November 1, 2001

" Discovery: Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS; ZAPRUDER Film Documented 2nd Head Snap: West, Ultrafast, and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll," by Donald Roberdeau, 2001


Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS's
ZAPRUDER Film Documented .2nd. Head Snap:
West, Ultrafast, 1and Directly Towards
the Grassy Knoll

by Donald Roberdeau, 2001

Thank You to the many dedicated and respected John F. Kennedy assassination citizen researchers who have provided clear Zapruder film frames, their very appreciated and valuable follow up help with solid interpretations, and clear, animated film clip magnifications of President Kennedy's Dealey Plaza assassination very close, very key witness, Rosemary Willis

On November 21, 2001, I publicly provided the following discovery with respect to Rosemary Willis's Zapruder film documented, clearly seen, ultrafast, second head snap.

Whatever it was that caused the ten-years-old girl's first slowing then stopping and measurably slower head turn reaction from Zapruder film frame # 190 to 213, her first reaction is not the most important Zapruder film documented reaction with respect to Dealey Plaza assassination very close witness, Rosemary Willis.

The most important documented reaction, by far, with respect to Rosemary is what caused and attracted her second Zapruder film documented reaction, that was a much, much faster, most likely impulsive reaction, that Rosemary displayed in an extremely rapid westward head snap that we can see with her head snap concluded with her very suddenly facing a line of sight aligned directly towards Mr. Abraham Zapruder and the grassy knoll picket fence corner location.

In 2001 while researching individual Zapruder film frames between Z-190 and 223, a second extremely fast, Rosemary Willis head snap became evident to me that had gone completely un-noticed and government investigations un-reported by dedicated researchers and "official" investigators since the assassination 38 years prior.

Please examine the ellipse circled Rosemary Willis in the key individual Zapruder frame numbers 214 through 223 between-the-sprocket-holes area, provided for you in the following frames, or, viewable even larger in another followup window, linked here....

(click the frame to enlarge in a followup window)

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location where Rosemary stated to U.S. government assassination investigators that she watched a person who had been located behind a "wall," suddenly and quickly disappear from her view right after she heard a gunshot audible muzzle blast, or, mechanically suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock wave

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = where several photographic evidences captured a person positioned in that same specific location in one instant, but, who quickly moved away (or escaped) and disappeared from that very same specific grassy knoll location within seconds (rapidly hiding into a closeby car trunk, or, a closeby station wagon's rear pre-hollowed-out and large hatch-covered compartment?) after the last of the assassins volley’s of shots when President Kennedy's head exploded....

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = where many attack witnesses stated that they heard, at least, one shot fired from....

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where attack witnesses maintained that they also observed gun smoke lingering close to....

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = from where attack witnesses smelled gun smoke close to....

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = where, even though witnesses were standing much, much closer to the Depository and even though witnesses were at least 61’ below the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair” window....many witnesses, many gunfire experienced witnesses, and many law enforcement professionals experienced in gunfire, also first chose to run towards the grassy knoll....

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = where a U. S. Secret Service Agent documented in writing on 11-22-63 that, instead of from the Depository located several hundred feet to his left and front while filming, Mr. Zapruder stated that a shot did originate from behind Mr. Zapruder

This is the exact same grassy knoll and parking lot locations = where prior to the assassination and immediately afterward, multiple still-unknown “agents” were encountered by several witnesses, even though all documented assignment location records for all U.S. government and Dallas local law enforcement persons thoroughly document that not even one real “agent” nor police officer was ever pre-JFK-elimination stationed inside Dealey Plaza, nor stationed in nor atop any of its surrounding buildings....

This is the exact same grassy knoll picket fence corner location = where the second, and most recent, Kennedy assassination government investigation scientifically determined to more than a 95% probability that a shot was fired from

Rosemary’s second head snap reaction directly towards the grassy knoll picket fence location at and after Zapruder film frame Z-214 is an important, very primary and very key consideration that carries infinitely more potent and stronger weight than her, measurably, much slower and leisurely first reaction seen earlier from frames Z-190 to 213.

During my writing a November 2001 JFK assassination Internet newsgroup posts thread, I was closely examining very clear Zapruder film complete frames that also reveal for us the long hidden “between-the-sprocket-holes area” recorded images. I was comparing, contrasting, and precisely measuring considerations that are documented in the Zapruder film frames around Z-219.[4]

^ ^ ^ ^ This animation detailing Rosemary Willis’s extremely fast head snap towards
Mr. Zapruder and the grassy knoll is provided for you in .GIF format, and downloadable here
(Thank You + Hat Tip to Gerda Dunckel)

At Z-213, just after Life Magazine's "accidental" film frames destruction caused by its employees to several key Zapruder film frames[5],  Rosemary is clearly seen wearing her long red skirt and her white, hooded coat. During the attack, she was wearing her coat's head hood up and around the sides, top, and back her head. Zapruder film wise at that same instant, Rosemary is seen in the far left film between-the-sprocket-holes area of frame Z-213, standing just within the Dealey Plaza "North Infield" grass with the sun behind her (the sun was located Zapruder film rightward), and she was located close, and to the back and left of, the presidential limousine.[6]

What immediately became evident is that starting at Z-214, Rosemary very, very rapidly snaps her head westward to her left approximately 90 to 100 degrees within only three Zapruder frames (three Zapruder frames equals a microscopic, ultrafast 0.16 second).

As seen from Rosemary's line of sight, after that 0.16 second,
Rosemary was then directly facing the grassy knoll.

An avi-formatted animated Zapruder film frames Z-213 to 222 segment that details for us Rosemary's very rapid head snap westward directly towards the grassy knoll is provided for your downloading and viewing in-motion here (in .AVI format), and here (in .GIF format). I strongly recommend that you closely watch this unenhanced, clear, magnified, animated clip.

Rosemary's 90 to 100 degrees ultrafast head snap -- away from her facing the far western half of the Texas School Book Depository’s south face -- and that ended within only 0.16 second with her facing directly towards the grassy knoll -- is the equivalent head snap rotational speed of 549 to 610 degrees per second. (Equaling an extremely fast head snap speed approaching two "Exorcist" movie like, complete head rotations around her neck per second.[7]

Rosemary's extremely rapid head snap speed also determines for us to a certainty that Rosemary's ultrafast head snap was attracted as an involuntary and impulsive response reaction to something very external to her.

To feel and precisely confirm for yourself the very rapid speed of how very fast her impulsively attracted head snap response truly was, simply, try snapping your head 90 to 100 degrees within one-sixth of a second.

Rosemary's ultrafast head snap speed directly towards the grassy knoll is also the fastest head snap speed documented by a standing witness that is seen in all of the attack sequence films.

Very importantly, within hours after the attack, the U.S. Secret Service Agent
Maxwell D. Phillips documented Mr. Zapruder did state (for the first time
of many, many times that Mr. Zapruder also would testify to and state)

that a shot did originate from behind Mr. Zapruder.

Cropped, enlarged, and contrast/brighter Zapruder film 213 to 220 individual frames for Rosemary are available for you here....

(click the frame to enlarge in a followup window)

My drawing, directly computer screen traced from the above very clear, sharp, enlarged of Rosemary animated clip detailing her ultrafast head snap westward towards the grassy knoll is available for you here....

(click the frame to enlarge in a followup window)

Examining closely with an eye for details, we can clearly see that just prior to, and, up to frame Z-214, Rosemary's head is seen in the Zapruder film to be in a 90-degrees, left side profile, possibly even a few degrees more, relative to Mr. Zapruder's camera lense line of sight perspective to her.

We can clearly see that her coats head hood is facing film frame leftward, towards her anatomical right, and her head appears to be parallel to the ground, and, importantly, we cannot see any of her head hood facial opening, at all, at that instant.

When you utilize a map of Dealey Plaza, and pinpoint her correct standing location at Z-214, it is very clear that 90-degrees offset from Mr. Zapruder, with Rosemary at the apex, reveals that her head profile is facing North-northwest towards the Depository’s far western half of its south face, towards the sixth floor west open window units #10 and #11 (counting the windows moving westward, starting from the eastern most, #1, Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" window) Her facing direction is also very easy to calculate with a 90-degrees protractor, or, even an envelope corner....

(click the frame to enlarge in a followup window)

This is the exact same Depository sixth floor west end open windows that Rosemary first turned towards when she first stopped trotting, and even though dozens of Dealey Plaza attack witnesses were standing nearly directly straight out from or closer to the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair," these many witnesses stated and/or Warren Commission-testified that, at least, one shot was fired from distinctly west of the commission-apologist, supposed, “lone-nut” “snipers lair” that was distinctly located much, much further west of the witnesses....

This is the exact same Depository sixth floor west end open windows that Dealey Plaza attack witness Arnold Rowland commission-testified is also exactly where at 12:15 PM he distinctly watched a rifle armed, light skinned Latin or dark complected Caucasian assassin standing close to. (a rifle armed, light skinned Latin or dark complected Caucasian assassin whose physical appearance and clothing Mr. Arnold testified was very different than Lee Oswald)

This is the exact same Depository sixth floor west end open windows that Dealey Plaza attack witness Tom Dillard captured a photo only seconds after the attack ended, in which is also seen a person looking outward into the kill zone.....

This is the exact same Depository sixth floor west end open windows that when a trajectory line is extended backwards from the location where the Harper skull fragment was discovered that passes through the President's head location at Z-313, this same trajectory line precisely intersects on the Depository between the sixth floor west open window units #11 and #12.

The following diagram here details the found
Harper skull fragment trajectory projected straight back through President Kennedy's head location at Z-313, projected further straight back to the Depository, and intersects the Depository very close to the exact same sixth floor west open window that Rowland watched the second, rifle armed assassin in. The diagram includes an inset photo captured from the, Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" Depository sixth floor farthest east window on 11-27-63 by the Secret Service on which is precisely indicated in red the location of known attack evidentiary artifacts.

(click the frame to enlarge in a followup window)

NOTE: the very wide trajected angle of the path of the Harper skull fragment away from President Kennedy's Z-313 location (the red line), as seen when looking/shooting from the commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair." In reality the Harper skull fragment trajected path aligns nearly perfectly straight if it was actually fired from a farthest west window.... exactly from where Rowland watched a rifle-armed assassin. Also included on the diagram is a zoomed in section of the photo snapped by Tom Dillard revealing for us the Depository south face, sixth floor, west open window that captured a person staring outward into the kill zone within seconds after the attack ended. (The solid red, larger, ellipse seen near the grassy knoll picket fence corner is the approximate location where nine attack witnesses were attracted to see gun smoke briefly lingering under the trees wind slowing foliages, while several additional witnesses smelled gun smoke 61’ to 80’ below the Depository’s sixth floor at ground level). It is documented by 11-22-63 Dallas weather officials and films and photos captured during the assassination that the wind was blowing north-north-eastward; = blowing from the Triple Overpass bridge, TOWARDS the Texas School Book Depository.

The brightness and contrasted animated clip of the Dillard photo that reveals the man in the Depository’s sixth floor, west, open window staring out into the kill zone is available for you here.

Here is a larger view from the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "sniper's lair" captured during the November 27, 1963 Secret Service reenactment detailing the red lined Harper skull fragment trajectory angle from the President at Z-313 to where it landed in the grass between Elm and Main streets. (in that same photo, additional important attack caused evidence artifacts of blood spatter, bone fragments, brain matter, bullet strikes, and gun smoke are also detailed at their specific pinpointed locations, with each evidence artifact shown in red. Those same attack artifacts locations, with the precise locations of the limousine passengers at key points, witnesses, photographers, suspected bullet trajectories, evidence, and additional important information are further identified specifically in my Dealey Plaza detailed map that is provided for you, here)

The view from the Warren Commission's, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair," with evidence
attack artifacts locations colored in red, including the red straight line from President
Kennedy's Z-313 head location to the location where the Harper skull fragment landed

At Z-214 while standing stopped and, importantly, nearly motionless, instead of facing the Depository’s southeast corner, in reality, Rosemary Willis's head is facing much closer to the southwest corner of the Depository and her head appears to be facing level (at Z-214, Rosemary's head was not facing the Depository’s southeast corner commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" window ~ as Warren Commission-"lone-nut"-apologist-and-plagiarist Gerald Posner and some Warren Commission-apologists have, deliberately and inaccurately, utterly failed to foist upon The People[12]).

Suddenly, between Z-214 and 215 (possibly even starting during Z-215's exposure) Rosemary very, very quickly starts to snap her head westward to her anatomical left....

.... away from her head facing level at the Depository, to her head now facing almost exactly directly at Mr. Zapruder, and also nearly directly facing the grassy knoll picket fence corner location that was also nearly directly aligned behind Mr. Zapruder as seen from Rosemary’s line-of-sight perspective.

The fifth Polaroid photo captured that day by very close attack witness Mary Moorman has been calculated to being time stamped captured between Zapruder frames 315 and 316. In the "Moorman photo", we can see some of the severe damage to President Kennedy's head, with the remnants of the explosive blood spatter cloud still in the air.

(click the frame to enlarge into an extremely large followup window)

Visible in the Moorman photo background is the grassy knoll picket fence.

In the exact same grassy knoll picket fence location where the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations scientifically determined that an assassin fired a shot from, there appears to be seen the hatted head top of a person, but, in photos and film frames captured mere seconds later by other witness photographers and filmers, that hatted person has quickly left that exact same grassy knoll picket fence location.

(click the frame to enlarge in a followup window)

Rosemary's head accelerates through her rapid three frame head snap westward directly towards Mr. Zapruder, directly towards the grassy knoll, and directly towards the picket fence assassin, and her head snap is mostly completed by Z-217.

Rosemary's head snap speed directly towards the grassy knoll is the fastest head snap speed documented by any standing witness that is seen in all of the attack sequence films.

Significant, in my humble opinion, and also viewed as very significant among the many long time and dedicated JFK assassination colleagues and researchers.

Rosemary also exhibits a westward shoulders/torso movement shift in her immediate post head snap Z-217 to 223 frames. There are particularly clear frames of her at Z-219 and 221 with her head still pointed even more towards the west and the grassy knoll, and it appears to me that her hands and upper torso posture has continued to shift very slightly, most likely as a follow up, trailing involuntary reaction by her other body parts that were synergized from her head snap a micro-second after her ultrafast head snap westward. By Z-222 and 223, Mr. Zapruder has panned Rosemary's image very close to the far left edge of the film frame's between-the-sprocket-holes area.[14]

Very importantly, Rosemary stated on November 8, 1978 to the investigators for the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (hereafter abbreviated "HSCA"), that while she was directly facing the grassy knoll, she watched a person whose movement, in her words, "disappear the next instant."[15]

What do you think involuntarily attracted her reaction of her ultrafast head snap to the west, and directly towards the grassy knoll picket fence assassin location so very, very rapidly, and at that exact same instant?

PERSONAL REQUEST: Rosemary, I truly understand your reluctance to speak with some JFK assassination researchers after Warren Commission-apologist-and-plagiarist Gerald Posner's incorrect and incomplete “interpretations” of your true reactions. When you do read this discovery of your Zapruder film documented ultrafast head snap directly towards the grassy knoll that Confirms your statements to the HSCA, Please, be so kind to contact me privately. My email address is always

Thank You.

(Please type "JFK" in your email subject line)


I am now especially interested in the fact that Rosemary's ultrafast head snap westward, directly towards the grassy knoll follows within only a microsecond the very same Dallas Police Department radio transmitted and dictabelt audio tape recorded grassy knoll gunshot that the House Select Committee on Assassinations scientifically confirmed and that Dr. Donald Thomas has further researched.

Please see the detailed chart individually available for you here

I am starting to very strongly consider that her reactive, impulsive head snap that was attracted extremely rapidly directly towards the west----directly towards Mr. Zapruder, towards the grassy knoll----and directly towards the picket fence assassin----occurred only a fraction of a micro-second after, and specifically because of, the gunshot impulse a microsecond before Z-214 that is present on the Dallas Police Department radio channel transmissions tape recording. Rosemary's head snap reaction speed clearly demonstrates that it was an impulsively attracted rapid response to what Dr. Donald Thomas entitled a "rogue shot" in his DPD radio transmissions taped acoustics gunshots impulses peer reviewed and research studies, freely provided for you here....

Echo Correlation Analysis & Acoustic Gunshots Recorded Evidence, 2001

Hear No Evil, 2001

Emendations, 2002

Crosstalk, 2002

Impulsive Behavior, 2003

Dr. Donald Thomas response.... to a ...."Science & Justice" study, 2005

Dr. Donald Thomas interview transcript & audio, 2006

Overview and History of the Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Case, 2007

Dr. Donald Thomas briefly discusses the gunshots impulses, VIDEO, 2008

Dr. Donald Thomas book, "Hear No Evil: Social Constructivism and
the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination"
, 2010


After his reading this same research report with regard to Rosemary Willis that you are reading, in his book-canard, "Reclaiming History," (2007) a "lone-nut"-apologist and prosecution lawyer, Mr. Vincent T. Bugliosi, Jr. has tried (yet, he failed) to spin his opinion of Rosemary's Zapruder film documented ultrafast second head snap directly towards the grassy knoll.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bugliosi (and the steadily-vanishing, transparently living-in-denial, desperate habits of the minority of other commission-apologists)----and, much more so, unfortunately for and against the honest benefits for the reader of his book-canard----in Mr. Bugliosi's impotent "critique" he deliberately chose to not provide for his reader all of the most important and very key considerations that are clearly detailed above within this research report with respect to Rosemary's ultrafast second head snap directly towards the grassy knoll.... One very important consideration that he "failed" to mention for his reader was the sheer very fast speed of her head snap, that we can simply measure to be nearly two (2) "Exorcist"-film-like, complete, head rotations, per second.

From 2007 to 2015 Mr. Bugliosi never responded to my several private correspondence's sent to him nor phone messages left for him. (ADDENDUM NOTE: Mr. Bugliosi passed-on in 2015)

I am, therefore, in the process of writing my responses in an update to his 0-pine that will further expose and exorcise (again) Mr. Bugliosi's limp, outright deliberate-lies, his deliberately-selective omissions of facts, his factually-not-100%-accurate 0-pine's, his deliberate-obfuscations distorted in Mr. Bugliosi's deliberately-abrasive, overtly-overly-arrogant, thinks-he-knows-it-"all", smart-ass, condescending, total lack of "class" and "style," and his egregious, deliberate shortcomings. For additional detailed book reviews from some of the researchers of Mr. Bugliosi's, supposed, "lone-nut"-selective, utterly failed, dishonest attempted tactics, please read the many reviews of his book-canard that are also widely promoted and solidly provided by:

Dr. Josiah Thompson
Jim DiEugenio (10 parts)
Patrick Speer
Gaeton Fonzi
Mark Lane
Dr. Gerald McKnight
David Wrone
Dr. Donald Thomas
David Talbot
Millicent Cranor (2 parts)
Dr. Gary Aguilar
William Davy
Michael Green
Chris Scally


[1] Close assassination witness, Rosemary Willis (her name was incorrectly HSCA written as "Rose Mary Willis"), in her November 8, 1978 statements to investigators for the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations. Rosemary’s statements were buried in the HSCA’s last volume, number 12, on page 7, and are also documented and readable within the Internet link provided for you here, "Presence of Possible Gunmen on the Grassy Knoll."

Importantly, from Rosemary’s precise location, if her eyes were approximately 4.5’ above the grass that she was standing on, when she rapidly snapped her head and then was facing the grassy knoll picket fence corner location where the seemingly human shape was located that is visible in the Mary Moorman # 5 Polaroid with that person’s head above the 5.0’ tall picket fence top, Rosemary’s eyes were exactly 0.7’ above that same picket fence top location (there was a cement “retaining wall” located on the grassy knoll that was on that same line-of-sight between her and the picket fence, but, the top of that cement wall was also measured on professionally surveyed plats at a height-above-sea-level that was exactly 2.0’ lower than Rosemary’s eyes).

Additionally, because there were no tree trunks, tree branches, bushes, nor any other manmade structures in between Rosemary’s eyes and the location of the seemingly human shape seen above the grassy knoll picket fence top, Rosemary definitely would have been able to see the person located there after the shots, before that person quickly vanished from her view; exactly as she stated to the investigators

[2] As witness testimony specialists, and even Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologist-and-plagiarist Posner makes a specific point in his "lone-nut" book-canard, "Case Closed" (1993), when there are some conflicting testimonies from the same witness, you should weigh heavier the credibility of the earliest statement of that witness.... The earliest definitive location from where Mr. Zapruder stated that, at least, one audible muzzle blast or mechanically-suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock N-wave that he remembered hearing (or could hear) was fired from is documented in the 11-22-63, 9:55 PM dated and signed Secret Service memorandum (documented as Warren Commission Document, CD-87) provided us by United States Secret Service Agent (Protective Research Section), Maxwell D. Phillips, and states....


To: Chief Rowley 9:55 PM
From: Max D. Phillips
Subject: 8mm movie showing President
Kennedy being shot

Enclosed is an 8mm movie film taken by Mr. A. Zapruder 501 Elm St., Dallas Texas (R.I 8-6071)

Mr Zapruder was photographing the President at the instant he was shot.

According to Mr Zapruder the position of the assassin was behind Mr Zapruder.

Note: Disregard personal scenes shown on Mr. Zapruder's film. Mr. Zapruder is in custody of the "master" film. TWO prints were given to SAIC Sorrels, this date.

The third is forwarded.


M. D. Phillips
Special Agent-PRS


(My emphasis)

In Mr. Zapruder's commission-testimony (volume 7, page 571), he further detailed for us many times the origin of, at least, one audible muzzle blast or mechanically-suppressed-fired "silenced" bullet bow shock wave that he remembered hearing (or could hear) as coming from behind him....


Mr. ZAPRUDER: I thought I heard two, it could be three, because to my estimation I thought he was hit on the second--I really don't know. The whole thing that has been transpiring--it was very upsetting and as you see I got a little better all the time and this came up again and it to me looked like the second shot, but I don't know. I never even heard a third shot.

Mr. LIEBELOR: You didn't hear any shot after you saw him hit?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: I heard the second--after the first shot--I saw him leaning over and after the second shot--it's possible after what I saw, you know, then I started yelling, "They killed him, they killed him," and I just felt that somebody had ganged up on him and I was still shooting the pictures until he got under the underpass--I don't even know how I did it. And then, I didn't even remember how I got down from that abutment there, but there I was, I guess, and I was walking toward--back toward my office and screaming, "They killed him, they killed him," and the people that I met on the way didn't even know what happened and they kept yelling, "What happened, what happened, what happened?" It seemed that they had heard a shot but they didn't know exactly what had happened as the car sped away, and I kept on just yelling, "They killed him, they killed him, they killed him," and finally got to my office and my secretary--I told her to call the police or the Secret Service--I don't know what she was doing, and that's about all. I was very much upset. Naturally, I couldn't imagine such a thing being done. I just went to my desk and stopped there until the police came and then we were required to get a place to develop the films. I knew I had something, I figured it might be of some help--I didn't know what.

As to what happened--I remember the police were running behind me. There were police running right behind me. Of course, they didn't realize yet, I guess, where the shot came from--that it came from that height.

Mr. LIEBELER: As you were standing on this abutment facing Elm Street, you say the police ran over behind the concrete structure behind you and down the railroad track behind that, is that right?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: After the shots?


Mr. ZAPRUDER: Yes--after the shots--yes, some of them were motorcycle cops--I guess they left their motorcycles running and they were running right behind me, of course, in the line of the shooting. I guess they thought it came from right behind me.

Mr. LIEBELER: Did you have any impression as to the direction from which these shots came?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: No, I also thought it came from back of me. Of course, you can't tell when something is in line it could come from anywhere, but being I was here and he was hit on this line and he was hit right in the head--I saw it right around here, so it looked like it came from here and it could come from there.

Mr. LIEBELER: All right, as you stood here on the abutment and looked down into Elm Street, you saw the President hit on the right side of the head and you thought perhaps the shots had come from behind you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: Well, yes.

Mr. LIEBELER: From the direction behind you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER: Yes, actually--I couldn't say what I thought at the moment, where they came from--after the impact of the tragedy was really what I saw and I started and I said--yelling, "They've killed him"--I assumed that they came from there, because as the police started running back of me, it looked like it came from the back of me.


[My emphasis]

[3] House Select Committee on Assassinations Report,
Volume 5, Page 556: Testimony of Professor Mark Weiss:

“It is our conclusion that as a result of very careful
analysis, it appears that with a probability of 95 percent
or better, there was, indeed, a shot fired from the
grassy knoll.”

[4] "Image of an Assassination" historical documentary produced by "MPI Teleproductions" and the Zapruder family. Digital photographic copy of the individual film frames of the 26 second Zapruder 8mm film currently stored in the United States National Archives. The history of the Zapruder film, its chain of possession, and witnesses surrounding its developing and showing the afternoon of 11-22-63. The "MPI" copy has a 1.37 to 1 screen ratio, color, stereo sound, 88 mins., DVD and VCR released 1998

[5] If Rosemary's ultrafast head snap directly towards the grassy knoll actually started between Z-214 and 215, or during the exposure of Z-215, then her quantitative equivalent head snap average speed could have been as fast as 915-degrees per second (more than two "Exorcist" movie-like head revolutions per second), which is approximately as fast as the same head snap speed of presidential limousine Secret Service driver, William Greer, just before President Kennedy's head initially exploded.

[6] Rosemary's image "jumping" film frame leftward starting at Z-207 because of Mr. Zapruder's rightward camera panning movement (when she was in the main film frame area), through the "accidental" damage film frames splice to Z-213 (when Rosemary is still standing, but now frame located within the between-the-sprocket-holes area), is most likely the simple reason that for 38 years no investigator nor researcher had ever reported about discovering Rosemary’s second head snap directly towards the grassy knoll.... Investigators and researchers simply "forgot" about her image after the "accidental" destruction Life magazine caused to frames Z-208 to 212 made Rosemary's image significantly "jump" frame leftward out of the main film frame viewing area, into the previously hardly ever publicly seen between-the-sprocket-holes area. (The between-the-sprocket-holes area had always been available to investigators, but not provided mass publicly until almost 35 years after the assassination)

[7] Life magazine edited-out of the original Zapruder film frames Z-208 to 212 that Life claimed its employee(s) "accidentally" damaged. Life removed frames Z-208 to 212, then, spliced frame 207 directly to frame 213 (Where are what was left of the original frames 208 to 212, now?.... There is available for us the Zapruder film copies of frames 208 to 212 that were copied by the Dallas "Kodak" laboratory on 11-22-63)

[8] The earliest definitive location from where Mr. Zapruder stated that, at least, one shot was fired from comes in the 11-22-63, 9:55 PM dated memo (documented as Warren Commission Document, CD-87) provided us by United States Secret Service Agent (Protective Research Section), Maxwell D. Phillips and quoted above

[9] In photos and films captured right after the attack, Depository west window units #11 and #12 were open approximately thirty percent and forty percent, respectively. Only a couple of degrees difference in trajectory to either side of this theorized trajectory was west open window unit #10 (one-hundred percent open), #13 (one-hundred percent open), and #14 (one-hundred percent open). Due to each Depository window unit actually consisting of two separate, framed window sashes (one stationary window half that was above a lower, vertically moveable window half), the maximum a window unit's lower window is considered "open" is 100%. West window unit #13 was the same window that Dealey Plaza attack witness Arnold Rowland commission-testified that from Rowland's line of sight he watched at 12:15 PM a rifle-armed assassin who was standing while backed 5' away from (northwest of) that exact same open window.

[10] Dealey Plaza witness, Arnold Louis Rowland, testimony to the Warren Commission, volume 2, page 165.

[11] At the instant that "Dallas Morning News" photographer Thomas Dillard captured this photo of the man in the sixth floor far west open window staring out into the JFK kill zone, seemingly downward towards Dillard, estimates time stamp the Dillard photo to being snapped between 5 and 30 seconds after the president's head first exploded near the end of the attack.

The Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists theory mandates that after his last triggered shot the, supposed, "lone-nut" Lee Harvey Oswald was seen still lingering within the sixth floor farthest east window measured to be open only 15”, and, sometime while close to that same window he must have manually cycled the manual bolt of the WWII-1940 manufactured Italian "Mannlicher Carcano" model 91/38 rifle to eject a third 6.5mm "Western Case Cartridge Company" empty shell, and chambering a forth live round bullet, ready to fire....


he lingered within the sixth floor farthest east, 45% open window, and brought the rifle from a horizontal firing position, down to his side (per witness Howard Brennan) ;


he lingered within the sixth floor farthest east, 45% open window for several seconds more after the shots (per witness Howard Brennan) while he stared southwestward towards the Z-313 Elm Street point and/or the grassy knoll;


the person seen in the sixth floor farthest southeast window turned away from the window (per witness Howard Brennan) and he had to move slightly east northeastward away from being seen anymore within the window, and move past the vertical water pipe that ran from the floor to ceiling and split into two vertical water pipes right next to the window east side;


he had to move further east-northeastward, away from the window, then move out from behind the only 27" of open space (as measured in photos by the Dallas Police and news photographers) that was open between the stacked boxes of the, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair," and the Depository inner south wall (while, supposedly, absentmindedly forgetting, or, deliberately leaving behind a human made, 38” long paper bag---a paper bag that was never forensically photographed by any law enforcement official anytime after it was found to document as to exactly where it was, supposedly, found;


he had to weave while walking-trotting-running approximately 140' floor-diagonally northwestward (or an alternate, longer route totaling 160', consisting of first traversing north along the east wall, then walking-trotting-running westward along the north wall) across the wood flooring of the sixth floor, through dozens of stacked together groups of boxes (even though 3 witnesses on the fifth floor never heard anyone walking-trotting-running above them on the old wooden floor boards);


he had to slow down his walking-trotting-running;


he had to stop his walking-trotting-running;


he had to deliberately reach over, then, downward to carefully place and hide the rifle in evidence balanced upright on its bottom edges, on the wood floor, between stacked boxes located near the sixth floor far northwest corner stairs landing entrance (the rifle hiding spot was approximately an 80' distance away, northward, from the same far west open window that Dillard photographed the person looking out into the kill zone within only 5 to 30 seconds after the last shot);


he had to stand up and turn towards the wood stairs landing of the sixth floor;


he had to start to move away from the rifle hiding spot, towards the wood stairs landing of the sixth floor;


he had to enter into, then, cross a total of 5 floors of old, wooden stairs landings and descend at a faster than normal pace down 4 flights of old, wooden stairways (without being heard by any of the persons still within the building on the different levels);


he had to reach the second floor landing, then turn rightward to start to cross the wooden second floor landing (without being seen nor heard by Dallas Police Motorcycleman Marrion Baker, nor Roy Truly);


he had to actually cross the 15' of the wooden second floor landing (without being seen nor heard by Dallas Police Motorcycleman Marrion Baker, nor Roy Truly);


he had to slow down to reach for, then, take hold of an outer vestibule room door (a door that neither Baker nor Truly ever saw open or even in the act of being closed by its hydraulically hinged door closing plunger);


he had to open the outer vestibule room door far enough to pass through (a door that neither Baker nor Truly ever saw open or even in the act of being closed by its hydraulically hinged door closing plunger);


he had to move across approximately 6' within the vestibule area;


he had to enter into the second floor lunchroom;


he had to walk approximately 22' eastward into the lunchroom towards a soda pop machine;


actually have his Depository second floor lunch room encounter with Baker (a first encounter measured twice by investigators timing Baker re-creating his own post-Z-313 movements at starting within only 75 to 90 seconds after the attack ended when President Kennedy was struck in his head)

[12] For the record, "lone-nut"-apologist-and-plagiarist Posner has acknowledged to me in January 2002 my November 2001 email to him concerning my discovery of Rosemary's ultrafast westward head snap, yet, he, still, has never provided his interpretation on her Zapruder filmed ultrafast reaction directly towards the grassy knoll

[13] The HSCA scientifically determined to more than a 95% probability that the grassy knoll picket fence assassin fired a shot around Z-295 that missed hitting anyone (there was significant camera jiggle blurring by Mr. Zapruder at approximately this exact same attack instant). Interestingly, buried deep into close attack witness Jean Hill's commission-testimony is discussion of at least one missed shot, and that a Secret Service "agent" told her 11-22-63 that other Secret Service "agentS" (plural) stationed in a Dealey Plaza court house watched a missed shot striking very near her and kicking up debris (there were officially no "agents" of any type on record as being stationed in any Dealey Plaza court house, nor were there any other Secret Service "agents" stationed anywhere else near nor within Dealey Plaza, either before or during the attack) ....


Mrs. HILL: That's right, and I talked with this man, a Secret Service man, and I said, "Am I a kook or what's wrong with me?" I said, "They keep saying three shots---three shots," and I said, "I know I heard more. I heard from four to six shots anyway."
He said, "Mrs. Hill, we were standing at the window and we heard more shots also, but we have three wounds and we have three bullets, three shots is all that we are willing to say right now."

Mr. SPECTER: Now, did that Secret Service man try to suggest to you that there were only three shots in any other way than that?

Mrs. HILL: That's all he said to me. He didn't say, "You have to say three shots"---he didn't tell me what to say.

Mr. SPECTER: He didn't try to intimidate you or coerce you in any way?

Mrs. HILL: No; that's all he said.

Mr. SPECTER: All right. Go ahead and tell me what you told Mark Lane.

Mrs. HILL: I told him--I was asked by them---

Mr. SPECTER: Do you know who that Secret Service man was, by the way?

Mrs. HILL: No; I don't. I don't know--not any name that day except Decker and the President.

Mr. SPECTER: All right, go ahead and tell me everything else you said.

Mrs. HILL: Then, he asked me, I was asked, did I know that a bullet struck at my feet and I said, "No; I didn't."
And he said, "What do you think that dust was?" And I said, "I didn't see any dust." And I told Mark Lane that the Times Herald did run a picture in the paper of a concrete scar where a bullet had hit right where we were standing, which is evident to anybody that had an issue of the Times Herald.

Mr. SPECTER: Did you see that concrete?

Mrs. HILL: I didn't go back down there.

Mr. SPECTER: Do you know whether or not a bullet did hit that concrete?

Mrs. HILL: As I say, I saw the picture in the newspaper.

Mr. SPECTER: Aside from seeing it in the newspaper, do you know anything about that?

Mrs. HILL: No; other than what the man said he saw out of the window of the courthouse, the Secret Service man said "and it struck at my feet," other than that--I don't know.


Witness Ed Hoffman, waiting for President Kennedy to pass under him from atop a bridge near the Stemmons freeway entrance ramp about 175 yards west of the grassy knoll picket fence, could clearly see the north, back side of the picket fence.

Hoffman has always and consistently maintained that he watched a blue business suited, hat wearing man armed with a rifle fire one shot from behind the grassy knoll picket fence. (Click the link for a rare 28 minute video interview with Ed that requires a separate "RealPlayer" window to play)

The grassy knoll assassin then turned west, towards Hoffman, and trotted west right along the line of the grassy knoll picket fence north side (the attack sequence film captured by Orville Nix details what may be the crouching head top of the grassy knoll assassin, as he trotted westward close to and behind the picket fence).

As the assassin neared the west end of the grassy knoll picket fence the assassin tossed his rifle to an accomplice who was wearing a railroad workers type outfit (The assassin then turned northward and moved away from the grassy knoll picket fence).

The accomplice quickly moved to hide himself behind a close by, large, tall railroad utility box where the accomplice quickly disassembled the assassins rifle apart into two shorter pieces, then hid the rifle pieces down into his tool box or carry bag. The accomplice then moved north, directly away from the grassy knoll, which may have been the same accomplice that witness J.C. Price also watched moving north while carrying something, and may very well have also been the same man that was seen by an un-named witness running northward near the railroad tracks and then the un-named witness alerted Dallas Policeman Joe Foster about the running man.

[14] My interpretation of Rosemary's first reactions is that while trotting with the limousine (Z-133 to 190) she impulsively reacted to her hearing (or that she could hear) “her” first remembered audible muzzle blast or "her" first remembered "silenced" mechanically-suppressed-fired bullet bow shock wave that was fired at approximately Z-150 but, supposedly, missed hitting anyone in the limousine and missed the very large limousine, itself, and that same approximately Z-150 shot that, according to their reactions seen in the Zapruder film, was quickly reacted to, first, by President Kennedy (Z-155 rightward head snap start), then reacted to by Connally (Z-162 rightward head snap start), and then by Mrs. Kennedy (Z-169 rightward head turn start)....


Rosemary starts to slow her trotting (approximately Z-175 to 180)….


Rosemary's feet come to a stop (approximately Z-190)….


….Wherever her eyes were looking when her head was facing the west side of the south face of the Depository, from Z-193 to 202 we can see the facial opening of Rosemary's head hood even more than how it appears in profile at Z-214. This indicates for us that from Z-193 to 202 Rosemary was facing even more westward = even more towards the southwest corner of the Depository = which is exactly where Arnold Rowland commission-testified he watched a rifle armed assassin....


….From Z-203 to 207 Rosemary rapidly turns her head about 20-degrees to her anatomical right----more towards the Elm/Houston Streets intersection where is located the Depository and the Dal-Tex Building right next to the "snipers lair." Mafia convicted felon Jim Braden, a.k.a. Jim Brading and Eugene Hale Brading, was soon arrested inside of, then, he was soon released by *someone(s)* in the Dallas police department. (the 11-22-63 Dallas Sheriff, Bill Decker, had arrested Braden-Brading in Dallas in 1952) The Dal-Tex is located right next to across Houston Street from the School Book Depository. It is interesting to see that an assassin firing from the roof or a high floor of the Dal-Tex Building (of which there is no record the Dal-Tex Building was ever methodically searched despite mafioso Braden's presence and arrest) that in a military operation ---- a.k.a. the MILOP ---- it easily could be deliberately pre-planned to select a key roofline west face, very precise location point whereby any bullet trajectory(ies) would pass very, very close to the Depository's, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" window bullet trajectories, and which would nearly exactly duplicate - - - - close enough for "government work" - - - - the very same vertical, horizontal, and lateral bullet angle trajectories into President Kennedy for the military-controlled medical autopsy that would, inevitably, be known ahead of time to have to follow the assassination.

(Additional map available here  of Depository and Dal-Tex with theorized Dal-Tex bullet trajectories at Z-223 and Z-313 passing extremely close vertically, horizontally, and laterally next to the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair." Additional Dal-Tex views  here....  here....  and here)

Before Z-214, the quick Z-203 to 207 rightward turning of Rosemary's head facing direction may indicate her remembering hearing and reacting to her trying to locate another muzzle blast or bow shock wave in the Z-190 to 199 range that she stated to investigators originated from a different location, and from, in her words, "but further back" .... separate from----and after----the approximately Z-150 blast or shock wave. (just as the Depository farthest east Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, sixth floor "lone-nut" "snipers lair" was "further back" from Rosemary than the Depository sixth floor west open window, the Dal-Tex Building itself was "further back" from Rosemary, than was the entire Depository. Several other key witnesses, also, reported (and many filmed & photographed) first looking towards or hearing shots from east of the Depository----including one witness only one floor beneath the Warren Commission's, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair"----along with witnesses who were attracted, first, to look at the Depository, and dozens of other witnesses towards the grassy knoll)

Recall that at Z-190 to 199 the live oak, commission-apologists "magic-limbed-ricochet-tree" still hid the president from view by anyone targeting/shooting from the commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair", and, during Z-180 to 200 Mr. Zapruder imparted his largest pre-313 hand jiggles onto his movie camera causing significant film blurs, possibly indicating his physical reaction to his hearing blasts/shock waves and being startled (very importantly, Mr. Zapruder also stated that he saw President Kennedy react to being shot just  before  the president was hidden from his view by the "Stemmons" sign starting at Z-205).

Recall also that attack close witness/photographer, Hugh Betzner, stated to the Warren Commission that he remembered hearing a blast or shock wave only after capturing his Z-186 time stamp documented photo.

Recall that Phil Willis commission-testified that his Z-202 time stamp documented photo was also a direct, very instantaneous response reaction after his being unexpectedly physically startled just prior to Z-202 by a blast or shock wave…. again, with both the Betzner and Willis photos being captured while President Kennedy was STILL HIDDEN during frames 166 through 210 out of the targeting view of anyone in the Warren Commission-apologists, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair." (The Betzner and Willis photos time stampings details a bracketing of, at least, one blast or shock wave)

….and Rosemary's first head snap/probable reaction to an audible muzzle blast or "silenced" mechanically-suppressed-fired bullet bow shock wave barely trails the rapid, most likely, also impulsive, head snap reactions Zapruder filmed of President Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy, and John Connally during the start of the attack, detailed here

The fact of the matter is before Z-214, Rosemary was facing the west third of the south face of the Depository

The fact of the matter is before Z-214, Rosemary was not directly facing her father (who commission-testified that he yelled for her after the attack had already ended)

The fact of the matter is before Z-214, Rosemary was not facing the Warren Commission, supposed, "lone-nut" "snipers lair" at the farthest east end of the Depository

The fact of the matter is before Z-214, Rosemary was definitely not facing the Houston/Elm streets intersection at Z-214, as Posner and other Warren Commission-apologists have failed to foist upon The People.

[15] Close assassination witness, Rosemary Willis (her name was HSCA written as "Rose Mary Willis"), November 8, 1978; her statements to investigators for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, volume 12, page 7, also documented within the Internet link provided for you here, "Presence of Possible Gunmen on the Grassy Knoll"

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