March 6, 1975

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Meni ofi Courage

President-elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy speech segment

(also known as the City Upon a Hill speech)

. . . . With . . . .

Assassinationl Detailedl Evidence

Never investigated,
Never fully investigated,
Thousands of pages in still-hidden,
still-blackened-over files pages & records,
Previous, current, & new technologies updated evidence

Assassinationl Detailedl Research

New discoveries, Documented & supporting
references, Suspected conspirators & their organizations
that also gained benefit$, Hundreds of witnesses same, similar, differing, &
individual detailed observations
provided in one convenient, very comprehensive
resource for your key considerations to help reach your own, independent, conclusions

byl Donaldl Roberdeau
1975l tol Present

(Mrs. KENNEDY’s favorite family photo, snapped in Hyannis Port, MA on 8-4-62)


Of those whom much is given, much is required, and when
at some future date the high court of history sits in judgment on each
of us, recording whether in our brief span of service we fulfilled our
responsibilities to the state, our success or failure in whatever office
we hold will be measured by the answers to four questions:

First, were we truly men of courage?, with the courage to
stand up to one's enemies, and the courage to stand up, when
necessary, to one's own associates. The courage to resist public
pressure as well as private greed.

Second, were we truly men of judgment?, with perceptive
judgment of the future as well as the past, of our own mistakes
as well as the mistakes of others, with enough wisdom to know
what we did not know, and enough candor to admit it.

Third, were we truly men of integrity? Men who never
ran out on either the principles in which we believed, or the people
who believed in us. Men whom neither financial gain nor political
ambition could ever divert from the fulfillment of our sacred trust.

Finally, were we truly men of dedication?, with an honor
mortgaged to no single individual or group, and compromised by
no private obligation or aim, but devoted solely to serving the public
good and the national interest.


Courage, judgment, integrity, dedication: These are the qualities
which, with
Gods help, this son of Massachusetts hopes will characterize
our government's conduct in the four stormy years that lie ahead. Humbly
I ask
His help in that undertaking, but aware that on earth His Will is
worked by men, I ask for your help and your prayers as I embark on this
new and solemn journey.


(President-elect John F. Kennedy, segment of his speech, also known as the "Men of Courage" speech,
given to the Massachusetts House of Legislature, January 9, 1961 . . . .
LINK . . . . audio and transcript for JFK delivering the complete speech is
always available for you here)

My fellow citizens of the world,
ask not what America will do for you, but what together
we can do for the Freedom of Man."

(LINK to President KENNEDY’s complete 1-20-61
presidential inaugural speech available in a color
video , audio, or a transcript....LINK to the
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum)

" The complacent, the self-indulgent, the soft societies are about to be swept away
with the debris of history.
Only the strong, only the industrious, only the determined,
only the courageous, only the visionary who determine the real nature of our struggle
can possibly survive. "

(President JOHN F. KENNEDY, Address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, 4-20-61)

Still, just as true, today,
as it was, then. . . .


We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution.

Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike,
that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.

Born in this century.

Tempered by war.

Disciplined by a hard and bitter peace.

Proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the
slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always
been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and
around the world.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall
pay any price.

Bear any burden.

Meet any hardship.

Support any friend.

Oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
This much we pledge--and more.”


(John Fitzgerald Kennedy, presidential inaugural speech
segment, 1-20-61. Complete speech here )

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as
a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths
and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive
and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers
which are cited to justify it. ... And there is very grave danger that an announced
need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its
meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”

(President Kennedy, speech for the “American Newspapers
Publishers Association,”
4-27-61.... .... audio)

VIDEO here
This site is dedicated
to the Worldwide millions of truly
Outstanding persons who have Served + Excelled
at home + abroad for Protecting and Ensuring Yours, Mine, +
Worldwide Billions of Persons Safety, Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights . . . .
+ the Brave
Men + Women
that Will Always continue to do so
+ 365

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A registered United States National Archives Certified Researcher, I freely share
President Kennedy's assassination news, discoveries, and its macro-details and
micro-detailed evidence and important, key considerations.

I have worked within Teams of researchers, with individuals,
for group presentations, discussions, and the mass media.

My research is freely contributed and referenced by researchers
within several TV broadcast documentaries, on radio, in books, and by
additional researchers for their studies, printed research articles, and reports.

With having a growing interest from the weekend of the assassination, I have explored, learned, and kept myself updated with respect to the many macro and micro details about the "official" investigations (and the massive amounts of stark, transparent contradictions revealed for us that continues to emerge from within those investigations). Into 1975 I also kept myself steadily informed with respect to research by Our multitude of dedicated private citizen researchers.

My free-time, personal, very detailed assassination research instantly started over 47 years ago, on March 6, 1975, with Our People observing a pirated-copy of the Zapruder film during its U.S. and worldwide, first-ever, public, TV showing of the film in-motion that was provided by Robert Groden on Geraldo Rivera’s very late at night program, “Good Night America.” (Our People being able to view the Zapruder film in-motion was completely hidden and suppressed by the "Time-Life" corporate executive managers, away from The People being able to view it in-motion, for nearly 12 years .... During the following decades we have further learned that "Time-Life" ((and additional outfit's of the lame-stream media)) before, during, and/or after 11-22-63 have employed and contracted many, many thousands of now-known and still-unknown C.I.A.-domestic-contacts people along with former-C.I.A. operations officers and its agents)

I am a Volunteer United States Navy Veteran who has advanced successfully within the chain of command as a civilian-equivalent recruit, laborer, manager, and executive manager. +++++Responsible for local, national and international leadership for Our Department of Defense, Our many coalitions allies, + Our many friendly countries defenses and strengthening's with respect to population's support + defense. +++++Giving much needed help to people and families lives affected after natural disaster's for providing humane deliveries for emergency medical help, foods, shelters, sustenance capital goods, water, and electrical utilities. +++++People's and nation's liberation's from murderous enemy terrorists, dictators, and failed communists. +++++Leadership responsible for all assigned individual Veteran's safety, basic and advanced skills training's, management, administration with established goals successfully accomplished at coordinated levels for Our Team for the individual Veteran, work centers, divisions, departments, and Our duty station's.

During my career, one of the United States defense/combat duty stations that
I personally have requested to serve with was for Our United States Navy
aircraft carrier, U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67. (1967 to 2007 operational
photos slide show provided here.... with a very detailed log of all major
de-classified operations available here.... and be sure to watch this short
that gives you a Gr8 sense of the 2nd-most dangerous place
in the world,
and, includes many of the same veterans that it was, truly,
my Honor to work with)

(click the montage to enlarge)

.... On 5-29-11 Our U.S. Department of Defense announced that Our Navy's next built
U.S. defense aircraft carrier will, again, carry worldwide the name, U.S.S. John F. Kennedy.

Right on up to the present day, I am a first generation, 11-22-63 related, active, private citizen researcher
who has been personally, publicly, and steadily dedicated for learning the macro and micro related
assassination details, and freely sharing new discoveries with respect to the elimination
of President John F. Kennedy.

I have communicated directly with 46
** of the closest Dealey Plaza assassination
witnesses (including both of the attack-surviving wounded victims, Mr. James
Tague, and the Texas Governor, John Connally), and contacted scores of
additional witnesses to events and details observed before, during, and
after the attack. These witnesses are fairly easy to locate, and 90 to
95% will freely share their witnessed observations and salient details
with you, if and when, you will pro-actively simply contact them.

** I have recently pro-actively contacted the 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, and 46th Dealey Plaza witnesses that
I have interviewed, and will soon be publicly providing for everyone their detailed observations and
experiences with respect to events, people, etc that they witnessed before, during, and/or
after 11-22-63.

In 2006 the Mary Ferrell Foundation and JFK Lancer Research honored
my research with the New Frontier Award. This award was,
"presented in
appreciation for Don's contributions of new evidence, and, furthering the
study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

"Non-fiction is devilishly tough work - eight days a week forever and
not always well rewarded, but it's a privilege. Never, ever dull - and
sometime it feels as though it really matters.
It, if one is doing one’s
job right, means striving for the truth, especially when it's been
deliberately hidden, and passing on what one discovers."

(ANTHONY SUMMERS, the Pulitzer Prize finalist author, investigative journalist, and My Friend,
2009 . . . . here is a very interesting NPR Radio interview with TONY on 11-20-13
when he also details his research that militant anti-Castro freedom fighter HERMINO
DIAZ was one of the Dealey Plaza assassins

For 47+ years, right on up to the present day, I have been documenting a detailed and referenced chronological timeline of events and articles that starts in the mid-1800’s. (currently, the detailed timeline is more than 23,000 pages if printed). The timeline includes related events, persons, groups, places, suspects, etc, that funnel towards and into the assassination in Dallas, the known evidence in the case, key details of the assassination itself, highlights of and details for the many government-controlled investigation discoveries and reports during the decades (and links to the mega-thousands of pages for all of these government reports and its previously withheld classified macro and micro-details), and, our dedicated private citizen researchers personal time investigations, evidence, reports, and new discoveries.

Motivated by my friends and longtime dedicated, private citizen researchers, Anthony Summers, Mary Ferrell, Josiah Thompson, Sylvia Meagher, Jefferson Morley, Debra Conway, and Patrick Speer (along with our 1000's of additional, respected, dedicated, personal time private citizen researchers), in helping to continue and carry forward 11-22-63 research with respect to case evidence and witnesses, my timeline is supported with a very comprehensive and detailed, spreadsheets columns-sortable list of 11,762 persons consisting of named witnesses before, during, and/or after the assassination, named professional and amateur movie filmers and photographers before, during, and/or afterwards, investigators, scientists, forensics and ballistics professionals, various intelligence agencies agents, laws enforcement detectives, police, unnamed witnesses that named witnesses have testified-to and made referenced, detailed, related statements about, politicians, commissioners and their staff aides, and suspected masterminds, conspirators, accomplices, and assassins. For this spreadsheets sortable list each person has at least 12 columns of detailed information with respect to their individual 11-22-63-related experiences, actions, re-actions, then-job title, and their precise location during the assassination (when he/she was filmed, photographed, known, reported, or claimed what was their location on 11-22-63 at 12:29:44 PM CDT). Each witness on this list also details his/her 1963 and followup job(s), date of birth/death, nickname(s)/alias(es), and details their key, documented references with respect for his/her witness detailed observations that are directly related to the various governments agencies-gathered and (so far) publicly-released assassination evidence, his/her Dealey Plaza shots source(s) location(s), the very key shots sequence timing's of bunched, close together and/or spaced distinctly further-apart volley’s of shots that were remembered and/or could be heard, the total number of shots they remembered/could be heard, and the evidence, important event(s), other witnesses, persons, and suspects that they witnessed before, during, and/or after the murder-elimination of President Kennedy.

Please feel free to contact me, anytime, via with your
important question(s) that you have that I will answer, or, I will do my very Best
to find and secure the answer(s) for you.

Also, please, feel free to, anytime, send me your always truly valued suggestions
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for these homepages website, for the chronological timeline, for the comprehensive,
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very detailed 11-22-63 map of evidence, witnesses, suspected assassin(s)
location(s), and key information
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Details and key considerations with respect to events, persons, actions and in-actions leading up to and including President Kennedy’s murder-elimination, his assassination’s aftermath, the short-term and long-ranging consequences, and possible suspects with their several blended motives for you to help reach your own, independent determinations.

Reveals critical, previously TOP SECRET government classified, previously hidden, and detailed examinations of the politically-motivated and politically-biased entity known as the “Hearings Before the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy” (colloquially also known as the “Warren Commission," “Warren’s Follie's," and the “warrenatti-apologists report-canard”).

A report that was publicized only 6-weeks before the 1964 United States presidential election in which President Kennedy's benefactor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, (biography) was the Democrat's liberal candidate.

Exposes the craftings of the Warren Commission formation, its bureaucracies, its "investigations," its "investigators," what they avoided investigating, their deductions, and its biased speculations and stark, transparent evidence-contradictions.

very anxiously devised by
Lyndon Johnson, - the primary assassination
(but not the only person and several powerful
groups of persons near the pyramid top of the many powers-that-be of those
who also greatly, further, gained and took benefits and additional benefit$ after JFK's elimination).

The very same Texas native-son, anxieties-filled Vice President Johnson who, well before the assassination, leading into the trip into Texas, and, funneling to November 22, 1963, and, on the same day of the Dallas attack, was the pinpointed focus and co-focus of many intense, on-going, United States federal investigations concerning his suspected and numerous felony crimes. (and all of these Johnson-focused criminal investigations soon, *simply*,
vanished after Kennedy was shot dead and eliminated while inside Texas ---- elevating Johnson to his long self-yearned-for presidency)


Among several additional considerations and motivations that have now been exposed, Johnson was a long time utterly ruthless power-obsessive, control-obsessive, and money-obsessive who also (since his childhood and before he was a politician) was maniacally-obsessed and very often repeated publicly and privately that he would become a United States President.... and who, hidden out of The People’s “eye," Johnson absolutely hated both President Kennedy and, most especially hated (as did F.B.I. Director Hoover) JFK’s brother, Robert Kennedy.

It was an assassination investigation that
Johnson initially hoped to only be sanitized by his F.B.I.
* , and then,
have the F.B.I. report be rubber-stamped. After multiple investigations were
strongly and repeatedly called for by citizens all across the United States and called
for by washDC politico’s inside its cocoon, Johnson, instead, crafted (behind locked-
doors guises
at the height of the Cold War) with his many key politico-cronies, deliberately
and rapidly
raised, then, on-goingly used, emphasized, and fearfully re-promoted and played
all Our Peoples fears of the then-recent 1962, extremely dangerous crisis of the Cuba based,
very close by, dozens of Communist Russian missiles that were armed with
99 thermonuclear
** aimed directly at Our United States, and what liberal Johnson fearfully
would be 40-million
Americans immediately
killed during the very first hour

(out of a total United States population in 1963 of 189-million souls), escalating
ultra-rapidly into an all-out nuclear World War III, and the nightmarish specter's
of mankind’s near-total obliteration.

* Decades-longtime F.B.I. Director
stated that the
case of the
assassination of
President KENNEDY
would always remain open.

** We did not know it then, but
an additional 63 “smaller” tactical
thermonuclear weapons of lesser, still-vaporizing
yields were also deliberately moved by the Russians into
and near Cuba (making a total of 162 nuclear tipped Russian
weapons in that small area) ~ and with the final decision for the
authorization of detonation of each of those 63 weapons was given by
Communist Russian leaders to their individual Russian unit Commanders
at-the-scene if the Commander believed Cuba was approached too closely by sea,
air, and/or land by any group attempting Cuba’s liberation out of Communists controls.

Johnson’s investigation also simultaneously and quickly cut-off several other independent investigations being constantly demanded by The People that Johnson knew that he and his federal government would have had little or no control over.

It has also been exposed that the Secret Service very quickly and anxiously took the murdered President’s body out of its legal Dallas jurisdiction; JFK’s body was anxiously whisked away by Secret Service Agents out of Parkland Hospital during a 10 to 15-minutes fight for absolute control over JFK’s forensic body. The struggle for President Kennedy's body was witnessed by many persons, who have detailed for us that several Secret Service Agents cussed and shoved officials, and also went so far as to draw, level, and very threateningly actually aim their weapons at the Dallas persons who demanded that the forensic autopsy be legally performed and completed in Dallas.

After taking total control over JFK’s body away from the Dallas County Coroner, and, after taking control over the investigation away from the Dallas police, Johnson then simultaneously placed his investigation into the hands to be totally monopolized and predominantly-controlled by one of Johnson’s many like-minded, long time friends (who was also Johnson’s long time, washDC, literally, house-next-door neighbor) ---- who was also a Kennedy’s-loathing, government officials-blackmailing, definitely Mafia-friendly interacting-with and probably Mafia-co-opted and Mafia-blackmailed, corrupted-crony ---- J. Edgar Hoover.

An F.B.I. that Hoover had deliberately and repeatedly chosen while he was its prior decades-long autocratic dictator control-freak of his F.B.I. regime to barely ever acknowledge and barely prosecuted the ever-explosive growth of the murderous Mafia (a.k.a. The “Cosa Nostra,” meaning “our thing” in Italian) during his more than 39-years before 11-22-63). Hoover was ---- as was also clearly exhibited by his LBJ next-door neighbor that Hoover shared the Hoover "private" files with ---- a "man" who was similarly just another extremely delusional and extremely dangerous power-mad ruthless obsessive who never wanted to retire and give up his immense, over-extended power as the F.B.I.'s king.

It was Hoover, who, in fact, at the very earliest stages of the assassination investigation, that Johnson chose to quickly
soon give Hoover, exactly, what Hoover megalomaniacally-craved the most . . . . when Johnson waived
the then-mandatory retirement age of 70 for any and all non-elected government worker's that
Hoover was fast approaching within a year (and Hoover already knew that the Kennedy’s were
going to, simply, let his mandatory-retirement be enforced)
, and Johnson officially
gave-made Hoover the "F.B.I. Director-for-life" . . . .

.... washDC politico-speak-translation =

Johnson rewarded Hoover ~ and rewarded him within days
before Hoover’s lies-filled Warren Commission testimony ~ at the very beginnings of
their politically micro-manipulated-F.B.I. investigation

"Our intention is not to establish the point with complete accuracy, but merely
to substantiate the hypothesis which underlies the conclusions that Oswald was
the sole assassin."

(Warren Commission lawyer, Norman Redlich, internal memo he sent 4-27-64
to Warren Commission general counsel, J. Lee Rankin during the still-underway
and on-going
Warren Commission earliest investigations, evidence collecting, and
witnesses earliest, direct testimonies and statements that investigators-interpreted,
but, investigators-summarized in the investigators words

Four of the seven Warren Commissioners, themselves ~ the majority ~ including Chairman Warren, himself, expressed doubts about the Commission's conclusions within a decade of their report.

In 1964, the New York Times quoted Warren's only public statement of doubt: that full disclosure was not possible for reasons of national security (Warren's statement was originally made to Dallas Morning News reporter Clint Richmond at Love Field the day Warren was in Dallas to interview Jack Ruby). But in 1976 the extent of Warren's private doubt became publicly known. It had been confirmed in January 1967, when columnist Drew Pearson told Warren about a conspiratorial lead involving C.I.A.-Mafia assassination plots. Rather than stand by the Commission's conclusions, Warren referred the information to Secret Service Director James J. Rowley, who testified that Warren "....said he thought this was serious enough ....and that the Warren Commission was finished, and he wanted the thing pursued, I suppose, by ourselves or the F.B.I." They were joined by a fifth Commissioner in 1978, when John J. McCloy told the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), that "I no longer feel we had no credible evidence or reliable evidence in regard to a conspiracy . . . . "



FBI Attacks on Warren Commission Critics:
The Church Committee found that the FBI, on orders from the White House,
kept files on Warren Commission critics ---- American citizens who were
demanding a further probe into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. FBI tactics
included surveillance and keeping files on their sex lives, it was said to be
similar to the actions taken against members of the Civil Rights movement.


(VIDEO available here )


Gerald Ford (president of the United States from
1974 to 1977, editor’s note) was a member of the
Warren Commission, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
resumes. "Once I was making a car trip with him, he
was then President as I was myself. I said to him:
'Let me ask you an indiscreet question: you were
on the Warren Commission, what conclusions did
you arrive at?'
He told me: 'It's not a satisfactory one.
We arrived at an initial conclusion: it was not
the work of one person, it was something set up.
We were sure that it was set up. But we were not
able to discover by whom.' "


(the then-President of France, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, sharing a conversation
he had with then-President Gerald Ford, the former Warren Commission
Giscard repeated the same story to the Le Parisien magazine in 2013.
He said Ford told him, “We came to the conclusion that this assassination had
been prepared. There was a conspiracy. But we were not able to identify which
organization had sponsored it.”

" We have not been told the truth about Oswald. "

(RICHARD RUSSELL, former Warren Commission commissioner,
to United States Senate investigator and JFK assassination
researcher and author, HAROLD WEISBERG, “Whitewash IV” 1972)

"At the outset, we realized that there was no possible way to penetrate any
official involvement in a cover-up, which no one would ever penetrate."

. . . . and . . . .

"I am less certain now that at the time we wrote the Report. Less certain
that Oswald acted alone. Actually, I wasn't all that certain at the time."

(SAMUEL A. STERN, the assistant counsel of the Warren Commission, 8-28-78,
interview with the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA))

" The committee believes, on the basis of evidence
available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was
probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. "

(This is the most recent determination by the United States government.
U. S. House Select Committee on Assassinations final report, 1979)

"A Commission Without Commissioners"

(by DR. WALT BROWN, excerpts from his outstanding book, "The Warren Omission")

"These records belong to the American people,
not to the servants of the people."


"Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed
the Nation and Why

2014 interview with DR. GERALD D. McKNIGHT

What the Warren Commission Didn’t Know:
A member of the panel that investigated
JFK’s death now worries he was a victim of
a massive cover-up

by PHILIP SHENON, 2-2-15

"Half a century after the Warren Commission concluded there was no conspiracy in John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the commission’s chief conspiracy hunter believes the investigation was the victim of a 'massive cover-up' to hide evidence that might have shown that Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact part of a conspiracy. In new, exclusive material published today in the paperback edition of a bestselling history of the investigation, retired law professor David Slawson tells how he came to the conclusion, on the basis of long-secret documents and witness statements, that the commission might have gotten it wrong."

. . . . and . . . .

“ ' I now know that Oswald was almost certainlyi not ia lone wolf, ' Slawson says. ”

This website homepage's will help, greatly, in providing the knowledge for you to separate the assassination’s key empirical facts away from the Warren Commission half-truths, truths, non-fictions, fictions, and the Warren Commission "lone-nut"-apologists and the federal-washDC government’s continued attempted secrecies and outright failed wall of irrefutable instances of their dishonesties and their lies in the ambush of President Kennedy and his elimination so that you can determine your own, independent conclusions.

Brings the essential and critical assassination facts into the sharply focused bright lights and the ventilations of The Truth for your considerations, which, in many instances, completely pierces and destroys Warren Commission and warrenatti-"lone-nut"-apologists “coincidences," “facts," “factoids," and their “official” “speculations" under the very same bright lights of The Truth.

Helps towards your independent debunking of the commission and its "lone-nut"-apologists welters of their forever transparently exposed, deliberately misleading statements and misinformation-attempts, their mountain of assassination-"coincidences" . . . . their facts -- far too many of which completely contradict the Warren Commission" "lone-nut"-commissars, very own, investigated” “facts," the feckless Warren Commission-contrived disinformation attempts and defensively-concocted media leaks in their (failed) attempt to craft and control The Truth to Our People. Exposes the Warren Commission errors of omissions, their claims that are unattended by evidence or analysis, their deliberate irregularities, their consistent pattern of damage control and their attempted evidence management-spin, their commissions of empirical evidence tainting’s, slanting’s, tampering’s, destructions, and preposterous un-related evidence. It’s accurate and in-accurate assassination recreation tests, manipulations and altering’s, and their incomplete/deliberately-incomplete manipulated and altered witnesses statements and testimonies. Brings to light the suborning, intimidations, implied job threats, family members threats and death threats to witnesses (and in follow-up years, someone(s) still worried may have escalated these threats to staged-as-accidents deaths and outright murders of many key witnesses). The commission cowardly evasions by their not fully investigating with follow-up logical investigating of even their own findings, their deliberate Warren Commission-calculated-and-manipulated commissions of distortions, and, the commission and their dwindling percentage of apologists now transparently exposed, blatant, deliberate-and-pre-meditated outright fabrications and lies.


By 1963 Kennedy had become increasingly concerned that Johnson was unfit to assume the only vice-presidential duty that mattered: assuming the presidency. He had made him chairman of the Presidential Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity only to have its members gripe that he showed little leadership. “That man can’t run this committee,” he complained to Bobby. “Can you think of anything more deplorable than him trying to run the United States?” His uneasiness about a Johnson presidency may have also prompted him to ask Charlie Bartlett in September 1963, “How do you think Lyndon would be if I got killed?”

Evelyn Lincoln noticed Johnson’s name appearing less and less often on the lists of invitees to crucial policy meetings in 1963, and her record of the private conferences between him and Kennedy showed them meeting alone for over ten hours in 1961 but only for seventy-five minutes in 1963. By the fall of 1963 their relationship had reached a nadir. An evolving scandal involving the notorious Capitol Hill fixer Bobby Baker threatened to tarnish Johnson, and in the fall of 1963 Johnson had vehemently opposed Kennedy’s decision to sell surplus wheat to the Soviet Union, telling Kennedy aide Ken O’Donnell that it was the worst political mistake Kennedy had made since becoming president, and then adding “Tell him I said that.”

Johnson was noticeably absent when Kennedy convened the first formal meeting of his reelection team on Tuesday November 12. Sorensen thought he had been excluded because he was “not part of the inner circle and did not have the warmest relations with—or full confidence of—everyone in that room.” The next day Kennedy stopped at Lincoln’s desk to chat as she was reading the memorandums from the meeting. She remarked that staging a convention as electrifying as the one in 1960 had been might be difficult because everyone knew what was going to happen. “Oh, I don’t know,” he replied. “There might be a change in the ticket.”


(THURSTON CLARKE, “ ‘It Will Not Be Lyndon’: Why JFK Wanted to Drop LBJ for Reelection”)

The Impeachment of Lyndon Baines Johnson:
Staffers meeting, 11-22-63

Wanted for Treason handbill that was posted and circulated
throughout Dallas and along the murder-cade on 11-22-63

Here is the transcript of the Welcome Mr. Kennedy” political advertisement-questions that were allowed to be printed in the “Dallas Morning News” newspaper before President Kennedy’s murder-cade. When it was shown to the president, he turned to Mrs. Kennedy who was visibly upset, and he said, “Oh, you know - We're headed into nut country today."

Here is the actual “advertisement”

"Well, that's Lyndon, and he's in a lot of trouble."

. . . . Stated by President KENNEDY to Mrs. KENNEDY in the early morning of 11-22-63, in their "Hotel Texas" presidential suite.

Earlier LBJ, himself, had gone to the President, and during their last private meeting
---- in what has been described as a very heated and very loud argument that
was not heard totally clearly, but enough of it was heard by several witnesses waiting
in the hallway outside JFK’s presidential suite during its many rises and peaks in volumes
---- LBJ had argued to switch-out
JOHN CONNALLY from riding close to JFK in the limousine
in the Dallas murder-cade (CONNALLY was LBJ’s long time,
close Texas friend
who was also his decades-long political-crony
who had managed all of LBJ's campaigns) .... In this meeting LBJ
had heatedly argued with JFK to switch CONNALLY’s murder-cade seat
next to JFK in the limousine away from JFK, and position LBJ’s long time political enemy,
the Texas Senator, RALPH YARBOROUGH ---- near JFK

---- but ----

---- President KENNEDY refused to switch CONNALLY for YARBOROUGH, and then
LBJ was observed by the many witnesses storming furiously out of KENNEDY’s suite,
and his very quickly pump-walking away down the hallway. . . .


“I looked it up: One out of every four
Presidents has died in office.

I’m a gamblin’ man, darlin', and this is
the only chance I got."

(Stated by then-Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson while talking to “Time-Life magazine” owner
(Stated by LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON while talking to “Time-Life magazine” owner
CLARE BOOTHE LUCE about 20th century U.S. presidents, revealing his odds of becoming the president
through a president’s death. Quoted by Irwin and Debi Unger "LBJ: A Life," page 244)

Link: DID YOU KNOW ? . . . . .

many persons still do not, yet, know. . . . .

. . . . . that on the very same day
that President Kennedy was
eliminated in Texas,

the . . . .

main assassination benefactor from JFK's elimination,

(along with additional persons, additional corporations, and additional groups and washDC agencies that also benefitted)

and by 11-22-63, the absolutely-desperate,

United States ‘heart-beat away’ vice president,

Lyndon Baines Johnson

. . . . . . a.k.a. . . . . . .


‘pole cat’

‘Rufus Cornpone’

the ‘master of the senate’

the ‘senator from the Pentagon’

the ‘straw that stirs the drink’

‘Landslide Lyndon’

‘Lieing Lyndon’



. . . . had already been in the sharp focus

and co-focus of

four on-going, active, and intense

United States federal criminal investigations

.... All of these LBJ-focused criminal investigations, *simply*,
after Kennedy was shot dead and eliminated while inside Texas ------ elevating Johnson
to his presidency

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Robert F. Kennedy Was Working Behind the Scene with LIFE magazine to Publicly Expose the Corruptions by Lyndon Johnson, Before the 1964 Election Campaign Started to Get Johnson Removed from the 1964 Presidential Ticket

“Beginning in late summer 1963 the magazine [LIFE], based upon information fed from Bobby Kennedy and the Justice Department, had been developing a major news break piece concerning Johnson and Bobby Baker. On publication Johnson would have been finished and off the 1964 ticket (reason the material was fed to us) and would probably have been facing prison time. At the time LIFE magazine was arguably the most important general news source in the US. The top management of Time Inc. was closely allied with the USA's various intelligence agencies and we were used after by the Kennedy Justice Department as a conduit to the public....The LBJ/Baker piece was in the final editing stages and was scheduled to break in the issue of the magazine due out the week of November 24th (the magazine would have made it to the newsstands on November 26th or 27th). It had been prepared in relative secrecy by a small special editorial team. On Kennedy's death research files and all numbered copies of the nearly print-ready draft were gathered up by my boss (he had been the top editor on the team) and shredded. The issue that was to expose LBJ instead featured the Zapruder film.”

(LIFE magazine editor JAMES WAGENVOORD, to JOHN SIMKIN, 11-3-09)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

" Those fellows on the 'Warren Commission' were dead wrong. "

(Senator RUSSELL LONG to New Orleans District Attorney JAMES GARRISON, 1966)

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

(President KENNEDY, Thanksgiving Proclamation, 11-18-63)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


President Kennedy (whose Secret Service
given code name was “Lancer”) in his
speech given to several thousand people outside
the Hotel Texas in Ft. Worth, Texas during
a slight rain on 11-22-63 at 8:45 AM CDT

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Still, just as true, today,
as it was, then . . . .

"We are, still, the keystone in the arch of freedom."

President KENNEDY, at about 9:20 AM CDT during
his Ft. Worth, Texas, Chamber of Commerce breakfast
(last ever) speech, complete in VIDEO segments starting here....

KENNEDY's Breakfast Speech," part 1

KENNEDY's Breakfast Speech," part 2

KENNEDY's Breakfast Speech," part 3

On November 22, 1963,
(the 1036th day of his administration)
at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce breakfast,
President KENNEDY's last publicly spoken words were....

". . . . to that great cause, Texas and the United States are committed."

"Committed" was President KENNEDY's last public word in his last speech.

The 1037th day never came.

"Either, there was no motive, at all, like in these
crazy kind of murders that you read in the
newspaper, or, there was very good motive:
one that makes terrific sense."

(PETER FALK, "Columbo" episode, "Make Me a Perfect Murder" 1978)

" 'Perfect murder', sir?
Oh, I'm sorry; there is no such
thing as a 'perfect' murder.
That's just an illusion."

(PETER FALK, "Columbo" episode, "Murder, Smoke & Shadows" 1989)

after the rain ceased at the Dallas Love Field Airport,
the removable hardtop of the presidential limousine was ordered
to be removed, with an additional order to not install its non-bulletproof,
clear plastic “bubble top"....

Now-known, official Secret Service-originated
joint security plans were in the final steps
to bullet-proof JFK’s limousine
-- like the
two bulletproof, hardtop limousine’s
that had already been long-protecting
F.B.I. Director HOOVER....

.... On 11-22-63 President KENNEDY’s limousine
was within one month of it being permanently,
protectively bulletproofed.

media vehicles filled with reporters and
their professional movie filmer's and
photographers were also changed (by who?),
and their vehicle's order in the murder-cade
were changed to very different locations
-- that pushed their cameras much further
back into the murder-cade . . . .
-- much further away from filming President Kennedy,
and, the areas that surrounded him
. . . . .

“ SNOWFALL~~ SWORD~~ DOCTOR ” ~~SITREP for all~~UPSET CHOP TEAM~ players for~ today's~ game . . . .

~~ ‘ box-top ’ ~~has~~been~~eliminated.

~~have~~also been~~moved much further away.

“ LANCER ”~~~is now~~~paint~~~authorized subject,~~ “ LUCIFER ”

All ~~UPSET CHOP TEAM ~~mission~~primary archers,~~KAPPA ZULU post-deflection players,
equipment-supplying shadow players
~~start~~moving~~towards~~initial~~stations, and
confirm when

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

10:35 AM CDT

Leaving the Ft. Worth Chamber of Commerce breakfast for a short motorcade to
the Ft. Worth airport, and a, right-next-door, mere minutes close by,
Air Force One (a.k.a. “ANGEL”) jet flight that ~ instead of
a motorcade from Ft. Worth to close by Dallas ~
forced into and tightly funneled President
Kennedy to a specific starting
point into Dallas, aiding
in forcing the

~~ “ LUCIFER”~~is~~airborn~~on~~his~~ANGEL.

~~players and equipments~~are confirmed~~now~~staged-into~~initial~~stations .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Oh, you know - We're headed into nut country today."

President Kennedy's response to the visibly upset Mrs. Kennedy, and others,
during their very short flight into Dallas, after they were shown the
Welcome Mr. Kennedy” political advertisement-questions
that were approved by the “Dallas Morning News”
to be printed in its newspaper.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

11:37 AM CDT

Pre-arrival comments at Dallas Love Field airport, part 1

Pre-arrival comments, arrival of vice president, dignitaries and media,
Air Force One arrival at Dallas Love Field airport,
part 2

President and First Lady arrival, dignitaries greetings, and, mostly, very friendly crowd welcome
at Dallas Love Field airport,
part 3

target~~“ LUCIFER ” ~~grounded,~~and~~inside~~our~~OP's~~grid.

11:46 AM CDT

Breaking away from
the official party of greeting
dignitaries, then the President and
Mrs. Kennedy immediately go to the fenceline
where they exchange greetings, shake the hands, and
thank the mostly enthusiastic people that have been waiting for hours.

after the rain ceased at the Dallas Love Field Airport,
a mere 5 to 10 minutes before the murder-cade departed,
two Dallas police motorcycle escort's riding locations within the
murder-cade were then suddenly also drastically changed (by who?)
when they were ordered pushed-back much further to the rear of the murder-cade,

out of their pre-assigned, original riding locations very close to, and protectively, nearly directly
next to President Kennedy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

11:51 AM CDT

departing Love Field Airport

“ LUCIFER ”~~is~~inside~~his~~open ‘ box ’~~ and~~rolling.

The ~~GAME~~is~~ON .

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