March 6, 1975

(2) Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination Evidence, Motives, Suspects, Discoveries, + Dedicated Citizen Researchers, provided by Donald Roberdeau (page 2 of 14)


“ LUCIFER ” ~~is~~inside~~our~~‘ pipe. ’

~~players~~are~~"Go"~~for~~staging~~into~~final terminal
~~stations, ~then,~~confirm~~when~~in~~place.

~~ will~~ still~~ GAME~~ at~~ our~~KAPPA ZULU~~site~~ using~~OPSPLAN~~‘ CANYON~ BREEZES. ’

"Treason doth never prosper.

What's the reason?

For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise,
which is an advantage and security to all, but
especially to democracies as against despots.

What is it?



MRS. KENNEDY and the president at one of the 2 unscheduled stops that he
spontaneously requested so they could thank people for their greetings and say hello

All~~players~~confirmed~~at~~final~~terminal~~stations~~for.~~‘ CANYON~~ BREEZES. ’



12:15 PM CDT

"He [witness ARNOLD ROWLAND, my insertion] said that they were standing there
waiting for the President to come by, and they were talking about
security. And he said that right after that, that he looked up at
this building over there, which is the Book Depository, and that
there were a couple of windows open towards the west side, and
that he saw a man standing in there with what appeared to be a
rifle with a telescopic sight."

.......... (U.S. Secret Service Agent in charge of JFK's Dallas murder-cade, FORREST V. SORRELS, in his Warren Commission testimony describing witness ARNOLD ROWLAND speaking with SORRELS on 11-22-63 in Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination, and that ROWLAND, specifically, stated to SORRELS that at 12:15 to 12:16 PM ROWLAND watched a rifle armed assassin who was VERY differently described than LEE OSWALD in his physical appearance and that other man was wearing VERY different clothes than OSWALD, when that rifle armed, differently described, differently clothed man was standing @ a Depository south face 6th floor open window located @ its far WEST side)

12:18 PM CDT

DARRELL HEIKES photo captured at the moment that the presidential limousine
has slowed dramatically and is turning right onto Main Street, driving
westward towards Dealey Plaza, with Secret Service Agent
CLINT HILL also protectively riding on its far-left
rear bumper stand for agents

12:20 PM CDT

CECIL STOUGHTON photo captured as the murder-cade is heading west towards Dealey Plaza

12:27 PM CDT

.... 2-minutes before President Kennedy
enters Dealey Plaza . . . .

Target~~“ LUCIFER ”~~final ~~tools-checks,~~then~~stand-by on~~alert-ready
~~until~~‘ GREEN ’~~ordered inside~~ULTIMATE~~ONE~~KAPPA~~ZULU.

~~two-minutes~~until~~ target~~enters~~KAPPA~~ZULU.

Remain alert.

The “PIGEON” unseen outside, is holding in his roost , and will be shadowed
~~after~~painting is completed.

12:29 PM CDT

President Kennedy entering within the plaza of Dealey: approaching
the "KAPPA ZULU," "K. Z.," Kill Zone

Target~~ “ LUCIFER ”~~is~~on~~our~pond.

'Eyes' spot on, and players center target.


Jack Weaver Polaroid photo . . . . . Please click the frame, or here to expand into a larger follow-up window

the murder-cade enters the Dealey Plaza Kill Zone, right as
President Kennedy brushes his hair in one of the
same locations of his head that will also be
blasted-off within 1 minute.....

Because of two limousine stops that President Kennedy requested so that he could personally shake hands and thank persons along the murder-cade route, and, due to the very large number of Dallas crowds all along the route, he enters the Dealey Plaza kill zone 4 minutes behind the schedules that the Dallas newspapers had publicly-printed.

President Kennedy enters within the plaza 14 minutes after multiple witnesses were first attracted to focus on and watch at multiple times, multiple men of very different descriptions located up in very different, very far apart opened windows of the southern face of the Texas School Book Depository’s, very same, sixth floor....

= two differently described men that were, each, witnessed at different times,
and who were each armed with a rifle that, each, also was attached with
a sniper's targeting rifle scope....

= one of these two armed assassins, a light skinned Latin or darker skinned Caucasian, who was also
witnessed rifle-armed standing close to the sixth floor's second-farthest
west open window ....
(one of six windows of the sixth floor south face that were documented to be open)

= That rifle-armed lighter skinned Latin or darker skinned Caucasian man was witnessed within less than a minute of....

.... a second, very differently dressed, very differenty described, very differenty located Caucasian man....

.... whose personal appearance
was very differently-described than
the Latin, and who was wearing very different clothes
than the Latin, who was soon seen by multiple, additional witnesses
to, also, be rifle-armed, who was watched in a very different window that was the
farthest east open window frame, (precisely 84’ away from the rifle-armed Latin seen in the west open window).

The farthest east rifle-armed Caucasian man was
witnessed while he was staring - not southward at the gathering crowd below,
nor was he staring southward at President Kennedy’s Dealey Plaza entrance point.

Witnesses watched that for several moments that second rifle-armed Caucasian man
was facing approximately 90-degrees completely away from President Kennedy’s
plaza entrance point, while the second rifle-armed Caucasian man was staring
seriously-transfixed in a westward direction towards where the rifle-armed
Latin man
was seen on his same sixth floor,
and/or, he was staring
seriously-transfixed in a westward direction,
towards the grassy knoll . . . .

.... ... .. . and . .. ... ....

Multiple witnesses had watched and/or encountered.…

( coincidentally and/or mistakenly in the Warren Commission-apologists world )

.... before and after the shots,
still-unknown, multiple other persons within the
grassy knoll and its parking lot who each claimed to be agents....

.... Real agents were
never assigned to be anywhere on the grassy knoll
or within its parking lot,
nor was a single Real agent stationed
anywhere else within any location of the Dealey
Plaza grounds, nor any of its buildings....

.... ... .. . additionally . .. ... ....

Multiple witnesses had watched and/or encountered.…

( again, coincidentally and/or mistakenly in the Warren Commission-apologists world )

. . . . a still-unknown and uniform-wearing “policeman," who
was also
never assigned to be on the grassy knoll. . . .

.... yet, the “policeman”/“policemen” was/were witnessed on the grassy knoll
before and after the shots, and, possibly photographed and filmed. . . .

.... and exactly as with the witnesses-encountered-“agents,” Real policemen were never assigned to be anywhere on the grassy knoll, or within its parking lot....

" After the assassination, several witnesses
stated they had seen or encountered Secret
Service agents behind the stockade fence
situated on the grassy knoll area and in
the Texas School Book Depository. "

(House Select Committee on Assassinations Report, page 184.... It is a fact
that all, real Secret Service Agents exited Dealey Plaza within a minute
or two of the shots, and no real Secret Service Agent returned to the
crime scene until approximately 30 minutes after the shots)

There are, basically, two strategic tactics that are successfully used by a rifle or
hand gun employing assassin to kill a moving target . . . .

.... One tactic is called “tracking," and involves actually moving the weapon
while tracking along with the moving target, then, re-aim the weapon to a point
just ahead of the moving target (a.k.a. “leading the target”) so that when the
bullet is fired, the target will move to that aimed leading point where the bullet
will intersect and kill the target . . . .

.... A second tactic is called “trapping" or “point-lead" and involves aiming the
weapon, without moving it, at one specific stationary point where the target is
expected to move to, then, firing at a time before the moving target reaches that
point so that when the target reaches that point, the bullet will intersect and kill
the target.

MARIE M. MUCHMORE film (“Archangel” digital film cleaning process enhanced)

Just after their right turn north-northwestward onto Houston Street, and with her knowing
that they are nearing the end of their approximately 6.95 miles (to that point)
motorcade that has been enthusiastically greeted by 150-200,000
Dallas citizens, the First Lady of Texas, Mrs. Nellie Connally,
happily turns towards President Kennedy and exclaims,

“You can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you, Mister President.”

President Kennedy smiled and replied,

“No, you certainly can't.”

(it was President Kennedy’s last words - albeit, Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman
was the only limo passenger who Warren Commission-testified that during
the attack he heard JFK say, "My God, I am hit!")

Target~~ “ LUCIFER ”~~on~~final~~approach.


ELSIE T. DORMAN film: a stitched-together montage of its frames as she tried to track the presidential limousine. .... NOTE the large oak tree branches and thick foliages on the right that hid MRS. DORMAN's view of Elm Street, and, for several very key seconds that same large oak tree branches and thick foliage's also hid out of view any targeting view or shooting at President Kennedy by anyone in the "Warren Commission," supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" the montage or here to expand it into a larger follow-up window

Mrs. DORMAN filmed from a Depository south face open window located just east of the center of the fourth
floor. She was very inexperienced operating her husband’s movie camera, and so she actually held
it to the side of her head while filming the murder-cade and trying to keep the Presidential
limousine centered. When filming she was also close, only 33’ to 35’, from the sixth
floor, farthest east Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut”
“snipers lair” “patsy”
window (that was two floors above, and
90-degrees directly to her far-left), making her film the
closest filmed view to the actual 11-22-63 view by
**anyone** in the commission-apologists,
supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair”.

Despite being much, much closer
to the Warren Commission-apologists,
supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair”
Mrs. DORMAN stated to the F.B.I. (as did many
other key, close, and weapons experienced witnesses)

that, at least, one of the shots was fired from an entirely different
location, separate from the Depository, and, fired from much further
away than 35’. Mrs. DORMAN stated the shots she could hear were fired from
the much further away Houston-Elm Streets intersection from the County Courts Records
Building that was located at a much different angle than the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed,
“lone-nut” “snipers lair”
window that was differently located two floors above and 90-degrees to her direct far-left.

The following Secret Service managed re-enactment film and photos captured what was the exact same view seen by **anyone** in the commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair” Depository window of President KENNEDY when he was on Houston and Elm Streets. Included are the, supposed, “lone-nut” views of President KENNEDY from the window documented to be open only 13” during JFK’s 120-degrees sweeping turn onto Elm Street that, by all persons speed-estimate statements, was also while the President’s limousine was moving its slowest, and, when he was also closest to the Depository, while the follow-up car of Secret Service Agents trailed close behind (each agent had a concealed, holstered handgun, and available within their car was an AR-15 rifle and a shotgun) ....

The overhead street light and its horizontally-curved support pole that President KENNEDY passed under were also very carefully examined for evidence that a bullet had struck anywhere on them, but, exactly as when the closeby large oak tree branches and thick foliages, and, Elm Street itself were also examined, investigators said there was no evidence of any kind of bullet or bullet fragment strike(s) ever found on the street light, nor its support pole, nor any part of the closeby tree, nor in any part of Elm Street. (yet, there are 6 documented witnesses (and, another very, VERY close witness that I have interviewed, who, still, even now, 55 years later, prefers to remain anonymous) who, all, stated that they clearly heard a loud shot/loud noise and nearly simultaneously then these 6 witnesses were attracted to see and watch the physical results of something bright, and/or, something bright that caused debris to suddenly appear that did suddenly strike into Elm Street simultaneous with an audible blast or shock wave that they remembered hearing, or, that they could hear)

Target "LUCIFER"~now~trapped-inside~our~ one-way street canyon~ULTIMATE ONE.

JAMES TOWNER photo (slightly cropped).... click the frame or here to
pand it into an extremely larger follow-up window

Just entering into the 120-degrees, slowing, deadly left turn from
Houston Street into Elm Street that dramatically, meticulously,
slowed-down President KENNEDY’s moving speed. Photo was
captured by JAMES TOWNER approximately 2 or 3 seconds
before the President was moving his slowest and was his
very closest to the Texas School Book Depository’s sixth
floor, far eastern, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers
13-inches open window ....

"LUCIFER"~~~is~~~ZULU .

All players now
~ 'GREEN' ~for~KAPPA .

MARK and PAINT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TERMINAL_PRECISION .

~ ~ ~ ~

Here is my detailed graph based on all of the several
documented films and photos just before and
during the start of the assassination that pinpoints
each of the KENNEDY's and CONNALLY's extremely
fast head facing changes in direction.
Their rapid
head facing changes in direction all started nearly
simultaneously, within 1-second, of each other.…

Click the frame, or here, to expand it into a larger follow-up window

**** NOTE ****

extremely fast
head-facing direction
change reaction @ Z-155 to 158
of President KENNEDY before he was hidden
from Z-166 to Z-210 under the large oak tree from the
view of **anyone**, supposedly, targeting/shooting at him
from the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers
. It is, imho, much more than a coincidence that 3 of these 4 limousine
rear seats passengers (President KENNEDY, Governor CONNALLY, and Mrs. KENNEDY) all
significantly snapped their heads very quickly rightward
nearly simultaneously, within less than 1-second of
each other
, between Z-155 and Z-169 ---- further
supported in their all, near simultaneously,
discontinuing very abruptly
head facing direction they each had been
steadily moving towards. (Mrs. CONNALLY
was already in the act of turning her head
rightward when her husband and the
KENNEDY’s all rapidly snapped
their heads rightward,

. . . . or . . . .

they all were nearly simultaneously, attracted to abruptly discontinue their leftward
motions, then, they all, again, nearly simultaneously, started rapidly snapping
their heads to the right within less than 1-second of each other)

So I was looking to the left. I guess there was a noise, but it didn’t
seem like any different noise really, because there is so much noise,
motorcycles and things. But then suddenly Governor Connally was
yelling 'Oh, no, no, no!’ ”


" I heard these terrible noises. You know. And my husband never
made any sound.
So I turned to the right. And all I remember is
seeing my husband, he had this sort of quizzical look on his face,
and his hand was up, it must have been his left hand. And just as I
turned and looked at him, I could see a piece of his skull sort of
wedge-shaped, like that, and I remember that it was flesh colored
with little ridges at the top. I remember thinking he just looked as if
he had a slight headache. And I just remember seeing that. No
blood or anything. I was trying to hold his hair on. From the front
there was nothing --- I suppose there must have been. But from
the back you could see, you know, you were trying to hold his hair
on, and his skull on. ”


" And then he sort of did this, put his hand to his forehead and fell
in my lap. And then I just remember falling on him and saying,
'Oh, no, no, no,' I mean, 'Oh, my God, they have shot my
husband.’ And 'I love you, Jack,’ I remember I was shouting. ”


" I used to think if I only had been looking to the right, I would have
seen the first shot hit him, then I could have pulled him down, and
then the second shot would not have hit him. ”

(my emphasis)

(Mrs. JACQUELINE KENNEDY, the closest witness to President KENNEDY; key segments
of her very short Warren Commission testimony, transcribed from the actual court
reporter’s original tape,
and includes her statements that
the Warren Commission chose to, try, and deliberately hide
by not transcribing them)

EMIL ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER was the only photographer to capture the entire assassination. (other witnesses filmed portions during the volley's of shots) Mr. ZAPRUDER recorded his film with his “Bell & Howell” manufactured “Director Series” movie camera, Model 414PD (Power Zoom/Duel Electric Eye), equipped with a “Varamat” ‘Zoomatic’ F1.8 focal length, variable 9mm to 27mm zoom lens. (His camera’s serial number is AS13486) I have two available for you. Each is in gem mint to outstanding quality and operational condition and complete with the original leather carrying case and full operating instructions manual (one of them even includes a gem mint, un-opened pack of the exact same type Kodachrome II film that Mr. ZAPRUDER also used on 11-22-63). While he filmed the assassination Mr. ZAPRUDER had his zoom lens set to full close-up. His camera was spool-loaded with the double 8mm film, and approximately 25 to 28 feet could continuously be exposed at a time. The F.B.I. later tested Mr. ZAPRUDER’s camera with its “Record” spring-powered film-advance mechanism started at fully-wound. As the spring mechanism un-wound, the film moved at an average speed of 18.3 frames-per-second. In that respect, an individual ZAPRUDER frame can also be a determinative clock for us to precisely time stamp the starting and stopping instant of an event. His film can also be used to precisely determine locations, movements speeds, and measurements at specific time stamps (especially when combined with other films and photos), and determine the relative alignments of persons, objects, and landmarks. It can also confirm or contradict an individual witness statement, confirm or contradict the group of witnesses statements as a whole, their observations of limousine occupants time stamped actions, persons reactions to possible gun shots, and the exact, multiple instants when Mr. ZAPRUDER’s camera noticeably shook and jiggled during the volley's of the attack shots.

. . . . Transparently revealing . . . .

Despite the fact (or, maybe, *because* of the fact) that the ZAPRUDER film is the only Dealey Plaza film
that documented the entire assassination, only 3 of the 7 Warren Commission "lone-nut"-commissars
deliberately chose to actually ever want to watch the film in motion, at least, one time....
albeit on 6-4-64, over 6 months after JFK was eliminated, yet as their
"investigation" was being wrapped-up
. . . .

". . . . and as I was shooting as the president was coming down from Houston Street making his turn, it was about a half-way down there, I heard a shot, and he slumped to the side, like this.”

(ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER then demonstrated President Kennedy being bullet impacted, then, leftward
turning and slumping, then, President Kennedy’s rapid leftward movements and
slumped posture seen circa Z-203 to Z-260 and thereafter, that
was documented in the ZAPRUDER film)

“. . . . Then, I heard another shot or two, I couldn’t say whether it was one or two, and I saw his head practically open up - all blood and everything - and I kept on shooting."

(ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER, very close Dealey Plaza attack witness during his 11-22-63 videotaped interview on Dallas “WFAA TV” about 90 minutes after the assassination, describing for his very first time (and he demonstrated President Kennedy’s reaction) that ZAPRUDER watched President KENNEDY instantaneously react to being impacted with the first shot that ZAPRUDER remembered hearing (or could hear)

Zapruder film frame # 150

Zapruder frame # 160

^ ^
| |
| |
| |
| |

In contrast to President KENNEDY, Mrs. KENNEDY, and JOHN CONNALLY’s abrupt, discontinuous, and rapid reactions that occurred nearly in unison within less than 1-second of each other from Z-155 to Z-169, all of the occupants of Vice President LYNDON JOHNSON’s light silver-blue convertible who time stamped their location when the attack started and they heard the first shot they could hear (and further supported by many additional close witnesses in their follow-up murder-cade vehicles who also time stamped their location when the attack started) have stated that their car had already completed their turn onto Elm Street, and, further detailed that their JOHNSON convertible had already completed straightening out when the first “shot” volley was fired (albeit the first audible muzzle blast, or, the first "silenced" mechanically-suppressed-fired super-sonic bullet bow shock N-wave, or, the first "silenced" mechanically-suppressed-fired sub-sonic bullet that he/she was able to hear, or, that they remembered hearing, or, could hear).

Many witnesses very similarly compared the first “shot” that they remembered hearing (or, could hear) to a vehicle backfire and/or a firecracker, and many witnesses stated that it sounded distinctly different than the follow-up “shots” volley's.

Additionally, the Warren Commission was forced to admit in writing in their report-canard (but its "lone-nut"-apologists are stuck in ever-transparent-denial about) that a distinct and (as the Warren Commission wrote), "substantial majority" of the many then-known witnesses and the many then-known weapons-experienced witnesses who remembered hearing (or could hear), at least, 3 shots also importantly detailed for us that the last two blasts these majority of witnesses remembered hearing (or could hear) were definitely bunched much closer together in time, than the first two blasts they could hear.

A child’s simple viewing of the ZAPRUDER film clearly documents that between its frames Z-150 and Z-160** ---- the same frames segment that the latest version of warrenatti-apologists, current, shots sequence "theory" hypothesizes that the, supposed, “lone-nut” first shot was fired into the branches and thick foliage leaves of a large, closeby tree, the JOHNSON convertible can, actually, be clearly seen just beginning to start into its left turn from Houston Street, and that was well before the JOHNSON car had ever completed its turn onto Elm Street, and of course, well before JOHNSON's car had even straightened out after that turn.

** the Warren Commission determined that the branches and thick foliages of leaves within the closeby
tree did not start to hide JFK from the targeting-view of anyone in the, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"
until Z-166/167, even though JFK had ALREADY, very rapidly, snapped his head 65 degrees to his right
within 0.16 second from Z-155 to Z-158
(and right after his ultrafast head snap military veteran JFK started
enthusiastically waving and carefree, widely smiling happily)

“Our automobile had just turned a corner (the names of
the streets are unknown to me) when I heard a bang
which sounded to me like a possible firecracker—the
sound coming from my right rear.”

United States Secret Service Agent WARREN “Woody” W. TAYLOR in his 11-29-63 documented report....
TAYLOR was riding in the Vice Presidential Secret Service followup car that was right behind LBJ’s car....
TAYLOR confirms that (precisely like LBJ’s car) his car had also already completed its 120-degrees, long,
sweeping turn from Houston Street onto Elm Street....

.... THEN....

.... the 1st of 3 audible muzzle blasts or mechanically suppressed fired bullet bow shock waves that TAYLOR
remembered hearing (or could hear) was fired. (and also exactly like a substantial majority
of the witnesses, close witnesses, and weapons experienced witnesses, TAYLOR stated that the 2nd and 3rd
volleys of gunshot blasts were bunched much closer together than the 1st and 2nd blasts that he could hear)

U. S. Secret Service Agent TAYLOR's time stamping and his car location stamping of the first shot that he remembered hearing or could hear are also confirmed by close witness JAMES N. CRAWFORD (who watched from near the southeast corner of Houston and Elm) in his statement to the F.B.I. and his Warren Commission testimony detailing Mr. CRAWFORD watching and time stamping the start of the shots, the location of TAYLOR's car when the shots started, and the distinct closer together bunching of the last two shots that Mr. CRAWFORD, and many others, could hear ....

“Mr. Crawford estimated that approximately four or five vehicles, including the Presidential vehicle, had turned down Elm when Mr. Crawford heard sounds which at first were believed by Crawford to be the backfiring of an automobile. Mr. Crawford believed these sounds came from one of the cars in the front of the Presidential motorcade which was approaching the Triple Underpass .... and the second and third sounds came very close together.”

(JAMES N. CRAWFORD, 1-10-64 F.B.I. statement, Warren Commission document 329, page 22)

.... and ....

“I believe there was a car leading the President’s car, followed by the President’s car, and followed, I suppose, by the Vice President’s car, and in turn by the Secret Service in a yellow closed sedan. The doors of the sedan were open. It was after the Secret Service sedan had gone around the corner that I heard the first report and at that time I thought it was a backfire of a car .... The second shot followed some seconds, a little time elapsed after the first one, and followed very quickly by a third one.”

(JAMES N. CRAWFORD, 4-1-64 testimony to the Warren Commission, Warren Commission volume 6, pages 171-174)


"a substantial majority of the witnesses stated that the shots were not
evenly spaced. Most witnesses recalled that the second and third
shots were bunched together"

(Warren Commission report, page 115)

“There has been a certain amount of testimony indicating there was a longer pause between the report of the first shot... and the second and third shots, that is not absolutely unanimous but I would say it is something like 5 to 1 or something of that kind....”

(my emphasis)

(Warren Commission commissioner ALLEN DULLES, admitting that 5 of 6 witnesses (an 83% clear majority)
of the witnesses the commission knew of and interviewed stated that the last two audible blasts
and/or bullet bow shock waves that they could hear were bunched much closer
together than the first two blasts/shock waves they could hear)


“ I would say to me it seemed like 3 or 4 seconds between
the first and the second, and between the second and third,
well, I guess 2 seconds, they were very close together. It
could have been more time between the first and second. ”

(Military veteran, Dealey Plaza witness, and Pulitzer Prize winning Dallas Times Herald photographer, ROBERT HILL W. JACKSON statements in his Warren Commission testimony, volume 2, page 160.

. . . . . . Mr. JACKSON, as have the Warren Commission report-admitted "substantial majority"
of his Dealey Plaza co-witnesses who heard at least three shots, has steadily, always
testified and stated that....

" The second and third shots were closer together. "


to the Assassinations Records Review Board,
that Scientiffically Verified the Authenticity
of the Original ZAPRUDER Film

When a bullet is triggered -- whether triggered without the muzzle end
attachment of a mechanical flash-suppressor, sound-suppressor silencer,
or, whether triggered with an attached mechanical flash-suppressor, sound-
suppressor silencer -- if the fired bullet travels at a supersonic speed greater
the speed of sound of 1140 feet-per-second (at sea level at a
70-degree temperature), the bullet will create the resistance and
compression of air on and around the front tip of the hot bullet, and this
compressed air creates a bullet bow shock wave that expands in a
trailing cone behind the bullet nose tip that will result in a sonic-boom-like
loud “crack” being heard by witnesses located near and far from the bullet

When a bullet is triggered -- whether triggered without the muzzle end
attachment of a mechanical flash-suppressor, sound-suppressor silencer,
or, whether triggered with an attached mechanical flash-suppressor, sound-
suppressor silencer -- if the fired bullet travels at a sub-sonic speed less than
the speed of sound, the bullet will not create a loud ballistic “crack," but,
it still creates a “zipping," “whizzing” disturbance in the air that may, or may
not, be heard by witnesses located close to the bullet trajectory, but not
necessarily, ever, heard by other witnesses.

Since starting in the very early 1900’s, the existence and continuing
development by private companies and governments of silenced
weapons have been on-going

When you have a chance, provided in the following solid videos . . . .
(in this nearby video, other unseen, audible muzzle blasts shots from further away
from the camera are also being loudly fired while the silenced weapon is fired)

and here,
(in this nearby video, other unseen, audible muzzle blasts shots from further away
from the camera are also being loudly fired while the silenced weapon is fired)

and here,

and here,

and here,

and here,

. . . . listen to the substantially less decibels-level sound documented in the (non-"Holly-weird") Real World, that are heard at their maximum decibels-level from a much closer couple yards away from the weapon.

Remember, in the videos you are hearing the "silenced" muzzle blast from very close by,
therefore, if you were standing a distance of 61’ to 265’, or further, away from a
weapon’s exposed muzzle end, or, away from a concealed, hidden weapon that
was fired from inside a sounds-absorbing room, the "silenced" muzzle blast sound
that you might be able to hear, if you heard it at all,
(and, that the attack strategy planner's
would know about to count on)
would be much, much less
because of the noises combination's of the crowd clapping's, witnesses talking among
themselves, their cheerings, yellings, whistlings, the Dallas policemen's Harley Davidson
"Duo-Glide" (74 OHV)
motorcycle's, and the additional noises cover of the reverberating
audible muzzle blast(s) of another assassin's non-"silenced", loud weapon(s).

CAROL HEWETT research study, Silencers, Sniper Rifles & the C.I.A.

A very interesting article about silencers used on weapons, detailing their characteristics, and the reasons and several strong, solid tactical advantages that the experienced assassin(s) would strategically choose to use an assassination weapon(s) that eliminates weapon(s) muzzle flash and substantially decreases or eliminates muzzle(s) noise(s) to a much, much less or non-hearable level(s)....

1.... the source(s) of the gunfire(s) is masked-hidden,

2.... the location(s) of the gunfire source(s) is difficult/impossible to pinpoint,

3.... the number(s) or type(s) of weapons firing can not be identified,

4.... the range(s) of weapons firing can not be identified,

5.... well-practiced-with, precisely-calibrated silencer weapons have much less recoil and are more accurate,

6.... JFK (the target) and his Secret Service Agents protectors were confused,

7.... the assassin sniper(s) had a psychological advantage over the target and his protectors

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