither Tomlinson nor Wright was able to identify the bullet in question. This suppressed file implies the hospital witnesses saw no resemblance, which is precisely what Wright told one of the authors in 1967.

What we are left with is the F.B.I. having reported a solid chain of possession for #399 to the Warren Commission. But the links in the F.B.I.’s chain appear to be anything but solid. Bardwell Odum, one of the key links, says he was never in the chain at all and the F.B.I.’s own, suppressed records tend to back him up. Inexplicably, the chain also lacks other important links: F.B.I. 302s, reports from the agents in the field who, there is ample reason to suppose, did actually trace #399 in Dallas and in Washington. Suppressed F.B.I. records and recent investigations thus suggest that not only is the F.B.I.’s file incomplete, but also that one of the authors may have been right when he reported in 1967 that the bullet found in Dallas did not look like a bullet that could have come from Oswald’s rifle.”

"The Magic Bullet: Even More Magical Than We Knew?"

by Dr. GARY AGUILAR & Dr. JOSIAH THOMPSON outstanding research study
(also strongly recommend THOMPSON's book, "Six Seconds in Dallas")

The Shifting Sands of the Single-bullet Theory


LISA PEASE excellent research study, The Finding of the minorly-deformed, nearly-pristine, found with no skin, no muscle, no bone, nor any blood debris on it “magic bullet” at Parkland Hospital; Not Found on Connally's Stretcher

**** in his 1967 book, “Six Seconds in Dallas”, Dr. JOSIAH THOMPSON originally put forth similar, very detailed support for CE-399 being found on a Parkland Hospital stretcher that was NOT Connally’s stretcher

“The Inconvenient Connally Wrist Wound”

JOHN HOVLAND’s excellent research study

"How Five Investigations Into JFK’s Medical/Autopsy Got It Wrong”


In a previously suppressed HSCA interview, former White House photographer,
Robert Knudsen, who has since died, reported that he developed some negatives
from JFK’s autopsy, which he examined while he processed them on November
23, 1963. During the HSCA’s investigation, he was shown the complete
photographic inventory. Repeatedly resisting pressure to back down, Knudsen
insisted that in 1963 he saw at least one image not in the inventory in 1978. “I feel
certain that there was the one [photograph] with the two probes [passing through
JFK’s chest],” he said.

Knudsen described an image with metal probes which passed completely through
JFK’s body from the back to the throat. Describing the path of the probes under oath,
he said, “the point in the back (where the probe entered) was a little bit lower than
the point in the front … So the probe was going diagonally from top to bottom, front to
back … .”

(The HSCA’s forensics panel was kept in the dark about Knudsen’s interview.)

Robert Karnei, MD, a pathologist who attended the President's autopsy, gave the
HSCA a similar account in a once-secret interview. The HSCA reported that, “ [Karnei]
recalls them putting the probe in and taking pictures [the body was on the side at the
time] [sic].”

Elsewhere in the record there is a fascinating indirect corroboration of autopsy images
having been taken with a probe passed through Kennedy’s body. In a once-secret,
internal CBS memorandum, written to describe a private conversation between
autopsist Humes and a CBS Washington bureau associate, one reads that,
“Humes said one X-ray of the Kennedy autopsy would answer many questions that
have been raised about the path of the bullet going from Kennedy’s back through his
throat … Although initially in the autopsy procedure the back wound could only be
penetrated to finger length, a probe later was made – when no FBI men were present –
that traced the path of the bullet from the back going  downwards, then upwards slightly,
then downwards again exiting at the throat. One X-ray photo taken, Humes said, clearly
shows the above, as it was apparently taken with a metal probe stick of some kind that
was left in the body to show the wound’s path.”

Oswald is supposed to have fired from above and behind JFK, who was sitting upright
when he took the nonfatal bullet. If the back wound was indeed the point of entrance,
and the throat the exit, Oswald would have had to have fired from a much lower perch
than the sixth floor of the School Depository for the back wound to have been lower than
the throat wound. It is worth recalling here that both Rockefeller Commission expert
Werner Spitz, MD and the entire HSCA forensic panel concluded that the path from
JFK’s back wound to his throat wound had been upward.

As we have seen, several witnesses claim autopsy photographs that were taken have
vanished. But have any witnesses ever testified to seeing now-missing autopsy
pictures? The answer is yes.

SHORT VIDEO, that at about the 2-minute, 20-second point has worldwide leading Forensic Pathologist (and a friend) Dr. CYRIL WECHT examining the bullets that the Warren Commission had test-fired into a goat rib and the wrist of a human cadaver to duplicate a bullet striking the exact same locations on CONNALLY. These test bullets are then compared directly, side by side, with the actual nearly-pristine, minorly-deformed Commission Exhibit # 399, a.k.a. the "magic bullet"

JOHN HUNT research study, "Phantom Identification of the Magic Bullet: E. L. Todd and CE-399"

JOHN HUNT research study, "A Demonstrable Impossibility; The HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel's Misrepresentation of the Kennedy Assassination Medical Evidence"

JOHN HUNT research study, “Breakability: CE-399 and the Diminishing Velocity Theory”

JOHN HUNT research study, "Frazier Speaks"

JOHN HUNT research study, "The Mystery of the 7:30 Bullet"

MICHAEL GRIFFITH research study, Ten Reasons I Reject the “single-bullet” theory

MILICENT CRANOR research study, "The Magic Fragments and Other Stories"

SHORT VIDEO: The “Discovery Channel” 2004 attempt to try to recreate the Warren Commission-apologists magic- bullet. An attempt that failed to duplicate the Warren Commission-apologists magic-bullet same level of very minor damages to their bullet, and, an attempt that also failed to duplicate the Warren Commission-apologists “magic-bullet” multiple bones-destroying damages to CONNALLY and KENNEDY, and, a “Discovery Channel” attempt that further also failed to duplicate the Warren Commission-apologists “magic-bullet” paths through CONNALLY and KENNEDY despite the “Discovery Channel” recreation-attempted bullet initially hitting the KENNEDY anatomical dummy in the Warren Commission-apologists “magic-bullet” entry point. (with the “Discovery Channel” commentator claiming, "It struck Kennedy in the neck" ---- does the red-colored “Discovery Channel” attempted-recreation bullet path look to you like it impacted the KENNEDY" dummy in its neck?)

= Despite that “Discovery Channel” documentary’s test recreator’s having a pre-test, transparent Warren Commission-apologists “lone-nut” bias, and, despite their being painstakingly precise in their relative positioning angles, relative heights, and relative facing-postures of its “KENNEDY” and “CONNALLY” dummy’s painstakingly anatomically-correct torso’s (each complete with the correctly located inner-body dense skeletal bones, organs, and muscles), and, despite their having their “lone-nut” “snipers lair” location recreated at the correct height and relative angles, and, despite their fired test bullet that entered the “KENNEDY” back at the Warren Commission-apologists correct trajectory angle and entered at nearly the same Warren Commission-apologists KENNEDY back wound entry point, this “recreated” bullet widely missed its followup Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists “magic-bullet” trajectory path through KENNEDY. . . . This Warren Commission-apologists “recreated” bullet, instead, exited the “KENNEDY” front from a lower point on its chest, many critical inches below and away from the 11-22-63 documented actual KENNEDY throat front wound precise location on his throat front, very close to and just below the ‘Adam’s apple’ apex.

.: Therefore, that Warren Commission-apologists failed “recreated” bullet also missed badly, because it also did
not enter “CONNALLY” near his right armpit (it hit “CONNALLY” many inches below the real CONNALLY’s right ampit), and, this Warren Commission-apologists attempted bullet failed to recreate 6 of the 7 total, actual, exterior wounds locations on both men, and it failed to recreate the additional real damages that were also documented to have been caused inside the real President KENNEDY and CONNALLY.…

Tellingly, even though the actual bullet path and bullet-damaged bones were widely missed, this Warren Commission-apologists failed “recreated” bullet was noticeably more damaged than the actual “magic-bullet," even though as can be clearly seen in the video their failed “recreated” bullet never entered nor exited the “CONNALLY” back and front at the correct locations, it never entered the “CONNALLY” wrist at the correct location, it never struck the “CONNALLY“ very thick, end-of-the-wrist bone location (the real CONNALLY wrist bone end was shattered into 7 or 8 smaller pieces), and the Warren Commission-apologists failed “recreated” bullet never entered the “CONNALLY” left thigh.

GEORGE MICHAEL EVICA research study, "Gerald Ford's Terrible Fiction"

C.I.A. official manual, written in 1953
click the manual or here to read


What the eyes see, and the ears hear, the mind believes."

(JOHN TRAVOLTA, “Swordfish” 2001)

Texas School Book Depository (left), located right next door and very close to the Dal-Tex Building (right)
10-24-08 photo....all trees heights and widths were much smaller on 11-22-63

"Well, to me, it sounded high and I immediately
kind of looked up, and I had a feeling that it came
from the building,
either, right in front of me, or,
of the one across to the right of it."

MARRION LEWIS BAKER, an 11-22-63 Dallas police murder-cade motorcycle
escort man witness, another very close witness, and another of the many weapon's experienced
assassination witnesses who was also an experienced hunter (who had also been on a hunting trip for
the entire week prior to the assassination shooting rifles)
, describing for the very first time
in his Warren Commission testimony the gunfire source from where an assassin(s)
did fire the first audible muzzle blast, or, the first "silenced," mechanically suppressed-
fired bullet bow shock N-wave that he remembered hearing
(or could hear), as he closer and closer
neared the Depository to his front-left, and
the Dal-Tex Building to his front-right........

(BAKER was originally scheduled to escort next to JFK at the presidential limousine, but
5 to 10 minutes before the
murder-cade departed Love Field, he and another
motorcycle escort were suddenly removed from next to the limousine, and
ordered to be much further back and away from JFK

.... Shortly after BAKER commission-testified with respect to his hearing the first blast or shock wave that he remembered hearing (or could hear) that was fired from the Depository or the Dal-Tex Building, the Warren Commission commissioner's and lawyers, suddenly, ceased recording his testimony. They then went quickly “off-the-record” for private (anxious?) “discussions” among themselves .... During BAKER’s testimony (as with many key witnesses whose testimonies also indicated the conspiracy) there were many such Warren Commission “off-the-record,” sudden, private, anxious, commissioner's-with-their-lawyers gatherings.

..... Additionally,
BAKER very interestingly also commission-testified that a mere 5 to 10 minutes before the murder-cade departed Love Field, that he and his fellow murder-cade motorcycle escort driving partner were both, suddenly, ordered (by whom?) to change from their murder-cade security location's riding next to each other that was originally planned days ago and had already been Love Field staged and lined-up in order...... Now they were told to be further away from their both protectively, closely riding right next to the presidential limousine, to their much different spot - further back in the murder-cade (as were also the national media reporters and their film and photographers) - much further away from JFK.......

With respect to the Dal-Tex Building, a.k.a. the “Dallas Textile Building," .... a convicted
Mafia felon, Jim Braden, (a.k.a. "Jim Brading”) ------ who suddenly decided
to change his name a couple months before the assassination ------
was soon arrested by the police, after he was witnessed and
reported acting suspiciously inside its third floor. (Braden
may not have been a shooter, but, he still might have
been involved executing another function(s))

The Dal-Tex Building is located directly across the street from the
lower-in-roof-height Texas School Book Depository.

It is very interesting to see that a man or woman assassin
firing from behind the President from the Dal-Tex
west face roof line, or firing from inside one
of its high floor open windows
....of which there is no record the Dal-Tex
was ever methodically searched despite Mafioso Braden’s acting
suspiciously and his arrest . . . . that in a controlled MILitary OPeration
. . . . a MILOP . . . . this plan would carefully and deliberately
pre-select a key Dal-Tex roof line west face very precise location point
whereby any-and-all bullet trajectory(ies) would pass very, very close to
the Depository Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut"
"snipers lair”
window bullet trajectories . . . . nearly precisely duplicating

.... “close enough for ‘government work’, and 1963 ancient forensic technologies....

. . . . the very same vertical, horizontal, and lateral bullet angle
trajectories into and through President Kennedy for the military-controlled
medical autopsy that would, inevitably, be known and planned-for well
ahead of time that must follow the assassination.

Just as importantly, a carefully and deliberately pre-selected key Dal-Tex
roof line west face very precise location point would very precisely
duplicate . . . .

.... “close enough for ‘government work’, and 1963 ancient forensic technologies....

. . . . the very same upper, right rear gunfire audible
location source as the very close Depository
Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-
nut" "snipers lair”

The Dealey Plaza map and photos confirm that with an assassin
firing from the Dal-Tex west face roof line at President Kennedy’s
Z-313 Elm Street location, his/her bullet would have passed very, very
close to the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers
with a measurable difference laterally from the, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers
a near matching 3 to 5 degrees.... and at Z-223 a near matching 6 to 8 degrees.

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

click the frame to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

The Dealey Plaza map above and here details
how very close the Depository Building is to the Dal-Tex
building, and details theoretically timed bullet
trajectories impacting at Z-223 and Z-313, showing how
very close the vertical, horizontal, and lateral bullet
trajectories fired from the Dal-Tex are nearly perfectly
duplicated . . . .

.... “close enough for ‘government work’, and 1963 ancient forensic technologies....

.... for the well-planned-ahead-for, civilians-control-military, then
military-performed, inevitable, known-would-be-mandatory autopsy,
and as importantly, nearly perfectly duplicated the Depository-like
very close gunfire audible source. In fact, there are on the record
known close witnesses who stated that they were attracted to and did
initially react by looking towards gunfire fired from a Dal-Tex
elevated gunfire source.... and, there are witnesses who
stated they were attracted to an elevated gunfire source from the
Depository.... and there are a significant percentage of witnesses who
also did state and testify that they were attracted to gunfire fired from
level with their ears,
from the distinctly separate grassy knoll.

Interestingly, watch from minutes 33 to 40 and 46 to 50
within the 2009 film “The International”
that visually details
what could have been the same simple operational plan on 11-22-63
of the Dal-Tex Building roof line fired bullet that strategically,
near perfectly, duplicated a Depository, supposed, “lone-
nut” “snipers lair”
bullet trajectory.... (Kennedy assassination
documentaries are very transparently afraid to show The People....
and, once shown, therefore implant in the consciousness of The
People.... how very close the Dal-Tex Building bullet trajectory(s)
actually come to matching the Depository, so, they have never
shown a sniper’s targeting view from the Dal-Tex roof line)

Despite Mafioso Braden-Brading's arrest within minutes for acting suspiciously
while he was witnessed lingering inside floors of the Dal-Tex Building, his
former name and the criminal records of his dozens of felony arrests and
were (later claimed) not 11-22-63 discovered by the police....
so....he was soon let go by some official or some officials inside the Dallas

**** NOTE **** In 1952 Mafioso Braden-Brading had been personally
arrested in Dallas by Bill Decker -- the future 11-22-63 Dallas Sheriff....

**** NOTE **** In the realm of, “What ARE the astronomical odds?” .... when Robert Kennedy was assassinated nearly 5 years later, Los Angeles police soon discovered that the very same Braden-Brading was, co-ink-a-dent-ally, also residing very close by: less than 3 miles from the “Ambassador Hotel” that RFK was also assassinated inside of....

The absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence.

The absence of evidence, can be evidence.

By January 11, 1964 -- weeks before it ever took any testimony -- the Warren Commission (that a minority of folks have tried to words-salad-spin later as the "most thorough investigation in history") had already drawn-up its transparently-biased outline of its future investigation based on only the following three headings . . . .


I. Assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas

II. Lee Harvey Oswald as the Assassin of President Kennedy

III. Lee Harvey Oswald: Background and Possible Motive


Also stored away with CE-399 within the U.S. National Archives vast holdings are two additional, large, non-frangible-yet-broken bullet fragments -- Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars labeled "CE-567" and "CE-569." After the assassination they were each found inside the limousine (reportedly, specifically found in the front bench-seat area where Secret Service Agents KELLERMAN and GREER sat -- one found on the bench seat between KELLERMAN and GREER, the other on the floorboard to the right of KELLERMAN).

The commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" “snipers lair” theory
mandates that the military specifications produced, full-metal jacket, non-frangible,
copper jacketed “magic bullet” CE-399 struck and pulverized 2 large, thick bones
inside CONNALLY, yet, it emerged only minorly damaged . . . .

. . . . but . . . .

.... in complete contrast .…
the, supposedly, exact same type military
specifications produced, non-frangible, full-metal jacket bullet that passed through
the much, much, thinner layer of the skull of President KENNEDY’s head but it
broke apart into CE-567 and CE-569, and, also, had the 1860
feet-per-second initial impact trajectory altered for each fragment
from downward to upward, and, trajectory altered from
right-to-left, to each fragment deflected more
rightward than the original trajectory before
hitting the head.

Click any frame of the following CE-567 or CE-569 bullet(s?)
gments to expand it into a larger, sharper, follow-up window

(seen here 31 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 31 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 31 % larger than actual size)

(seen here 31 % larger than actual size)

. . . .
Very importantly, during the, Warren Commission and media-philes-proclaimed, so-called, "most thorough investigation in history," the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars, via the LBJ and HOOVER-controlled-F.B.I., deliberately chose to never test what appeared to be human biological remnants materials that the commissars and the F.B.I. knew were attached to these same 2 large bullet fragments, CE-567 and CE-569. (CE-567, the nose of a bullet, was soon found atop the limo‘s front bench seat between the driver’s location and the front seat passenger’s location, while CE-569, the base from a bullet, was found on the floor, between the right side of that front bench seat and the right front door).…
. . . . .
. . . . Just like far too much of the assassination evidence, far too many witnesses, and far too many additional key aspects that the Warren Commission-commissars via the HOOVER-controlled, single-"lone-nut"-minded-F.B.I. "investigated" ---- or deliberately chose to not investigate or investigate thoroughly . . . . i.e. . . . . the SYLVIA ODIO incident of her pre-assassination encounter with LEE HARVEY OSWALD with his two anti-CASTRO, violently militant cohorts (even though the Warren Commission attempted to paint OSWALD as being pro-CASTRO), at the exact same moment when the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists claim he was sitting in a bus going to Mexico City, . . . . and with regards to the limousine-found bullet fragments CE-567 and 569 and the determined to be human organic materials adhered to these limousine-found bullet fragments, the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars and HOOVER o-pined and deliberately chose, instead....
. . . .
"At this point we should be closing doors, not, opening up others."

Despite the fact (or, maybe, *because* of the fact) that one of the Warren Commission-commissars was the ex-C.I.A. Director (who was fired by JFK), the commission investigators never received even a scintilla of any help nor information that for years (started during the EISENHOWER 2nd term), the C.I.A. had been closely conspiring with the Mafia to organize the killing of CASTRO via highly trained teams.

. . . . During the 1976-79 second major President KENNEDY assassination investigation by the U.S. House Select Committee on the Assassinations of President KENNEDY and MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr., the HSCA, also, never tested the human material known to be and seen adhered to CE's 567 and 569, but, the HSCA did recommend that the F.B.I. perform the tests, and, the HSCA recommended that its conclusion of a "probable conspiracy in the assassination" required that the assassination continue to be investigated by the (now-HOOVER-less) F.B.I. . . . .

. . . . Since 1979, instead, the F.B.I. deliberately chose, again, not to accomplish the CE-567 and 569 scientific tests, and, so far, during every one of the many intervening years, the F.B.I. has deliberately chosen to virtually never further investigate the assassination, at all.

The 1992 established Assassinations Records Review Board suggested, once again, the testing of the human remnants materials adhered to CE's 567 and 569, and then DNA comparing the human material to the KENNEDY's and CONNALLY's living blood relatives.

Finally, the CE-567 and 569 suggested tests were performed (but not until 1998, just after the ARRB ended -- some 34 years after the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars were first fully aware that further testings on these 2 bullet fragments and their adhered organic human materials needed to be accomplished . . . . It then took almost three more years for the tests results, which deemed “that the fibrous material was not of textile origin, and thus could not be matched to the clothing of either man. The organic material was determined to be of human origin, (which was already known for 37 years !) but mitochondrial DNA tests were ‘inconclusive‘," and, throughout the testing processes, both the KENNEDY and CONNALLY families refused to provide comparative DNA samples . . . .

“If there’s an area of the case where something new
still could emerge, it’s the part connected to the CIA
and Castro,”
he said. “There’s always a possibility
that the Cubans knew what Oswald was going to do
because of his visit to their embassy in Mexico City.
And if the Cubans knew, so did the Soviets and so did
the CIA, because they were all monitoring each other
like crazy. You could have a whole new ballgame.”

(Warren Commission-apologist author, GERALD POSNER in a Miami Herald 3-17-12 article, “Fresh Meat for JFK Assassination Hounds”)

With respect to the long time C.I.A. analyst and author BRIAN LATELL’s revelations he provides in his book “Castro’s Secrets” that CASTRO and Cuban intelligence officer’s had, specifically, ordered a high-ranking Cuban communications officer (“the most highly informed and highly decorated officer ever to defect from Cuban intelligence”) to redirect his communications equipment to, specifically, monitor any and all broadcasts coming, specifically, out of only Texas, and specifically, the orders to redirect the Cuba monitoring at Texas a few hours before KENNEDY’s assassination. This opens many new questions about CASTRO’s foreknowledge of President KENNEDY’s imminent assassination. (despite what CASTRO has claimed)

Detailed book review of BRIAN LATELL’s “Castro’s Secrets” available here

“ We don’t agree with the Commission as it says one shot missed entirely, and we contend all three shots hit. ”

F.B.I. Director J. EDGAR HOOVER hand-written note, onto a memo from the F.B.I. Deputy Director, Division 6 General Intelligence Division, ALEXANDER ROSEN, to Assistant F.B.I. Director CARTHA DeLOACH, within F.B.I. file 62-109060-4267 (the F.B.I.’s JFK assassination file) . . . . From the F.B.I.’s report given after the assassination, to this very day, the F.B.I.’s investigation of the President’s assassination (that is still, officially, an open case) and the official F.B.I. report stands totally against the Warren Commission report-canard on the F.B.I.’s final determination on the shots sequence. The F.B.I. determined that no shot missed hitting someone; that the first shot impacted President KENNEDY in the back, the second shot impacted CONNALLY, and the third shot impacted the President in the head.

“ We do know Oswald had intelligence connections. Everywhere
you look with him, there are fingerprints of intelligence. ”

(United States Senator RICHARD SCHWEIKER, member of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 12-15-75)

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